Tower Directory

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Abbotts Ann, St Mary - 6 Bells, 10 cwt
SP11 7BJ Andover
Alderney, St Anne - 12 bells Tenor 13-1cw
GY9 3TA Channel Islands
Alton All Saints - 6 Bells, 6 cwt
GU34 1HU Alton & Petersfield
Alton St Lawrence - 8 bells Tenor 18-1 cwt
GU34 2BY Alton & Petersfield
Alverstoke, St Mary - 8 bells Tenor 13-1 cwt
PO12 2EH Portsmouth
Amport, St Mary - 6 Bells, 9 cwt
SP11 8BW Andover
Andover, St Mary - 8 bells Tenor 15-0 cwt
SP10 1NE Andover
Arreton, St George - 6 Bells, Tenor 8-2 cwt
PO30 3AB Isle of Wight
Avington, St Mary - 5 bells Tenor 6-1 cwt
SO21 1DB Winchester
Awbridge, Clock House Bells - 10 bells Tenor 3-1 cwt
SO51 0HN Winchester
Barton Stacey, All Saints - 6 bells Tenor 7-0 cwt
SO21 3RT Winchester
Basingstoke, All Saints - 10 bells Tenor 11-0 cwt
RG21 3EA Basingstoke
Basingstoke St Michael’s - 8 Bells, 14 cwt
RG21 7QW Basingstoke
Baughurst, St Stephen - 6 bells Tenor 6-2 cwt
RG26 5JY Basingstoke
Bentley, St Mary - 6 bells Tenor 12-3 cwt
GU10 5NA Alton & Petersfield
Bentworth, St Mary - 6 bells Tenor 7-1 cwt
GU34 5RB Alton & Petersfield
Binsted, Holy Cross - 6 bells Tenor 13-0 cwt
GU34 4NX Alton & Petersfield
Bishop’s Sutton, St Nicholas - 5 bells Tenor 7-3 cwt
SO24 0AD Winchester
Bishop’s Waltham, St Peter - 8 Bells 10-3 cwt
SO32 1RW Portsmouth
Bishopstoke, St Mary - 10 bells Tenor 11-1 cwt
SO50 6BN Winchester
Blackmoor, St Matthew - 6 bells Tenor 8-0 cwt
GU35 9DJ Alton & Petersfield
Botley, All Saints - 6 bells Tenor 7-0 cwt
SO30 2TN Portsmouth
Bournemouth Sacred Heart - 6 bells Tenor 3-2 cwt
BH1 1BL Christchurch & Southampton
Bournemouth St John’s - 8 bells Tenor 16-2 cwt
BH12 1EG Christchurch & Southampton
Bournemouth St Peter’s - 8 bells Tenor 20-3 cwt
BH1 2LQ Christchurch & Southampton
Brading, St Mary - 8 Bells, Tenor 9-3-19 cwt
PO36 0ED Isle of Wight
Bramley, St James - 8 bells Tenor 12-1 cwt
RG26 5DF Basingstoke
Bramshott, St Mary the Virgin - 6 bells Tenor 11-2 cwt
GU30 7SQ Alton & Petersfield
Breamore - 4 bells Tenor 12-1cwt
SP6 2DF Christchurch & Southampton
Brighstone, St Mary the Virgin - 8 Bells, Tenor 7-1 cwt
PO30 4QH Isle of Wight
Brockenhurst, St Nicholas - 8 bells Tenor 4 cwt
SO42 7QP Christchurch & Southampton
Broughton, St Mary - 6 bells Tenor 11 cwt
SO20 8AA Winchester
Brown Candover, St Peter - 5 bells Tenor 5-3 cwt
SO24 9TT Winchester
SO21 3RB Winchester
Burghclere, The Ascension - 6 bells Tenor 8 cwt
RG20 9HX Andover
Buriton, St Mary - 6 bells Tenor 8-2 cwt
GU31 5RT Alton & Petersfield
Carisbrooke, Priory Church of St. Mary - 10 Bells, Tenor 20-1cwt
PO30 5JZ Isle of Wight
Catherington, All Saints - 8 bells Tenor 8-3 cwt
PO8 0TH Portsmouth
Chale, St Andrew - 6 Bells, Tenor 8-1 cwt
PO38 2HA Isle of Wight
Chawton, St Nicholas - 6 bells Tenor 6cwt
GU34 1SJ Alton & Petersfield
SO24 0PY Winchester
Chilbolton, St Mary - 3 bells Tenor 7 cwt
SO20 6BG Andover
Christchurch Priory, Holy Trinity - 12 bells Tenor 27cwt
BH23 1BX Christchurch & Southampton
