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Sopley Minor Methods Practice Report – Weds May 25th 2016

Once again we met at Sopley and had a very productive evening working on some of our normal repertoire. We continue to have a good balance of people wanting to learn the basics of Minor Ringing, and people able to support and ring with them.

Several people wanted to practice ringing Treble Bob Hunt, which is a very useful way of getting practice at 3/4 dodging, and “treble bob” leads and backwork. We built on this to throw 2 of the ringers in at the deep end to ring Little Bob Minor – happily, both of them made sense of the method given 2 minutes to study it, and rang plain courses very successfully.

Not having a suitable band for Kent or Cambridge, we then rang Grandsire Minor (same 2 people, large splash, had to ring it without even looking at the method… and yes, they coped very well indeed!)

All this of course, interspersed with plenty of Plain Bob Minor.

The practice continues to fulfill its purpose admirably – which is to develop Doubles Ringers and help them learn Minor Method ringing up to Cambridge Minor, providing several goes at each method over the evening. We welcomed 2 SDGR members this month, particular thanks to Ross for producing touches tailored to what we were trying to learn.

New ringers, whether aspiring to learn Minor, or wanting to help the rest of us to progress, are welcome. The next one will be on Wednesday June the 22nd at 7.30pm. 

Luke Brooke scores first of Minor with CS District Quarter Peal Club

6 members of Christchurch and Southampton District Quarter Peal Club met yesterday to ring Plain Bob Minor. The performance was well struck and we scored at the first attempt.

This achievement means that Luke Brooke (who learned to ring at Christchurch Priory) has satisfied the requirements for Level 4 for of the “Learning The Ropes” sceme.

Tim Martin continues to build his portfolio of Quarter Peals as conductor, this time using a composition from Tim Rose’s website. to score his first of minor as Conductor.

The next date for the club is Friday June 24th  when we will attempt Yorkshire Major. Any member of C&S District is welcome to join the mailing lisr for the group, and be invited to future events.

Winchester & Portsmouth Diocesan Guild
On Friday, 13 May 2016 in 40m
Brockenhurst, Hampshire
St Nicholas
Tenor: 4–1–12 in B
1260 Plain Bob Minor
1 Rosalind Martin
2 James A Hodkin
3 Alan Bentley
4 Jack R Pease
5 Luke Brooke
6 Tim Martin (C)
1st Minor 5.
1st Minor as Conductor

Sopley Minor Methods- Practice Report April 2016

A band of nine ringers met at Sopley this month to work on various Minor skills.

Highlights were several fairly complex touches of Bob Minor (in preparation for a forthcoming  District Quarter Peal) and a fluent plain course of Cambridge.

Efforts with Treble Bob Minor were increasingly successful over the practice and we also worked on our Little Bob Minor and Kent.

The practice is monthly on the 4th Wednesday and all are welcome who are wishing to develop on from Doubles ringing or simply consolidate their Minor ringing. This practice is popular with holidaymakers in the New Forest too.
Contact Tim Kettle

Firsts Fortnight News from the Isle of Wight Young Ringers

 Kieran Downer reports from the Isle of Wight Young Ringers’ trip to Alderney…..

  •  Lexi Skeldon, Rosie Morrision, Maddie Burgess, Tristan Allen and Lily Johnson all rang on Alderney for the first time!
  • Rosie Morrison rang on 12 and rang in the Kaleidoscope session.
  • Lily Johnson – Plain Hunt Caters, trebled to Grandsire Triples and rang in the Kaleidoscope session
  • Lexi Skeldon – Plain Hunt Caters and rang in the Kaleidoscope session
  • Maddie Burgess – Did the Mars Bar challenge – up to the balance at hand and back strokes; Rang inside to Plain Bob Minor on her own;  Rang and called go and stop for Plain Hunt  Caters

Lily’s photos from the trip are here…

Duncan Loweth Reports on Firsts Fortnight from the Town Church, Guernsey

Firsts Fortnight 1st - 15th March 2016In February, looking towards firsts fortnight at the Town Church we realised that a large majority of our ringers would be away at different times and we would struggle to achieve our firsts in our normal ringing slots.

