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Deadline 31st December for ART Award Nominations

There is Only 1 month left to apply for the ART Awards.

The ART Awards are a national and international scheme recognising the people and groups who are successful in teaching ringers. Applications are open until 31 December 2016, with the ART Awards being presented at the ART Conference 2017 hosted by the Winchester & Portsmouth Guild .

With the ART Annual Conference being held in our area it would be lovely to have some worthy people or groups put forward for some of the awards

All you need you do is a little explanation of what and why on the form. Simples.

Reward those who strive for better. 

Please look at groups or initiatives in your area – whether ART connected or not – and encourage them to apply. Group awards are open to ALL!

Most prizes for groups are valued at £400 and for individuals at £200.  Find out lots more about all of the ART Awards at www.ringingteachers.org/recognition/awards.  Make your application for one or more of the ART Awards using the pro-formas on the website.

  • The Sarah Beacham Youth Group Award
  • The Sarah Beacham School Group Award
  • The ART Award for Innovation in the Effective Use of Technology in Teaching – sponsored by John Taylor & Co.
  • The ART Award for Innovation in Recruitment or Retention – sponsored by AbelSim
  • The ART Award for a University Society that has made a Significant Contribution to Promoting Ringing to Younger People – sponsored by CCCBR
  • The ART Award for Inspiring Leadership in Ringing – sponsored by Talent Innovations
  • The Learning the Ropes Achievement Awards (open only to LtR registered ringers)

For the Learning the Ropes prizes you need to ensure completion of LtR Level 5 by the 31st December by ordering the Level 5 certificate for your ringer.

We expect that all ringers who successfully completed their LtR Level 5 during 2016 will be invited to a master-class again (expenses paid from mainland UK)  but to be eligible the LtR Level 5 certificate must be awarded by the 31st December – so get those final quarter peals in NOW.  You can start people on LtR at any level of the course  – but the level must be genuinely completed during 2016.

If you have any questions about the awards please contact Graham Nabb.

Graham Nabb, ART Awards – grahamnabb@ringingteachers.co.uk

Is Charmander in your church?

How about Graveler in the graveyard … no?

Churches and Cathedrals are making the most of the biggest web game released in the last few years.

With the mighty connective powers of smartphones, GPS, and virtual games Niantic have created Pokemon Go.

Pokemon, short for Pocket Monsters is a hugely successful game brought out 2 decades ago by Satoshi Tajiri a Japanese man who as a child loved catching bugs and insects and decided to try and find a way of duplicating that excitement.

When the electronic game was first launched in 1996 it took a few months to get going then 6 months later the cards were developed. Adults and children went crazy buying,collecting,swopping and fighting their Pokemon very much like the old football cards but the genius of Pokemon is that every creature has strengths and weaknesses and in order to do ‘battle’ to capture (win) each others creatures the player has to think very carefully. Each Pokemon belongs to an element or realm IE fire, water, electricity, woodland, day, night etc, there are normally 3 evolutions that can occur, I like to think of them as infant, junior and adult with each growing in strength, power and guile. Carefully thought out battles in Gyms strengthen the Pokemon but if there is a miss-match they are weakened and made easy to capture and are lost to your adversary.                                            See Bulbapedia for more info

With places of interest and landmark areas having a good supply of virtual Pokemon   churches are cashing in on the extra footfall by registering to become a Pokestop, a place where people can gather, chat and replenish depleted stocks. A Birmingham church, for instance, has now placed a sign encouraging fans of the game to come back for Sunday mass.                                                                                                                                                                “You are welcome, visit us again for Sunday morning worship at 11am,” the sign reads.

“Join us for a cup of tea after the service at 12.15. Jesus cares about Pokemon gamers.”

Portsmouth Cathedral were very quick off the mark with their Facebook and Twitter feeds posting pictures of caught Pokemon very early on.

With so many youngsters gathering in churches and Cathedrals the C of E was very fast in bringing out ‘Best Practice‘ guidelines and rules.

Here is what the BBC had to say;

Pokemon Go: Churches encouraged to welcome visiting players

  • 19 July 2016
  • From the section UK

Anglican churches have been urged to welcome players of Pokemon Go who use their premises as Pokestops.

