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Andover half-yearly District meeting Monday Sept 25th 7pm

Dear All
As you may recall it was decided at the ADM there would be a meeting held during the summer to update members on Guild events and elect any new members that had joined since the ADM.  Two dates were put forward and Monday 25th September (at Whitchurch) has been selected.
The meeting will begin at 7pm, prior to the 10 bell District practice.
Once agenda items have been identified further details will follow.

Schedule for the Guild AGM Day Saturday June 17th ***RSVP FOR TEAS

Open Towers:

  • 11am – 11: 45am  Sopley
  • 11:45am – 12:30pm Hinton
  • 1:30pm – 2:15pm Brockenhurst
  • 11:45am – 12:30pm awaiting confirmation from Lyndhurst

Other Events

  • 1pm – 2:15pm  Handling Clinic at Milford
  • 2:40pm Service touch Milford – Invited Band
  • 3pm Milford – Service
  • Evening Ringing at Milford 6:30pm- 8pm


Maggie Cobb needs names for Teas – click to contact

CRAG proposals pass at Central Council Meeting

EDINBURGH, May 29th  2017

One year ago, in Portsmouth, the Central Council considered a motion calling for the establishment of a group that would review all activities of the Council, and make recommendations for modernization. That motion was passed with overwhelming support, indicating a Council eager for change.

Today, in Edinburgh, that group – the CRAG – presented its three motions for reform. Taken as a grou0p, they prepare the Council for future change (in 2018). There were three motions. The first proposed that the Council receive the report. This is a relatively mild proposal, indicating that the council will receive the report, but does not, in itself, make any commitment to any future actions. The meat of the proposals was in the two following motions (B and C).

Motion B was the more substantial, and effectively set up a shadow operation for one year, where the existing Officers (President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Assistant Secretary) – who are also the trustees of the legal Charity, would be joined by a group of 4 other people, to work towards developing the rule changes that would be put to the Council in 2018, and which would effectively transform the council into a more responsive body, with (hopefully) enhanced relevance to the average ringer.

This new Executive (comprising 5 trustees and 4 non-trustee executives) would be able to use the officers/trustees to implement the actions that they decide on, thus ensuring continuity between the present and possible future organizations.

Phil Barnes likened the process to taking a journey without having to commit to a destination. If we like the way things are going in May,2018, then we can continue the journey – perhaps with some modifications – and if we don’t like the way things are going, we can still turn back.

Key points are that:

  • Any ringer will be able to enter their name to be an officer of the organization (this is already the case: Rule 12.ii states:

The President, Vice-President, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Assistant Secretary, Honorary Treasurer, and Public Relations Officer shall be ex-officio members of the Council if not already Life or Representative Members.)

  • Any ringer may put their name forward for appointment to a Work Group.
  • The Council will begin to use a planning and objectives process to make certain that all efforts are coordinated, and contribute to the plan.

Rather surprisingly, most of these changes (indeed, all of the changes that are being proposed for 2017/2018) do not require any rule changes. This is what will allow the Council to operate on two pretty-well parallel tracks for this year.

There were some dissenters with details of the motions, but even they declared themselves supportive of r the aims of the reforms.

Much more, of course, remains to be worked out in the weeks and months ahead. In particular, the importance of ongoing consultation and feedback from those ringers who are not members of the Council, was stressed.

So, for now, the work of the CRAG is finished, and it is now up to the leaders of the Council, together with the extra members of the executive, to do the work (or to form groups to get it done), ready for 2018.

Lancashire sounds like it is going to be an exciting time – and it will be open to anyone who wants to attend. Book your trains, and boats and planes, and hotels early!

