Andover District Half-Yearly Meeting and 10 Bell Practice 2nd July at Whitchurch

Andover Half-Yearly Meeting Agenda

To be held at Whitchurch All Hallows on 2nd July at 7pm.

  1. Apologies
  1. Welcome
  1. Minutes of the previous Meeting

These minutes were agreed at the ADM in January this year.  No ‘Matters Arising’.

  1. Election of New Members
Surname Forename Tower Proposed by Seconded by Membership type
Turner Susan Amport Probationer
Melanie Freeman Burghclere Probationer




Kingsclere Probationer



If possible it would be very much appreciated if details could be sent to the secretary prior to the meeting.

  1. Change of Tower Details

Please inform the secretary any changes different from those in the current Guild Report.

  1. Proposal


(If there are any proposals (for subsequent meetings) these must be circulated a month before the meeting. The proposal title and content will be entered here together with a proposer and seconder.)

  1. Future Dates

The DP list sent out at the beginning of the year is correct.  Venues and times are confirmed.

October 2018 – The Andover District Outing tba

11th November – Ringing in as many towers as can to commemorate 100 years since the Armistice.

17th November – Exec Committee Meeting, St Barnabus’ Church Hall.

Saturday 12th January – Andover ADM to be held at Whitchurch.

Spring 2019 – Services at Winchester 19 May 3.30pm and Portsmouth 12 May 6pm cathedrals to remember those lost in WW1and to present a book of ringing in commemoration.

  1. Education Days

13 October – Plain Hunt and Trebling to Doubles – Basingstoke

24 November – Surprise Minor – Shedfield

  1. AOB

Annual District Ringing Outing. 

Since there were not enough volunteers to support the outing to London it had to be cancelled.

Is there anyone willing to organize an alternative?

Fund raising for the Guild’s WW1 project.

Meeting closed

Date of Next Meeting:

Beyond Bob Doubles Practice at Sopley, Wednesday 4 July at 7.30pm (RSVP)

We hope to be able to continue with extending our experience new methods and variations at this practice and it would be very useful as the holiday season approaches to know who is ale to be there. Please let me know so I can confirm we have enough ringers to be able to go ahead.

The programme will include touches of Stedman, mixed plain courses of doubles methods we can already ring, and variations (suggestions are April Day, Southrepps, Kennington, Cliffords Pleasure), and the St Martins/St Simons group of methods.

So study these (all on the info already sent out) and we should have a good practice,

Hope you can come and looking forward to seeing you then,

Tim Kettle

Inter-District Striking Competition Results 2018

4 teams entered the W&P Guild Inter District 8 Bell Striking Competition held at St Micheals Basingstoke.
Grateful thanks to the judges,   Mary Gow and Stephen Mitchell.
The results were:
Team Position Clean Rows
Winchester District 1st 95%
Alton and Petersfield 2nd 84%
Basingstoke District 3rd
Isle of Wight 4th

Report from Roger Barber (A&P)

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A&P take 2nd place in the inter district 8 bell striking competition

Hi all,

Just to say that a team from the A&P District took part in the W&P Guild Inter District 8 Bell Striking Competition held at St Micheals Basingstoke. 4 teams entered and we came a very pleasing 2nd with 84% of clean rows from 224 changes of Plain Bob Triples. Well done to Mike Novell, Hugh Routh, Liz South, Mo Routh, Nick James, Jess Hornsby, Roger Barber and Simon Poyser. The team from Winchester District won with 95% and Basingstoke 3rd followed by The IOW 4th.
We intend to enter a team for the Guild inter district 10 bell competition in September to be held at East Meon.

Funeral of David Wilson at Ringwood June 26th

David Wilson’s funeral will be at 12pm, midday on Tuesday 26th June, followed by burial at Ringwood Cemetery at 1pm. There will be general ringing before the service from 11am and again after the service. As David had no close family we are arranging the tea afterwards, if anyone coming could help by bringing along cake, sausage rolls or quiche to make a good ringers tea in his honour we would be grateful.