The online game – which is attracting millions of new players – involves finding virtual Pokemon characters in various real locations. Several churches have been designated as Pokestops, which players visit to collect items during the game.

The CofE has said the game gives church communities a chance to meet more local people.   It has issued guidance to churches around the country, encouraging them to welcome players who visit them as part of the game.

Pokemon Go launched in the UK on Thursday, and has proved popular with people around the world.

Church locations which have been registered on the game as Pokestops include St Stephen’s in Rednal, Birmingham, Hope Church in Islington, north London, and St Mary’s Episcopal cathedral in Glasgow.

The Church of England’s digital media officer, Tallie Proud, issued guidance to churches on Thursday.  In it, she said: “Pokemon Go is therefore giving churches around the country a great opportunity to meet people from their area who might not normally come to church.

“You might also spot people standing outside the church on their phones who may be playing the game and at your ‘PokeStop’.”

Church communities have been encouraged to place welcome signs outside and hold so-called “Pokeparties” for players – one is planned for Christ Church in Stone, Staffordshire, on Friday evening.

One Pokemon player, Matthew Newbold, 22, from Peterborough, tweeted: “Pokemon go makes me such a better person. Had a charity coffee on my hunt for Pokemon at the church.”

However, the Church also warned of the potential danger to young people playing the game.

“Whilst we would encourage churches to engage with those playing the game, be they adults or children, we also understand the concerns that the NSPCC have raised with regards to keeping children safe.

“Our first priority as a Church should be to provide a safe place for children and vulnerable adults with regards to Pokemon Go,” said its guidance.

Not only Anglican churches are involved. Earlier this week, City Road Methodist Church in Birmingham signed up to become one of the real-life locations used as “gyms” in Pokemon Go, where users can train virtual monsters.

So there we have it!    Like it or loath it there a thousands more people of all ages outside wandering around our lovely churches and landmarks.  How you choose to engage with them.or not, is up to you.

Happy hunting.      Gotta catch em all!

Screenshot at 2016-07-22 07:39:46

more news

What’s On in Alton and Petersfield District

Hello all
Posters should be appearing in your tower, but just in case you haven’t spotted one yet, here’s what’s going on over the next few weeks. Please can you make sure that anyone who isn’t on the yahoo group list, or doesn’t have access to a computer knows about this too.
Thanks, Valerie


Saturday 13th February – 5.30 to 7.00pm
District General Practice at Binsted
General ringing plus two methods to have a go at – Single and Double Oxford Bob Minor
Saturday 20th February – 5.30 to 7.30pm
Surprise Major Practice at Liss
Anyone learning Treble Bob will be very welcome too.
Saturday 20th February – Guild Education Day
Introduction to Ringing on Higher Numbers
See separate posters or wpbells.org for more details
March 1st to March 15th – Firsts Fortnight.
Celebrate any ‘Firsts’ by sending details to the Guild Website
Tuesday 1st March – 8 bell practice at Holybourne from 7.30pm
Saturday 5th March – District Skittles Evening
at The Jolly Farmer, Blacknest, from 7.15pm.
Details – see below!