Guild AGM 17th June – RSVP – Full Schedule and Information for Meeting

Annual General Meeting
Milford on Sea
Saturday 17 June 2017

RSVP Maggie Cobb needs names for Teas – click to contact


Click here for PDF of This Page

10am Inter-District 8-bell Striking Competition

Rules click here
St Peter and St Paul Church, Ringwood
BH24 1AL – 8 bells, 17-2-18 in E (If you need a map for parking, please click here)

11am – 12.30 Open Towers:

  • 11am – 11: 45am  Sopley BH23 7AU 6 bells Tenor 7cwt
  • 11:45am – 12:30pm Hinton BH23 7DX 5 bells Tenor 9-0cwt
  • 1:30pm – 2:15pm Brockenhurst SO42 7QP 8 bells Tenor 4 cwt
  • 11:45am – 12:30pm Lyndhurst is confirmed

1pm-3pm Other Events:

  • 1pm – 2:15pm  Handling Clinic at Milford SO41 0QJ 
  • 2:40pm Service touch Milford – Invited Band
  • 3pm Milford – Service
  • Evening Ringing at Milford 6:30pm- 8pm

3pm Guild Service, All Saints Church, Milford on Sea
– Greenbanks Close, Milford on Sea,SO41 0QJ

4pm Guild AGM Tea, All Saints Church Hall,
Milford on Sea

5pm Guild AGM, All Saints Church Hall,
Milford on Sea

6.30pm- 8pm Open Ringing, All Saints Church, Milford on Sea

Supporting documents are available in screen-friendly format:

Or if you prefer pdfs:

Agenda for the AGM June 17th

1          Master’s welcome

2          Inter-District Striking Competition results

3          Apologies for absence

4          Loss of Members from death since the 2016 AGM

Brian Orange               King’s Somborne
Ruth Roberts               Christchurch
Alan Anstey                 formerly of St Michael’s, Basingstoke
D Kenvyn Walters    formerly of Yately
John Smith                   formerly of Ryde and Shanklin
Michael Pointer         formerly of Romsey
Nigel Miller                  formerly of Ryde and Arreton
Phillip Davis                formerly of Godshill and Shanklin

5          Minutes of the 2016 AGM

6          Matters arising

7          Life Membership – for fifty years continuous membership

Graham Cane Buriton
Valerie Williams East Meon
David Cooper Blackmoor
Roy le Marechal Bishopstoke
Rosemary Rogers Christchurch 

8          Officers’ and Committee Reports for 2016 

  1. Hon General Secretary (Annual Report)  P4
  2. Hon General Treasurer                                P5
  3. Education Committee                                  P15
  4. Hon Librarian and Archivist                      P17
  5. Striking Competitions Committee             P18
  6. Belfry Stewardship Committee                  P19
  7. Hon Peal Recorder                                        P20
  8. Communications Committee                      P24
  9. Public Relations Officer                               P25

9          Bell Restoration Fund                                                     

  1. Trustees’ Report and Accounts for 2016 (Annual Report) P9
  2. Grant Proposals

10        Report on 2017 Central Council Meeting

11        Guild Officer Elections

            Confirmation of appointment of Honorary General Secretary

12        Action Plan Update

13        Proposals

14        Future Guild Events      

District Officers Forum 30th September 2017 St Barnabas’ Church Hall
Education Course – Plain Hunt & Trebling to Doubles Methods 14th October Goodworth Clatford
Education Course  – Stedman Triples 4th November Venue TBA
Executive Committee Mtg 18th November St Barnabas’ Church Hall

15        Date and place of 2018 AGM

            16 June 2018 at Basingstoke      

16        Any other business   


Motion (C) To formalise the relationship between the Guild and its committees

Tony Smith proposes and the Master seconds on behalf of the Executive Committee that the relationship between the Guild and its committees be formalised. Specifically, that in rule 4 Administration “Convenors of sub-committees” be amended to “Convenors of committees”, that the following two new rules be added after the existing rule 8, that existing rules 9 to 22 be renumbered 11 to 24, and that cross-references between rules be adjusted accordingly.


a) Members are appointed to the committees enumerated in paragraph b. of this rule at the General Meeting two years after the meeting at which the officers are elected. Members are appointed for three years and are eligible for reappointment. Notwithstanding the note in rule 22 concerning when an alteration to the rules becomes operative, a new committee shall be appointed at the meeting at which the committee is added to those enumerated in paragraph b. of this rule. The Guild may at any time dissolve a committee or alter its membership.

b) The following shall be the committees of the Guild:

i) Belfry Stewardship
ii) Communications
iv Striking Competitions
v) Ringing Schools

c) Each committee shall appoint a convenor and shall report annually to the Guild. Each committee shall have the power to co-opt further members. Reasonable expenses may be paid.


