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Isle of Wight DISTRICT PRACTICE Saturday 14th Jan at Shorwell

Please note there is a District Practice at Shorwell this Saturday, yes that’s tomorrow (14th) beginning at 6.00pm.

This is billed as ‘practice for beginners’ but everyone is invited to go along so as to make up a decent band to work around those learning and looking to advance their skills in all areas.

Any further information needed please contact Mary Tester.

Final Notes and Documents for the Andover AGM (Sat 14th Jan)

Have you remembered everything for Saturday 14th January at Goodworth Clatford? 

Order your tea – email by clicking the link below or phone 01264 323532

  • Apologies to me if you can’t make it.
  • Any of your members interested in applying for a bursary – Ros would be pleased to hear from you on Saturday.
  • Don’t forget your subscription.
  • Thank you to all those tower secretaries who have sent a tower report.
  • Please see below agenda and minutes.  There will be a few copies at the meeting but it would be helpful if you could bring your own.
I hope to see as many of you there as can make it.

AP District ADM Notes

Hello all
Just to remind you that the District ADM is being held at Blackmoor this year on Saturday January 21st. Ringing from 3pm, Service from 4pm, Tea from 4.45pm, the meeting will start at 5.30pm, followed by more ringing if enough people want to stay.
The Guild Master, Mike Winterbourne, is also planning to attend and would like to talk to us for a few minutes about what is happening in the Guild.
Please let me know by Jan 17th if you want to book tea. We will be providing hot soup with bread, followed by some excellent cake.
This is election year and ALL of the offices are up for election or re-election, so we are inviting nominations / heads above parapets for :-
TREASURER – Malcolm Donaldson is standing down after 27 years, so we have to find a replacement
SECRETARY – this is a job that could easily be split in two again ie. Meetings Secretary and Promotions Secretary
The Ringing Master, Independent Examiner and Guild Exec Rep posts were filled last January, but only to cover the final year for someone who had stood down. Ideally these now need to be elected/re-elected for a full 3 year term.
The secretary’s post usually overlaps the others, but as no-one was prepared to take over last year, I stayed on. So to reinstate the overlap, anyone putting themselves up for the post this year would really only need to do two years rather than the usual three.
Having said that the usual term of office is three years, if anyone is interested in taking on a role but only wants to commit themselves to a year, we’d still like to hear from you.
Many thanks, Valerie

AP District ADM Saturday 21st January ****RSVP BY 17th JAN****

Saturday 21st January 2017
District ADM
Hosted by St. Matthew’s Blackmoor
Ringing from 3.00pm – Service from 4.00pm
Tea from 4.45pm – Meeting from 5.30pm
Followed by more ringing.
We are planning to do hot soup with bread for tea.
Please remember to book in advance so that we can
be sure to do enough.
Apologies and names for tea (by Jan 17th please) to
Valerie Harris

  • Contact Valerie Harris

    Telephone: 01420 489323
    Address: 8 Sunbury Close, Bordon, GU35 0BW
    Email: Use Form

Andover District AGM Saturday 14th Jan 3.15 **Includes documents


There are two meeting halls in Goodworth Clatford.  Our ADM will be held in St. Peter’s Hall, the one nearest the church.

  • Contact Angela Rogers

    Telephone: 01264 323532
    Address: 18, St anne’s Close, Goodworth Clatford, Andover. SP11 7RW
    Email: Use Form

AP District Practice Sat 3rd December at St. Mary’s Liss 5.30-7pm


Saturday 3rd December
General Practice at St. Mary’s Liss
5.30pm – 7.00pm
Ringing from rounds upwards. All welcome

Advance Warning:

Saturday 21st January 2017
District ADM
Hosted by St. Matthew’s Blackmoor
Ringing from 3.00pm – Service from 4.00pm
Tea from 4.45pm – Meeting from 5.30pm
Followed by more ringing.

