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Used for the Communications Team – people who are active contributors to the website plus minutes of our meetings etc.

Invitation to join the Communications Committee

Hi all,

I wanted to let you all know that there is an exciting opportunity to join your guild’s Communications Committee this year! We’re hoping to find at least one representative from each of our amazing districts. We are looking for people who have an interest in one (or all!) of the following:

·         Having a say in the creation and development of our new website

·         Finding and sharing news stories from around the guild with our members

·         Helping to improve our recently created guild database

You don’t have to be a technological wizard to be a valued member of the team. All we ask for is a little bit of your time and lots of opinions and ideas. Whether you’re young or old, a new or long-established ringer, already active within the guild or faithful to your home tower, we’d greatly appreciate your input.

If you’d like further information, or are keen to join the Communications Committee, please email me or give me a ring. Details in link below.

Contact Lizzie Colliss

Thanks for reading!

Lizzie Colliss – Communications Committee Convenor

C&S District – New Acting Webmaster

I am delighted to announce that (subject to a formal vote at the next meeting), Peter Murdock-Saint has volunteered to look after the C&S news on the Guild Website.

Peter learned to ring at Sopley and attends several practice nights across the District. (click line below)

Graham Hounslow steps down

The retiring webmaster, Graham Hounslow (Fawley), has been an invaluable member of the Guild Communications Committee for a number of years now. In addition to posting the C&S news, first on the District Website and later on the Guild Website, he wrote much of the original CSS programming that drives the “look and feel” of The District and the Guild owe him grateful thanks!

Calling all Tower Correspondents

You are invited to register with the new “post by email” system and send your news items direct to the website for instant posting.

Once you have registered with to use this new system, all you need to know is:

  1. The email address to send your news to is
  2. The Subject for the email becomes the subject of the news item, so it should include the tower name, the date of the event, and what it is eg Practice Cancelled at Bournemouth Sacred Heart on May 12th
  3. The body of your email becomes the body of the news item.
  4. You will need just 3 lines of instructions for the website at the end of your message – these will be sent to you when you register.
  5. You can check your news has been successfully posted by following this link
This new system is secure – if anyone who is not known to the system tries to post news, it will be rejected.
The first post you send will be checked by a webmaster before it is posted. After that, it will be instant.

Mailing Lists

The Guild has a number of email groups to enable members to communicate easily with other members and for Guild and District officers to use to send out communications.  You are welcome to join any of these groups even if you are not in that District. It is a good way to see what other Districts are up to! It is easy to unsubscribe if you change your mind.

List Name Description of email group Link to join group – All groups except Portsmouth District have a consent form to complete.
WIN-PORT Email group for members across the whole W&P Guild.
Alton & Petersfield Group Email group for Alton and Petersfield District members
Christchurch & Southampton Group Email group for Christchurch and Southampton District members
Portsmouth District Email group for Portsmouth District members. Link to join group
Winchester District Email group for Winchester District members.


The website continues to develop, with most Districts having their own webmaster who post local news and photos on the site.

There is still plenty of scope for Towers to make more use of the site, especially for recruitment. People wanting to learn to ring do visit the site, and if they see that a local tower is training new people, then they DO get in touch, especially during periods when Bellringing is in the media generally. These are quite regular partly due to the tireless efforts of the Central Council Public Relations Officer.

Within the growing team, we are still doing regular online cross-training for each other to ensure that the website can operate well even when one or two people are on holiday or not available. Training notes are posted on the site to simplify this process ongoing, and all webmasters belong to a Facebook Group so that they can give and receive quick support.
Engagement with the site is largely driven by the members receiving a copy of the “weekly news” either by email or through Facebook. This is proving to be an effective way of reaching members with all the excellent events which are organised at Tower, District and Guild Level, in addition to the traditional use of posters in towers.

Whilst a significant number of people do use this facility, we are still a long way from our aim of sending a weekly news bulletin to all members. In the short term, we would like to encourage more members (especially new recruits) to join their local District mailing list or Facebook Group.

The focus of effort in the next year will be:

  • Continue to train new local webmasters
  • Encourage towers to recruit online as well as in their locality
  • Finish the ongoing work behind the scenes to standardise tower pages
  • Growth of the weekly news system

Rosalind Martin.


