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Daniel Graham Reports from the Southampton St Michael’s Practice Night

An enjoyable and rewarding practice night in Southampton last night at St Michael’s with a particularly good half course of Cambridge Royal and a nice touch of 8 spliced surprise major. Lots of other ringing too including Grandsire Triples/Caters, Stedman doubles and 4 spliced (CYNS) surprise major.

Next week, at Bitterne Park, we start our new venture of increasing our 8 bell repertoire, by starting to work through the methods in ‘Smiths 23’. First method is Cray Surprise Major.

As always all ringers welcome at any of our practices 🙂

CS District 12 Bell Practice – Tim Martin Reports

A successful 12 bell practice for the District tonight with about 20 people present at Christchurch.  Good to see a number of people ring things for the first time including plain hunt on 11, stedman caters and Grandsire Cinques.

Winchester District Practice at the Cathedral – Wednesday 31st August

Wednesday 31st August 2016

7.15 p.m.-9.05 p.m.


Winchester Cathedral

(14 bells, tenor 35½ cwt)

Huge Variety of Rings up to the Celebrated Fourteen, including tens in G (11 cwt) and in F (14¾ cwt)

All Welcome


Bruce Purvis

Winchester District Secretary

23rd July 2016

Wanted! Team of Excellent 10 bell Ringers to represent the W+P in the Essex Trohpy

Date: Saturday 10 September
Time: 12 noon
Place: All Saints, Writtle. CM1 3EN
Method: Grandsire Caters
Website: Essex Guild
ESSEX trophy 2016 rules 

If you would like to ring, or if you can muster a quality team from within Guild members, Please…

  • Contact Pete Jordan

    Telephone: 01256 465510



Grandsire Caters at Basingstoke All Saints for the Queen’s 90th Birthday

Basingstoke, Hampshire
All Saints
Sunday, 12 June 2016 in 44 mins (11–0–6 in F)
1277 Grandsire Caters
Adam S Greenley
Alison D Smith
Margaret J Smith
Angela M Athawes
Peter J Rowe
Andrew P Sparling
Gregory M Jordan
Timothy C Jackson
Benjamin D Constant (C)
10 Andrew M Macqueen
To mark the 90th birthday of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II

Two Quarter Peals for St George’s Day in Southampton

Congratulations to Pip Dillistone (SUGCR and Southampton City) for scoring both First of Caters and First of Royal in one day.

Southampton City Ringers

Southampton, Hampshire

St Mary
Saturday, 23 April 2016 in 48 mins (21–2–8 in E♭)
1296 Grandsire Caters
Philip D Moyse
Peter Hill
Pip Dillistone
Christine Hill
Kristian D Scudamore
David J Mattingley
Oliver Chaloner
Colin J Butler
Daniel Graham (C)
10 Kieran Downer
Rung for St George’s Day
First quarter peal of caters – 3

Southampton City Ringers

Southampton, Hampshire
St Michael Archangel
Saturday, 23 April 2016 in 48 mins (16–1–15 in F)
1282 Cambridge Surprise Royal
Colin J Butler
Colin K Lovelock
Pip Dillistone
Ali Hunt
Adam F S Thorp
Daniel Graham (C)
Ian Hunt
Oliver Chaloner
David J Mattingley
10 Peter Hill
Rung for St George’s Day
First quarter peal of Royal – 3
Photo of St Mary’s by Southampton City Ringers 

Lockerley Ringers score Firsts in Minehead

Firsts Fortnight 1st - 15th March 2016John Palk reports:

In visiting Minehead over the  week-end  Bren and I were just placed on ropes, without being told what we were ringing, as is Andrew’s way.

We then rang plain courses of PB10 and Grandsire Carters followed by Bren inside to Stedman Caters with me on the tenor (the Stedman may not be  a first as we have rung it on the course at Hursley!).


Photo from http://www.aboutminehead.com/church/ used by permission

BBC Bells on Sunday Schedule for March 2016

BBC Bells on Sunday

March 2016 schedule.

 6th.     St. Francis, Cathedral, Adelaide., Sth. Aus.  Ringing Cambridge Surprise Maximus

13th.    Woodchurch, Wirral.    Ringing Cambridge Surprise Major.

20th.    Penn, Wolverhampton.   Ringing Plain Bob Doubles.

27th.   EASTERAbergavenny, Monmouth.  Ringing Grandsire Caters.

The BBC Bells on Sunday archive can be viewed by clicking here

Reminder – An Introduction to Ringing on Higher Numbers – Feb 20th

With Christmas behind us, the Education Committee is turning its attention to the 2016 courses – starting with AN INTRODUCTION TO RINGING ON HIGHER NUMBERS.   This is scheduled for Saturday 20th February, 3.30 pm to 8.00 pm in the Winchester area, finishing at the Cathedral.

The posters and application forms went out well before Christmas (further copies below in case they have been mislaid) and I’m delighted to say we have already had a number of applicants.     If this is something you have been contemplating, or if you know of somebody else in your Tower who is thinking about it, can I suggest you make your application sooner rather than later, as places are filled on a “first come first served” basis – the closing date for the receipt of applications is 4th February.

Thank you very much – and a Happy New Year to you all.

Christine Knights-Whittome

For:  The Guild Education Committee

PS:   There will be more information within the next few days on the next full-day course, which will be Plain Hunt and Trebling to Doubles Methods, Saturday 19th March.

For more information contact Christine Knights-Whittome

Here are the poster and application form in pdf and docx format:


An Introduction to Ringing on Higher Numbers – Feb 20th

The Education Committee is happy say the course which was unfortunately postponed last September is now scheduled to take place on Saturday 20th February, from 3.30 pm to 8.00 pm, based in the Winchester area and finishing at Winchester Cathedral.

This is your chance to try something different.   If you are used to ringing on six or eight bells and do not normally ring on ten or more bells, this is an ideal opportunity.   Don’t worry – you won’t be expected to learn any 10-bell methods;  this is very much an introduction to ringing good rounds, call changes, plain hunt and, possibly, Plain Bob or Grandsire;  don’t let that frighten you off as you will not be pushed out of your depth.

We are only able to accept a limited number of students – so think about it now!

For more information contact Christine Knights-Whittome

Here are the poster and application form in pdf and docx format: