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Dedication of the new bells at Brighstone Sunday 16th July 3pm

The bell ringers of St. Mary’s Church, Brighstone would like to invite you to the dedication of the church’s two new bells by the Right Reverend Christopher Foster, Bishop of Portsmouth.

The service will take place on Sunday 16th July at 3.00 pm and will be followed by refreshments and general ringing.

A&P Picnic & Practice at Privett on July 22nd

Bring your own picnic and join us for fun, games and bell ringing at Privett on July 22nd.

Ringing is from 5.00 to 6.30pm, games until 8.30pm

So far I have been promised the loan of Curling, Skittles and some football goals. I have Quoits and I’m planning on putting together a Tin Can Alley.

Please feel free to bring your own games if you want to, but if you could let me know beforehand what you’re bringing that would be great as I’m toying with the idea of some small trophies.

We have access to the hall from 4.30pm so if you want to drop anything off before ringing that’s fine. Or maybe some people would like to play games whilst others ring, that’s fine too.

Bring the family, bring your friends, bring raffle prizes ……….

Many thanks, Valerie


Urgent request from David Langford of Freshwater who is organising an outing for Saturday May 20th, details as follows:

10.00-11.00 Arreton

11.30-12.30 Shorwell

1.00-2.30 Lunch at Red Lion, Freshwater

2.30-4.00ish Freshwater

All standards welcome for rounds, call changes, plain hunt etc possibly Double Oxford Bob Minor, Cambridge and London Surprise if band available.

Please let David or Paul Miller know if you will be having lunch or contact me (John Stock) through this website and I will pass on the information.

We need to know numbers ASAP so please circulate to your towers and give as many people a chance to join us as possible please.

Handbell Concert – 7pm Saturday 20th May – Ashford Hill

The Barfield Handbell Ringers from Thatcham bring the captivating sight and sound of music played on 97 handbells. With an extensive repertoire of music from several centuries from which to choose the programme, this concert will include a wide range of music – classical, hymns and popular!

Saturday 20th May 7pm
The Barfield Handbell Ringers
will present
“Mid-May Music and Mischief!”
Tickets: £7.50 adults, children free
To reserve your tickets please contact Vanessa Martin 01635 299227

Come along and share this amazing evening!

A&P Skittle report

Numbers may have been down, but fun was still had by everyone who went to the annual A&P district skittle evening last Saturday. It was my go first and, as expected, I made pretty much everyone else look good by only getting two pins down with all three balls. It’s amazing how much space there is between, and down the side of, 9 skittles when the ball is only the size of a grapefruit. Various techniques were employed by the others present, some trying to aim and roll in quite a controlled fashion, others hurling the ball down so fast it didn’t have time to go off course, and many was the excuse for why some weren’t doing so well; the pins are too thin! the ball’s too small! the alley isn’t flat! Strange how all those ‘faults’ didn’t stop David Hughes (Buriton) from getting a winning score of 35, even though he said that he couldn’t bend properly because he needs a hip replacement. Maybe that’s the trick, don’t bend. The two equal highest scoring ladies, Nikki Alderslade and Penny Rehbein had a shoot out to decide the winner, with Nikki coming out on top and Penny a gracious second place. Unfortunately there is always a loser too (a career best score of 15 kept me out of that spot, amazingly), and ironically this year’s lowest score was posted by Rita Hughes, David’s wife.

During the evening we also had a raffle with a number of interesting prizes, one of which was a generously donated glider flight. The first few tickets were drawn and the flight remained on the table, but then John Stone’s number was called. John is a septuagenarian retired police sergeant and scout leader, and he is absolutely thrilled with his prize. He says he’s done a flight before and really enjoyed it, so he’s looking forward to another one. Good luck John, I hope you have a great time.

At the end of the evening our Chairman, Mike Novell, thanked everyone for coming, Steve for doing the scoring, Liz and Charlotte for running the raffle and Joshua for standing the pins up most of the time.

Team building evening out!