The Social Media aspect to the Guild is being well received with a slow trickle of interested people asking to join each month.

It endeavours to spread the good word from the website and continues to be a hub of interest in the ‘Twittersphere’

The focus of effort in the next year will be;

  • Grow the Facebook page by connecting to like minded pages.
  • Show interest in other related areas and bring it to the attention of W & P page and Group.
  • Continue to point back to our enviously regarded website as the ‘hub’ of the Guild.
  • Continue to harbour friendships with other Guilds and individuals and share knowledge to enable them in the Social Media arena.

Expenditure for the year amounted to £131.80. Monies for this come from the Central Fund

Deb Baker

Your Tower Page is changing…. Feedback on the designs is urgently sought!

The Communications Team has been working on a complete re-design of the tower pages on the website. The purpose is:

  • To have a single layout which copes with a huge variety of towers
  • To set up a simple way of towers having more than one page for a proper “website” within the Guild Website.
  • To give clear and helpful information to visiting ringers
  • To give clear and attractive information to potential recruits.
  • To be a useful source of information for members of the tower.

Having mocked up some ideas and discussed them within the team, we polled ringers nationally (using Facebook and Email groups), to see what they wanted to find when they visit a tower’s home page. Things that scored high on that survey, were put towards the top of the new tower pages; things that are nice to have, lower down.

One surprise was the popularity of “parking and access information” which we do not currently provide as a matter of course – there is a slot for this on every new tower page, please write some notes for your tower! 

There are now a handful of tower pages which use the design:

Before we go too much further (the actual upgrade will take some weeks because each tower needs to be separately upgraded), we would REALLY value your feedback. We would rather get this right, first time! Contact your local webmaster, comment in the Guild Facebook Group,  or email

Joining the Dots – WordPress to Twitter to a Facebook Page

The Guild Website contains information and news from 200 towers, 8 Districts, and a number of different Guild Committees. That’s a lot of news – it needs to be intelligently shared through the appropriate social networks, so the intention is to automatically feed through posts from this website, to twitter, and on to the appropriate Facebook Page.

If you would like to set this up for your tower, District or committee, there are instructions online:

  1. To feed relevant website posts into your Twitter feed, sign up for twibbleio using these instructions. (Drop me a line so we can give you the RSS feed URLS you will need). Make sure you tick “Only Tweet new items” or you will start sending out old news!!!
  2. To feed tweets into a Facebook Page (not a GROUP though), use these instructions.

Once you have done this, why not go the whole hog and request to become a website correspondent? That way you can email your news into the website, then make yourself a cup of coffee while it powers across Twitter and Facebook as well……! Neat!

Christchurch and Southampton District is already up and running with this system. The website RSS feed is linked to @Candsbellringer on Twitter which goes onto the District’s FB page.


Winchester and Portsmouth Guild – Contact Directory

Alphabetical list of all Contacts for Bellringers across most of Hampshire, Isle of Wight and Channel Islands. Click the name to see email form.
To Print this page, Ctrl-Print, and tick “simplify page”. Works in Google Chrome and works best in Landscape.