However, keen to rise to the challenge we all compared diaries and put together a plan of action.

The fortnight started with Judith Lainé ringing her first QP of Grandsire Doubles.

The next attempt had to be changed at the last minute and became M Doubles – a first in variation for all – Duncan Loweth, Mike Bubb Jane Le Conte and Sue Park. Our thanks to Mike Bubb from the Vale calling it for us.

In the second week Jenny Dunning rang her first QP on the treble which was called by Forest ringer Anne Dorey who picked up her first as conductor.

John Lihou rang over over 720 changes treble bob hunting to Cambridge for the first time, but sadly the QP fired out 5 min before the end.

Duncan Loweth rang his first QP of surprise in hand before Sunday service ringing as a practice for a peal attempt after service ringing. The peal also being first surprise in hand for Peter Bevis of St Anne, Alderney. A quick nap and a bite to eat later the peal band rushed to St Giles, Reading to ring Duncan’s first QP of London S Major. Many thanks to the Reading ringers for their assistance.

Back in Guernsey Colin Sills rang the treble to Grandsire doubles for the first time in a QP.

Having rung the tenor for several first QP over the fortnight Janice Firth had not yet picked up her first in the tower. Handbells were the answer where first she rang her first course of Little Bob Minor followed by first of Spliced (Plain and Little).

With various of the band off Island we were lucky that enough were back by the last day to attempt a QP of Barrow-upon-Hummer which has been our special method in the tower for the last couple of months. Considering we had not practiced it for several weeks we rang it very steadily and it was a first in method for all – Duncan Loweth, Paul Lawrence, Jane Le Conte and Sue Park.

We’re very grateful for the help we received from ringers from other towers in Guernsey and further afield in scoring our firsts over the past 15 days.

Duncan Loweth
Tower Captain

Photo  from http://www.achurchnearyou.com/townchurch/ used by permission

Practice Night Report – Christchurch Priory 7th March

The Priory Practice kicked off as usual promptly at 6.50 with the “learners and improvers” practice, and worked hard on Rounds and Simple Call Changes, interspersed with plenty of Plain Bob and Grandsire Doubles, partly in preparation for a planned “First QP of Plain Bob Doubles” for Luke.

Work on Stedman Doubles, inspired by Nicola’s enthusiasm having learned it at Hordle, continued with 2 solid plain courses. Just one extra competent ringer makes all the difference – thanks to the usual visitors from Hordle, we even had enough to allow for a stander-behind.

A number of the band attended the District Practice and Striking Competition last Saturday and came back inspired to ring more St. Clement’s Minor. We rang some successful plain courses, and departed intending to thoroughly learn the touches for next week!


From first pull to first peal. (Ramblings of a mature ringer!) by Roland Bristow

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 19.58.12“Come bell ringing. You might enjoy it”, said my friend Paul Sims. It wasn’t the first time I had heard it and I knew it wouldn’t be the last if I didn’t do something about it. So it was on August 13th 2013 that I found myself climbing up the stone staircase to the ringing chamber of St Mary’s church in Great Bedwyn. At the top of the stairs, I was confronted by the smallest doorway I have ever seen. As I bent down to get through, I was reminded of something similar from Alice in Wonderland.

Paul introduced me to Dave Haynes the tower captain who took me up to see the bells and explained some simple rules that I should follow i.e. both feet on the floor and don’t touch anything unless I am told to. Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 20.00.44The ringers then took hold and started ringing. To be honest I still couldn’t see what all the fuss was about – but that was about to change. “Right your turn.” I was told. “Tail stroke first.” I am not sure if it was then or a few pulls later that I knew that bell ringing was for me. I was hooked.