The terms of reference of the committees shall be as follows:

a) Belfry Stewardship Committee. To give advice about bells and their fittings in any Guild tower; to inspect and report on all completed bell restoration works subject to grants from the Guild Bell Restoration Fund, and to continue the work of the Guild’s Bell Stock Survey.

b) Communications Committee. To enhance communication within the Guild by maintaining and developing the Guild website as the hub of news and information, maintain and develop the e-mail lists and social media presence and connect to the wider bell ringing community.

c) Education Committee. To improve members’ ringing abilities and confidence in all practical and theoretical aspects of bell handling and method ringing.

d) Striking Competitions Committee. To encourage improvement in striking across the Guild, through friendly and social competition, both between individual towers and Districts.

e) Ringing Schools Committee. To teach members bell-handling to a good and safe standard.

MOTION (B) To setup a Guild Ringing Schools Committee

Motion (B)

Andy Ingram proposes and Mike Winterbourne seconds that a Guild Ringing Schools Committee should be setup.

Throughout this process the terms Teaching Schools, Hubs, Ringing Schools have been used at various times but all are inter-changeable.

Background to the Project

From the ACTION PLAN REVIEW AGREED AT THE 2015 A.G.M – PERIOD 5TH JULY 2015 – 2ND JULY 2016 (Part):-

In addition, a focus group has been established recently; the initial purpose has been to investigate and introduce if necessary, the possibility of teaching schools within our Guild. The group is financially and administratively separate from other Guild committees. It will act harmoniously with them, of course.  The group will report to the Executive Committee later in 2016 and might require some funding.

In response to this the March 2016 Executive meeting agreed to the “setting up of a working group … to consider the provision of centre(s) for teaching new ringers”.

Further clarification was given by the Past-Master (Viv Nobbs) as to what she had envisaged to be the outcome of this project:

“To encourage … ringing and the cultivation of change ringing by increasing the number of proficient ringers across the Guild”.

Stage 1 – Teaching Schools Model

Although this was a broad remit the initial purpose of the working group was defined to investigate (and introduce, if necessary) the possibility of teaching schools within the Guild.  The working group discussed the projects aims, possible types of model, syllabus and hardware and was generally in agreement with the following aspects of :

  1. Training should focus on teaching safe and consistent bell handling up to rounds standard, and further into elementary change ringing as students progress. The group acknowledged that various factors needed to be considered between where teaching was most needed, versus a supply of good teachers, and the potential availability of good training facilities.
  2. Various types of models to be used were discussed, from intensive term- holiday courses, to weekly evening courses. Saturday mornings (roughly 10-12 o’clock) would probably be the most popular for students and teachers.
  3. A charge per student per session was considered appropriate, which would be used to cover tower donations and course material. Various “rewards” for learners at set stages should also be able to be supported by this charge.
  4. In setting up a teaching centre, various costs will be incurred, and sought from the Guild. There could be initial costs in setting up a venue as a suitable venue and as such, a budget submission will be made to the Guild for its approval to cover certain envisaged costs, and the risk of any shortfall.
  5. Further discussion is needed to be had on the syllabus, but it was considered that the Association of Ringing Teachers (ART) ‘Learning the Ropes’ schemes (levels 1 and 2) provides students and teachers with clear goals and would provide a consistent, graded approach which can be easily adopted in different areas.
  6. The group considered that good teaching venues would have (amongst other things):
  • bells that can be regularly available
  • space for teaching and/or whiteboard area
  • refreshment facilities
  • toilets

The Chairman of this focus group, David Mattingley, presented a paper based on the above to the Executive Committee Meeting, 12 November, 2016.  This concluded the work of this working group other than defining the terms of reference for the Ringing Schools Committee.