We are planning to do hot soup with bread for tea.
Please remember to book in advance so that we can
be sure to do enough.

Apologies and names for tea (by Jan 17th please) to Valerie Harris

Update from the Ringing Schools Committee (first presented to the Guild Exec, Nov 2016)

David Mattingley Writes:

Ringing hubs was, I believe, first mentioned in the Guild action plan in which the education, along with communications and belfry stewardship, were to be key projects over 2015-18.
I quote the relevant part of the action plan,
“Encourage districts to be more flexible in their ringing programmes – possibly encourage ringing hubs within a district but ensuring other towers are not forgotten or the help to them diminished”
And you will see that the minutes of the March 2016 Executive meeting show that the “setting up of a working group… to consider the provision of centre(s) for teaching new ringers”.
Wanting further clarification on what was being envisaged by our previous Master, I asked Viv what she wanted from the setup.
She said, “To encourage… ringing and the cultivation of change ringing by increasing the number of proficient ringers across the Guild”.

It was clear that the group had a broad remit. The initial purpose of the working group is to investigate (and introduce, if necessary) the possibility of teaching schools within the Guild.
The working group met on 15 June to discuss the aims, possible types of model, syllabus and hardware.
Further discussion by the group is needed, and I very much regret that more discussion has not taken place. That said, I believe the group is in agreement with the following.

  • The training will focus on teaching safe and consistent bell handling up to rounds standard, and further into elementary change ringing as students progress. The group acknowledged that various factors needed to be considered between where teaching was most needed, versus a supply of good teachers, and the potential availability of good training facilities.
  • Various types of models to be used were suggested, from intensive holiday courses, to weekly evening courses. It was felt that a Saturday morning (roughly 10-12 o’clock) would probably be the most popular for students and teachers.
  • A charge per student per session was considered appropriate, which would be used to cover tower donations and course material. Various “rewards” for learners at set stages should also be able to be supported by this charge.
  • In setting up a teaching centre, various costs will be incurred, and sought from the Guild. There could be initial costs in setting up a venue as a suitable venue and as such, a budget submission will be made to the Guild for its approval to cover certain envisaged costs, and the risk of any shortfall.
  • Further discussion is needed to be had on the syllabus, but it was
    considered that Learning the Ropes schemes (levels 1 and 2) provides students and teachers were clear goals and would provide a consistent, graded approach which can be easily adopted in different areas.
  • The group considered that good teaching venues would have (amongst other things):
     bells that can be regularly available
     space for teaching and/or whiteboard area
     refreshment facilities
     toilets

As mentioned earlier, there is much further discussion to be had before a submission is formally made to the Guild both for approval of any ringing centre(s), and any budget but hopefully this summary of discussion has been useful.

Alton & Petersfield District Bell Ringers Minutes of the Autumn meeting held on Saturday 22nd October 2016 at St Mary’s, Buriton

Alton & Petersfield District Bell Ringers
Minutes of the Autumn meeting held on Saturday 22nd October 2016
at St Mary’s, Buriton

click here to download a pdf of this page which is neat and printable!

1. Welcome & vote of thanks

The meeting opened with Stephen Hough announcing the results of the striking competition. He thanked Graham Cane for inviting him to be the judge.
The chairman then thanked Helene Tipper & the Buriton ringers for the Tea, and the competition judge Stephen Hough.

AP Striking compeition 2016 results
2. Apologies for absence

These were received from: David & Carol Cooper (Blackmoor), Leslie Wilson, Gwen Mackrell (Alton), Nicholas James (Selborne), Hugh Routh (Steep), David Hughes (Buriton)
3. Minutes of last meeting and matters arising
The minutes of the last meeting, held on 9th April 2016 were accepted as a correct record and signed by the chairman. The only matter arising was Darren Woodyer was elected a compounding
member for a peal, rather than a quarter peal as stated in the last minutes.