Recent Posts about events in A&P

A&P: Practices cancelled at the following towers until further notice - Following guidance received today the following towers have ceased all ringing until further notice in an effort to reduce the spread of COVID19: Alton (All towers), Blackmoor, Bramshott, Buriton, Froxfield, Hawkley, Holybourne, Selborne, Steep, Warnford and West Meon Other towers will be added once confirmation is received that they are also cancelling their ringing activities … Continue reading A&P: Practices cancelled at the following towers until further notice
A&P: Practice cancelled at Buriton – 18th March 2020 - Dear all, In view of the government’s advice that everyone should avoid all non-essential social contact, I have decided that this Wednesday’s (March 18) practice should not go ahead with a view to possibly following the decision of other District towers and cancelling all ringing until further notice. David Hughes, Tower Captain
A&P: Practice cancelled at Bramshott – 2nd March 2020 - Dear All, I am afraid that we are unable to have a ringing practice at Bramshott on Monday 2nd March. We have just been informed that the stone work repairs in the chancel are being carried out all next week. Scaffolding is to be erected in the chancel on Monday morning, close to the ringing area, and … Continue reading A&P: Practice cancelled at Bramshott – 2nd March 2020
A&P: Buriton practices cancelled on 26th February and 4th March - There will be no practice at Buriton on Wednesday 26th February it being Ash Wednesday when there will be a Service in Church at 7.30pm.The following Wednesday, 4th March, there will again be no practice as we will then be holding our AGM.Thereafter we will be practising normally when all will once again be most welcome.David HughesTower … Continue reading A&P: Buriton practices cancelled on 26th February and 4th March
Bentworth Photo by David Forder A&P Monthly Practice – Sat 22nd Feb at Bentworth from 5.30-7.30pm - Hi all, The next monthly practice will be on Saturday 22nd February 5.30-7.30pm at Bentworth. This will be for Doubles Methods, St Simons and St Martins, and Reverse Canterbury and Winchendon Place. If you wish  to ring touch’s then the calls are Plain bob bob’s for St Simon, Martins, and Reverse Canterbury bobs for the other … Continue reading A&P Monthly Practice – Sat 22nd Feb at Bentworth from 5.30-7.30pm
A&P District – Advanced Practice, Sat 29th February at Alton St. Lawrence – 5.30-7.30pm - There will be an advanced practice at St Lawrence Alton on Saturday 29th February 2020 from 5.30-7.30pm. The aim will be to try and ring Cambridge, Superlative, Lincolnshire, Yorkshire and Rutland, and perhaps some spliced if we can. Would you be so kind as to let me know if you are intending to come so … Continue reading A&P District – Advanced Practice, Sat 29th February at Alton St. Lawrence – 5.30-7.30pm
A&P Events – Feb/March 2019 - Here is a poster showing the A&P District Events for February and March 2019. Please download a copy for your tower!  
Holybourne Monthly 8-bell practice – Tues 6th Nov – 7.30-9.00pm - Hi all, Just a reminder that tomorrow is the monthly 8 bell practice at Holybourne from 7:30pm. All welcome.Thanks Adam
Minor Practice at Bramshott on September 8th from 5.30pm - Saturday 8th September – 5.30 to 7.30pm Minor Method Practice at Bramshott Plain Minor and Treble Bob Minor, Plain Bob, St Clements, Kent Treble Bob and Surprise Minor depending on numbers. Kent_Minor_Crib_Sheet st clements

News from the WP Guild Website Jan 9th

Thanks to all those who have sent in news this week for inclusion on the website. The easiest way for the webmaster is if the news is sent to email address

Pictures, pdf posters, etc etc can all be included.

As the news really startts to flow, you may not want to read ALL of it, but you should find that news relevant to your tower is on the right of your tower’s page; news relevant to your District is on the right of your District Page, and the whole list is on the front page of the site, with headlines at the top.

So you can scan the last 7 days’ news, here is a copy of what’s on the front page this morning. Click any item to read the full text. Enjoy! Then go ringing!   Rosalind (Guild Comms Team)

Firsts Fortnight 1st - 15th March 2016


AP District Issue 103 of “Changes” newsletter

Changes October 2015 Ap District icon
Click the image to read the pdf

Dear Reader,

Welcome to the Autumn Edition of Changes. I hope you are all suitably refreshed from your summer vacations. During the summer period we have had the District Barbecue at Froxfield which, unfortunately, I was unable to attend because of a prior engagement but I am lead to believe a good time was had by those who went. We also had the well attended annual visit to Winchester Cathedral.

We now begin what is probably the busiest period in our ringing year. A Striking Competition, Quarter Peal Fortnight and Christmas.
Have fun!

Mike NovellMike Novell

“Changes” Newsletter from A&P April 2014

Mike Novell Writes

changes bannerHere it is at last, Changes April 2014 .  I have returned it to a very basic format, the reasons for which are explained in the newsletter.

I hope you enjoy reading about the things that are going on in your District and if you have any suggestions or contributions please do not hesitate to contact me using the form below.

