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Message for District ADMs from Guild Master – Mike Winterbourne

Masters Words for the District ADMs

A Big Thank you to all those who take responsibility for the various tasks in the Towers and in your District, trying to enable the regular Sunday Service, Practice nights and those other ringing opportunities for individuals to gain experience.

WW1 Project

Couple of things where you can help:

Firstly, On the website is a draft of the Book we aim to produce, could you have a look and check the spelling of the names and let Stephen Lutener know of any errors.

Secondly, copies of the archive are to be presented to the Two Guild Cathedrals


Portsmouth Cathedral May 12th 6:00pm
Hopefully with Ringing after the service as well as Tea and Cake nearby

Winchester Cathedral May 19th 3:30pm
Hopefully with Ringing available before the service with a Selected Service Band touch giving ringers a chance to join the service
We are working on Tea and Cake after the service.

I would like to invite all the Guild Ringers to join in One or both services to commemorate all those who gave their lives for us.

Join us in a unique occasion, if every Tower that rang  for 100 anniversary of the end of WW1 sent down a car load this could be a truly amazing commemorative and social event.


Mike Winterbourne

Guild Master


Dear Friends!

When you get around to reading this it will be nearly a year since I nodded my head at the wrong time.  I feel privileged to have taken on the role after a very organised team had put in place a forward-looking action plan and the working groups had begun to make inroads into the tasks set out in the Action Plan.  To all the previous team and working groups I would like to give a large vote of thanks.  Also thank you to those who have continued in their posts.)

This year saw a change of most of the senior posts.  A special thank you to those who made the change of personnel seamless by supporting the new post holders with their great depth of knowledge and their good will.

Following the excellent organisation of the Central Council meeting, the team has also supported the ART AGM which was based in Basingstoke. The team delivered excellent support to ART and the winners of The Sarah Beacham School Group Award stayed in the Guild having been won by Elizabeth College, Guernsey.

I would like to thank all those individuals who support their own towers by acting as Tower Captains, Tower Correspondents, Door Unlockers, Key Holders, Rope Splicers, Organisers of the wedding ringers, Social Secretaries, Steeple-keepers and all those small and sometimes overlooked jobs that keep our guild towers running.  Without these important individuals, there would not be any bells rung.

The various committees and working groups continue to work diligently and would be delighted to receive even more support in the coming year.  All your skills, great and small, would be appreciated.

I am excited by the number of young ringers developing their skills especially the groups in the more isolated areas of the Channel Islands, Isle of Wight and the New Forest. I am sure there are other young ringers in the Guild; please let your District Ringing Masters know you exist and they might be able to organise young ringers’ practices.

On occasion, I have heard that some members feel that the Guild is failing to let members know what is going on; this was never our intention.  It can be difficult to find a balance between keeping members informed of all possible plans and raising unattainable expectations.  We are continuing to work on ways of keeping every member informed and the Guild website and Guild Facebook pages are excellent places to keep up to date.

I am looking forward to an interesting second year and believe that the tasks ahead, although not straightforward, will be achievable.

I have a passion for quotes so;

The greatest lesson I have learned in life is that I still have a lot to learn

Mike Winterbourne

Contact Pete Jordan

Telephone: 01256 465510
Email: Use Form

  • Pete Jordan – Elected as Guild Vice Master July 2016
    Hello Everyone,
    I would like to take the opportunity to introduce myself to those of you who don’t know me, as well as to reach out to those of you whom I either know, or our paths have crossed as ‘nodding acquaintances’ from time to time at Guild events.
    I have been a member of the Guild for around 25 years, as member of St Michael’s church in Basingstoke where I have in the recent past held various positions including Tower Captain for 5 years, Steeple Keeper and Treasurer.
    For me, the pleasure of ringing is not only self satisfaction, but also to help others to develop their skills in the tower. Within my own tower this may include bespoke practices to benefit learners specific requirements, quarter peals to give them the opportunity to both learn a method well and to enjoy the reward of achievement, and generally supporting all of the ringers in their goals and ambitions.

    I am now seeking to spread my wings a little in support of the Guild and would like to offer my services as Vice Master at the upcoming elections. Personally, I look forward to learning a little more about the Guild, meeting and supporting its membership and working with the executive committee and sub committees to carry on the excellent work of the outgoing team.

    Pete Jordan

Mike Winterbourne – Elected Guild Master July 2016

Mike Winterbourne
Proposed by: Andy Ingram
Seconded: Tim Pink

Mike Writes:

Having previously been involved in the Education Committee, I would like to see each Guild member have the opportunity to progress their skills. While many districts do support this aim, I believe the meeting of individuals all striving together has a way of developing long term friendships across district boundaries and sharing knowledge.

One area where we rely on the goodwill of individuals, in the form of District Officers, Tower Captains, Tower Correspondents or Tower contacts, is in passing information. I would like to see a Guild database of contact emails so each member can receive their District and Guild information directly, with options to avoid unwanted emails.

I would like to see the development of the Guild Action Plan with regular input from the Guild members as it develops and grows.

For more information about the Guild Officer Posts which are coming up for election on the 2nd of July at the AGM, please read Viv’s article. To nominate candidates please contact Mo Routh any time up to and including AGM day.

Viv Nobbs (Guild Master) writes about the Forthcoming Annual District Meetings

Viv Nobbs MasterPlease consider getting along to your District Annual Meetings and engage with local initiatives and consider how our Guild might be able guildto support you locally. There are Guild finances available for some specific projects ideas already and, as we’ve said, The Guild’s Action Plan in not cast in concrete.
If you need Guild support, please encourage your District to formally submit a proposal or two via the Executive Committee Meeting on 12th March (the papers would need to be submitted beforehand).
Please check out what’s in the W & P Action Plan for you!
Any queries, please contact Mo Routh, Christine Hill or me.

Christmas Greetings from Viv Nobbs (Guild Master)

Dear Friends,
As we approach the wonderful festival of Christmas, please accept my sincere thanks and congratulations for all the magnificent work that you are doing for ringing and your fellow ringers. There is much evidence of sterling efforts made and great results achieved right across our Guild, whether it’s in the tower or in a District or Guild capacity.

We’ve had numerous special occasions to ring for during 2015 – many joyous ones and some sad ones as well. All have given us a great chance to come together as a team of friends to offer up our time and skills for a greater good.

We will have challenges on our journey, of course – that is life and gives us the ideal opportunity to take a step back and reflect. Frustrations can build up, tempers flare and, if we’re not very careful, we can lose sight of the most important aspect of the whole situation.

Many of our greetings cards will wish “Peace and Joy at Christmas” – often it’s in our own hands…so please let’s deal with all ringing matters with compassion, meekness and patience, considering others’ points of view and trying very hard to “Take the sting out of the tail” of any potentially negative situation. I’ll go so far as to say that for those of us who declare Christian witness, the onus is on us to develop new perspectives, consider growing and changing more and to maybe see things differently sometimes? We are all “Works in progress”!

I’m pleased to pass on from Bishop Christopher of Portsmouth and his wife, Sally, their best wishes to us all for Peace at Christmas.

Hope to see you at District Annual Meetings soon. Meanwhile, have a great ringing Christmas and then take a well-earned rest – but not for too long!

Merry Christmas everyone and a very Happy New Year!  

Love to all,