Stage 2 – Implementation

It is proposed to create a committee, Ringing Schools Committee, to create and manage the teaching facilities described above.

Although independent it would work with the Education Committee concerning matters of mutual interest (this reflects the Central Council arrangement of separate Education and Ringing Centres Committees whereby the latter provides hardware and trainers, the former provides training material and courses).

Terms of reference: “To teach members’ bell-handling to a good and safe standard”

Initially the work of this committee will be to investigate viable sites for Ringing Schools with budgets for additional equipment and to prioritise those sites which would be relatively easy to set up.  Availability of trainers will also be a consideration.

A progressive implementation of Schools is envisaged subject to budget constraints and  availability of Committee members time.

Once Schools are established the Committee will be responsible for promotion and support (as required) of the Schools so that they can maintain high standards of tuition together with dissemination of good practice throughout the Guild.

Motion (A) To reduce wasteful printing of unwanted annual reports

Motion (A)

Tony Smith proposes and John Palk seconds on behalf of the Executive Committee that the wasteful printing of unwanted copies of the annual report be reduced by asking members to request copies in advance. Specifically that rule 18 Reports be sub-divided and 18.c amended by deleting the words struck through and inserting the words underlined

a) Local secretaries shall forward an annual report on the activities of their tower to their District Secretary not later than 4th January of the following year.

b) Each year the Honorary Report Editor of the Guild will issue a questionnaire to each District Secretary for completion. District Secretaries shall forward the completed questionnaires and an annual report on the activities of their District to the Honorary Report Editor for publication, not later than 28th February.

c) Funds permitting, an annual report shall be published, the contents of which shall be at the discretion of the Executive Committee. A copy will be supplied free to all except probationary and compounding members. A copy will be supplied free to all life, ringing and associate members who have requested a copy. District Secretaries or District Treasurers will ask local secretaries how many of their members would like a copy of the report and shall forward the number required by the District to the Honorary Report Editor not later than 28th February.

Papers for the CCCBR AGM on 29th May – a message from Council

To Association Central Council representatives, Association Secretaries, and all interested parties:

The papers for the forthcoming Central Council meeting on 29th May 2017 are available athttps://cccbr.org.uk/about/meetings/2017-meeting/ .

Over the late May bank holiday weekend, up to 200 ringers will assemble in Edinburgh for the Central Council annual meeting.  We will come together with a common bond – a love of ringing and an enthusiasm for its wellbeing.  Through our various affiliations, we strive to represent the needs, views and aspirations of bellringers everywhere.

This year, like any other, we have much to deliberate, discuss and decide. To those who have elected us, we have an obligation to study the Council papers closely, to consult within our Associations, and vote keeping in mind the best interests of those we represent.

As well as receiving reports from officers and committees, acknowledging the Council’s work over the past year, we will be asked to vote on seven Motions.  Each of these Motions is supported by background documents available to Council representatives.  We, the Officers, urge all representatives to study these documents carefully well in advance of the meeting, discuss responses with your respective Associations, and come to Edinburgh prepared.

The first three Motions relate to the work of the Council Review Action Group (CRAG).  At last year’s meeting in Portsmouth, notwithstanding existing reform initiatives, we voted to appoint a Working Group to undertake a detailed review of Council’s rules and activities – to make recommendations for modernisation, and report back, with appropriate recommended changes, to the 2017 Council meeting.

A number of ringers, including Council’s Officers, have made submissions to the work of CRAG, and have received interim updates on the group’s deliberations.  The Officers wish to acknowledge the time, effort and expertise that CRAG members have invested in this important work, and wish to convey our gratitude to all concerned. It is fair to say that the proposals now presented in motions B and C are challenging.  Whilst acknowledging the sincere efforts of CRAG’s members, the Officers have a duty to offer commentary on the proposals, keeping in mind the interests of ringers everywhere.  If anything we would be sad that, if these proposals are found to be unworkable in their current form, then the momentum for genuine reform may be compromised.