4. Election of new members:

Melanie Moore reiterated point 7D of the last meeting that new members were still being elected ‘on the nod’, with cases of candidate, proposer, or seconder not always present. She then went on to give John a full introduction to the guild, both John & Nicolette were elected unopposed.
John Leary (Petersfield) – Junior, Proposed Melanie Moore, seconded Moo Day
Nicolette Alderslade (Alton, St Lawrence) – Probationer, Proposed Matthew Watts, Seconded Mike Novell
Certificates cannot be presented at the current time due to a change of guild master, but will be presented at the AGM. John Leary did however receive a guild badge.

5. Report from the Exec Committee Representative.

Mo Routh commented on Hugh’s behalf that there hasn’t yet been a meeting held to pass comment on.

  1. Forthcoming Events

A list of events and practices for October 2016 – January 2017 was distributed.

7. Reminder of officer posts that will need electing in January.

Charlotte urged members to consider taking on officer posts that will need electing in January, she is willing to stand again as chairman, but would like to hear from anyone interested in taking this role over.
The posts of Treasurer, Secretary, Executive Committee Representative & Independent Examiner will need to be elected / re-elected. Judy Sparling’s post as Librarian will also be coming up for election / re-election.
It was clarified that the 3 year term of each post starts from the date of election.

8. Suggestion from the guild website for the sharing of information.

Valerie Harris shared her recent discussion with Rosalind Martin regards the matter, besides praising the work of Rosalind the discussion can be summarised with 2 open questions:
Q1. Could information go direct to the recipients, rather than going through a moderator?
Q2. Is email the preferred first point of contact for district events etc.
A1. If yes it was stated this would reduce the work of the secretary, the relevant bodies are in discussion to see if this is possible.
A2. This was left open to the members to talk amongst themselves, and will be bought back up again at the next meeting.
Madeline King also commented praising the work of Rosalind.

9. AOB

  • Graham Cane thanked all those who attended the district outing, and everyone who does work behind the scenes to keep the towers going.
  • Charlotte Lloyd praised Teresa Brown for her work in keeping Froxfield running, and also as a ringing teacher.
  • Roger Barber thanked Stephen Hough for being the judge for the striking competition, and is investigating the disappearance of the call change trophy.
  • Valerie Harris explained the reasons behind David Coopers absence. Graham & Roger have offered to step in with the learners at Blackmoor Tower.

There being no further business, the meeting closed at 6pm.
Harry Cane (Buriton)

***Reminder*** – Winchester District QDM and Training Event at Bishopstoke – Sat 12th Nov.

Dear All,

Just a final reminder about Saturday.

Up till now we’ve not heard from many of you, with the honourable exception of those who have presented their apologies for absence – !

If we are to run the training we do need some more helpers, and one or two more candidates who would like to stretch themselves and extend their abilities and repertoire.

Likewise Kay (leMarechal) would like to hear form people wanting tea before the meeting.  I’ve attached copies of the poster, and also, here are the contact details, from the poster:-

Names/numbers for tea to Kay LeMarechal  by Wednesday November 9th.
Names for training places and for offers of help to Jenny Watson by Wednesday November 9th.

Best wishes, and hope to see lots of people at Bishopstoke on Saturday,

District Secretary

Link to previous post on this with further details and poster.


Winchester District QDM – Sat 12th November

Quarterly Meeting and Training Afternoon

Saturday 12th November 2016

St Mary’s, Bishopstoke:

“Grandsire and Beyond” – an exploration of triples methods building on Grandsire: Stedman, Erin,

Single and Double Oxford

led by Edmund Wratten, District Ringing Master


Programme of Events

 2:00 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.           “Grandsire and Beyond”

 4:30 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.           Tea

 5:30 p.m. – 6.30 p.m.           Quarterly District Meeting

 6:30 p.m. onwards               Open Ringing

 Names/numbers for tea to Kay LeMarechal – please e-mail by Wednesday November 9th.