Contact Adam Greenley - Telephone: 01256 358933 Address: 56 Queen Mary Avenue, Basingstoke, RG21 5PG
Contact Adrian Nash - Address: 10 Broome Close, Yateley, GU46 7SY Telephone: 01252 874740
Contact Alan Barsby - Email: Use Form  
Contact Alan Bentley -
Contact Alan Buswell - Email: Use Form
Contact Alan Frost - Telephone: 01296 681244 Email: Use Form
Contact Alan Giles - Email: Use Form
Contact Alec A H Graham - Email: Use Form Email: Use Form
Contact Alexandra Pugh - Telephone: 01264 711158 Address: Shilling Cottage, Abbotts Ann, Andover Email: Use Form
Contact Alison Clayton - Please contact via the District Secretary
Contact Allan Yalden - Telephone: 023 9225 2333
Contact Amanda Bayford - Telephone: 01962 776861 Address: Cob House, Crawley, Winchester, SO21 2PZ Email: Use Form
Contact Andrew Banks - Telephone: 01730 893350 Address: 1 Hatchlands, Huntsbottom Lane, Liss GU33 7EU Email: Use Form
Contact Andrew Byford - Telephone: 023 9235 6898 Address: 67 Green Lane, Clanfield, Waterlooville, PO8 0LB Email: Use Form
Contact Andrew Glover - Email: Use Form
Contact Andrew Johnson -   Email use form:
Contact Andrew Taylor - Telephone: 07916 021646 Email: Use Form
Contact Andy Ingram - Telephone: 023 8084 0225 Address: Kirklee, Southampton Road, Hythe, S045 5AD Email: Use Form  
Contact Angela Forder-Stent - Email: Use Form
Contact Angela Rogers - Telephone: 01264 323532 Address: 18, St anne’s Close, Goodworth Clatford, Andover. SP11 7RW Email: Use Form
Contact Angus Macpherson - Telephone: 01962 777624 Email: Use Form
Contact Ann LeMarechal - Telephone: 023 8061 5559 Address: 9 Buckland Close, Eastleigh, SO50 4RD Email: Use Form
Contact Anne Dorey - Telephone: 01481 257069 Address: Le Rond Camp, Kings Mills, Castel, Guernsey, GYS 7JT Email: Use Form
Contact Anne Tautz - Telephone: 023 9242 5523 Address: 8 Beechwood Road, Hilsea, Portsmouth, Hants, PO2 9QJ Email: Use Form
Contact Anthony Manship - Telephone: 01962 777264 Address: The Old Shop, Main Road, Owslebury, Winchester SO21 1LU Email: Use Form
Contact Anthony Smith - Telephone: 01962 881202 Address: 72 Buriton Road, Winchester, SO22 6JE
Contact Ashley Grey - Email: Use Form
Contact Barbara Townsend - Email: Use Form
Contact Barry Downer - Please Contact Via District Secretary
Contact Ben Constant - Telephone: 01256 358933 Address: 56 Queen Mary Avenue, Basingstoke , RG21 5PG Email: Use Form
Contact Bill Webb - Telephone: 01635 254054
Contact Bob Gosse - Email: Use Form
Contact Bob Ives - Address: Park Farm, Herriard, Basingstoke,, Hants RG25 2PD Email: Use Form:
Contact Brian Baverstock - Telephone: 01489 574944 Email: Use form:
Contact Brian Oakes - Please Contact Via District Secretary
Contact Carol Waller - Please Contact Via District Secretary
Contact Carole Pym - Email: Use Form
Contact Caroline Fairley - Mobile: 07785 221531 Email: Use Form
Contact Chris Ford - Address: 12 Whitehead Close, Lychpit, Basingstoke, RG24 8SG Tel: 01256 470174 Email: Use Form
Contact Chris Reynell - Telephone Number is: 01264 810569 Address: Windover Farm, Longstock, Stockbridge, SO20 6DJ Email: Use Form
Contact Chris Wright - Chris Wright – Joint Vice Captain, Ringwood  Facebook Phone 01425476407 To email, use the form below.  
Contact Christine Barrett (Churchwarden) - Telephone: 07933352855 Email: Use Form
Contact Christine Hill - Telephone: 01794 518068 Email: Use form:
Contact Christine Knights-Whittome - Telephone: 01962 886939 Address: 3 Oaklands, South Wonston, Winchester, Hants, SO21 3HZ Email: Use Form:  

