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Hurstbourne Priors 8-bell Practice Thursday 28th Sept

Dear all,
It’s the 4th Thursday of the month this week, on Thursday 28th September 2017, time for our regular 8 bell practice at Hurstbourne Priors from 7:30pm.
This month’s methods, depending on demand and abilities of those present, may include Grandsire Triples, Stedman Triples, Double Norwich, Cambridge Surprise Major, Yorkshire Surprise Major and Rutland Surprise Major.
Hope to see you there.
Helen and Roger Thomas

8 Bell Practice at Hurstborne Priors Thurs 24th August

Dear all,

It’s the 4th Thursday of the month this week, on Thursday 24th August 2017, time for our regular 8 bell practice at Hurstbourne Priors from 7:30pm.

This month’s methods, depending on demand and abilities of those present, may include Grandsire Triples, Stedman Triples, Cambridge Surprise Major, Yorkshire Surprise Major and Rutland Surprise Major.

Hope to see you there.

Helen and Roger Thomas

8 Bell Practice at Hurstborne Priors Thurs 22nd June

Dear all,

It’s the 4th Thursday of the month this week, on Thursday 22nd June 2017, time for our regular 8 bell practice at Hurstbourne Priors from 7:30pm.

This month’s methods will include Grandsire Triples and Stedman Triplesand possibly also Double Norwich, Cambridge Major and Bob Major, depending on demand.


Hope to see you there.


Helen and Roger Thomas

A&P District Surprise Major Practice Saturday 8th April 5.30 to 7.00pm at Hawkley

archSaturday 8th April – 5.30 to 7.00pm

at Hawkley

Roger says he’s had lots of interest in this practice, and hopes to be able to ring Yorkshire and Lincolnshire as well as Cambridge.

My Cambridge needs working on, so I look forward to seeing you there.

Thanks, Valerie

A&P District Practices – March and April

Here is a copy of the the latest poster which should be appearing in your towers any day now.

Link to PDF version of Poster

Link to Word version of poster


Tuesday 7th March 7.30 – 9.00pm
Monthly 8 bell practice at Holybourne

Saturday 18th March
District General Practice at Selborne
5.30 – 7.00pm
Ringing from rounds upwards – all welcome


Tuesday 4th April – 7.30 – 9.00pm
monthly 8 bell practice at Holybourne

Saturday 8th April – 5.30pm – 7.00pm
District Surprise Major Practice at Hawkley
If we cannot muster enough people to ring at least Cambridge, Roger will not organise another one!

Saturday 22nd April
District Spring Meeting at St. Mary’s Liss
Ringing from 3.00pm – Tea from 4.00pm
Meeting from around 4.45pm – then more ringing
Please book your tea by contacting Joy Martin

AP District – Surprise Major Practice – Saturday 8th April – Hawkley 5.30 – 7.00pm **RSVP

Dear all,

I have organised the following practice, Surprise Major at Hawkley on Saturday 8th April 5.30-7.00pm.  I hope that we can muster enough to have a go at Cambridge at the very least. Would you be so kind as to let me know if you are intending to come for this.

Review of the CS District Quarter Peal Club in 2016 – Tim Martin Reports

The C&S quarter peal club was started in Sept 2015 and after just over a year of activity now seems a good time to review its success. The initiative was the brainchild of Rosalind Martin from Christchurch Priory who wondered whether there were members in the District who were not able to access quarter peal ringing either due to lack of opportunities in their own towers or lack of personal experience and the need to ring with a more experienced band or conductor. Most such activity is either tower band based or invitation only. The concept was to seek to attempt one quarter a month and to allow the method selection to be based on the preferences expressed by the prospective ringers.

The bold step was taken to make the event open invitation in that any members could ask to be included and we would then see how that could be achieved with the available ringers.

The club was also given a flying start with the offer that we could ring every month at Brockenhurst which have the benefit of being a light and easy going 8 but where the back 6 are also very ringable for a doubles or minor quarter.

So in terms of statistics 9 quarters have been scored and almost every one has included some sort of first. 16 different ringers have rung in at least one quarter and although there has been solid support from some ringers no one has rung in all the attempts and there has been a good spread of towers represented ( Brockenhurst, Christchurch, Sacred Heart, Ringwood, Fawley, Minstead, Lyndhurst, Eling, Southampton, plus Hampreston from East Dorset District of the SDGR)

Methods scored include:

  • PB Doubles
  • Grandsire Doubles
  • PB Minor x2
  • Kent TB Minor
  • Grandsire Triples
  • Cambridge S Major
  • Yorkshire S Major
  • Lincolnshire S MajorAttempts at London Major and Superlative were not successful.