They said I made rapid progress for someone my age (59), and within a few weeks, I was just about capable of ringing on my own. Then I read in my parish magazine that they were looking for learners at my local church. So off I went to Shalbourne and it was there that I meet Mike Holt who is tower captain at Collingbourne Ducis and Collingbourne Kingston.

collingbourne kingston
Collingbourne Kingston

He gave me lots of encouragement and nipped a few handling faults I had already acquired in the bud. So from never ringing, I was ringing 3 times a week and making steady progress.

Winchester Cathedral Photograph by Colin Cook
Winchester Cathedral Photograph by Colin Cook

6 months had gone by and I made the decision to start visiting other towers in my area to gain more experience of ringing different bells. It was on one of my outings, I ended up at Kintbury and here I meet Mike and Lucy Hopkins-Till. Mike is joint ringing master at Winchester Cathedral and Lucy has been ringing since she was 8. If asked, she is adamant it has only been 20 years, but I have my suspicions!
With their help I made good progress and rang my first quarter peal on August 5th 2014. I was very nervous and by the end I was minus several layers of skin on my hands, but it was worth it and as Mike said, the pain doesn’t last forever. I was then forced to take a couple of breaks from ringing due to surgery on both my hands for carpal tunnel problems. Even though I couldn’t ring, I still studied at home and went to practice nights, as I found that I can learn a lot from just watching others ring.

Develop your skills

2015 saw me ring 2 more quarters (no blisters!) and I happened to mention to Mike that I had read that they were looking to get 300 new peal ringers. I said I would like to give it a try and he saw no problems with me attempting it.

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 20.17.34The beginning of December came and Mike spoke to me and said the peal was on, only the date and time was to be arranged. I wasn’t sure of my feelings at that moment, they were somewhere between cloud nine and Dante’s inferno.

31st December peal day

I arrived at St Mary’s church, Speen at 9.40. The others arrived at just before 10:00. I already knew Helen Piper and Gill Gardner, having rung with them before. Mike and Lucy were on time, and we made our way up to the tower. We were then joined shortly after by Bruce Purvis. I popped a boiled sweet in to my mouth. This is something I had done before while ringing a quarter peal as it stopped me getting thirsty. I mentioned to my friend Paul that the sweet had lasted the full 45 minutes. His reply was that next time I should try taking off the wrapper!

Last thing to do was to take off my watch. Nothing worse than clock watching. We did a few rounds to adjust our rope lengths and then stood. Mike checked we were all ok to go, then we were off. All seemed to be going well until after about 15 minutes there was a hic-cup and we were called to a halt. Undeterred we set off again.

FirstPeal2015 Roland BristowI soon got into a good rhythm 123456 654321 123456 654321…… I was getting the hang of this Bob Minor. I was feeling good about it. Of course having no watch, I had no idea of how long we had been ringing. Then Mike called “3 extents to go”, so I realised that we were over half way and I still had a good portion of sweet left! The time seemed to have flown by. I started to feel a little weary and once or twice my handling left a lot to be desired, but then out of the blue Mike called “This is all.” He then called “Stand” and everybody tied their ropes and walked off. I would have done the same, but for the life of me I couldn’t get anything below my waist to move! My legs were locked solid! Only temporary of course (or I would still be there!) and it gave the others a laugh. Next time I must remember to move every so often.

I had done it! I had rung a full peal. 3 hours and 5 minutes and not a blister in sight! Looking back I still can’t help feeling amazed at what I had achieved.
My thanks go to those that were there that day and for all the nods and winks I received that helped me get to the end.

**Invitation to the Essex Course (Applications by 12th Feb)


Fred Bone (Essex Guild) has invited applications from other Guilds:

“The closing date for applications for the 26th Essex Ringing Course is
Friday 12th February. Details, including the application form, are
available at <http://eacr.org.uk/course>”

Just as a taster before you click through to their site, here is the program:


Improving foundation skills. Have you reached the stage in your early ringing career where even if you understand the theory of what you are meant to be doing you are finding doing it an entirely different matter? If so this group is for you. Students in this group will work on their individual ringing skills so that they can improve their bell control, listening and ropesight. This may require time working alone on a bell as an individual with the advice of your tutor, as well as ringing with other ringers. Students will also practise raising and lowering a single bell.
A Group for those who can ring Rounds competently and who are ready to take their first steps in call changes and then, possibly, in change ringing on 3 or 4 bells. If you are in any way doubtful about joining Group C, then join Group B; you will still find something to learn and will have the opportunity to fill in steps in your ringing education you may have missed or not appreciated.
A Group for those wishing to plain hunt on 5. The opportunity to practise on different rings of bells and in different orders both on the treble and “inside” will be provided. The Group will emphasise the skills required for change ringing and will be learning ropesight and considering striking, as an essential preliminary to ringing the treble. Practice may be given at ringing the treble to Bastow, Minimus and Doubles, to “Stedman Quick Sixes” and to Plain Bob Minimus as appropriate, before progressing to ringing the treble to Plain Bob Doubles.
A Group for those who really have ropesight and bell control and are ready to ring the treble to Grandsire Doubles and Plain Bob Minor. It is intended to progress to ringing the treble to touches in both these methods. A number of other methods may be rung to practise the different rhythm of change ringing with six bells.
A Group for those who are competent in ringing skills as outlined in the above groups and wishing to learn Plain Bob Doubles on an “inside” bell.
A Group for those who are already competent in ringing skills as outlined in the above groups and able to ring touches of Plain Bob Doubles and who wish to learn Plain Bob Minor “inside”. You should be able to treble hunt reliably to touches of Bob Minor before applying for this group; if in any doubt consider applying for Group D.
Grandsire: Starting with Doubles and progressing to Triples with calls. Applicants must be proficient in ringing the treble to Grandsire and be able to ring touches of Bob Doubles “inside” to get the full benefit from this option.
Surprise Minor: To get the full benefit from this group applicants must be able to ring 2 or 3 methods other than Plain Bob Minor e.g. Double Court, St Clements, Kent TB, and be able to ‘treble bob’ proficiently. The group will study and practise Cambridge Surprise Minor and, depending on progress, may move on to ring other surprise minor methods.
Stedman: Starting with Doubles and progressing to Triples with calls and theory on extension to Caters and Cinques. You should be proficient in ringing up to Group G to get full benefit from this option.
Starting Plain Major: This Group provides an introduction to ringing inside on 8 bells, by introducing Plain Bob Major, Little Bob Major, and possibly other plain major methods. You must be able to plain hunt on 8 and be competent at Plain Bob Minor “inside” to join this group.
Calling & Conducting Touches: This Group will start with calling Plain Bob and Grandsire Doubles, and progress to Plain Bob and possibly other Minor methods. Students will be actively involved in calling a variety of touches, and will be expected to ring whilst others of the Group are calling. No previous experience of calling is required, but you must be able to ring touches of Grandsire Doubles and Plain Bob Minor “inside” competently.


Apart from the main Group lectures there will be other lectures on a variety of subjects which may include some of the following:

  • Handbell ringing
  • Rope splicing
  • Calling call changes
  • Achieving good striking
  • Tune ringing on handbells
  • Running a practice night
  • Raising and lowering a single bell
  • Raising and lowering in peal
    A ballot will be held for places in these groups. Details will be sent with your confirmation letter.

Attendance at these is a matter of personal choice. Some sessions will be limited to a number of attendees; lists will be placed on the notice boards to enable you to sign up during the first coffee break.

An outline programme will be circulated electronically to all successful applicants.

Closing Date Friday 12th February 2016.



Chris Smithies writes: Sopley Minor Methods Practice Night Report – Jan 2016

The January Sopley Minor practice was well attended, both by experienced ringers and those disposed to learn. At the more elementary level we were able to give good practice in treble bob hunt and Plain Bob, surrounding the learners with a solid band, and it was heartening to see confidence and accuracy improving with each repetition. For the more advanced, there were touches of Plain Bob – we continue with our vocation to abolish the irrational dread of the single – and Kent. Plain courses of little bob and Cambridge were also successfully negotiated.