Section 2

Contact Christopher Pack - Address: 17,Bedford Close, Newbury, RG14 6SU Tel: 01635 33900
Contact Clare McArdle - Email: Use Form
Contact Clarence Challoner - Telephone:  01983 526659
Contact Colin Butler - Telephone: 02380 772421 Address: 17 Fawley Road, Regents Park, Southampton SO15 8PP Email: Use Form  
Contact Colin Hale - Telephone: 01425476235 Email: Use Form
Contact Colin Lovelock - Email: Use Form
Contact Daniel Graham - Email:Use Form
Contact David Clare - Telephone: 07829 989 909 text only in office hours Address: 8 Vienna Apartments, Victoria Road, St Saviour, JE2 7YF Email: Use Form
Contact David Forder - Telephone: 023 8087 2399 Email: Use Form
Contact David Lay - Telephone: 01425 673242 Address: 7 Clare Lodge Close, Bransgore, Dorset, BH23 8NG Email: Use Form
Contact David Mattingley - Telephone: 07503 152223 Address: 85 Old Rectory Road, Farlington, Portsmouth, Hampshire, PO6 1AT
Contact David Robilliard - Telephone: 01481 264344 Email: Use Form Address: Le Petit Grée, Torteval, Guernsey, GY8 0RD
Contact Dawn Williams - Email: Use Form
Contact Deb Margason-Baker - Email: Use Form
Contact Debbie Mathias - Telephone: 07909 728944 Email: Use form
Contact Diana Fennell - Email: Use Form:
Contact Donald Hughes - Address: 8 Queen Elizabeth II St, St Anne, Alderney GY9 3TB Telephone: 01481 823769 or 07911 718599
Contact Duncan Loweth - Address: Hazelton, La Route du Braye, Vale, Guernsey, GY3 5PB Telephone: 07781464332 Email: Use form  
Contact Edd Colliss - Address: 58 Carnarvon Road, Gosport, PO12 3QS
Contact Edmund Wratten - Email: Use Form
Contact Edwin Grimshaw - Telephone: 01730 829287 Address: 4 Knapps Hard, West Meon, Petersfield, GU32 1LE Email: Use Form
Contact Elizabeth Davey - Email: Use Form
Contact Elizabeth Hansen - Email: Use Form
Contact Elizabeth Johnson - Address: Kent Cottage, Haig, Road, Alresford, SO24 9LX Telephone: 01962 733266
Contact Emma Hornsby - Email: Use Form
Contact Eve Lind-Smith - Telephone: 01264 738681 Address: The Cottage, St Mary Bourne, Andover, SP11 6AY Email: Use Form
Contact Faith Webster - Telephone: 01425 611947 Address: Mayfield, 4 Dudley Avenue, Hordle, Lymington, SO41 0HY Email: Use Form
Contact Fiona Sayers - Telephone: 07999 824112 Email: Use Form
Contact For Breamore - The tower captain’s contact information is available in the WP Guild handbook, Salisbury Guild handbook, or can be obtained from The C&S District Secretary:  
Contact Francis Mitchell - Telephone: 02380 453328 Address: 24 Verdon Avenue, Hamble, Southampton, SO31 4HX Email: Use Form
Contact Frank Morton - York Cottage, 14 Milton Grove, New Milton , BH25 6HD Tel: 01425 613976
Contact Gary Davies - Email: Use Form
Contact Gary Marsh - Email: Use Form
Contact Georgi Thompson Leask - Telephone: 01264 720829 Address: Aston Cottage, Longparish, SP11 6PZ Email: Use Form
Contact Gerald Lambert - Address: Sadlers Wood, Chattis Hill, Stockbridge, Hants. SO20 6JS Tel: 01264 810664
Contact Gill Hales - Address: 64 South Road, Horndean, Waterlooville, PO8 0EP Email: Use Form telephone: 023 9259 1366
Contact Gill Wilson - Telephone: 01425 276865 Address: 55b Smugglers Lane North, Highcliffe, Christchurch, BH23 4NQ Email: Use Form
Contact Greg Painter - Email: Use Form  
Contact Greg Painter - Email: Use Form
Contact Heather Frazer - Address: 38 Primrose Gardens, Hatch Warren, Basingstoke, RG22 4UZ Telephone: 01256 465554 Email: Use Form
Contact Heather Galley - Email: Use Form Telephone: 01962 732326
Contact Heather Saltmarsh - Telephone: 01420 568175 Address: 11 Bernard Avenue, Four Marks, Alton GU34 5DQ Email: Use Form
Contact Helen McGregor - Telephone: 07781149905 Email: Use Form  
Contact Helen Piper - Please Contact Via District Secretary
Contact Helen Thomas - Telephone: 01264 738900 Email: Use Form
Contact Helen Vincent - Email: Use Form ,
Contact Helen Woolford - Telephone: 07813 000679