Names for training places and for offers of help to Jenny Watson by Wednesday November 9th.


Bruce Purvis, Winchester District Secretary, 20th October 2016

Dear All

Please find attached the paperwork for the next Quarterly meeting, Saturday 12th November: please note especially the closing date for teas/applications as students and helpers for the training afternoon – Wednesday 9th November

Please find also attached a flyer/reminder about the District Peal/Quarter-Peal fortnight, which begins tomorrow.

It’s already been posted on the website, this is just by way of a reminder.

Best wishes, look forward to seeing you on the 12th if not before.


District Secretary

Link to Poster for QDM/Training Event

Link to Agenda

Link to Minutes of Previous Meeting

Link to Poster for District Peal/Quarter Peal fortnight


The event is not exclusive to PR officers – it is also for anyone else who is generally interested in promoting bellringing. 


This day is intended to attract PR officers of ringing societies, with something for the experienced PR person as well as the less experienced (including the many of you who were probably not sure what you were getting yourself into when you volunteered!), as well as anyone else who is generally interested in promoting bellringing. The event is not exclusive to PR officers, and many ringers will want to contribute their views on how we can ‘market’ bell ringing more effectively, or you may just want to find out more about the subject.

There will be a mix of external experts, panel discussion and group work to define the key elements which make public relations a success (or a failure), and we will develop action plans to become more effective, as well as overcome any barriers we face. Sharing lots of ideas, interesting initiatives and experience is the plan, and participants will get to know, and compare notes with, other ringers facing the same issues as themselves.

The cost, which includes buffet lunch and refreshments, is £18. The application form is attached, as well as (soon to be) posted on the CCCBR website, so please apply early to avoid disappointment.

Nick Elks
Caroline Stockmann
Central Council PR Committee

The application form is on the CCCBR website. Please click here

Forthcoming Events in Alton and Petersfield District – September/October 2016

Click here for a printable poster


Tuesday 6th Sept – 8 bell practice at Holybourne 7.30 to 9.00pm
Saturday 10th Sept – District General Practice at East Meon 5.30 to 7.00pm
Saturday 17th Sept – District Outing to the Oxfordshire area. Itinerary is attached, lunch menu can be found at www.windrushinn.com/pdf/main-menu.pdf please let Graham Cane know if you’re going and what your food choices are.


Tuesday 4th Oct – 8 bell practice at Holybourne 7.30 to 9.00pm
Saturday 15th Oct – Guild Education day based in the Hawkley area. Focusing on Bob Doubles and Bob Minor. Poster & application form attached.
Saturday 22nd Oct – Striking Competition and Autumn Meeting at Buriton from 3.00pm

**UPDATED!!** Winchester District Quarterly Meeting with Walk & Picnic – Sat 13th August

Winchester District Header

Quarterly Meeting: Ringing, Picnic
and a Gentle Stroll along the Test Way
Saturday, 13th August 2016.
Ringing at St Andrew, Mottisfont;
The Clock House, Awbridge and Romsey Abbey.

Programme of Events

9:51 a.m.                                 Train from Romsey to Mottisfont & Dunbridge
9:56 – 10.30 a.m                      Walk to Mottisfont (approx 1 mile)
10.30 – 11.15 a.m.                    Ringing at Mottisfont
11.15 a.m. – 12.15 p.m.            Walk to Awbridge (approx 2 miles)
12:15 – 1.30 p.m.                     Picnic Lunch (BYO) and QDM at Awbridge Village Hall, Romsey Road 
1:30 – 1:45 p.m.                       Walk from the Village Hall to the Clock House (approx ½ mile)                   
1:45 – 2:30 p.m.                      Ringing at the Clock House, Awbridge
2:30 – 3:14 p.m.                      Walk back to Dunbridge (approx 1¾ miles)
3.14 or 4.14pm                        Train from Mottisfont & Dunbridge to Romsey
4:30 – 5:25 p.m.                     