CCCBR is a registered charity and the Officers – as Trustees of the charity – need to ensure that CCCBR meets all its statutory requirements.  Further, we have a responsibility to ensure that the proposals are addressed in accordance with Council’s existing rules and procedures.  Key queries arising from the proposals as currently presented include:

  • How realistic and practical is it to adopt all proposed measures at once

  • What specific rule changes are required to achieve the implementation of these proposals

  • What are the implications for existing affiliated guilds and societies

  • How are the proposed new measures to be funded.

In Edinburgh we need to allow sufficient time for debate of all motions, including those from CRAG.  Do please come prepared with concise comments and feedback, so that we can make best use of available time and arrive at considered and constructive conclusions.

Chris Mew (President) and Christopher O’Mahony (Vice-President)

28th April 2017

Mrs Mary Bone
Honorary Secretary
Central Council of Church Bell Ringers
Registered charity no 270036

Guild AGM 17th June

Annual General Meeting
Milford on Sea
Saturday 17 June 2017


10am Inter-District 8-bell Striking Competition,
St Peter and St Paul Church, Ringwood
BH24 1AL – 8 bells, 17-2-18 in E

3pm Guild Service, All Saints Church, Milford on Sea
– Greenbanks Close, Milford on Sea, SO41 0SQ

4pm Guild AGM Tea, All Saints Church Hall,
Milford on Sea

5pm Guild AGM, All Saints Church Hall,
Milford on Sea

6.30pm- 8pm Open Ringing, All Saints Church, Milford on Sea

Click here for printable poster

Winchester District Quarterly Meeting (QDM) Sat 13th May

Dear All,
Please find here the poster for the next quarterly meeting, at Preston Candover on Saturday 13th May, also the District Striking Competition Rules.
Please encourage members of your bands to consider entering one or other of the striking competitions.
Please also note that the tea and business meeting will be taking place at the Candover Valley Club’s premises which are actually in Brown Candover, about half a mile south of Preston Candover.
There is ringing after the meeting at Brown Candover (5,5cwt) from 6.30-7.30pm.
Best wishes,
District Secretary

Winchester District QDM 13th May 2017 Agenda

Winchester & Portsmouth Diocesan Guild of Church Bell Ringers

Winchester District Quarterly Meeting and Striking Competition

Saturday 13 May 2017, 5.30 p.m. – Candover Valley Club, Brown Candover, SO24 9TT


  1. Chairman’s Welcome
  2. Striking Competition Results
  3. Apologies for Absence
  4. Minutes of the Annual District Meeting, 11 February 2017
  5. Matters arising from the minute
  6. Loss of Members through Death
  7. Election of members
  8. Future Events
  9. Guild AGM, 17 June 2017
  10. Any Other Business

Bruce Purvis

Winchester District Secretary

20 April 2017

A&P Spring Meeting April 22nd at Liss, St Mary’s

Hello all
I hope you are going to join us for on April 22nd at St. Mary’s Liss for general ringing and the spring meeting.
Ringing is from 3pm, tea from around 4.15 and the meeting will start at about 5.30 followed by more ringing.
Please make sure you book your tea in advance with Joy Martin 01730 265275 so that she knows how many to cater for.
We now have new colour certificates, for members elected at this meeting and the previous two where none were available, so please do come to collect them.
Attached are the agenda and the minutes of the last meeting.
I have also attached another copy of the District Officer guidelines which have been slightly revised following comments from two people. These guidelines will, in time, be extended to include the Treasurer, Guild Executive Representative, Independent Examiner and Librarian so that, before the next round of elections, everyone will know what each of these roles entails.
Many thanks, Valerie

agenda April 2017 Spring Meeting

minutes meeting 21st January2017


A&P District spring meeting – April 22nd at Liss, St. Mary from 3.00pm

Liss St Mary's

Ringing from 3.00pm, Tea from around 4.15pm

Meeting from aprox 5.30pm, followed by more ringing.