Our thanks to all who attended, but especially to the experienced
ringers both from C&S and also from East Dorset. At our customary
evaluation session, conducted in the convivial surroundings of the
nearby Fisherman’s Haunt, the majority seemed to consider this a
rewarding and encouraging practice.

Next Practice – Wednesday 24th Feb 2016

First Peal of Variable Hunt – Congratulations Viv Nobbs, Caroline May, Kieran Downer, Barry Downer & Graham Nobbs

There seems to be a lot of variable hunt ringing going on in the Guild at the moment – the Island Ringers have scored a Peal of Plain Bob Minor with the very challenging twist that the “treble” switches between all the bells.  A suitable sendoff for Revd Helen as she moves to St. Paul’s Catedral.

Winchester & Portsmouth Diocesan Guild

Shorwell, Isle of Wight

St Peter

Sunday, 24 January 2016 in 2h38 (9)
5040 Plain Bob Minor (variable Hunt)
Composed by S P Noyes
Stephen P Noyes (C)
Vivien C Nobbs
Caroline J C May
Kieran Downer
Revd Barry M Downer
Graham A Nobbs
1st variable hunt: 2,3,4,6
Circled tower: 1
Farewell compliment to Revd Helen O’Sullivan, moving to become chaplain at St Pauls Cathedral.

CS District Practice Weds 27th – Minor Methods at Sopley

sopley quote jan 2016The first Christchurch and Southampton District minor practice of the year will be held at Sopley on Wednesday 27 January at 7.30 pm.  Practices will then continue on every 4th Wednesday of the month.

This practice is intended for any ringer who wants to learn or improve minor ringing and also gives an opportunity for more experienced ringers to pass on their skills and knowhow – and hopefully have some fun at the same time.  We would hope that as ringers progress they would also be part of the learning chain and help with newcomers while increasing their own abilities.  The only requirement is for attendees to be reasonably competent in a doubles method (touch inside).

We intend starting the practices with these core methods

  • Plain Hunt on 6 (perhaps jumbled up)
  • Plain Bob Minor
  • Treble Bob Plain Hunt
  • Kent Treble Bob Minor
  • Cambridge Surprise Minor

but can increase the repertoire to include (amongst others)

  • Grandsire Minor
  • Double Oxford Bob Minor
  • Single Oxford Bob Minor
  • Oxford treble Bob Minor


and anything else on request.

Since this practice first started, a substantial number of ringers have benefited and some have gone on to greater things!  To continue this success we need aspiring minor ringers to feel at home and keep coming along (it’s a very friendly atmosphere) and, of course, we need the help of experienced ringers.  If you enjoy helping others progress – resident or new to the area, just passing through, or on holiday, we would be delighted to see you.


For more details contact Tim Kettle

Looking forward to seeing you on 27 January

Tim Kettle, Tim Martin and Christopher Smithies





CANCELLED Steep 6 bell practice Tues 12th Jan RSVP



Dear All,
I have only received four positive replies to date, so we WON’T be having a practice this Tuesday (12th); thanks and apologies to to those who replied and wanted to come.
I’ll send another reminder in a fortnight.
Best wishes,

Hello All,

We should be having a practice at Steep  (6 bells, 6cwt) this coming Tuesday 12th January so, as usual, please let us know by reply if you are able to come.

When we have a quorum, we usually ring Grandsire, Stedman, Plain Bob, Cambridge, St Clement’s, Little Bob and sometimes London but, as ever, it all depends who turns up!

I will send another email on Monday evening, confirming whether we have sufficient numbers, or not, so please check on the day.

Many thanks,

Hugh and Mo Routh

Congratulations on your First Peal Olivia Palmer (Guernsey)

Guernsey First Peal Band Dec 17th 2015
Winchester & Portsmouth Diocesan Guild
Guernsey, CI
Thursday, 17 December 2015 in 2hrs 46min
5040 Plain Bob Minor
Olivia Palmer
Helen M McGregor
Sue Park
Jane Le Conte
Duncan Loweth (C)
Paul Lawrence
First peal – 1

Good practice at Ryde

Ryde saw a large number of ringers present on Tuesday evening. Three Whitwell ringers travelled over to try our bells for the first time, getting used to larger bells needed a little help but I think the experience was enjoyed.