Despite the dreadful weather the intrepid Town Church Bellringers made their way into town for a delicious meal. It might have been raining and blowing a hoolie outside but in Village East the only liquid flowing was wine. Oh and maybe just a soupçon of Single Malt for Duncan. The interesting thing is that the more Duncan had to drink the less he thought up harebrained schemes for us. Maybe we should buy him a bottle?

But I joke because we love the way Duncan has helped us to progress. We regularly ring things I never dreamed of achieving and although we sometimes fall apart we have a very much improved record of scoring the quarters we go for.

And we were all present and correct for ringing this morning.

Blackmoor AGM and Tower Dinner – Valerie Harris Reports

Good food was followed by a very enjoyable meeting when the Blackmoor band and friends met at the Three Horseshoes pub in Worldham last Friday.

Amongst other things, we talked of the need to ring quarter peals for happy events this year, having done two for sad events last year; the progress of our ringers as they pick random methods to have a go at; the ingress of Jackdaws into the bell chamber when they broke through the wire netting; the problems that we’ve been having with the clock ever since David was replaced by an electric winding mechanism and the continued success of Blackmoor Bling, our huge secondhand jewellery stall that we take to various events throughout the year to raise funds.

During the elections, I agreed to stay on as Tower Captain, and later, for reasons that I can’t even blame on alcohol, I also volunteered to organise this year’s tower outing. Another busy year ahead then.

Blackmoor logo (1)

AP District Skittles Evening Feb 25th 2017

£9.50 a head
includes a choice of
Battered Cod
Breaded Chicken Breast
Goat’s Cheese, Pesto & Red Pepper Slice
Pork & Apple Sauce Burger
Wholetail Scampi
all served in paper with chips in a fryer basket.
Please book your place and give your food order to
Mike Novell

Payment can be made on the night, but food will be ordered 7 days in advance, so if you cannot make it please let Mike know asap so he can cancel your order.
Cancellations made on the day may still be charged. No-shows will definitely still be charged.
Donations of raffle prizes will be gratefully received
Thank you.

St Anne Ringers Dominate on Guernsey

7 Alderney ringers travelled to Town Church, St Peter Port on Sat Jan 28th to take part in the second annual simulator striking competition. Usually bellringing is very much a team activity – as will be the case when we return to Guernsey on Apr 22nd – but the January competition uses a training bell connected to a computer to score the individual ringers accuracy relative to a band of computer generated ringers. The competition was divided into 2 categories – expert & novice. Alderney ringer Peter Bevis tied for first place with Duncan Loweth from The Town Church in the experts section and Anne Dorey from St Pierre du Bois won the novice section. Peter won the experts competition outright last year so needs to watch out for Duncan in 2018. Alderney ringers Mariko Whyte and Helen McGregor tied for 3rds place in the experts section, giving Alderney 3 out of the top 4 placings. The Jersey ringers failed to be placed. The Alderney ringers took the opportunity to also visit St Pierre du Bois where they had a good practice ahead of the April competition. Every peal of bells ‘feels’ different – they have different weights of bells of course so different wheel sizes, different ceiling heights (which affects rope length) and the age of the installation affects the ease with which they are rung. Having an opportunity to ring St Pierre du Bois ahead of the April competition will have done much to steady the nerves of the Alderney band.

Helen McGregor

Photo L-R: Peter Bevis (St Anne), Duncan Loweth (Town Church) & Anne Dorey (St Pierre du Bois)

Town Church’s 2nd Annual simulator Contest a Ringing success!

Around 30 ringers from Alderney, Jersey and the other towers in Guernsey joined the Town Church ringers on Saturday for a day of tower bell ringing and a striking competition on the Saxilby simulator which was set up in the church. Tea, coffee and cake was available all day and at lunchtime soup and bread and cheese was added to the mix.

Last year the striking competition was held in the tower on a tied bell but this year worked so much better because were able to ring and use the simulator at the same time, and in fact in the morning the organist joined in the mix (it was happily agreed that we’d all get along together and we did!).

We were pleased that the Rector called in for a chat and a coffee. He seemed very happy  to see his church so full of people and action.

ITV sent a reporter and we were featured on the “And finally” slot at the end of the local news on Saturday evening with a few moments of ringing and a short interview with Janice. Click this link to see more of the ringing which John Fernandez (Channel TV reporter) has posted on Twitter.