Section 3

Contact Hugh Routh - Bell Advisor for Portsmouth Diocese Telephone: 01730 267237 Address: Mill Cottage, Mill Lane, Steep, Petersfield GU32 2DJ Email: Use Form
Contact Ian Carey - Address:  11 Midways, Stubbington, Fareham, Hampshire, PO14 2DA Telephone: 01329 510556 Mobile: 07734 219371 Email: Use Form
Contact Ian Evett - Email: Use Form
Contact Ian McCallion - Facebook: See Guild Group Email: Use Form
Contact Ian Penny - Telephone: 01202 483124 (Evenings) or 01202 485804 (option 6) (Working Hours) Email Form:
Contact Jack Pease - Email use form:
Contact Jamie Singleton (Ringing Remembers Campaign Coordinator) - email or telephone 020 3011 5275
Contact Jan Allnutt - Telephone: 07909 943334 Address: 12 Apsley Lodge, London Road, Waterlooville, PO7 7WB Email: Use Form
Contact Jan Hookey - Email use form:
Contact Jan Marks - Telephone: 07752 582596 Address: 10 Constantine Way, Basingstoke, Hants. RG22 4UR Email: Use Form
Contact Jane Le Conte - Telephone: 01481 236269 Address: Orlenda, Icart Road, St Martins, Guernsey, GY4 6JF Email: Use Form  
Contact Janet Larkins - Telephone: 07711 732672 Email: Use Form
Contact Janet McCoy - Telephone: 01202 475880 Email: use form
Contact Janice Gabriel - Telephone: 01420 544776 Email: Use Form:
Contact Jen Churchill - Telephone: 01794 340600 Address: Bench Mark Cottage, East Dean, Salisbury, SP5 1HJ Email: Use Form
Contact Jennie Richardson - Telephone: 01962 712729 Email: Use Form
Contact Jennifer Herriott - Telephone: 07590 490446 / 01794 501249 Address: Pencae, Mill Lane, Romsey, SO51 8EQ Email: Use Form
Contact Jenny Brudenell - Email: Use Form
Contact Jenny Cullum - Telephone: 01256 850315 Address: Beecroft, Green Lane, Pamber Green, Tadley. RG26 3AD Email: Use Form
Contact Jenny James - Address: Longmeadow House, Winchester Road, Whitchurch, RG28 7RB Tel: 01256 895098
Contact Jenny Watson - Telephone: 01962 808167 Address: 5 Branksome Close, Winchester, Hants SO22 5PZ Email: Use Form
Contact Jess Hornsby - Mobile: 07793 058595 Email: Use Form
Contact Jill Taylor - Telephone: 01983 867449 Email: Use Form
Contact Joan Parry - Email: Use Form
Contact Joan Smithies - Email: Use Form Telephone: 01202 292703 Address: 55A Iddesleigh Road, Bournemouth, BH3 7NH
Contact Joanna Hadfield - Email: Use Form
Contact John Colliss - Please contact via the District Secretary (link below)
Contact John Croft - Tel: 01962 774357
Contact John Davey - Telephone: 01202 897251 Address: 7 Ashurst Road, West Moors, Ferndown, BH22 0LR
Contact John Dodd - Telephone: 01794 341279 Address: The Clock House, Church Lane, Awbridge, Romsey, SO51 0HN Email: Use Form
Contact John Murrell - Telephone: 01489 786483 Address: 22 Tanhouse Close, Hedge End. Southampton. SO30 0FB Email: Use Form
Contact John Palk - Address: Penlee, Halterworth Lane, Crampmoor, Romsey, SO51 9AN
Contact John Rawson-Smith - Address: Churchers Barn, Dores Lane, Braishfield, Romsey, SO51 0QJ Telephone: 01794 368410 Email: Use Form
Contact John Regin - Tel: 07714 445094 Email: Use Form Email: Use Form
Contact John Smith - Email: Use form
Contact John Stock - Telephone: 01983 719502 Email: Use Form
Contact Jonathan Barclay Smith - Telephone: 01256 541251Email: Use Form
Contact Jonathan Smith - Telephone: 01962 883829 Email: Use Form
Contact Joseph Sharp - Email: Use form
Contact Joy Martin - Telephone: 01730 265275 Email: Use Form
Contact Judith Goodhind - Email: Use form
Contact Judy Sparling - Telephone: 01420 80390 email: Use Form
Contact Julia Brunt - Email: Use Form
Contact Julia Day -  Email: Use Form    
Contact Julie Hodkin - Telephone: 01590 622849 Address: 33 Auckland Avenue, Brockenhurst, SO42 7RS Email: Use Form
Contact Juliet Pattinson - Telephone: 01962 774399 Address: 61 Church Street, Micheldever, Winchester, SO21 3DB Email: Use Form
Contact Justin Read - Telephone: 01534 888484 Mobile: 07797 714329 L’Hermitage, Le Mont Felard, St. Lawrence, JERSEY, JE3 1JA Email: Use Form
Contact Kay LeMarechal - Email: Use Form
Contact Ken Porter - Email Use Form:
Contact Kerry Mann - Email: Use Form