The next edition is the 100th and to celebrate this “Changes is Changing”, see pages 3 and 14 of the newsletter for more information.

Enjoy your reading and ringing!

Best wishes.

Mike Novell
Your very new Changes Editor.


Guild News September 2002 – Archive Material

Mostly, as it is brought over from the current Guild website, archive material is filed in the archive… but this edition of the Guild News from 2002 has so many familiar faces and places in it that here it is in the news stream. [More Newsletters here]

click for full version: WP Guild Newsletter 2002 Sep

In This Issue

  • 1 An Unusual First (Highclere)
  • 1  Reg Cockle Recalls the Forming of the Diocese of Portsmouth
  • 2 Bats? Yes We Have Some! (Northington)
  • 3 The Sparsholt Ringing Course
  • 3 Laura Harris’ First Peal (Blackmoor)
  • 4 Canon Felstead, E.J. Osborn and Nell Gwynn (Southampton)
  • 5 Winchester District Striking League
  • 6 Bishopstoke Ringers Wed
  • 6 Update on Restoration Work at Privett
  • 7 Jubilee Bells in the Christchurch & Southampton District
  • 8 And at Froxfield
  • 8 First Peal Recollections
  • 8 Guild Diary 2002/3
  • Hampshire Bells CD
  • Monthly Practice Meetings
  • 10 Guild Officers


The W&P Guild Library Catalogue of Books

Held in Winchester Cathedral ringing chamber. (Last updated August 2007)

The catalogue lists books individually where we hold multiple copies, but only the two copies in best condition are listed. Books relating to special events (dedications, special services etc) are now held by year in the Archival section, although in the past they may have appeared in the book list. A catalogue of archival material held in Winchester Cathedral or in the Hampshire Record Office (the Guild collection has the reference 20M94) appears elsewhere on this site.

Members of the W&P may borrow books for a period of eight weeks. A number of Winchester Ringers are authorised to issue books, so the collection is normally available at or around the normal ringing times at the Cathedral. Otherwise, please contact the Hon Guild Librarian and Archivist.

Please make use of the Library. As you will see below, it contains a wide-ranging, interesting and useful collection.

