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Duncan Loweth Reports on Firsts Fortnight from the Town Church, Guernsey

Firsts Fortnight 1st - 15th March 2016In February, looking towards firsts fortnight at the Town Church we realised that a large majority of our ringers would be away at different times and we would struggle to achieve our firsts in our normal ringing slots.

However, keen to rise to the challenge we all compared diaries and put together a plan of action.

The fortnight started with Judith Lainé ringing her first QP of Grandsire Doubles.

The next attempt had to be changed at the last minute and became M Doubles – a first in variation for all – Duncan Loweth, Mike Bubb Jane Le Conte and Sue Park. Our thanks to Mike Bubb from the Vale calling it for us.

In the second week Jenny Dunning rang her first QP on the treble which was called by Forest ringer Anne Dorey who picked up her first as conductor.

John Lihou rang over over 720 changes treble bob hunting to Cambridge for the first time, but sadly the QP fired out 5 min before the end.

Duncan Loweth rang his first QP of surprise in hand before Sunday service ringing as a practice for a peal attempt after service ringing. The peal also being first surprise in hand for Peter Bevis of St Anne, Alderney. A quick nap and a bite to eat later the peal band rushed to St Giles, Reading to ring Duncan’s first QP of London S Major. Many thanks to the Reading ringers for their assistance.

Back in Guernsey Colin Sills rang the treble to Grandsire doubles for the first time in a QP.

Having rung the tenor for several first QP over the fortnight Janice Firth had not yet picked up her first in the tower. Handbells were the answer where first she rang her first course of Little Bob Minor followed by first of Spliced (Plain and Little).

With various of the band off Island we were lucky that enough were back by the last day to attempt a QP of Barrow-upon-Hummer which has been our special method in the tower for the last couple of months. Considering we had not practiced it for several weeks we rang it very steadily and it was a first in method for all – Duncan Loweth, Paul Lawrence, Jane Le Conte and Sue Park.

We’re very grateful for the help we received from ringers from other towers in Guernsey and further afield in scoring our firsts over the past 15 days.

Duncan Loweth
Tower Captain

Photo  from http://www.achurchnearyou.com/townchurch/ used by permission

Firsts Fortnight Report from St Barnabas, Southampton

This QP took place after the Guild Exec meeting and was “first in Guild” for Debs Baker. Happy 80th Birthday to Harry White as well!
Southampton, Hampshire
St Barnabas
Saturday, 12 March 2016 in 38mins (2–3–2 in F♯)
1380 Grandsire Doubles
Steve Castle
Debs Baker
Rev Canon Barry Fry
Viv Nobbs
Michael Bubb (C)
Christine Hill
First in W&P Guild and longest length to a quarter 2. An 80th birthday compliment to Harry White of Vale, Guernsey.

QP of 8 Doubles Methods by Local Brighstone Band

Brighstone, Isle of Wight
Sunday, 6 March 2016 in 36mins (7-1-15)
1260 Doubles (8m/V/p)
60 Stedman, 240 each Reverse Canterbury, Plain Bob, Grandsire, 120 each Cliffords Pleasure, April Day, Wychbold, Dedworth
Clarissa Turton
Jenny Brudenell
Dan Ruszczyk
Rachel Ruszczyk
Stephen Noyes (C)
Beccy Noyes
Most m/v/p: 2,3,4
By a local band on Mothering Sunday

Firsts Fortnight News from Bramshott

Firsts Fortnight 1st - 15th March 2016Good effort last night at Bramshott
Greg – first go at ringing up
Harvey – first plain hunt on 6
Jo – a different touch of Grandsire Doubles for the first time
Gary – First go at calling call changes, first go at Stedman (on treble, single every time at the back, but still something new!)

Toby Arkless

Practice Night Report – Christchurch Priory 7th March

The Priory Practice kicked off as usual promptly at 6.50 with the “learners and improvers” practice, and worked hard on Rounds and Simple Call Changes, interspersed with plenty of Plain Bob and Grandsire Doubles, partly in preparation for a planned “First QP of Plain Bob Doubles” for Luke.

Work on Stedman Doubles, inspired by Nicola’s enthusiasm having learned it at Hordle, continued with 2 solid plain courses. Just one extra competent ringer makes all the difference – thanks to the usual visitors from Hordle, we even had enough to allow for a stander-behind.

A number of the band attended the District Practice and Striking Competition last Saturday and came back inspired to ring more St. Clement’s Minor. We rang some successful plain courses, and departed intending to thoroughly learn the touches for next week!