    In terms of achievements we have had:

  • 1st on a working bell
  • 1st inside
  • 1st Minor
  • 1st Minor as conductor
  • 1st TB Minor (x3)
  • 1st Triples as conductor
  • 1st in method (Yorkshire & Lincolnshire SM)So in conclusion it seems that the initiative has been a worthwhile exercise in both giving people opportunities and increasing people’s skill level. One young ringer who scored their first inside has now gone on to conduct their first quarter elsewhere and everyone has had an opportunity to try something new and challenging.

Special thanks must go to Julie Hodkin for making the bells available to us and to Jimmy Hodkin for either ably conducting the more complex methods or being a reassuring presence for the more novice conductors.

Tim Martin

If you would like to join the club please contact Rosalind Martin

CS December District Surprise Major Practice at Ringwood – Rosalind Martin Reports

This month, twenty ringers from WP Guild, Salisbury Guild and Hereford, attended the monthly Surprise practice.

Ringing ranged from Cambridge and Yorkshire, through London, to a touch of Eight Spliced.

The next Surprise Practice will be at Ringwood on Wednesday January 4th at 7.45-9.15 as usual.

Ringers who attend Ringwood’s weekly Wednesday Night practice are reminded that it is moved to a Thursday on a monthly basis to make way for the Surprise Practice. 


Mike Winterbourne Reports from the Monthly Practice at Hurstbourne Priors

The Hurstbourne Priors August practice was well attended in August with plenty of support from the organising tower St Mary Bourne and other district towers supplying competent ringers and those hoping to progress from – Kingsclere, Nether Wallop, Tangley and Woolton Hill.
Methods attempted and predominantly coming round were Grandsire Triples, Little Bob Major, Spliced Plain & Little Bob Major, Cambridge S Major and Superlative S Major. Now all we need is for the local pub to open again.
Usually on the 4th Thursday but check with Helen Thomas:

C&S District Surprise Major Practice Report August 2016

17 ringers met this evening and rang London, Superlative, Cambridge, Yorkshire, Bristol and a smattering of Spliced.

Some of the usual people were missing but numbers remained strong as we were joined by holidaymakers.

Four Guilds were represented – Salisbury and W&P as usual, plus Guildford and Chester.

Advanced Practice at Hurstbourne Priors June 23rd

Dear all,

Reminder: it is June already!!! Escape from the referendum. Come to the eight-bell practice at Hurstbourne Priors, from 7:30pm, this Thursday evening.

If you are a regular attendee and you are NOT coming – please let me know so I can check we have enough ringers.

We will be ringing:

Double Norwich (maybe)
Superlative (maybe)

Stedman, Grandsire, Cambridge etc.

Hope to see you there this Thursday.

Roger Thomas
01264 738900

A&P District Advanced Practice at Holybourne Saturday 25th June 5.30pm

This is at Holybourne on Saturday 25th June at 5-30 to 7-30.  Any methods you want to try to advance, now’s your chance .

If we have enough people we will ring Cambridge Major, Yorkshire Major and possibly Lincolnshire major . It depends on the right ringers turning up

Graham Cane

C&S District Quarter Peal Club Scores Cambridge Major

Members of the Quarter Peal Club met once more on Friday and were very pleased to score Cambridge Major, which was requested by Julie Hodkin (Brockenhurst) as the “first in method in ages”. Many congratulations to her!

Any member of the C&S District who wishes to ring in Friday Night Quarters at Brockenhurst is welcome to join the club – there is no pressure to ring but the attempts are roughly monthly and some of us do ring every time.

The aim of the club is to provide opportunities for Quarters that people might otherwise not be able to do – if you hanker after more Quarters, or want to support aspiring ringers, do get in contact.

Currently we are planning to alternate between Surprise and Plain Methods, so June’s attempt will be a plain method. Details and date TBC.


Winchester & Portsmouth Diocesan Guild
On Friday, 15 April 2016 in 45
Brockenhurst, Hampshire
St Nicholas
Tenor: 4–1–12 in B
1344 Cambridge Surprise Major
Composed by JAH
1 Rosalind Martin
2 James A Hodkin (C)
3 Sarah Newman
4 Julie A Hodkin
5 Polly Osborne
6 Alan Bentley
7 Tim Martin
8 Jack R Pease

8 bell practice Hurstbourne Priors Thursday 31st March

  • March eight-bell practice at Hurstbourne Priors, from 7:30pm, this Thursday evening.If you are a regular attendee and you are NOT coming – please let me know.

