Guernsey, Elizabeth College

The Band at Elizabeth College are being trained by Ringing Master and Teacher at the School, Duncan Loweth.

The biggest bell on Guernsey weighs just over a metric ton. Even the lightest tower bell is about 3 times your own weight. Despite their size you will not only learn how to ring them but play complex music where everybody plays the same melody but starts at different positions (just like when you sing row-row your boat as a round)…. You shouldn’t leave the floor like in the Mars bar advert unless you are doing it wrong, but there is a ‘Mars Bar Challenge’ where you’ll win a Mars Bar if you can stop the bell in the right position 20 times in a row…..

From the College Website

  • Members – There are currently 6 but expecting 2-4 new Y7 to start this term
  • Practices – weekly during term time at Town Church
  • Service ringing – Two college services in Town Church and starting this year three Sunday services per year. (the college provides a choir for the service one per term, started mid way through last academic year, and it will be expected for college ringers to ring prior to the that Sunday service)
  • Age range: currently 11-14 but if boys stay ringing throughout their years at college that could extend to 11-19
  • Ability: currently handling – plain hunt on 5, expect that to improve if these boys keep ringing over the coming years.
  • History (yes, they have some already!) 

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