CCCBR Central Council

Who are our Council Representatives?

Winchester and Portsmouth Guild has five CCCBR Representatives:

What does Council do?

Perhaps in a perfect world, Council would not need to do anything except catalogue all the new methods and compositions that are coming into existance all the time, and keep track of the new bells being purchased, and the new rings being installed.

Each Tower would have loads of ringers, who had loads of expertise in everything that matters…. but in the real world Council is an group of ringers drawn from all over the world, many of whom are experts in various fields, working to provide the expertise and resources that may be needed from time to time in your local area.

Each year Council has an AGM, a meeting of about 200 members that takes about 7 hours in all. But the value of the face to face networking that is carried out is so significant, that many of them attend for extra days either side in order  to hold committee meetings, exchange ideas, and yes, do some ringing as well! Our Guild is hosting the meeting in Portsmouth in 2016.

For the other 364 days of the year,  the Council Members are mostly spending a lot of time ringing, and working on a huge variety of projects, some with their CCCBR committee, many in local associations, to develop the Art of Ringing in a myriad of ways.  But the connections they make with other members, and the expertise they are tapping into, can enhance all the work they undertake.

How can I become a Council Member?

They are elected by the Guild Annual General Meeting, or if a vacancy arises mid-year, they may be  provisionally  elected at an Executive meeting

What sort of person should become a Council Member?

An enthusiastic bellringer with some interest in what is happening in the wider world of Ringing.

  • You may have professional skills that you can offer the Council.
  • You might  just have your own great love of ringing and a willingness to roll your sleeves up and join a committee… –
  • You may ring in an area where advanced ringers are getting thinner and thinner on the ground, and you want to join Council primarily to tap into the expertise and resources that you would find there, and to make sure Council doesn’t forget this issue!
  • You may already be flat out locally organising your Tower, District, Guild, or other activities, and want to be on Council to make sure YOUR local ringers have a voice in what goes on, and the good successful approaches that you have discovered, are available for others to consider as well.