Winchester District Hosts Youth Practice

On Sunday February 21st young ringers from the Districts of Winchester, Basingstoke and Christchurch and Southampton met up at Bishopstoke to  enjoy an afternoon of ringing together.

The aim of the afternoon was to improve striking in rounds and it was exciting to hear it getting better and better as the session progressed.

Some were keen to practise plain hunting, which went very well  and one  of the girls made a jolly good attempt at ringing it for the first time.

There were plain courses and touches of Grandsire doubles and Plain Bob doubles with young ringers inside and on the treble and also rounds on all ten bells.

Many thanks to Bishopstoke for the use of the lovely bells and to Allen Guille for very patiently waiting to lock up while we finished our well earned chocolate cake and drinks.

Brading Ringing Times

  • Sundays: We ring every Sunday mornings at 8:50am to 9:20am. We only ring for evening services on special occasions, and then usually there is a quarter peal attempt, but visiting ringers are welcome for morning ringing always.
  • Practice:  Our practice night is on Thursdays, 7:00pm – 9:00pm and visiting ringers are always welcome to boost our practice.
On a practice night we ring rounds, call changes, Plain hunt doubles and triples, Grandsire doubles and occasionally Grandsire triples. We always aim to ring up and down in peal, usually 4 at a time, or the front 6.
Practices at Brading are always very busy and we have a very young band so expect things to be noisy.

Brading Bellringers have their own site with full details of their bell restoration fund and their regular ringing. Click to Visit.

Reporting from the C&S Youth Practice – Feb 2016

Brockenhurst St Nicholas This afternoon’s Youth Practice at Brockenhurst was once again very successful. We have a pretty healthy number of young ringers across the District to draw from now, and despite the fact that not everyone can attend every one, numbers remain strong.

Ringing Master Sallie Ingram once again encouraged everyone to strike as carefully as they could, and as all those who are attending are making significant improvements over time, she has decided the time has come to enter a Youth Band in the Hartless Shield* this time around – this suggestion went down very well!

Rounds and Call changes were interspersed with Grandsire Doubles (called by Hannah), Grandsire Triples (with both Luke and Nicola ringing inside) and Stedman Doubles (which Nicola has worked on very hard recently during visits to Hordle).  Not to mention hand made chocolate cookies and a bit of Plain Bob Triples on a smart phone…. the Ringing Down in Peal was a little bit creative – a reminder that people who have to leave practice nights before 9pm may not get enough practice at this important skill!

The towers represented were Brockenhurst, Hordle, Christchurch Priory and Milford on Sea.

Thanks once again to Julie for hosting the event at Brockenhurst. The light eight is ideal for the age range who ring (currently about 7 to 18) and there is plenty of space for any pre-ringers who come to ramble about safely away from the moving ropes!

  • Next Youth Practice: Saturday 9th April 5.30pm at Brockenhurst
  • Hartless Shield:  Saturday 5th March 2.30pm at Fawley

**Invitation to the Essex Course (Applications by 12th Feb)


Fred Bone (Essex Guild) has invited applications from other Guilds:

“The closing date for applications for the 26th Essex Ringing Course is
Friday 12th February. Details, including the application form, are
available at <http://eacr.org.uk/course>”

Just as a taster before you click through to their site, here is the program:


Improving foundation skills. Have you reached the stage in your early ringing career where even if you understand the theory of what you are meant to be doing you are finding doing it an entirely different matter? If so this group is for you. Students in this group will work on their individual ringing skills so that they can improve their bell control, listening and ropesight. This may require time working alone on a bell as an individual with the advice of your tutor, as well as ringing with other ringers. Students will also practise raising and lowering a single bell.
A Group for those who can ring Rounds competently and who are ready to take their first steps in call changes and then, possibly, in change ringing on 3 or 4 bells. If you are in any way doubtful about joining Group C, then join Group B; you will still find something to learn and will have the opportunity to fill in steps in your ringing education you may have missed or not appreciated.
A Group for those wishing to plain hunt on 5. The opportunity to practise on different rings of bells and in different orders both on the treble and “inside” will be provided. The Group will emphasise the skills required for change ringing and will be learning ropesight and considering striking, as an essential preliminary to ringing the treble. Practice may be given at ringing the treble to Bastow, Minimus and Doubles, to “Stedman Quick Sixes” and to Plain Bob Minimus as appropriate, before progressing to ringing the treble to Plain Bob Doubles.
A Group for those who really have ropesight and bell control and are ready to ring the treble to Grandsire Doubles and Plain Bob Minor. It is intended to progress to ringing the treble to touches in both these methods. A number of other methods may be rung to practise the different rhythm of change ringing with six bells.
A Group for those who are competent in ringing skills as outlined in the above groups and wishing to learn Plain Bob Doubles on an “inside” bell.
A Group for those who are already competent in ringing skills as outlined in the above groups and able to ring touches of Plain Bob Doubles and who wish to learn Plain Bob Minor “inside”. You should be able to treble hunt reliably to touches of Bob Minor before applying for this group; if in any doubt consider applying for Group D.
Grandsire: Starting with Doubles and progressing to Triples with calls. Applicants must be proficient in ringing the treble to Grandsire and be able to ring touches of Bob Doubles “inside” to get the full benefit from this option.
Surprise Minor: To get the full benefit from this group applicants must be able to ring 2 or 3 methods other than Plain Bob Minor e.g. Double Court, St Clements, Kent TB, and be able to ‘treble bob’ proficiently. The group will study and practise Cambridge Surprise Minor and, depending on progress, may move on to ring other surprise minor methods.
Stedman: Starting with Doubles and progressing to Triples with calls and theory on extension to Caters and Cinques. You should be proficient in ringing up to Group G to get full benefit from this option.
Starting Plain Major: This Group provides an introduction to ringing inside on 8 bells, by introducing Plain Bob Major, Little Bob Major, and possibly other plain major methods. You must be able to plain hunt on 8 and be competent at Plain Bob Minor “inside” to join this group.
Calling & Conducting Touches: This Group will start with calling Plain Bob and Grandsire Doubles, and progress to Plain Bob and possibly other Minor methods. Students will be actively involved in calling a variety of touches, and will be expected to ring whilst others of the Group are calling. No previous experience of calling is required, but you must be able to ring touches of Grandsire Doubles and Plain Bob Minor “inside” competently.


Apart from the main Group lectures there will be other lectures on a variety of subjects which may include some of the following:

  • Handbell ringing
  • Rope splicing
  • Calling call changes
  • Achieving good striking
  • Tune ringing on handbells
  • Running a practice night
  • Raising and lowering a single bell
  • Raising and lowering in peal
    A ballot will be held for places in these groups. Details will be sent with your confirmation letter.

Attendance at these is a matter of personal choice. Some sessions will be limited to a number of attendees; lists will be placed on the notice boards to enable you to sign up during the first coffee break.

An outline programme will be circulated electronically to all successful applicants.

Closing Date Friday 12th February 2016.



CANCELLED Steep 6 bell practice Tues 12th Jan RSVP



Dear All,
I have only received four positive replies to date, so we WON’T be having a practice this Tuesday (12th); thanks and apologies to to those who replied and wanted to come.
I’ll send another reminder in a fortnight.
Best wishes,

Hello All,

We should be having a practice at Steep  (6 bells, 6cwt) this coming Tuesday 12th January so, as usual, please let us know by reply if you are able to come.

When we have a quorum, we usually ring Grandsire, Stedman, Plain Bob, Cambridge, St Clement’s, Little Bob and sometimes London but, as ever, it all depends who turns up!

I will send another email on Monday evening, confirming whether we have sufficient numbers, or not, so please check on the day.

Many thanks,

Hugh and Mo Routh

Congratulations to Three First Pealers at Upton Grey – Rebecca Webb, Steve Lutener and Richard Webb

Upton Grey Photograph by David Forder
Upton Grey Photograph by David Forder
Roy LeMarechal writes:
The peal was arranged by Michael Church. The ringers are all from St Michael’s Basingstoke. Michael arranged the peal as he and the first pealers were keen to get in on “FirstPeal2015“.

The Initial plan was to ring Plain Bob Minor but Rebecca was keen to ring her first peal with her husband Richard who could only reliably cover, hence Doubles. After a nervous start she was fine. Likewise Steve Lutener who was just about rock solid after the first few extents. Rebecca is already enthusiastic about another peal and I have said I would be happy to ring something with her in the new year.

Winchester & Portsmouth Diocesan Guild

Upton Grey, Hampshire
St Mary
Sunday, 13 December 2015 in 2:46 (9–0–4 in A)
5040 Doubles
2m: 25 extents of Grandsire and 17 of Plain Bob.
Michael J Church
Roy LeMarechal (C)
Rebecca Webb
Steve Lutener
Graham J Wright
Richard D Webb
First peal – 3, 4, 6. Circled tower to peals – 2.
Rung for Christmas and as a farewell to Revd Peter Dyson after 11 years of ministry in Upton Grey.