Church Oakley, St Leonard - 6 bells Tenor 8-3cwt
RG23 7ED Basingstoke
Compton, All Saints - 3 bells Tenor 3-2 cwt
SO21 2AR Winchester
Crawley, St Mary - 5 bells Tenor 6-1-11 cwt
SO21 2PZ Winchester
Curdridge,St Peter - 8 bells Tenor 26-0 cwt
SO32 2DR Portsmouth
Deane, All Saints - 8 bells Tenor 10-1 cwt
RG25 3AR Basingstoke
Dogmersfield, All Saints - 3 bells Tenor 6-0cwt
RG27 8SZ Basingstoke
Droxford, St Mary and All Saints - 5 bells Tenor 9-3cwt
SO32 3RB Portsmouth
Dummer, All Saints - 5 bells Tenor 9 cwt
RG25 2AY Basingstoke
East Meon, All Saints - 10 bells Tenor 18-0 cwt
GU32 1NJ Alton & Petersfield
East Tisted, St James - 3 bells Tenor 7cwt
GU34 3QJ Alton & Petersfield
East Tytherley, St Peter - 8 bells Tenor 14-1cwt
SP5 1LG Winchester
East Wellow, St Margaret (Chiming Only) - 3 bells Tenor 7-3cwt (chiming only)
SO51 6DR Winchester
East Woodhay, St Martin - 6 bells Tenor 7-2 cwt
RG20 0AL Andover
Easton, St Mary - 6 bells 6-2 cwt
SO21 1EH Winchester
Ecchinswell, St Lawrence - 3 Bells, Tenor 7cwt
RG20 4UA Andover
Eling - 8 bells Tenor 11-2cwt
SO40 9HF Christchurch & Southampton
Ellisfield, St Martin - Ellisfield Photograph by David Forder
RG25 2QR Basingstoke
Eversley, Blessed Mary the Virgin - 6 bells Tenor 5-0cwt
RG27 0PX Basingstoke
Fareham, SS Peter and Paul - 10 bells Tenor 11-3cwt
PO16 7DR Portsmouth
Farley Chamberlayne - 3 bells Tenor 6cwt
SO51 0QP Winchester
Fawley, All Saints - 6 bells Tenor 7-3cwt
SO45 1HB Christchurch & Southampton
Fordingbridge - 8 bells Tenor 13-2cwt
SP6 1BQ Christchurch & Southampton
Freshwater, All Saints - 6 Bells, Tenor 16-2cwt
PO40 9BP Isle of Wight
Froxfield, High Cross St Peter - 6 bells Tenor 5-2cwt
GU32 1EQ Alton & Petersfield
Froyle, St Mary of the Assumption - 6 bells Tenor 10-2cwt
GU34 4JH Alton & Petersfield
Godshill, All Saints - 6 Bells, Tenor 8-3cwt
PO38 3HH Isle of Wight
Goodworth Clatford, St. Peter - 8 bells Tenor 7½cwt
SP11 7SF Andover
#N/A Portsmouth
Greywell, St. Mary the Virgin - 3 bells Tenor 5cwt
RG29 1DA Basingstoke
GY8 0AJ Channel Islands
GY7 9SB Channel Islands
Guernsey, Torteval, St Phillipe De Torteval - 3 bells Tenor 4cwt (no stays or sliders)
GY1 2LD Channel Islands
Guernsey, Vale, St. Michel Du Valle - 6 bells Tenor 6-2-23 cwt
GY8 0LN Channel Islands
Guernsey, S Pierre Du Bois - 10 bells Tenor 11-1cwt
GY3 5SF Channel Islands
Hambledon, SS Peter and Paul - 6 bells Tenor 10-0cwt
SO31 4JF Portsmouth
Hannington, All Saints - 6 bells Tenor 5-1cwt
RG26 5TZ Basingstoke
Havant, St. Faith - 8 bells 15-1cwt
PO9 1EE Portsmouth
GU33 6ND Alton & Petersfield
Headbourne Worthy, St Swithun (swing chime) - 3 bells 8cwt (swing chime)
#N/A Winchester
Heckfield, St Michael - 5 bells Tenor 15-2cwt
RG27 0JL Basingstoke
Herriard, St Mary - 6 bells 7-2cwt
RG25 2PH Basingstoke
RG20 9RH Andover
BH23 7DX Christchurch & Southampton
Holybourne, Holy Rood - 8 Bells 6-3cwt
GU34 4HH Alton & Petersfield
Hordle, All Saints - 8 bells 7-2cwt
SO41 0XJ Christchurch & Southampton
