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Guernsey Added to the Julie McDonnell Map

So pleased that the Town Church has been able to add Guernsey to the Julie McDonnell map. We rang a QP of Julie McDonnell Doubles this morning with an all Town Church band. What a great end to our 2016 ringing…

Guernsey, CI
Town Church
Wednesday, 28 December 2016 in 44min (11cwt)
1260 Julie McDonnell Doubles
1 Sue Park
2 Jane Le Conte
3 Sue Le Feuvre
4 Paul Lawrence
5 Duncan Loweth (C)
6 Janice Firth
First in variation for all.

Quarter Peal at Shorwell for the “Strike Back Against Blood Cancer” Campaign

headJulie McDonnell Bob Doubles – £10,000 has been pledged to the charity “Strike Back Against Blood Cancer” if 100 quarter peals are scored before the end of 2016. Here’s one for the Island – with many thanks from the Birmingham School of Bell Ringing.

Birmingham School of Bell Ringing
Shorwell, Isle of Wight
St Peter
Thursday, 4 August 2016 (9–0–5)
1260 Julie Mcdonnell Bob Doubles
1 Stephen P Noyes (C)
2 D Rose W Horton
3 Clare McArdle
4 Francesca L Cinderey
5 Arthur J Reeves
6 Stephanie J Warboys
Rung after the successful completion of the BSoBR Summer School prior to the presentation of the Sarah Beecham Youth Group award to Brighstone by ART