Congratulations Jane Johnson (Brading) First Quarter Peal

Jane Johnson Brading IoWJane started Bell Ringing at Brading in April of this year and she has already rung her first Quarter Peal – many congratulations to her and to the whole band for her fast progress!

On Monday, 7 December 2015 in 40 mins
Brading, Isle of Wight
St Mary the Virgin
Tenor: 6-2-0 in B
1260 Doubles (2m)
4 Plain Bob, 6.5 Grandsire
1 Tristan Allen
2 Kieran Downer
3 Margaret Downer (C)
4 June Mitchell
5 Barry Downer
6 Jane Johnson
First quarter peal – 6
Rung for the Earl Mountbatten Hospice Lights of Love

Information from Bellboard


Celebrating the 50th Wedding Anniversary of Christine and Gerry Faulkner (Arreton)

christine and gerald faulkner 50th anniversary

Winchester & Portsmouth Diocesan Guild

St Andrew (Chale), Isle of Wight
Thursday, 10 December 2015 in 42 min
1260 Grandsire Doubles
1 Caroline May
2 June Mitchell
3 John R Stock
4 Glynne Knight
5 Revd Barry Downer (C)
6 Ken May
Rung to Celebrate the 50th Wedding Anniversary tomorrow of Christine and Gerry Faulkner, ringers at Arreton.
And a second quarter:
Arreton, Isle of Wight
St George
Friday, 11 December 2015 in 39mins (8–2–0 in A♭)
1269 Cambridge Surprise Minor
1 John Stock
2 Caroline May
3 June Mitchell
4 Margaret Downer
5 Barry Downer
6 Kieran Downer (C)
Rung in celebration of the Golden Wedding Anniversary of Christine and Gerald Faulkner, ringers at this church and married here on 11th December 1965

First Quarter Peal Congratulations to Wendy Nash (Sherfield English)

Winchester & Portsmouth Diocesan Guild
Sherfield English, Hampshire
St Leonard
Saturday, 5 December 2015 in 42 mins (9–2–1 in A)
1260 Doubles (5m)
240 each Reverse Canterbury, St Simons, St Martins, Plain Bob. 300 Grandsire

1 Wendy A Nash
2 Caroline Daniels
3 Brian J Woodruffe
4 Alistair K C Brown
5 Martin J E Daniels (C)
6 John A Dodd
First Quarter: 1.

This Information is from Bellboard

CS District Quarter Peal Club going from Strength to Strength

The Quarter Peal Club was set up to offer members of Christchurch and Southampton District opportunities to ring quarter peals that they might not normally get.

We have met twice now at Brockenhurst and rung two very satisfying Quarters. Both times, one of our young ringers got the opportunity to ring. Luke Brooke is to be congratulated for scoring his first Quarter Inside (Grandsire Doubles) this evening, at the first attempt. Luke is a member of the Christchurch Priory band.

The next time we meet it will be to attempt London Minor. This was at the request of Sarah, who has rung it on occasion but would like to consolidate her skills by trying it again. Polly too is very keen to score this. There may be a flurry of London Minor at various towers over the next few weeks to give them some extra practice! If you ring London Minor fairly regularly at your practice nights please say so in the box below to help their preparations!!!

We normally meet on a Friday at 6pm to fit around both the District’s busy practice night patterns, and our conductor’s commitments to quarters at the Clock House starting at 7pm. However we can also ring on Thursdays at 7.30 on occasion – this may enable more working people to participate.

Future plans pencilled in at present are:

  • Grandsire Triples
  • Stedman Triples
  • More doubles (Grandsire/Plain Bob/by request!)

facebook logo smallIf you are not currently on our email list/FB list, please contact Rosalind Martin and ask to be added in – the group is very much intended to be inclusive and provide opportunities at all levels.

A Quarter Peal at Havant in memory of those who died in Paris

Winchester & Portsmouth Diocesan Guild (Portsmouth District)
Havant, Hampshire
St Faith
Wednesday, 18 November 2015 in 42m (15–0–25 in E)
1260 Grandsire Doubles
Bev Warrington
Anne Tauz
Robert Wilson
Andrew Ramsay
Graham E Brown (C)
Martyn Thornbourn
Rung in remembrance of those who died in Paris on Friday 13th November 2015

Next Steep Special Practice – November 10th RSVP

Hello All,
We should be having a 6 bell practice at Steep this coming Tuesday 10th November so, as usual, please let us know by reply if you are able to come. We are giving you more notice this time!
When we have a quorum, we usually ring Grandsire, Stedman, Plain Bob, Cambridge, St Clement’s, Little Bob and sometimes London, but it all depends who turns up!
I will send another website post and email on Monday, confirming whether we have sufficient numbers, or not, so please check on the day.
Many thanks,
Hugh and Mo Routh

Practice Report – CS District Youth Practice

The good thing about having our Youth practices each holiday, is there’s a bit less pressure on our time. The downside is  a couple of the regular attenders were on holiday. However, the 8 young ringers present included 3 new faces and 4 towers were represented.