Bruce Purvis

Librarian and Archivist

Author etc Title Date Accession Pages
[Periodicals] Bell News 1881 – 1915 1881 – 1915
[Periodicals] Campanology 1896 – 1897 1896 Sep – 1897 Mar
[Periodicals] Church Bells 1896, 1897 1896, 1897
[Periodicals] Church Bells 1897 1897
[Periodicals] Guild News 2001 – 2003
[Periodicals] Irish Bell News Vols 9, 10 (loose, some editions missing)
[Periodicals] Newsletters of the Friends of the CC Library 1999 – 2003
[Periodicals] Portsmouth Chimes 2002
[Periodicals] Ringing World 1911 – 2006 1911 – 2006
[Periodicals] WP Newsletter Autumn 1984, 1985
Adams, J Alresford Displayed 1996 0199ADA 40
Anon Surprise Major and Royal Blue Lines (manuscript) 0179ANO 30
Appleby, R Time for a change? 1997 0058APP 24
ASCY The Ancient Society of College Youths After 19325 0194ASC 36
Ayres, RM Bells and bellhanging 1981
Ayres, RM Bells and bellhanging 1981 0217AYR 16
Bakes, A History of the Parish of North Stoneham with Bassett 1983 0165BAK 12
Bakes, A History of the Parish of North Stoneham with Bassett 1983 0166BAK 12
Banister, W Art and Science of change ringing 1879 0001BAN 180
Banister, W Art and Science of change ringing 1874 0176BAN 166
Barnes, J Unofficial ringer’s handbook 1982 0002BAR 72
Bevis, TA Story of a Fenland Steeple 1972(after) 0132BEV 40
Bleby, E Their Sound has Gone Forth 2001 0202BLE 224
Bristol URG Directory of church bell ringers 3rd ed. 1931 0117BRI
Bristol URG Directory of church bell ringers 3rd ed. 1931 0118BRI
Bristol URG Directory of church bell ringers, 4th ed. 1935 0107BRI 170
Bristol URG Directory of church bell ringers, 4th ed. 1935 0108BRI 170
Bulwer, HE Glossary of Technical Terms 1902 0115BUL 84
Bulwer, HE Glossary of Technical Terms 1902 0116BUL 84
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Buswell, AAJ Selection from the archives of Gillett & Johnson 1965 0133BUS 388
Butler, W Doubles and Minor for beginners 1980 0061BUT
Camp, J Discovering bells and bellringing 1968 0003CAM 48
CCCBR Atlas of bells
CCCBR Central Council handbook 1978
CCCBR Central Council of Church Bell Ringers handbook 1956
CCCBR Change ringing, the history of an English art
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CCCBR Collection of Legitimate Methods, section 1 1907 0144CCC 46
CCCBR Collection of Legitimate Methods, section 1 1907 0178CCC 46
CCCBR Collection of Minor Methods 1975 0085CCC 138
CCCBR Collection of Peals – Even bell Methods with a plain hunting treble 1904 0094CCC 124
CCCBR Collection of Peals – Odd bell Treble-dominated Methods 1903 0093CCC 144
CCCBR Collection of Plain Major and Cater Methods 1926 0084CCC 62
CCCBR Collection of Triples Methods 1935 0145CCC 32
CCCBR Conducting Stedman
CCCBR Formation of a catalogue of peals 1894 0101CCC 36
CCCBR Formation of a catalogue of peals 1893 0103CCC 12
CCCBR Handbook 1956 0080CCC 72
CCCBR Handbook 1978 0082CCC 44
CCCBR Hints – Proper method of handling a bell rope 1933 0071CCC 16
CCCBR Hints – Proper method of handling a bell rope 1948 0072CCC 16
CCCBR Maintenance handbook 1979 0083CCC 20
CCCBR On conducting 1980 0081CCC 40
CCCBR Organising a Bell Restoration Project 1986 0181CCC 24
CCCBR Organising a Bell Restoration Project 1986 0182CCC 24
CCCBR Preservation & repair of bells, frames & fittings 1930 0074CCC 34
CCCBR Preservation & repair of bells, frames & fittings 1948 0075CCC 26
CCCBR Preservation & repair of bells, frames & fittings 1948 0076CCC
CCCBR Preservation & repair of bells, frames & fittings 1892 0102CCC 32
CCCBR Preservation & repair of bells, frames & fittings 1892 0104CCC 32
CCCBR Ringing for Service 1961 0109CCC
CCCBR Ringing for Service 1961 0110CCC
CCCBR Rules & decisions of the Council 1927 0078CCC 56
CCCBR Rules & decisions of the Council 1927 0079CCC 56
CCCBR Schedule of regular maintenance 1991 0070CCC 20
CCCBR Sound Management ?1995 0198CCC 12
CCCBR Stedman Caters & Stedman Cinques 1961 0174CCC 36
CCCBR Ten & Twelve bell compositions 1972 0148CCC 18
CCCBR Towers and bells Handbook 1973 0130CCC 64
CCCBR Treble Dodging Minor Methods 1979 191 80
CCCBR Tutor’s handbook Part 2 Elementary Change Ringing 1969 0077CCC 48
CCCBR Will you call a touch please, Bob?
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Guild News March 2002 – Archive Material

WP Guild Newsletter 2002 Mar

The Winchester & Portsmouth Diocesan Guild of Church Bell Ringers

GUILD NEWS March 2002

In This Issue

  • Has the Striking League Lost Its Way?
  • 1 Jemma’s First Peal as Conductor
  • 2 Update On Privett
  • 2 Bishopstoke Ringing Centre Opened
  • 3 Ringing Anniversaries in the New Century
  • 3 Beware Letting Visitors Into The Tower
  • 7 News from Winchester Cathedral
  • 8 Lymington Centenary
  • 9 100 Peals – 43 Years
  • 9 The Narnia Campanile
  • 10 Insurance
  • 10 Lockerley And East Tytherley. Ringing Personalities Remembered
  • 5  How Privett Nearly Lost Its Bells
  •   Guild Diary 2002 11