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8 bell practice at St. John’s Bournemouth Tues 9th May – Grandsire and Oxford Bob

Tuesday 9th is 8-bell practice at St. John’s.  As well as the usual called changes & plain hunt we will be ringing Grandsire Triples and Oxford Bob Triples.

All ringers welcome.

Penelope Samuel

Bournemouth St John’s 8-bell practice Tuesday March 14th 7.30pm

Dear All,

Just a reminder that today is St John’s 8 bell practice.

Method is Grandsire Triples (as this is what people found helpful following on from February) We will also be attempting Oxford Bob Triples.

Come and join us, we may even be having a pint or two in the Goat and Tricycle afterwards.

Kim pp Penelope

Bournemouth St John’s – 8 Bell Practice – Tuesday 8th March

The ringing chamber at St. John's BournemouthThe method for next Tuesday’s 8-bell practice will be:

Single Oxford Bob Triples.

As usual, ringers of all abilities are  welcome & we will ring other methods, rounds & called changes as well.

Penelope Samuel

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