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CS District 12 Bell Practice – Tim Martin Reports

A successful 12 bell practice for the District tonight with about 20 people present at Christchurch.  Good to see a number of people ring things for the first time including plain hunt on 11, stedman caters and Grandsire Cinques.

Winchester District Practice at the Cathedral – Wednesday 31st August

Wednesday 31st August 2016

7.15 p.m.-9.05 p.m.


Winchester Cathedral

(14 bells, tenor 35½ cwt)

Huge Variety of Rings up to the Celebrated Fourteen, including tens in G (11 cwt) and in F (14¾ cwt)

All Welcome


Bruce Purvis

Winchester District Secretary

23rd July 2016

Lockerley Ringers score Firsts in Minehead

Firsts Fortnight 1st - 15th March 2016John Palk reports:

In visiting Minehead over the  week-end  Bren and I were just placed on ropes, without being told what we were ringing, as is Andrew’s way.

We then rang plain courses of PB10 and Grandsire Carters followed by Bren inside to Stedman Caters with me on the tenor (the Stedman may not be  a first as we have rung it on the course at Hursley!).


Photo from http://www.aboutminehead.com/church/ used by permission

CS District Carol Service December 5th At Christchurch Priory – from 2pm

carol service poster iconAll ringers and families are very welcome to join us for the Christchurch and Southampton District Carol Service at Christchurch Priory on December 5th at 4pm.
The service will be preceded by 2 hours of ringing starting at 2pm, and followed by teas in the church building next door. Parking is also behind the church.

Ringing as always – Rounds and call changes, whatever is requested, plus this time Stedman Triples/Caters/Cinques

Contact Rosalind Martin to book teas etc.


clipart used by permission

November’s Beyond Bob Doubles is at North Stoneham

Dear All,

BBD will be at North Stoneham on Wednesday 25th at 19:30, since we had a training day a couple of weeks ago I hope to be able to ring some more Erin and Stedman triples (and maybe caters) along with the usual methods, but it will be dependant on how many come, if you know any solid ringers who might be able to come and help perhaps you could do some gentle arm twisting.

Edmund Wratten

(Winchester District Ringing Master)

Stedman and Erin on Higher Numbers – A Report on the Winchester District Training Afternoon

hursleySixteen ringers from Winchester District met at Hursley to ring Stedman and Erin Triples and on higher numbers for those who wished.

Erin was introduced by Winchester District Ringing Master Ed Watten, who enumerated the ways in which Erin is simpler than Stedman:
– Only one type of front work, so you always go in the same way
– The coursing order is the same as Plain Hunt and becomes more obvious on higher numbers.
– The starts are easy – for the first blow it’s a plain hunt start, and then the back bells start with a new six… rather than being in the middle of something!

We rang several plain courses of Erin to start with and despite its relative simplicity it contains a some very satisfying music.
A tip for both methods is, don’t hesitate when you are dodging down and changing to a lower position. This is a common fault in this type of work.
Most of the trainees had experience of ringing Stedman and were keen to ring touches. A discussion followed on how to know whether you go in Quick or Slow…. several tricks we described followed by “If all else fails, go in slow”. Generally the methods divide into “plan ahead” and “for people with a short attention span”.

My personal favourite of the ones suggested was “you will always follow the 2 bells in front of you, call them bell A and bell B. Follow A then B. The speed at which you had to do that tells you whether you are quick or slow”.

The ringing sessions were invaluable – with a strong band, and a stander-behind, all the trainees made progress.

Hursley is equipped with Hawkear which means the computer sitting quietly on the windowsill is working out what method is being rung, and awards a score (out of 100%) at the end of the touch. The band at Hursley has had this in place for a year. They don’t much like being given personal scores but are happy with a team assessment. They take their striking seriously – they have competed in the national 12 bell championships 4 times, and are currently in training pending a decision about whether to enter in 2016.

Stedman/Erin Ringers needed on Saturday 7th November

Dear All,
We are a bit short of students and very short of helpers for next Saturday’s training session, 2.00-4.30 at Hursley, before the quarterly tea and meeting.  Please would you think about the date and time and let Jenny Watson know if you can come along to help out.  Even if you can’t stay to the meeting if you could come for all or part of the afternoon’s ringing that would be very helpful.  And if you know anyone who might be able to help, and not on my circulation list or on Win-Port, please forward my note to them.
Stedman and Erin on Higher Numbers – Triples/Caters according to demand
Thank you and best wishes
Bruce Purvis
Winchester District Secretary