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Town Church ringers invade Jersey

Sometimes timing is ironical… In last week’s Ringing World, Alan Buswell observed that the Town Church published the second highest number of quarter peals in the first half of 2017; beaten only by Hooe (Dewby’s Bells). Then Duncan bought a house; a “doer upper” and the only QP in July was for the church’s Patronal Festival. But with a lot of hard work, sweat (and probably tears) the family have moved in and although there is a massive amount left to do something like normal service will be returning to the tower.

So we started August with a trip to Jersey on a bright sunny day. Even the ferry was playing ball as it was only 10 minutes late. We started with ringing at St Mark’s then had options. The crazy went to Creepy Valley, zip wires and all thing energetic. Others found their way to the Lamp Lighter while I re-lived childhood memories at the swimming pool at Havre de Pas. Then (almost) everyone found their way up to St John’s for practice night. I confess to getting distracted with photography and didn’t make it but I believe everyone had a great evening with our better ringers cracking London Surprise Major; something they had no chance to try at home without visitors filling in. The evening drew to a close with a visit to the pub.

Next morning we were scheduled to ring a QP at St John’s with a couple of hours free time before catching the boat home. But as is now the norm the Liberation went tech so we were pleased to be able to re-book on the Rapide, which is an old lady now but just keeps going. It meant leaving a bit earlier but since it was seriously heavy rain I don’t think wandering the streets of St Helier was that exciting a prospect.

Our first attempt at the QP was just one of these occasions when no matter how many times we were put right it fell apart again almost immediately but it was over half an hour before we finally abandoned it. We decided we’d just ring a touch to prove we could and then go off for a coffee. Well that’s what Duncan said but those who know him were not surprised when he eventually said we’re over halfway and unless anyone objects we’ll carry on. And carry on we did. Well done Janice for some excellent covering for your first on 8 bells.

And thank you to the Jersey ringers for their hospitality.

On Wednesday, 2 August 2017 in 44min
Jersey, CI St John
1260 Plain Bob Triples

  1.  Judith Lainé
  2.  Paul Lawrence
  3.  Sue Le Feuvre
  4.  Rob Gorton
  5.  Duncan Loweth (C)
  6.  John Lihou
  7.  Jane Le Conte
  8.  Janice Firth

First on 8 on tower bells: 8