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Tower, Bells and Postcode Ringing Times Contact
Bournemouth Sacred Heart - 6 bells Tenor 3-2 cwt
Bournemouth Sacred Heart Bell Ringing Times -
  • Sundays: 10.00am Please phone to confirm all ringing
  • Practices: Monday 5.45-7.15pm (bank hols see online calendar)
  • See Online Calendar
Contact Joan Smithies - Email: Use Form Telephone: 01202 292703 Address: 55A Iddesleigh Road, Bournemouth, BH3 7NH
Bournemouth St John’s - 8 bells Tenor 16-2 cwt
BH12 1EG
Bournemouth St John’s Bellringing Calendar - Sunday: 9.00 – 9.30am Practice: Tuesday 14:00 -15:30 See Online Calendar:
Contact Penelope Samuel - Telephone: 01202 765105 Address: 8, Tower Road, Poole. BH13 6HY Email: Use Form
Used by permission from the church Bournemouth St Peter’s - 8 bells Tenor 20-3 cwt
Bournemouth St Peter’s Bell Ringing Times - Sundays: 9.25-9.55am Practices: Thursday 7.30pm (please email to check) See Online Calendar
Contact Romy Coldman - Email Use Form:
Breamore - 4 bells Tenor 12-1cwt
Brockenhurst, St Nicholas - 8 bells Tenor 4 cwt
SO42 7QP
Brockenhurst Bell Ringing Times - Practice: Tuesday 6pm Sundays: see calendar
Contact Julie Hodkin - Telephone: 01590 622849 Address: 33 Auckland Avenue, Brockenhurst, SO42 7RS Email: Use Form
Christchurch Priory, Holy Trinity - 12 bells Tenor 27cwt
BH23 1BX
Christchurch Priory Bell Ringing Times - Sundays: 8.45am & 5.45pm Practices: Monday 7.20-9.00 Practice (see online calendar)
Contact Janet McCoy - Telephone: 01202 475880 Email: use form
Eling - 8 bells Tenor 11-2cwt
SO40 9HF
Bell Ringing Times at Eling - Sundays: 8.45am Practices: Tuesday 19.30-21.00 Click here if calendar not displaying properly
Contact Margaret Feneley - Email: Use form
Fawley Tower Fawley, All Saints - 6 bells Tenor 7-3cwt
SO45 1HB
Fawley, Bell Ringing Times - Practice: Thursday 19.30 -21.00 (see online calendar) Sundays: 9.00 – 9.30 No ringing on the first Sunday   The calendar below is click-able if you want more details of an event
Contact Lawrence Clark - Telephone: 023 8084 3662 or 07711 577919 Email: Please use the form below
Fordingbridge - 8 bells Tenor 13-2cwt
Fordingbridge Ringing Times - Sundays: 19.55am & 5.55pm Practices: Thursday
Contact Roger King - Telephone: 01425 653163 or 01425 654351 Address: 62 Church Street, Fordingbridge , SP6 1BB Email: Use Form
BH23 7DX
Hinton Admiral Bell Ringing Times - Sundays: 8.45am – 9.15 (1st & 3rd) Practices: Tuesday 2nd & 4th Ring to confirm
Contact Gill Wilson - Telephone: 01425 276865 Address: 55b Smugglers Lane North, Highcliffe, Christchurch, BH23 4NQ Email: Use Form
Hordle, All Saints - 8 bells 7-2cwt
SO41 0XJ
Hordle Bell Ringing Times - Sundays: 1st, 3rd & 5th: 9.30am & 6.00pm; 2nd & 4th: chiming at 11:00am & 6:00pm Practices: Tuesday
Contact Faith Webster - Telephone: 01425 611947 Address: Mayfield, 4 Dudley Avenue, Hordle, Lymington, SO41 0HY Email: Use Form
Lymington, St Thomas - 8 bells 20-1cwt
SO41 9ZT
Lymington Bell Ringing Times -   Sunday Ringing is 8.45-9.15