Section 4

Contact Kieran Downer - Email: Use form
Contact Kim Matthews - Email: Use form
Contact L Bulpitt - Telephone: 01420 22725
Contact Larry Stace - Telephone: 01590 682417
Contact Lawrence Clark - Telephone: 023 8084 3662 or 07711 577919 Email: Please use the form below
Contact Lawrence Wild - Telephone 01264 860358 E-mail: Use form
Contact Lesley Blackburn - Email: Use Form
Contact Lexi Skeldon - Mobile: 07780089545 Address: The Bungalow, Woolverton Road, St Lawrence, Isle of Wight  PO38 1XW Facebook: As Lexi Skeldon Email: Use Form
Contact Lisa Ashforth - Telephone: 07903 863060 Address:18 Shepherds Purse Close, Locks Heath, Southampton, SO31 6DF Email: Use Form  
Contact Liz Lewis - Telephone: 01256 770980 Address: Holmleigh, Sapley Lane, Overton RG25 3LJ Email: Use Form
Contact Liz South - Email: Use Form
Contact Lizzie Colliss - Telephone: 02392 523650 Address: 58 Carnarvon Road, Gosport, Hants, PO12 3QS Email: Use Form  
Contact Lois Blissett - Telephone: 01256 842521
Contact Lyn Atkinson - Telephone: 01983 730582 Address: Lowecliffe Cottage, The Terrace, Chale, Ventnor, PO38 2HL Email: Use Form
Contact Lyndsey Smith - Tel 07779 035931 Email: Use Form
Contact Maggie Cobb - Telephone: 01590 642159 Email: Use Form
Contact Maggie Hiller - Telephone: 01635 297674 Address: 2 Fairfield Villas, Wolverton, Tadley, RG26 5SX Email: Use Form
Contact Malcolm Cooper - Email: Use form
Contact Malcolm Powell - Telephone: 023 9234 8587 Address: 3 Poynings Place, Portsmouth PO1 2PB Email Use Form:
Contact Malcolm Wigmore - Telephone: 07788 576853 Email: Use Form
Contact Margaret Downer - Please Contact Via District Secretary
Contact Margaret Eltham - Email: Use Form
Contact Margaret Feneley - Email: Use form
Contact Margaret Winterbourne - Telephone: 01264 790179 Address: 11 Astor Crescent, Ludgershall, Andover, SP11 9RG Email: Use Form
Contact Marie Boniface - Telephone: 023 9237 6148 Address: 72 The Dale, Waterlooville, PO7 5DE Email:
Contact Martin Barnes - Address: 40 Springfield Avenue, Hartley Wintney, Hook, Hampshire, RG27 8SF Telephone: 07818 031804 Email: Use Form
Contact Martin Daniels - Telephone: 01794 322105 Address: Homelands, Slab Lane, West Wellow, Romsey, SO51 6BY Email: Use Form
Contact Martin Macpherson - Telephone: 01962 884098 Address: Springfield Cottage, Bedfield Lane, Headbourne Worthy Winchester SO23 7JQ Email: Use Form
Contact Mary Blake - Telephone: 01983 521526 Mobile: 07528 137277 Address: 5, Fieldfare Road, Newport Isle of Wight, PO30 5YB Email: Use Form
Contact Mary Broadbridge - Email: Use Form
Contact Mary McCallum - Telephone: 01983 731271 Email: Use Form
Contact Mary Sterry - Telephone: 023 8028 2508 Address: 26 Pemberton Road, Lyndhurst SO43 7AN Email: Use Form
Contact Mary Tester - Telephone: 01983 551486 Address: Granfers Cottage, Southdown Lane, Chale, Ventnor, PO38 2LJ Email: Use Form
Contact Mary Tester (District Secretary) - Telephone:  07710 219740 Email: Use form
Contact Matt Watts - Telephone: 07770 851028 Email: Use form
Contact Matthew Wilks - Email: Use Form:
Contact Maureen Routh - Email: Use Form
Contact Melanie Moore - Email: Use Form  
Contact Michael Bubb - Address: Manitoba, La Villocq Lane, Castel, Guernsey, GY5 7SF Email: Use Form
Contact Michaela (Micki) Nadal - Telephone: 01264 810567 Mobile:  07563 753079 Email: Use Form
Contact Miggie Bruce - Telephone: 01635 278342 Email: Use form
Contact Mike Bale - Email: Use Form
Contact Mike Hilton - Address: 99, Winchester Street, Overton, Hants, RG25 3HZ Email: Use Form
Contact Mike Hopkins Till - Telephone: 01256 350718 Address: 425, Worting Road, Basingstoke, RG23 8PT  
Contact Mike Marlow - Address: 3 Budbridge Cottages, Budbridge Lane, Merstone, PO30 3DH Telephone: 07811 712211 Email: Use form
Contact Mike Novell - Telephone: 01420 83941 Address: 70 Cherry Way, Alton, GU34 2AX Facebook: click here Email Use Form:    
Contact Mike Rice - Email: Use form

