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Bells stolen from Quarley Church

An unusual feature of Quarley Church is the arrangement of the bells, which are hung outside the building in a frame at ground level.
The oldest bell is 13th Century, and has the makers mark, a small letter S, on the shoulder, and the inscription “Sancta Maria ora pro nobis”.

The second is by J.D., dated 1636, and has the words “Love God” on it.

The third bell dates from 1686, but was cracked and recast in 1905 as a gift from the Marquis of Winchester. The original inscription was “Ave Gratia”, and “Henry Paulet, XVI Marquis of Winchester” was added.

The two oldest bells were stolen on 5 or 6 July.

The Police fear they could be sold for scrap, and urge anybody who may have been offered these items to buy, to get in contact.

This article was reproduced from the Quarley Village Website by kind permission of the editor.