Lymington Doubles and Minor Practice (Monthly, CS District Practice) - This practice takes place on the Second Wednesday of each month at Lymington and the Ringing Master is usually Colin Butler. There are no special methods currently planned, though we’re likely to be ringing Bob Doubles, Grandsire and probably Stedman. Maybe we can talk Colin into calling some April day even. You can usually park … Continue reading Lymington Doubles and Minor Practice (Monthly, CS District Practice)
Contact Larry Stace - Telephone: 01590 682417
Lyndhurst, St Michael and All Angels - 8 bells Tenor 11-0cwt
SO43 7BD
Lyndhurst Ringing Times - Sundays: 10.30am Visitors welcome but please phone first Practices: Thursday
Contact Mary Sterry - Telephone: 023 8028 2508 Address: 26 Pemberton Road, Lyndhurst SO43 7AN Email: Use Form
Milford On Sea, All Saints - 8 bells 12-2cwt
SO41 0QJ
Milford Ringing Times - Sundays: 9.15am, and evenings by arrangement Practices: Monday
Contact Maggie Cobb - Telephone: 01590 642159 Email: Use Form
Minstead, All Saints - 6 bells 7-1cwt
SO43 7EX
Minstead ringing times - Practices:  Thursdays 7.30 – 9.00 except 1st Thursday. 1st Thursdays we join Lyndhurst practice. Sunday:  Service Times vary – please check.
Contact Joanna Hadfield - Email: Use Form
New Milton Forest Edge Bells - 8 Bells 20lbs (Mini-ring)
Contact Frank Morton - York Cottage, 14 Milton Grove, New Milton , BH25 6HD Tel: 01425 613976
Ringwood, St Peter and St. Paul - 8 Bells, Tenor 17-2-18 cwt
BH24 1AL
Ringwood Ringing Times - Sundays: 10:15am. Usually no service on the 5th Sunday. Practice: Wednesday 19:30
Contact Colin Hale - Telephone: 01425476235 Email: Use Form
Sopley, St Michael and All Angels - 6 bells Tenor 7cwt
BH23 7AU
Sopley Ringing Times - Sundays: 10.30am (2nd, 3rd & 4th) Practices: Tuesday (1st, 3rd & 5th)
Contact David Lay - Telephone: 01425 673242 Address: 7 Clare Lodge Close, Bransgore, Dorset, BH23 8NG Email: Use Form
South Stoneham - No ringing at present except for the Hartley 12
SO18 2JS
Contact Thomas Wilding - Email: Use Form
SO18 1FU
Southampton Bitterne Park Ringing Times - Sundays: 10:00am (on rotation please see calendar below) Practices: 7.00 (1st and 3rd)
Contact Colin Lovelock - Email: Use Form
Southampton St Barnabas Photograph by Andrew G Craddock Southampton St Barnabas - 6 bells Tenor 2-3cwt
SO14 1AQ
Southampton St Barnabas Ringing Times - Sundays: 9:30 – 10:00 (SUGCR) Practices: Thursday 5th SUGCR in term time
Contact Steve Castle - Address: 22 Southcliff Road, Southampton, SO14 6GE Telephone: 023 8033 8343 Email: Use Form
SO14 2AD
Southampton St Mary Ringing Times - Sundays: 9:45am (on rotation please see calendar below) Practices: Monday (4th & 5th) 7.30-9.00, Thursday (2nd) 7.30-9.00 during term (SUGCR)
Contact Colin Lovelock - Email: Use Form
SO14 6QS
Southampton St Michael Ringing TImes - Sundays: 9.45am  (on rotation see calendar below) Practices: Monday (on rotation see calendar) 7.30-9.00pm
Contact Colin Lovelock - Email: Use Form
Contact Thomas Wilding - Email: Use Form

Winchester and Portsmouth Diocesan Guild of Church Bell Ringers