Section 5

Contact Mike Winterbourne - Telephone: 01264 790179 Email: Use Form    
Contact Miriam Taylor - Telephone: 07900583699 Email: Use Form
Contact Mrs Eileen Jayne-Wood - Tel:  07940 805431
Contact Mrs Long - Address: 21, Bachelors Barn Road, Andover, SP10 1HR
Contact Niccy Bull - Email: Use Form
Contact Nicholas James - Telephone: 07969 367983
Contact Nici Collins - Address: 45 John Morgan Close, Hook, Hampshire, RG27 9RP Telephone: 01256 76249 Email: Use Form
Contact Nick Jarrett - Telephone:   07787567796 Email Use Form:
Contact Nicky David - Telephone: 01481 245365 Email: Use form
Contact Nicola Plummer - Address: 3, Gravel Lane, Barton Stacey, Winchester, SO21 3RQ Tel: 01962 760736 Email use form:
Contact Nita-Marghanita Allen - Email: Use Form  
Contact Paul Fitzgerald - Telephone: 01962 761959 Email: Use Form
Contact Paula Houlden - Telephone: 01489 896383 Address: 22 Hamble Springs, Bishops Waltham, Southampton. SO32 1SG Email: Use Form
Contact Pauline Stokes - Email: Use form  
Contact Penelope Samuel - Telephone: 01202 765105 Address: 8, Tower Road, Poole. BH13 6HY Email: Use Form
Contact Penny Evans - Telephone Number is 01489 877271 Email: Use Form
Contact Pete Jordan - Telephone: 01256 465510
Contact Peter Bevis - Address:    York House, Victoria Street, Alderney, GY93TA. Telephone: 07495 557933 Email use form:  
Contact Peter Blythe - Telephone: 01962 715815
Contact Peter Cripps - Telephone: 07730 300765 Email: Use form
Contact Peter Gallienne - Telephone: 01481 257069 Fax 01481 243997 Email Use Form:
Contact Peter Murdock-Saint - Address: Midsummer, The Square, Fawley, Southampton SO45 1DF, Telephone: 023 8089 0864
Contact Peter Niblett - Email: Use Form
Contact Peter Routier - Address: L’Abréveux, La Rue de l’Eglise, St John, Jersey. JE3 4BA Telephone: 07797 713862
Contact Peter Sheppard - Telephone: 07545 667261 Email: Use form
Contact Peter Willis - Address: 12 Majestic Road, Hatch Warren, Basingstoke, Hants RG22 4XD Telephone: 07776 101595 Email: Use Form
Contact Phil A G Watts - Bell Advisor For Winchester Diocese Telephone: 023 8025 2015 Address: 9 Larkspur Drive, Chandlers Ford, Eastleigh, SO53 4HU Email: Use Form
Contact Phil Nicholls - Email: Use Form  
Contact Phil Ramsbottom - Email use form:
Contact Philip Turrell - Telephone: 07901711697 Email: Use Form
Contact Polly Osborne - Tel: 023 8081 2375 Address: Curtle Cottage, Minstead, Lyndhurst, SO43 7HA Email: Use Form
Contact Rachael Barber - Address: 24 Rushfield Road, Liss, Hants. GU33 7LW Mobile: 07714 325059
Contact Robin Milford - Telephone: 01489 787858 Address: 4 Ferrybridge Green, Hedge End, Southampton, SO30 0JX Email: Use Form
Contact Rodney Skinner - Email: Use Form
Contact Roger Barber - Telephone: 01730 895887 Address: 24 Rushfield Road, Liss, GU33 6LW
Contact Roger Booth - Telephone: 07411 181583 Email: Use Form
Contact Roger King - Telephone: 01425 653163 or 01425 654351 Address: 62 Church Street, Fordingbridge , SP6 1BB Email: Use Form
Contact Roger Thomas - Email: Use form  
Contact Romy Coldman - Email Use Form:
Contact Rosalind Brandwood - Telephone: 01635 48937 Address: 30 Chaucer Crescent, Newbury. RG14 1TR Email: Use Form
Contact Rosemary Rogers - Telephone: 01202 473175 Address: 104 Pittmore Road, Burton, Christchurch, BH23 7HE Email: Use Form:
Contact Ross P Sherfield - Tel: 01420 22173 Address: 2 Holmwood Cottages, Bentley, Farnham, GU10 5NF
Contact Ruth Jackson - Telephone: 023 8029 2966 Email:Use Form
Contact Sallie Ingram - Telephone: 023 8084 0225 Address: Kirklee, Southampton Road, Hythe, S045 5AD Email: Use Form
Contact Sam Marriott - Email: Use Form
Contact Sara Janssen - Telephone: 01962 779337