Houghton, All Saints - 6 bells 2-2-21 cwt
SO20 6LJ Winchester
Hursley, All Saints - 12 bells 14-0cwt
SO21 2JB Winchester
Hurstbourne Priors, St Andrew - 8 bells 14cwt – 3qr
RG28 7SB Andover
JE2 4LY Channel Islands
Jersey St John - 8 bells 7-0cwt
JE3 4BH Channel Islands
SO20 6NU Winchester
King’s Worthy, St Mary - 5 bells 8-3-21cwt
SO23 7QL Winchester
Kingsclere, St Mary - 8 bells 13cwt RG20 5ND
RG20 5ND Andover
RG28 7NN Basingstoke
Leckford, St. Nicholas - 5 bells 8-2cwt
SO20 6JG Andover
Liss St Mary - 8 bells 12-2cwt
GU33 6JY Alton & Petersfield
GU33 7AQ Alton & Petersfield
Lockerley, St. John - 6 bells 12-2cwt
SO51 0JJ Winchester
Longparish, St Nicholas - 6 bells 7cwt – 2qr
SP11 6NY Andover
Longstock, St Mary - 5 bells 8cwt
SO20 6DR Andover
Lymington, St Thomas - 8 bells 20-1cwt
SO41 9ZT Christchurch & Southampton
Lyndhurst, St Michael and All Angels - 8 bells Tenor 11-0cwt
SO43 7BD Christchurch & Southampton
Maybells Campanile - 14 bells Tenor 11lbs
#N/A Winchester
SO21 3DB Winchester
Milford On Sea, All Saints - 8 bells 12-2cwt
SO41 0QJ Christchurch & Southampton
Minstead, All Saints - 6 bells 7-1cwt
SO43 7EX Christchurch & Southampton
Monk Sherborne, All Saints - 5 bells 7-1cwt
RG26 5HW Basingstoke
Mottisfont, St Andrew - 5 bells 6-0cwt
SO51 0LL Winchester
Nether Wallop, St Andrew - 6 bells 14cwt SO20 8EY
SO20 8EY Andover
SO31 5FD Portsmouth
SO24 9AG Winchester
New Milton Forest Edge Bells - 8 Bells 20lbs (Mini-ring)
#N/A Christchurch & Southampton
Newchurch, All Saints - 6 Bells 7-0 cwt
PO36 0NN Isle of Wight
Newnham, St Nicholas - 5 bells 5cwt
RG27 9AN Basingstoke
PO30 1SL Isle of Wight
Newton Valence. St Mary - 5 bells Tenor 10-2cwt
GU34 3RB Alton & Petersfield
RG20 9AP Andover
Niton, St John the Baptist - 6 Bells, Tenor 9cwt
PO38 2BT Isle of Wight
North Stoneham, St Nicolas - 10 bells Tenor 10cwt
SO50 9NW Winchester
SO24 9TH Winchester
Odiham, All Saints - 6 bells Tenor 12-2cwt
RG29 1NB Basingstoke
Old Alresford, St Mary the Virgin - 6 bells Tenor 10cwt
SO24 9DY Winchester
Over Wallop, St Peter - 5 bells Tenor 7cwt SO20 8HT
SO20 8HT Andover
Overton, St Mary - 8 bells Tenor 10-1cwt
RG25 3HF Basingstoke
Ovington, St Peter - 4 bells Tenor 6cwt
SO24 0RB Winchester
Owslebury, St Andrew - 6 bells Tenor 9cwt
SO21 1LR Winchester
Petersfield, St Peter - 8 bells Tenor 15-2 cwt
GU32 3HT Alton & Petersfield
Portchester, St Mary - 3 bells 11cwt
PO16 9QN Portsmouth
Portsmouth, Portsea, St Mary - 8 bells Tenor 17cwt
PO1 2HA Portsmouth
PO1 5QH Portsmouth
Portsmouth, St Agatha - 8 bells Tenor 3cwt
PO1 4RL Portsmouth
Preston Candover, St Mary - 6 bells Tenor 4cwt
RG25 2EH Winchester
Privett, Holy Trinity (redundant) - 8 bells Tenor 12cwt
GU34 3PE Alton & Petersfield
Purbrook, St John the Baptist - 6 bells Tenor 5-1cwt
PO7 5LQ Portsmouth
Ringwood, St Peter and St. Paul - 8 Bells, Tenor 17-2-18 cwt
BH24 1AL Christchurch & Southampton
SO51 8NG Winchester
Ropley, St Peter (Unringable since major fire) - 6 bells Tenor 15cwt (unringable following major fire)