Names for tea to Joy Martin 01730 265275

  by Wednesday 19th please.

Certificates & badges are now available for those members

who were elected at the last two meetings,

so please come along to collect them.

Don’t forget we still need to elect a District Secretary.

If you are interested in the post please let us know.

Thank you.

Town Church Guernsey Quarter Peal Day Wednesday 19 April 2017

We are having a quarter peal day on Wednesday 19 April 2017. Not sure whether it is designated as The First Annual... but I suspect it will be.

I don’t think we’ll be starting so early that it will be as dark as Pete’s photograph is but it may well be by the time we’re finished the last one.

All are welcome and we’d be delighted to include  visitors. We are an 8 bell tower but there will also be 6 bell methods rung; possibly some at the Forest which is a light 6 bell tower.

If you would like to take part please email Duncan at townchurchbellringers@gmail.com and say what you can/would like to ring and how many quarters you are willing to ring in.


Photograph ©Pete Norman

Bournemouth St Peter’s Bellringers to hold Crossroads AGM

As some of you are already aware, it has been decided to suspend practices at St Peter’s, Bournemouth, until further notice.  This has been  brought about by the unavailability of regular attendees for a variety of reasons.

Our AGM will be held as planned next Thursday 9 February at 8.30pm and we hope to ring beforehand.
Sunday ringing will continue as usual.
In the meantime I hope any of our ringers will be welcomed at other towers in the district to maintain ringing experience.
We will revue the situation at our AGM and endeavour to formulate a plan for the relaunch of regular practices.  Any advice from other towers that have experienced similar difficulties would be appreciated.


I am pleased to report another successful year for the Band which has seen further progress and consolidation. My report reviews the activities since our last AGM in early 2016 to date.

Starting first with our most important activity which is ringing for services, we have maintained our record of ringing Sunday by Sunday throughout the year. Unlike the Choir we take no holidays! Support for Sunday morning ringing is very strong and it is now the exception if we don’t ring all 12. The logistics of raising all the bells on Sunday morning does mean we need to work harder on our ringing up skills and I would  remind people that ringing starts promptly at 8.45 and the more people who arrive on time the more likely we are to be able to raise the bells in good order.

We have fewer ringers for Evensong, however we do always ring and sometimes we ring quarter peals.

In addition we have supplied bands to ring for numerous weddings during the year, for additional services such as Civic Service and Remembrance Day. This year we rang half muffled for Remembrance and received many favourable comments. We also rang for the Radio Solent Carol service in December and our normal Easter marathon of four services. We are sourcing some new muffles for the whole 12 because the existing set are very worn.

Our band continues to grow as we have continued the tradition, long maintained at the Priory of being a teaching tower. In the last year Graham Green and Jack Brooke have joined our Sunday service band and we currently have four learners receiving one to one training so we hope that some or all of them will join the band in due course. I strongly believe that when we train ringers it is for the benefit of the whole Exercise and I am always keen for new ringers to take their place in the wider ringing community and not see their activities as confined to the Priory. Our band remain strong supporters of District activities with ringers from Christchurch often making up a sizeable proportion of those present. Ringers from the Priory also regularly support the Hordle practice night, Sunday ringing at Sacred Heart and St Peters Bournemouth, the Ringwood Surprise Practice, the Sopley minor practice, the Lymington Doubles and Minor practice and the Guild Surprise Royal practice the District Youth Practice, the District Quarter Peal club and the Guild Education events.

Many ringers in the band continue to develop their skills and in particular we should congratulate Helen Penny on her first quarter, Nicola and Luke on their first quarter inside tonTriples and Luke for conducting his first quarter at Hordle. Another highlight this year was the Guild entering a team into the National Youth Striking Competion with the involvement of three ringers from the Priory, Nicola, Luke and Helen. A long but exciting day out in London saw the ringers enjoy a variety of London towers and take part in the competition on the Royal Jubilee bells at Garlickhythe in the City.