Ringing at Romsey Abbey

*Train fare £2.90 return, parking at Romsey station £1.90.
*Toilets at the Village Hall, none at the Clock House.
*Masses of Tea Shops in Romsey, but many close quite early.

Link to Briefing Notes for Walk

Link to Walking Notes and Map

Link to Poster

Link to Agenda

Link to Minutes from Previous Meeting

Contact Bruce Purvis
Winchester District Secretary – 4th August 2016


WP Guild AGM July 2nd 2016

Annual General Meeting
New Alresford and Envions
Saturday, 2nd July 2016

News from the AGM

General Ringing Programme

9:45 a.m. – 10:45 a.m. Open Ringing, Cheriton,
6 bells, 6 cwt
10:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. Open Ringing, Tichborne,
6 bells, 7¾ cwt
11:30 a.m. – 12:15 p.m. Open Ringing, Old Alresford,
6 bells, 10 cwt

Programme at New Alresford

10:00 a.m. → Inter-District Striking Competition,
St John’s Church
11.00 a.m. → Association of Ringing Teachers’ Display,
John Pearson Hall (adjoining the Church)
12:30 p.m. → Ploughman’s Lunch, John Pearson Hall
1:30 p.m. → Open & Service Ringing, St John’s
2:00 p.m. → Guild Service, St John’s Church
3:00 p.m. → Guild AGM, John Pearson Hall
(followed by tea/coffee and cake)
5:00 p.m. → Open Ringing, St John’s Church

Maps and post codes etc

… for each event are available if you click the location on this page.

The main centre for the day, New Alresford St John’s Church and the adjacent Hall, is HERE, post code is SO24 9AG

Poster (same content as this page) AGM 160702 Poster


Names/numbers for lunch to Elizabeth Johnson,
01962 733266 or via email to Bruce Purvis,
using the form below by Monday 27th June: booking essential.

Winchester District Tower Representatives’ meeting Tuesday 19th July

Dear All,

Please find nelow the poster for your tower notice-boards for the District Tower Representatives’ Meeting on Tuesday 19th July, at 7.30 p.m. in the Undercroft, the Education Centre, the Inner Close at Winchester Cathedral.

Please let me know by Tuesday 12th July if there are any burning issues you wish to have aired and I’ll put them on the agenda. (And I am only guessing, but the Guild AGM may throw up topics for which District responses  will be required).

Look forward to seeing you on the 19th.

Best wishes,



Guild Officer Elections on July 2nd

Guild Officer Elections

We are just two weeks away from our Annual General Meeting in New Alresford and our Officer elections will be taking place there. Members have been encouraged to stand for office.

I’m pleased we were able to report last week that a candidate has come forward for the post of Master – Mike Winterbourne of Andover District.

Michael Church has advised me that he is willing to stand for election as one of the five Central Council Representatives.

I wish to stand for election to the post of Public Relations Officer.

These declared intentions do not preclude other nominations for the same posts.

It is likely that nominations will be made from the floor of the meeting on 2nd July and they can be made in advance of the meeting. Each candidate is required to provide a formal Proposer and Seconder.  These two members could be present at the A.G.M. or, if either or both are unable to attend the meeting, they can contact Mo Routh, Honorary General Secretary with their nominations.  If they are not going to be present at the AGM, please make sure she receives the details of candidate, proposer and seconder by the evening of Friday 1
st July.  There is no need for advance notice if the proposer and seconder will be at the meeting.


Nominations are invited for the following posts:

To be elected on, and to serve for 3 years from, Saturday 2nd July 2016 to the 2019 Guild A.G.M.



Hon. General Secretary 

Hon. General Treasurer

Hon. Librarian and Archivist

Hon. Peal Recorder

Hon. Report Editor

Minutes Secretary

Child Protection Officer

Independent Examiner

Public Relations Officer

Two Bell Restoration Fund Trustees (1 from each Diocese)


5 Central Council Representatives – to be elected on Saturday 2nd July 2016 and to serve for 3 years from the Central Council Annual Conference in May 2017 to be held in Edinburgh.