We also welcomed a new ringer, Claire, to our fold. Usual tower tour and a first go at ringing – and still enthusiastic after all that (and a chocoholic) – that’s what I like!

Methods rung, apart from several lots of call changes for the less experienced, were Plain Bob Minor, Grandsire Triples and Plain Bob Major – which the team managed superbly for the first time!

Brighstone Bells “On TV” During Christmas Tree Festival

Brighstone the bells from above. Photo by Steve NoyesQuarter peal of Bob Minor today for the 19th Brighstone Christmas Tree Festival, and we connected up our webcam to a TV so that all the visitors could see the bells turning over as we were ringing.

Brighstone, Isle of Wight
Sunday, 13 December 2015 in 36mins
1260 Plain Bob Minor
Lily Johnson
Jenny Brudenell
Dan Ruszczyk
Rachel Ruszczyk
Beccy Noyes
Stephen Noyes (C)
First of minor: 1
Rung during the 19th Brighstone Christmas Tree Festival, as a “big birthday” compliment to Dan.

Information taken from Bellboard


Congratulations Andrea Falk – FirstPeal2015 – And Angela M Athawes – 300th Peal

Andrea Falk FirstPeal2015 bandDistances are no barrier to Andrea Falk – despite living in Canada, she is a fairly regular visitor to Winchester and Portsmouth Guild for practices and Quarter Peals, as she doggedly adds to her method ringing skills.

So I am delighted to report that she has scored her First Peal with us.

Angela Athawes scored her 300th peal on the same occasion – congratulations!

Winchester & Portsmouth Diocesan Guild

Wolverton, Hampshire
St Catherine
Tuesday, 24 November 2015 in 2h 38 (8–2–23 in A♭)
5040 Plain Bob Minor
7 extents
1 Andrea M Falk
Peter J Rowe
Benjamin D Constant
Angela M Athawes
Ian J Rees
Adam S Greenley (C)
First peal: 1.
300th peal: 4.

Brilliant FirstPeal2015 achievement by the Southampton University Guild!

SUGCR Peal Band 22 Nov 2015

Daniel Graham reports from Southampton:

Huge well done to Jon, Clare and Peter on ringing their first peal today! Excellent work, another fantastic achievement for SUGCR!

Southampton University Guild

Southampton, Hampshire
Sunday, 22 November 2015 in 2h36 (3–1–0 in E♭)
5040 Plain Bob Minor
Seven different extents
Kristian D Scudamore
Peter Dillistone
Clare M Merivale
Jonathan C Mills
Oliver B Chaloner
Philip D Moyse (C)
First peal for 10 years, and first without a stay: 5

That makes 8 firsts for the SUGCR this year!! (Philip Moyse)

Peal information taken from Bellboard


An outstanding Quarter Peal Recording

Simon Lipscombe

It’s a challenge to get a good recording of ringing. It’s also a challenge to conduct a beautifully struck Quarter Peal…but to do both at once??

This Quarter was in memory of Simon Lipscombe, and also the Conductor’s Great Aunt. All photos and the recording used by permission. QP Information from Bellboard 

 Recording by Jack Pease

Salisbury Diocesan Guild
On Saturday, 21 November 2015 in 0h 53m
Southampton, Hampshire
St Mary

Tenor: 21–2–8 in E♭
1440 Plain Bob Minor
Composed by Roger Bailey
1 Polly Osborne
2 Katie Child
3 Ross A Bradley
4 Daniel R C Scott
5 Daniel Graham
6 Jack R Pease (C)

Rung on the back six half muffled to commemorate the life of Lorna Frances Stark, great aunt of the conductor, who died on Friday 6th November in Southampton General Hospital, aged 85 and who lived in Southampton most of her life. Also rung half muffled in memory of Simon E Lipscombe-Smith, who died on 2nd November, aged 26, an active young ringer in this guild.