In terms of abilities we have continued to develop our Triples ringing and new ringers are also coming up through plain hunt and into doubles. We have made good progress with some minor methods this year including Kent, Double Court, Plain and Little Bob. This builds skills and provides interest for those progressing up the ladder. We took 6 people to the Double Norwich course in the autumn, 4 students and 2 helpers and our students made very good progress with this historic and these days rather neglected method.

I am keen to develop more ringers into potential ringing masters and this year so there may be some occasions when other people are running the ringing and I’m sure you will support them.

I would like to thank all those who have supported me in leading the Tower this year including the office holders, Ian and Rosemary as Deputy Captains, Richard as Treasurer, John as Steeplekeeper and Ros as Secretary/ PR officer. Finally to all of you who support the ringing I thank you for your undiminished commitment and enthusiasm for the Band and your ringing week by week which is appreciated by so many in the Town.

Tim Martin
January 2017

Blackmoor AGM and Tower Dinner – Valerie Harris Reports

Good food was followed by a very enjoyable meeting when the Blackmoor band and friends met at the Three Horseshoes pub in Worldham last Friday.

Amongst other things, we talked of the need to ring quarter peals for happy events this year, having done two for sad events last year; the progress of our ringers as they pick random methods to have a go at; the ingress of Jackdaws into the bell chamber when they broke through the wire netting; the problems that we’ve been having with the clock ever since David was replaced by an electric winding mechanism and the continued success of Blackmoor Bling, our huge secondhand jewellery stall that we take to various events throughout the year to raise funds.

During the elections, I agreed to stay on as Tower Captain, and later, for reasons that I can’t even blame on alcohol, I also volunteered to organise this year’s tower outing. Another busy year ahead then.

Blackmoor logo (1)

St Anne Ringers Dominate on Guernsey

7 Alderney ringers travelled to Town Church, St Peter Port on Sat Jan 28th to take part in the second annual simulator striking competition. Usually bellringing is very much a team activity – as will be the case when we return to Guernsey on Apr 22nd – but the January competition uses a training bell connected to a computer to score the individual ringers accuracy relative to a band of computer generated ringers. The competition was divided into 2 categories – expert & novice. Alderney ringer Peter Bevis tied for first place with Duncan Loweth from The Town Church in the experts section and Anne Dorey from St Pierre du Bois won the novice section. Peter won the experts competition outright last year so needs to watch out for Duncan in 2018. Alderney ringers Mariko Whyte and Helen McGregor tied for 3rds place in the experts section, giving Alderney 3 out of the top 4 placings. The Jersey ringers failed to be placed. The Alderney ringers took the opportunity to also visit St Pierre du Bois where they had a good practice ahead of the April competition. Every peal of bells ‘feels’ different – they have different weights of bells of course so different wheel sizes, different ceiling heights (which affects rope length) and the age of the installation affects the ease with which they are rung. Having an opportunity to ring St Pierre du Bois ahead of the April competition will have done much to steady the nerves of the Alderney band.

Helen McGregor

Photo L-R: Peter Bevis (St Anne), Duncan Loweth (Town Church) & Anne Dorey (St Pierre du Bois)

Town Church’s 2nd Annual simulator Contest a Ringing success!

Around 30 ringers from Alderney, Jersey and the other towers in Guernsey joined the Town Church ringers on Saturday for a day of tower bell ringing and a striking competition on the Saxilby simulator which was set up in the church. Tea, coffee and cake was available all day and at lunchtime soup and bread and cheese was added to the mix.

Last year the striking competition was held in the tower on a tied bell but this year worked so much better because were able to ring and use the simulator at the same time, and in fact in the morning the organist joined in the mix (it was happily agreed that we’d all get along together and we did!).

We were pleased that the Rector called in for a chat and a coffee. He seemed very happy  to see his church so full of people and action.