There were moves towards “Change” at the recent C.C.C.B.R. annual conference in Portsmouth. So, a really good opportunity here for some of us to mould the future of ringing.

For details of the Officers currently in post, please see


If you are considering volunteering to serve as an Officer and would like more information, please contact me by email using the form below, then I’d be pleased to ‘phone you if you wanted to talk in detail.

Thank you.

Viv Nobbs 

Guild Master.

2016 AGM – plus Striking Competitions and Lunch

AGM 2016 poster image10.00 Inter District 8 Bell Striking Competition at St John’s Church, New Alresford. Come and support your district team!

From 11.00 onwards there will be a display about ART and ringing training in the John Pearson Hall, next to the church. Do come and ask questions!

12.30 Ploughman’s Lunch in the John Pearson Hall. Please book this in advance. (see below for details)

The results of the striking competition will be given during or after lunch.

13.30 Open ringing at St John the BaptistScreenshot at 2016-06-16 21:15:01

14.00 Guild Service in St John the Baptist

15.00 Guild AGM, The John Pearson Hall

After the meeting, tea, coffee and cakes will be available in the hall

To book a Ploughman’s Lunch, please contact Elizabeth Johnson, 01962 733266 or email Bruce Purvis,  giving name and number of lunches required.

Central Council “Question Time” Sunday 29 May in Portsmouth

“Question Time” for bellringers comes to Portsmouth as part of the CC2016 events on Sunday 29 May at 130pm to 3pm in the Royal Beach Hotel, Southsea.  Open to all ringers – this is your chance to challenge leading ringers on current hot topics.

Why not come along (or join in online) and put your questions about the Ringing World future to Nigel Orchard, or let Pip Penney from the ART know your views about ITTS?  The panel also includes Chris Mew, Andrew Wilby, Tina Stoecklin and Michael Foulds, and the session will be ably compered by Elva Ainsworth.

This event is FREE – to book a place, and to submit your question in advance,  Click for details here.  Places are limited so book now!

Quations Time cc2016



Winchester District Quarterly Meeting 14th May

Dear All,
Here’s the paperwork for the next quarterly meeting, which as you all know is Saturday 14th May, which is fast creeping up on us.
The May meeting is the one at which we hold the annual District Striking Competitions – for methods and for call changes. Do, everyone, think about whether you can field a team.  The Easton bells are easy-going and will give nobody any nasty surprises, so the competitions really are open to all, and worth entering to have your ringing carefully and sympathetically appraised, irrespective of any scores.
Best wishes till then,
Winchester District Secretary

Dear Member of Alton and Petersfield District…. (and others!)

Hello all
Now all the excitement and chocolate is out of the way I thought I should remind you about the District Meeting on Saturday April 9th.
There will be ringing at Holybourne from 3.00pm, followed by tea at 4.15pm and the meeting at 5.00pm. Then there will be more ringing at Bentley from 6.00pm.
So that he knows how many to cater for, please can you give names for tea to Mike Novell , preferably by Wednesday 6th.
Contact Mike Novell - Telephone: 01420 83941 Address: 70 Cherry Way, Alton, GU34 2AX Facebook: click here Email Use Form:    
Apologies and names of new members should probably be sent to me.
Contact Valerie Harris - Telephone: 01420 489323 Address: 8 Sunbury Close, Bordon, GU35 0BW Email: Use Form
We are still looking for a District Secretary !
At the very least we need someone who could take the minutes, type them up and email them out, but it would be great to find someone who could also do the pre-meeting preparation and get the certificates etc. ready for newly elected members. Anything else they would be prepared to do would be a bonus. Please, please give it some thought.
On Saturday 16th April from 5.30 to 7.30pm there is an Advanced Practice at Privett (previously called Surprise Major Practice), covering ordinary and surprise methods. To make it more beneficial for anyone learning a more advanced method, it is important that there are plenty of experienced ringers there too, so please come.
Many thanks, Valerie Harris