Once again, Ringing Master Sallie Ingram (Milford) juggled different skill levels from rounds, call changes to Grandsire Doubles, and the highlight was probably the “Fast Call Changes” with only one over-18 ringing….. fast really did mean fast, sometimes with 2 changes called for the same row!

For young learners who ring heavy bells at home, we started with a session on Ringing Up – for some this was their first successful attempt and they were delighted at how manageable they found the bells! Once on to Rounds, the newcomers quickly got the feel for the fast ringing, and the need to pull gently, and all had plant of turns and enjoyed the practice.

Thanks once more to our hosts at Brockenhurst – next year’s 6 practices are scheduled to take place there as it is ideal.

Photo by Jack, Christchurch

The feet were from Brockenhurst, Christchurch, Milford and Ringwood

CS District Youth Practice Saturday October 24th Brockenhurst 5.30pm

district-youth-practice-24th-october-2015-iconA number of our towers are busy teaching under-18s at the moment and the District Youth practices are a really good opportunity for you to meet up and ring – whatever your skill levels. Whether you are ringing Backstoke only, call changes, plain bob or tenoning on 8, this practice is for you!

The bells at Brockenhurst are ideal for the practice as they are light, it’s a ground floor ring, there’s ample parking and it’s 5 minutes walk from a mainline railway station.

Young ringers from neighbouring Districts come along sometimes and are very welcome.

A Weekend of Firsts in The Christchurch and Southampton District (Feb 2015)

The last weekend of February saw a busy weekend of ringing at the Western end of the Christchurch and Southampton District including several important firsts.

quarter peal at Hinton Admiral
Simon, Tim, Rosalind, Dan, Graham

The weekend began with a pleasant quarter peal of Grandsire Doubles on the recently rehung five at Hinton Admiral on Friday evening. This was a first of Grandsire Doubles for Daniel Scott and only his third quarter peal. It also gave Tim Martin the chance to ring his second quarter at Hinton after his first ever quarter there 36 years ago.

firstpeal2015-band-at-the-priory Feb 2015
Simon, Tim, Rosalind, Dan, Graham

Saturday morning saw four of the same band heading to Christchurch Priory for a peal attempt. A well struck peal of Minor in three methods was achieved in 2h 53m. The band contained two first Pealers, Rosalind Martin and Daniel Scott at their first attempt and was also the first inside for Jack Pease and to mark his 16th Birthday. Apart from the conductor, Simon Edwards from Swindon, all the band were either members of the Priory band or regulars at the Priory practice night so a good local effort.

Simon, Tim, Rosalind, Dan, Graham

After a lengthy lunch break three of the band headed out into the New Forest to the recently augmented 6 at Minstead where a well struck quarter of Grandsire Minor contained three firsts of that method inside plus a first of minor.

Used by permission from the church

After service ringing on Sunday Morning at Christchurch Priory and Sacred Heart Bournemouth a quarter peal of Stedman Triples was rung on the fine Taylor octave at St Peter’s Bournemouth being the first of Stedman for Rosalind Martin.

priory sunset
Christchurch Priory

Finally, another quarter peal of Grandsire Doubles was scored back at the Priory for evensong to enable another of the local band, Aila Peacock to ring her first Grandsire inside.

Thanks must go to Simon Edwards for helping us by conducting most of the ringing and for converting that “must do it sometime” plan into a definite reality. The list of achievements is as follows:

First peal

  • Rosalind Martin – Christchurch Priory
  • Daniel Scott – Sacred Heart Bournemouth

First Peal inside.

  • Jack Pease – Hampreston

First Grandsire Doubles

  • Aila Peacock – Christchurch Priory
  • Daniel Scott- Sacred Heart Bournemouth

First Minor

  • Graham Hounslow – Fawley

First Grandsire Minor

  • Rosalind Martin
  • Oliver Chaloner – Southampton City
  • Polly Osborne – Minstead

First Stedman

  • Rosalind Martin

It was also the first time that the Middle six at the Priory have been rung to a peal.

Tim Martin