ITV sent a reporter and we were featured on the “And finally” slot at the end of the local news on Saturday evening with a few moments of ringing and a short interview with Janice. Click this link to see more of the ringing which John Fernandez (Channel TV reporter) has posted on Twitter.

Worthy winner of the “tenor behind” striking competition was Anne Dorey, a ringer at Forest/St Peters, Guernsey while joint winners of the “inside to PB Minor” were Duncan Loweth (Town Church) and Peter Bevis (Alderney). Attempts were made to get them to ring a plain course of Cambridge to determine the overall winner but it seemed that neither was willing to risk it!

Thank you Duncan for organising such a wonderful day and thank you everyone for supporting us.

Isle of Wight ADM-18th February

Please note Mary Tester has issued minutes of the last meeting and published notice of the Annual District Meeting to be held at St Saviour’s Church, Shanklin, on Saturday, 18th February.

Afternoon will commence with ringing for all at 3pm with Service in the Church at 4.30 followed by tea at approximately 5pm in the Church Hall and meeting proper commencing at 6pm.

Please make the effort to attend as officer’s need electing/re-electing and we need YOUR input, and don’t forget something for the raffle!

Number and names for tea to Jan Hookey please. If you need her contact details please contact me.

Town Church Guernsey annual simulator competition publicised by local paper

I was away on holiday and when I read the online version of the Guernsey Evening Press I was delighted to see a feature on the upcoming annual simulator striking competition and all day ringing practice. Apparently the reporter contacted us because he had a diary note that it was almost a year since the last (first) competition hosted by the Town Church. So pleased that they were interested enough to want to do a full page feature. I’ve now notified the local ITV to see if that produces any results…

All are welcome. If you are not able to come all this way this week then why not make a diary note for next year.

The article was reproduced courtesy of the Guernsey Evening Press.


Updated – Winchester District ADM – Sat 11th February at Barton Stacey

Winchester District Header


Dear All,

Couple of quick points about the forthcoming Annual Meeting of the District, a fortnight today.

Firstly I have secured the use of the Wonston bells from 2.00 onwards, for 3/4 hour, and put back the start of the ringing at Barton Stacey to 3.00 – this is shown on the attached poster documents; please bring to the attention of anyone you know who may be thinking of going to the meeting.

Secondly, here is a fresh version of the minutes of last November’s quarterly meeting, to correct a typo and a sentence that didn’t make sense and add a sentence about the belfry elections confirmed.

Best wishes, look forward to seeing you on the 11th

District Secretary – 28/01/2017


Dear All,

Here are the papers you need, and to circulate to your band members for the District’s Annual Meeting at Barton Stacey in just over three weeks’ time.

As always, the posts of the officers are open for election or re-election. So, to paraphrase the late President Kennedy, “Ask not what your District can do for you, ask what you can do for your District”. I have served as your District Secretary for the last six years, and Tony (Smith) and John (Colliss) have served as Treasurer and Examiner of the Accounts for at least that long. So if anyone does fancy any of the officer roles within the district, let me know so that we can forewarn the meeting.

And do, please, let Nicola  (contact Nicola Plummer) at Barton Stacey know in good time whether you are coming and would like a tea, and especially if there is anything you can do to help with the catering.

Look forward to seeing you on the 11th

District Secretary

A&P District ADM – Agenda – for Sat 21st – and TEA REMINDER

Hello all
Here is the agenda for the ADM on the 21st.
Please, please, do not forget to let me know if you want to book a tea. Even the bread to go with our homemade soup is being baked by Blackmoor ringers. You wouldn’t want to miss out on that, surely.
Many thanks, Valerie

Isle of Wight DISTRICT PRACTICE Saturday 14th Jan at Shorwell

Please note there is a District Practice at Shorwell this Saturday, yes that’s tomorrow (14th) beginning at 6.00pm.

This is billed as ‘practice for beginners’ but everyone is invited to go along so as to make up a decent band to work around those learning and looking to advance their skills in all areas.

Any further information needed please contact Mary Tester.