There a further memorial evensong planned for few weeks time but I do not have a date for that yet.

thank you, Emma McNally (Ringwood Tower)

Botley ringing for Janet Livingston

On June the 16th, eight Botley ringers started off with the intention of ringing 1260 changes of Grandsire Doubles in tribute to Janet Livingston, late of Botley and before that Aldermaston.

You will probably gather that this wasn’t a standard quarter peal. We wanted to involve everyone in the band who knew Janet, but some could not ring touches and some could not ring for the length of time required.

We therefore devised a scheme whereby six people would ring a longish touch, then the front three would stand while the back three continued in rounds, and some of the front three would go downstairs to keep Janet’s daughter Fiona company, while others came up to join the back three and ring ten plain courses. They would then go down again while the original six rang another long touch.

This was all made more interesting as the ringers of treble and two stand to ring on the trapdoor covering the stairs! I’m afraid it didn’t work out quite as planned – the ringing room is only about 8 feet square and has no windows, and at the end of the ten plain courses we thought it wise to stop for a while, not wanting to lose another ringer because of the heat.

We made good use of the interval, sharing tea and cake with Fiona and her husband Chris, before ringing another touch to finish off. I like to think Janet would have approved, especially as this was the first time we had tried something like this. We think we rang somewhere between 900 and 1000 changes in all. The ringers involved were:

  • John Murrell
  • Wendy Smart
  • John Whiteman
  • Rob Hatch
  • Liz Manship
  • Gail Robinson
  • Robin Milford
  • Anthony Manship

Robin Milford

A & P District Ringing Master to take a short break.

Unfortunately I have to announce that Graham Cane is to take a break from his role as our District Ringing Master due to other more pressing commitments. I have agreed with Graham that he take the rest of the year off and we will review things after this time.  I should stress that Graham is not standing down as Ringing Master he is just taking a break.  Graham’s break will take immediate effect and his duties will be taken up by me and other members of the team.
Mike Novell
District Chairman.


WW1 Centenary Commemoration Project – Cathedral Services Dates in 2019

Members are already showing interest in attending the Cathedral services in 2019. These two occasions will offer special opportunities for us all to join fellow ringers to give our thanks for the sacrifices made by the countless victims of the WW1 conflict and to honour their memory.

Please encourage all members to note these dates in their diaries.

The confirmed dates for the two services:

Winchester Cathedral – Sunday, 19th May 2019 –    3.30 p.m.

Portsmouth Cathedral – Sunday, 12th May 2019 –        6 p.m.

More details will be circulated

Final Reminder for Guild AGM June 16th


Final reminder for the Guild AGM which will be held this Saturday at St Michael’s Church Cottage, Basingstoke. Full details are on the Guild website.

There will be raffle held during the event with the proceeds going to the WW1 project – a project which is documenting all ringing that has taken place, or is taking place from 1914 to end of 2018 to honour the fallen soldiers of WW1. There will be more information on the project at the AGM.

If anyone is unable to attend then please send apologies to me

Many thanks


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  • Practice at Lower Wittering Cancelled on June 8th
  • ZZ District Outing on Sept 8th Cancelled
  • No practices at Little Wittering until further notice
  • No Sunday Ringing at Greater Wittering until June 10th

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  • ZZ District Outing on Sept 8th Cancelled ZZ DISTRICT EVENT, 2018 Sep 07th- Sep 13th, CANCELLATION, HEADLINES
  • No practices at Little Wittering until further notice  LITTLE WITTERING, 1 THIS WEEK, CANCELLATION
  • No Sunday Ringing at Greater Wittering until June 10th  GREATER WITTERING, 1 THIS WEEK, CANCELLATION

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1914-1918 Girls of Longstock village in Hampshire replacing the male bell ringers who joined the armed forces

A major publication are interested in writing a feature about #RingingRemembers focusing on women learners who have a connection to WW1. This could be to someone who served or whose life was effected by the war. In particular, they have asked for someone who has a connection to one of the first women ringers, such as those from Longstock, or, for example, to a woman who rang to announce the end of the war – here is info about Evelyn Steele, who was part of the first all-women’s band in 1912 and who also rang in Bedford to at the end of the war:…/pioneering-women-bellringers/

Please be in touch if you can help

Photo via Imperial War Museum Archive:

Gary Marsh Reports from Brown Candover practice, Candover Valley, Winchester District June 2018

Carol, Rita and me. I was the stranger in their camp. The rest of their small but regular gang having decamped elsewhere to make room for visiting ringers. But came there none. Except I. The evening was warm and bright and the Boy Scouts were on the cricket pitch in front of the church practicing their archery.