Lorna Stark on her 80th birthday. Photo by Jack Pease
Lorna Frances Stark, photo by Jack Pease.

Next Steep Special Practice – November 10th RSVP

Hello All,
We should be having a 6 bell practice at Steep this coming Tuesday 10th November so, as usual, please let us know by reply if you are able to come. We are giving you more notice this time!
When we have a quorum, we usually ring Grandsire, Stedman, Plain Bob, Cambridge, St Clement’s, Little Bob and sometimes London, but it all depends who turns up!
I will send another website post and email on Monday, confirming whether we have sufficient numbers, or not, so please check on the day.
Many thanks,
Hugh and Mo Routh

Isle of Wight District Practice Sat 7th November Godshill 7pm-8.30

Details from our District Secretray, Mary Tester regarding the practice on
Saturday 7th November 2015 Godshill 7.00 to 8.30pm

“Plain hunting on 6
Plain Bob Minor
Single Oxford and St Clements

If you can plain hunt on 5 then please come along

If you don’t often get enough for minor then please come along!

This practice is the second of two, to give people the opportunity to take the next step or revise old favourites


Practice Night Report – Sopley Minor Methods Wednesday 28th October

Sopley church by Mike Martin
Sopley church by Mike Martin

All the ingredients for a successful practice were present this evening – people keen to learn or consolidate particular methods, and reliable ringers to fill in and provide a strong band. This allowed us to choose freely from our reportoire – we rang plain courses and touches of Plain Bob Minor, a very solid plain course of Kent Minor, and a plain course and touch of Cambridge.

The new content this evening was plain and Little Bob spliced – a new challenge for several of the band, but we made it and it was very enjoyable.

As usual we are grateful for the regular use of the bells at Sopley – they seem to be the ideal weight for this type of learning and are always a pleasure to ring.

Next practice will be Wednesday 25th November.

Sopley Minor Methods Practice Wednesday 28th October 7.30pm

The date of the Sopley Minor Practice has moved to the 4th Wednesday in the month from next week 28th October. As a result it no longer clashes with the District Surprise Major practice at Ringwood (first Wednesday) and we hope that this will accommodate anyone who would like to attend both.

To recap, the practice is for anyone who wants to practice Minor methods from Plain Bob through Little Bob, Kent, Oxford  to Cambridge and other methods as requested within the ability of the group. So far a number of ringers have gained experience in basic minor and treble Bob minor and we can pack a lot of touches in to an hour and a half due to the nature of the bells. This practice is for any District ringers who want more help with any of the above so don’t wait for a personal invitation!

This month, in addition to any of the usual methods we are hoping to have a go at spliced plain and little Bob Minor. If you want any more information contact the organisers, Tim Kettle, Chris Smithies or Tim Martin.

Congratulations Graham Hounslow and Mike Martin – First Peals 5th June 2015

Rosalind Martin, Tim Martin, Colin Butler, Mike Martin, Simon Edwards (C), Graham Hounsleow
Rosalind Martin, Tim Martin, Colin Butler, Mike Martin, Simon Edwards (C), Graham Hounsleow

Graham (Fawley) and Mike (until recently also a Fawley ringer) both scored their first peal at the first attempt on Friday 5th June at Fawley. The target across the whole ringing community is for 300 First Pealers to be successful during 2015, to mark the 300th anniversary of the first recorded peal. Peals in C&S District have contributed 9 people towards this total so far, and anyone else wanting to ring a first peal is invited to contact Colin Butler,  District Ringing Master.

A video of some of the ringing has been posted on the District Facebook Group.

Many thanks once again to Simon Edwards who came down from Swindon to conduct the peal.

Screen Shot 2015-06-06 at 09.00.26Congratulations are also in order for Daniel Scott (Sacred Heart) who scored his first quarter peal of Surprise Major the previous day, also conducted by Simon Edwards.