Portsmouth District Ringers ADM AND BARN DANCE Sat 6th Feb 2016

Portsmouth District Ringers ADM AND BARN DANCE Sat 6th Feb 2016 St Faiths , Church Hall, The Pallant, HAVANT. PO9 1BE 3pm - 4pm Ringing at Havant 4pm - 4.30pm Service 4.30pm - 5.30pm Meeting and refreshments 5.30pm - 7pm(ish) Ringing 7pm till 11pm. BARN DANCE Tickets £13 Includes a Fish Supper. (Veggie Option) Bring your own Drinks.

Portsmouth District Ringers
Sat 6th Feb 2016
St Faiths , Church Hall, The Pallant, HAVANT. PO9 1BE

3pm – 4pm Ringing at Havant
4pm – 4.30pm Service
4.30pm – 5.30pm Meeting and
5.30pm – 7pm(ish) Ringing
7pm till 11pm BARN DANCE

Tickets £13
Includes a Fish Supper.
(Veggie Option)
Bring your own Drinks.

For tickets and info Contact Allan Yalden  on or before 31 January please.

Winchester District ADM Invitation (Saturday 13th Feb)

winchester district adm 2016Dear All,
Saturday 13th February, is our Annual District Meeting, starting with ringing at the fine light eight at Sherfield English and proceeding to Romsey for open and service ringing at the Abbey, service, tea and business meeting in the Church Rooms, and more ringing at the Abbey – truly a red-letter day, posters, paperwork, arrangements, etc. to follow, with any luck later today.
Please find below the poster and (some of) papers for the business meeting.
The papers which remain to be distributed are reports by the Chairman and Ringing Masters, for which please watch this space.
Best wishes
Winchester District Secretary

ISLE OF WIGHT ADM Feb 20th 2016

Ringing at Ryde and at Swanmore

Ryde will be hosting the Annual District Meeting on Saturday, 20th February.
Ringing only will take place at All Saints from 2:30pm with ringing also at St Michael’s, Swanmore, Ryde, at the same time in tandem.

Service, Tea and Meeting

At St Michael’s a short Church service to be taken by Revd Jane Isaac will be held at 4:30, followed by tea to be organised by Ryde ringers, the meeting will then complete the afternoon.
This is an all-Island event so please try and schedule this in to all your busy lives and make this a larger gathering than is usual. Things discussed WILL be pertinent to you as an Island bell ringer and we need YOUR input and opinions.
Any inquiries please contact Mary Tester.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Christchurch and Southampton District ADM Sat 30th Jan 2016 *Includes map and all officers’ reports*

CS ADM Jan 30th 2016

Sallie Ingram writes:

Here are all the details for the upcoming ADM at Ringwood. I have attached (below) a poster, the agenda and the minutes for the September meeting. I have also attached the provisional calendar for 2016. There will be a more up-to-date version that will be distributed at the meeting.

Sallie Ingram (district sec)

Ringing is Rounds and Call Changes and whatever is requested. Special Method: Little Bob Major

Names to Liz Davey

This map shows the church (building) the entrance to the cap part (P) and the place to park for the shortest walk through the church yard (walkers)


ADM Agenda 2016 (1)

September 2015 Minutes

Calendar 2016

CS ADM 2016 Poster


Ecchinswell Bell Restoration Trust’s Annual General Meeting

Eccinswell 2016 New Year imageSaturday 16th January, the current committee will step down from their positions for a new committee to be elected and members can then be re-elected.

If you would like to get involved with the trust, can help us with fundraising events and can spare an hour a month for a meeting, please feel free to come along.

The AGM is a FACEBOOK EVENT – do click and join!