Worthy winner of the “tenor behind” striking competition was Anne Dorey, a ringer at Forest/St Peters, Guernsey while joint winners of the “inside to PB Minor” were Duncan Loweth (Town Church) and Peter Bevis (Alderney). Attempts were made to get them to ring a plain course of Cambridge to determine the overall winner but it seemed that neither was willing to risk it!

Thank you Duncan for organising such a wonderful day and thank you everyone for supporting us.

Town Church Guernsey annual simulator competition publicised by local paper

I was away on holiday and when I read the online version of the Guernsey Evening Press I was delighted to see a feature on the upcoming annual simulator striking competition and all day ringing practice. Apparently the reporter contacted us because he had a diary note that it was almost a year since the last (first) competition hosted by the Town Church. So pleased that they were interested enough to want to do a full page feature. I’ve now notified the local ITV to see if that produces any results…

All are welcome. If you are not able to come all this way this week then why not make a diary note for next year.

The article was reproduced courtesy of the Guernsey Evening Press.


Viv Nobbs Reports from the Guild Quiz Night (Fun, Fundraising and incidental recruitment!)

We all had a great evening at  The Happy Cheese at Ashurst on Saturday. The pub was excellent in all respects, including the generous donation of a bottle of wine for our raffle. All proceeds will be allocated to events for our Guild’s Young Ringers.
Although the evening was primarily a social event, we did encourage our raffle ticket sales! There were many generous folk dipping their hands into their wallets, including a number of pub customers. We raised £ 112  from the raffle and £ 35  from the quiz. Total £ 147.
The quiz itself saw 8 teams entering from 4 Districts the results were:
  • Winners were Christine Hill and family a.k.a.  ” WarkworthWanderers” with 46 points
  • Joint 2nd all with 39 points were:
“Finest universal campanologists known in town”
“The Jackasses”
“Vectis and Sarum United”
The other team names were Erudite Eling, Staying the Course,

Andy’s Belles and Minor Clashes.

In addition to all of this, three customers were interested in learning to ring (in the Bitterne Park area), so they were encouraged, of course,  and given the Guild website details.

We can safely say the evening was a success and there were requests for “Another quiz next year, please”!
Thanks everyone for your support.
Viv and Master Mike

Andover District Practice Thursday 1st December 7.30pm St Mary Bourne

Calling all Andover ringers.

Can mulled wine, mulled apple juice and mince pies tempt you to our last 2016 District Practice at St. Mary Bourne? 

Thursday 1st December at 7.30.
If you would like to ring something in particular email me and I will forward to Tim Pink.
Ringers of all abilities welcome.  The more the merrier!

7 teams and counting – it isn’t too late to enter the Guild Quiz

Viv Nobbs Reports:

7 teams and 30 people committed to the Guild’s Quiz on Saturday so far. Excellent! Team NAMES still to be notiifed by some – “Come on, don’t be shy!” 🙂

There’s still time to come and join us for a good night out to brighten up your November! Master Mike is the M.C. for the evening.
I’ll be getting your arms up behind your backs for sale of raffle tickets, of course, and – you know me – cheeky, or what…..

Donation of raffle prizes would be much appreciated!! Please bring ’em along. I’ll try to ensure that you don’t win your own donated raffle prize!

More details about the Guild Quiz evening Saturday Nov 26th

The Quiz – Saturday, 26th November!!

So..the menu (confirmed today) – click here
We have 5 teams to date – we’d like to double that number – the more the merrier so, please reel in your ringers!

It’s all very informal and flexible…no need to book the food, no need to eat even.
A reminder of the (approximate) running order then:

Arrive 6.30 p.m.
Food orders in by 7 p.m.
Quiz starts 7.15 p.m.
Eat 7.45 p.m.
Quiz resumes 8.30 p.m

Contact Viv Nobbs 


Rotherwick and Heckfield’s Tower outing on 1st Oct is a great success.