Along came Carol, Tower Secretary followed by Rita, warmly greeting each other before extending that warmth to me.

The ringing room is a little on the small side. But I bet the walls ring with fun and personality when all the band are present.
Carol led the practice, with raising, lowering and she and Rita taught me a method for three bells. Plain hunt whole pull on 3 I think.
I couldn’t hope to find better company to spend my leisure time with. They made me feel good about myself and about my ringing. To get that from your home tower is one thing, and indeed I do at Wonston, but to get that from your neighbour is another.

I hope you get to meet Carol and Rita and the others at the District Practice at the next church along the valley, Preston Candover. They have a tremendous  resource in that Candover Valley. All those churches, all those rings. But the greatest resource is the people and their passion and joy in making noise, welcoming all to the church and to themselves.

Gary Marsh, Wonston, Winchester District

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Thank you Roger

I just wanted to say thank you to Roger for running yet another superb practice last night.
We had 15 ringers from half a dozen towers, so everyone had a really good go. We rang a lot of spliced touches, some of which sounded absolutely glorious, some, not so much. But determination and concentration won through and, even when there were wobbly starts, everyone made it through to the end. There were also plenty of plain courses too, for those taking their first blows in either method and for a couple of ringers who came to practice their trebling.
The practice finished with a touch where Roger was ringing St. Simon’s and the rest of the band were ringing St. Martin’s. So you had to remember that, when Roger was on the front with you, you had to dodge with him not make seconds over him. Something most of us had never done before, but will almost certainly do again.
All in all a hugely enjoyable and rewarding practice.
The Blackmoor ringers had specially requested this practice and Roger would like to remind you that, if you have any requests of your own, to let him know and he will organise a practice for you.
Thank you, Valerie

President’s blog June 2018 – what happens now

Central Council reform – what happens now

In last week’s Ringing World (p 515) I wrote, among other things, that following the adoption of an entirely new rulebook, this is “… the end of the beginning.   …   Let the new work begin.”  Gaining an 85% majority vote in Lancaster has provided a strong endorsement of the work so far, and the Executive team are humbled, heartened and energised to continue this important direction of travel.

Over the past week, commentary on various [click to continue reading on CCCBR website]

Funeral of David Wilson Tues June 26th

Dear All,

I can now let you know that David Wilson’s funeral will take place on Tuesday 26th June in Ringwood Parish Church at 12pm midday followed by burial at Ringwood Cemetery at 1pm.

I will let you know further details for ringing and other arrangements when we have finalised them with the church, please do pass this information on to any others who I may have missed,

best wishes,

Emma McNally


A Letter from the Archdeacons of Winchester Diocese

Viv  P.R,O would like to share this letter of encouragement from Archdeacons of the Winchester Diocese:

Writing this email on Ascension Day when I enjoyed the early morning reminder of the festival from the cathedral bells seems a good day on which to correspond on this subject!

On behalf of Archdeacon Peter and myself, thank you for keeping us updated on the excellent work of the Guild and in particular relating to your activities this centenary year of the end of WW1.  Peals to commemorate the event across the county are a particularly fitting as well as unique way of honouring the past and calling us to a different future.

We wish you every success in encouraging those parishes with a ring of bells to join in these commemorations and we thank the Guild for its ministry and work.

With all good wishes,

Richard Brand

The Ven Richard Brand

Archdeacon of Winchester

Winchester and Portsmouth Diocesan Guild of Church Bell Ringers