Start Here If You Want To Learn To Ring

Most towers in this Guild offer training to new recruits. Every ring of bells is different – heavier bells may require learners to be at least 10 or 12, but some bands take learners of primary school age.
Training varies from informal 1-1 lessons to more structured schemes – some towers use the recently-introduced “Learning the Ropes” scheme, some have devised their own scheme to suit their bells and their ringers. You should be able to find a tower that suits you!

So what are the first steps?

1.Scan the “learn to ring” news feed to see if one of your local towers is already advertising for recruits. (Don’t worry if your local tower is not currently advertising there- they may well be recruiting and it is well worth getting in touch with them.) There is a list of towers here, clicking on a tower’s name will provide contact information and other details.

  1. Or, if you want some help searching for a training place, fill in the form below and we will contact you and suggest a tower near you where you could visit and, if you like the look of the setup, arrange to learn.

  2. Come along for your first taste of bell ringing!

It’s that simple!

Note for Parents

The churches we use have child protection policies, as do the Central Council of Church Bell Ringers to whom we are affiliated. We have DBSchecked instructors, and always try to ensure that your child will never be left alone with one adult. We are, of course more than happy to have you stay with your child during the practice, and even give it a try yourself if you wish!

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