A wonderful time was had by everyone who joined Rotherwick and Heckfield churches last Saturday on their tower outing to Hungerford, Kintbury, Great Bedwyn and Ramsbury, With breakfast at Cobbs Farm Shop, lunch at The Pelican and tea at The Tutti Pole the band were well sustained.

A huge thank-you to Nici and Martin who are past masters at organising and had thought of everything. We also managed to dodge most of the serious rain downpours until teatime.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Fun Quiz Night – Raise money for the Guild’s Young Ringers – 26th Nov


Contact Viv Nobbs


Saturday 26th November Lets get together to raise funds for our young ringers at


www.happycheeseashurst.co.uk/menu 6.30 p.m. for food orders by 7 p.m. Quiz starts at 7.15 p.m. Eating at approx 7.45p.m. Quiz resumes at 8.30 p.m.

To book your team (ideally 4 people) & give team name please email Viv RAFFLE proceeds to go to Guild Young Ringer’ Fund.

Crab some friends, grab your drink and grab a table for just £1 .00 per head.

Printable Poster



AP District Outing To Oxfordshire 17th September 2016 – RSVP

Hi all,
Below, please find  the itinerary for the outing to Oxfordshire on 17th September
Also click here to see the menu for the pub lunch – if you can let me know if you are coming and also what you would like for lunch so i can book that for you.
Many thanks

Graham Cane


Yarnton OX5 1PY 10.00 – 10.45

Woodstock OX20 1UG 11.15 – 12.00

Freeland OX29 8AZ 12.30 – 1.15

Church Hanborough OX29 8AB 12.30 – 1.15
(we are ringing for a wedding at Chrurch Hanborough so 6 will ring and then swap over to Freeland)

Windrush Inn, Burford Rd, Witney OX28 6DJ 1.15 – 2.45 Lunch

Taynton OX18 4UH   2.45 – 3.30   (all  ringing for a wedding)

Burford OX18 4RY      3.40 – 4.25

Asthall OX18 4HW     4.35 – 5.20

Printable Poster:

district outing to oxfordshire 2016


August Mid-Monthly Meeting – Wed 17th August

WandP Header

Mid-Monthly Meeting

Wednesday August 17th 2016

11.00 – 12.00       Church Oakley, Hants, S Leonard, 6, 8-2-19 in G, SU567503

Lunch                    “The Beech Arms”, Clerken Green, Oakley, RG23 7EP, SU564508

Lunch Menu

 14.00 – 15.00       Overton, S Mary, 8, 10-0-19 in G#, SU514499

 15.15 – 16.15       Laverstoke, S Mary, 6, 11-0-3 (560kg) in Ab, SU487488

The lunch venue is a carvery but they seem to have a fairly extensive.

Organisers Liz & Adrian Lewis

All are welcome whether beginner or expert.

Kind regards
David Forder

Link to poster – Please display in your tower.


Invitation to Social Event at CC Weekend – 9pm Saturday

The W&P are looking forward to welcoming the many Council members who have bought tickets to the Informal Social Evening at the Royal Beach Hotel on Saturday.
The evening starts at 7 p.m. and there will be a licensed bar featuring three local real ales. The curry supper will be served at 8 p.m.
Anyone who has not bought a meal ticket, whether or not a Council member, is very welcome to join us from 9 p.m. to enjoy a drink and catch up with old friends.

Tony Smith

2016 AGM – plus Striking Competitions and Lunch

AGM 2016 poster image10.00 Inter District 8 Bell Striking Competition at St John’s Church, New Alresford. Come and support your district team!

From 11.00 onwards there will be a display about ART and ringing training in the John Pearson Hall, next to the church. Do come and ask questions!

12.30 Ploughman’s Lunch in the John Pearson Hall. Please book this in advance. (see below for details)

The results of the striking competition will be given during or after lunch.

13.30 Open ringing at St John the BaptistScreenshot at 2016-06-16 21:15:01

14.00 Guild Service in St John the Baptist

15.00 Guild AGM, The John Pearson Hall

After the meeting, tea, coffee and cakes will be available in the hall

To book a Ploughman’s Lunch, please contact Elizabeth Johnson, 01962 733266 or email Bruce Purvis,  giving name and number of lunches required.