SO24 0BX Winchester
Rotherwick - 6 bells Tenor 9-3cwt
RG27 9BG Basingstoke
Ryde - 8 Bells, Tenor 26-2cwt
PO33 3BG Isle of Wight
Selborne, St Mary - 8 bells Tenor 9cwt
GU34 3JQ Alton & Petersfield
Shanklin, St Saviour-on-the-Cliff - 8 Bells, Tenor 18-0-14 cwt
PO37 6AN Isle of Wight
Shedfield, St John the Baptist - 8 bells Tenor 13cwt
SO32 2TA Portsmouth
Sherborne St John, St Andrew - 6 bells Tenor 10-3cwt
RG24 9HT Basingstoke
Sherfield English, St Leonard - 8 bells Tenor 9cwt
SO51 6FN Winchester
Sherfield On Loddon, St Leonard - 6 bells Tenor 8-3cwt
RG27 0JB Basingstoke
Shorwell, St Peter - 6 Bells, Tenor 9cwt
PO30 3JN Isle of Wight
Silchester, St Mary - 5 bells Tenor 6cwt
RG7 2HH Basingstoke
Soberton, St Peter - 8 bells Tenor 13cwt
SO32 3PE Portsmouth
BH23 7AU Christchurch & Southampton
South Stoneham - No ringing at present except for the Hartley 12
SO18 2JS Christchurch & Southampton
South Warnborough, St Andrew - 3 bells Tenor 8cwt
RG29 1RR Basingstoke
SO18 1FU Christchurch & Southampton
Southampton St Barnabas - 6 bells Tenor 2-3cwt
SO14 1AQ Christchurch & Southampton
SO14 2AD Christchurch & Southampton
SO14 6QS Christchurch & Southampton
#N/A Christchurch & Southampton
PO17 6EB Portsmouth
Sparsholt, St Stephen - 6 bells Tenor 8cwt
SO21 2NR Winchester
St Mary Bourne, St Peter - 6 bells Tenor 11-1cwt
SP11 6BL Andover
Steep, All Saints - 6 bells Tenor 6-0-13cwt
#N/A Alton & Petersfield
Stockbridge, St Peter - 6 bells Tenor 7-2-27 cwt
SO20 6HE Winchester
Stubbington, The Narnia Campanile - 10 bells Tenor 16lb 8oz
#N/A Portsmouth
PO33 3EH Isle of Wight
Swanmore, St Barnabas - 6 bells Tenor 7cwt
SO32 2RG Portsmouth
Tangley, St. Thomas - 6 bells 5cwt
SP11 0SG Andover
Thruxton, SS Peter and Paul - 6 bells Tenor 8-3cwt
SP11 8NL Andover
Tichborne, St Andrew - 6 bells Tenor 8cwt
SO24 0ND Winchester
Titchfield, St Peter - 6 bells Tenor 12cwt
PO14 4AG Portsmouth
Twyford, St Mary the Virgin - 8 bells Tenor 12cwt
SO21 1NS Winchester
Upham - 8 bells Tenor 8cwt
SO32 1JJ Portsmouth
Upper Clatford, All Saints - 6 bells Tenor 9cwt SP11 7HB
SP11 7HB Andover
Upton Grey, St Mary - 6 bells Tenor 9cwt
RG25 2RD Basingstoke
SO32 3LA Alton & Petersfield
West Meon, St John the Evangelist - 8 bells Tenor 12-3cwt
GU32 1LF Alton & Petersfield
West Tytherley, St Peter - 3 bells Tenor 4cwt
SP5 1JY Winchester
Whitchurch, All Hallows - 10 bells Tenor 26-1 cwt
RG28 7AS Andover
Whitwell, SS Mary and Rhadegund - 6 Bells, Tenor 6-1-18cwt
PO38 2RA Isle of Wight
Wickham, St Nicholas - 6 bells Tenor 8cwt
PO17 6HP Portsmouth
Winchester Cathedral - 14 bells Tenor 35cwt
SO23 9LG Winchester
Winchester, College St Mary - 6 bells Tenor 10cwt
SO23 9LG Winchester
Wolverton, St Catherine - 6 bells Tenor 8-3cwt
RG26 5RU Basingstoke
Wonston, Holy Trinity - 6 bells Tenor 8cwt
SO21 3PE Winchester
Woolton Hill, St Thomas - 6 Bells, Tenor 6-3-26cwt
RG20 9XG Andover
RG23 8PE Basingstoke
Yateley, St Peter - 8 Bells, 11 cwt
GU46 7LR Basingstoke