    We will be ringing:

  • Double Oxford Bob Triples (please look this up… the middle work is a bit tricky, places around two hunt bells…)
  • Lincolnshire Surprise Major
  • Double Norwich
  • Stedman, Grandsire, Cambridge etc.Hope to see you there this Thursday.Roger Thomas – Tower Captain St Mary Bourne

Any queries:

First Peal in 15 methods for 3 Catherington Ringers (Firsts Fortnight)

3 members of Catherington Band scored Firsts this week…
Winchester & Portsmouth Diocesan Guild
Portsmouth, Hampshire
St Agatha
Tuesday, 15 March 2016 in 2h 42 (3-0-1)
5152 Spliced Surprise Major (15m)
448 Ashtead, Bristol, Cambridge, Ipswich, Lincolnshire, Rutland, Uxbridge, Yorkshire, 224 Cassiobury, Cornwall, Cray, Lindum, London, Pudsey, Superlative, 146 com, atw
R Mark Esbester
Malcolm M Powell
Alison Hunt
Kathryne R Arkless
David Hohl
Thomas J A Bishop
Graham A Nobbs
Toby Arkless (C)
Most methods – 3, 5, 6
Circled the tower – 1
Reported by Toby Arkless

BBC Bells on Sunday Schedule for March 2016

BBC Bells on Sunday

March 2016 schedule.

 6th.     St. Francis, Cathedral, Adelaide., Sth. Aus.  Ringing Cambridge Surprise Maximus

13th.    Woodchurch, Wirral.    Ringing Cambridge Surprise Major.

20th.    Penn, Wolverhampton.   Ringing Plain Bob Doubles.

27th.   EASTERAbergavenny, Monmouth.  Ringing Grandsire Caters.

The BBC Bells on Sunday archive can be viewed by clicking here

Surprise Practice at Liss 20th February 5.30pm

Liss St Mary on 20th February methods

time 5-30 to 7-30
Everyone welcome see you then


Ringwood Surprise Major Practice Weds 6th Jan 7.45

The 2016 Special Practices in Christchurch and Southampton District kick off on Wednesday at 7.45 with Surprise Major at Ringwood. Scope is Trebling to Surprise Major, the Standard Eight, and some Splicing.

The Band is drawn from a wide area over Winchester and Portsmouth Guild and Salisbury Guild. New Ringers are welcomed.

Congratulations Charlotte Meader, Rhoda Willson and Jonathan Farrington – Surprise Milestones reached at Romsey

I hope the people of Romsey enjoyed the Peal that the band rang them for Christmas!
Winchester & Portsmouth Diocesan Guild
Romsey, Hampshire
Abbey Church of St Mary and St Ethelflaeda
Saturday, 19 December 2015 in 3h 18m (22–1–23 in D♭)
5120 Spliced Surprise Major
4 methods: 1440 Yorkshire, 1280 Cambridge, Lincolnshire, 1120 Rutland. 69 com, all the work.
W Nigel G Herriott (C)
Jennifer M Herriott
Charlotte G E Meader
Rhoda Willson
Jonathan D Farrington
Anthony P Smith
Martin J E Daniels
Jonathan C Hetherington
First “inside” – 5. First of Spliced Surprise Major – 3, 4.
A Christmas peal for the townspeople of Romsey.

Forthcoming events in Alton and Petersfield

Hello all
Just a few reminders of what’s coming up over the next couple of months.
December 19th – Surprise Major Practice at West Meon – 6.00 to 7.30pm
January 16th 2016 – District ADM at Petersfield. Ringing from 3pm, Service from 4.15pm, tea in the hall from 4.45pm, followed by the meeting starting at 5.30pm.
I would also like to remind you that Madeline and I will be standing down at this meeting, so a new District Secretary or Secretaries will need to be elected. Please give it some serious thought and feel free to contact either myself, Madeline or Charlotte if you want to have a chat about it. The job descriptions are here:
Many thanks, Valerie

Eling Tower (and Friends) outing 24th October 2015 – Video by Steve Hough

Steve Hough writes:

On Saturday 24th October Eling ringers had their first Outing in quite a few years. Organised by yours truly, for the benefit of our newer ringers to give them experience ringing at different towers. A good day out apart from the weather!

The band filmed at Broughton, East Tytherley, Mottisfort, Nether Wallop,Stockbridge and West Tytherley