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Monthly 8 bell practice at St John’s Bournemouth – Tuesday 13th Dec

Tuesday, 13th  December is the 8-bell practice which will be our traditional party for all those who have supported us this year.

We will ring all the triples methods that we attempted during 2016. These include:
Grandsire; Stedman:  Plain Bob:  Bob major: St. Simon’s. Little Bob.

We will also ring rounds & called changes as usual.

There will be NO service ringing on Sunday 11th December.

Penelope Samuel

Mike Winterbourne Reports from the Monthly Practice at Hurstbourne Priors

The Hurstbourne Priors August practice was well attended in August with plenty of support from the organising tower St Mary Bourne and other district towers supplying competent ringers and those hoping to progress from – Kingsclere, Nether Wallop, Tangley and Woolton Hill.
Methods attempted and predominantly coming round were Grandsire Triples, Little Bob Major, Spliced Plain & Little Bob Major, Cambridge S Major and Superlative S Major. Now all we need is for the local pub to open again.
Usually on the 4th Thursday but check with Helen Thomas:

Christchurch and Southampton District ADM Sat 30th Jan 2016 *Includes map and all officers’ reports*

CS ADM Jan 30th 2016

Sallie Ingram writes:

Here are all the details for the upcoming ADM at Ringwood. I have attached (below) a poster, the agenda and the minutes for the September meeting. I have also attached the provisional calendar for 2016. There will be a more up-to-date version that will be distributed at the meeting.

Sallie Ingram (district sec)

Ringing is Rounds and Call Changes and whatever is requested. Special Method: Little Bob Major

Names to Liz Davey

This map shows the church (building) the entrance to the cap part (P) and the place to park for the shortest walk through the church yard (walkers)


ADM Agenda 2016 (1)

September 2015 Minutes

Calendar 2016

CS ADM 2016 Poster


8 bell practice St. John’s Bournemouth Tuesday 10th November – Plain Bob Major

The success of the October’s Little Bob Major practice has inspired the St. John’s band to pursue the method, aiming towards spliced Plain and Little Bob Major. For that reason, forthcoming special practices are planned to be:

  • 10th November – Touches of Plain Bob Major
  • 8th December – Plain and Little Bob Major Spliced