Section 6

Contact Sarah Hutchinson - Telephone: 023 92 372483 Mobile: 07468431957 Address: 8 Magdala Road, Cosham, Portsmouth, Hants PO6 2QG Email: Use Form
Contact Sean Cannon - For telephone contact and access to the tower please telephone Jeanie Speirs 01635 291990 or 07710 311698 Email: Use Form
Contact Simon Lockhart - Email: Use Form
Contact Simon Poyser - Email: Use Form
Contact Steve Castle - Address: 22 Southcliff Road, Southampton, SO14 6GE Telephone: 023 8033 8343 Email: Use Form
Contact Steve Hough - Telephone: 07908 425033
Contact Steve Lutener - Telephone: 07904 357760Email:Use Form
Contact Steve Marriott - Telephone: 07786 967923 Email: Use Form
Contact Steve Noyes - Postal address is Ken Cottage, Upper Lane, Brighstone, Newport. PO30 4AT Email: Use Form
Contact Sue Cockcroft - Email: Use Form
Contact Sue Day - Telephone: 01983 730478 (evenings) Address: Trenale, High Street, Whitwell. Ventnor. PO38 2PY Email: Use Form
Contact Sue Froome - Address: Bowbrook Baughurst Road Ramsdell Tadley G26 5SH Telephone: 01256 850668 Email: Use Form
Contact Susan Thomas - Telephone: 01252 879064 Email: Use Form
Contact Teresa Brown - Telephone: 01730 828003 Address: 12 Sages Lane, Privett, Alton, GU34 3NP Email: Use Form
Contact Terry Cooper - Telephone: 01256 881102 Address: 8 Holly Close, Bramley, Tadley, RG26 5UG
Contact the Guild Master (Rachael Barber) - Address: 24 Rushfield Road, Liss, Hants. GU33 7LW Mobile: 07714 325059
Contact Theo Getty - Telephone: 02392367334 Email: Use Form
Contact Thomas Wilding - Email: Use Form
Contact Tim Kettle - Telephone: 01202 471851 07752 482850 Address: Cherry Dean, Meadow Lane, Burton, Christchurch, BH23 7NU Email: Use Form
Contact Tim Martin - Tel: 01202547596 Mobile: 07427860027 Facebook Email: Use Form
Contact Tim Pink - Email: Use Form
Contact Val Beaton - Telephone: 01983 865365 Address: 19 Forest Road, Winford, Sandown, PO36 0JY Email: Use Form
Contact Valerie Harris - Telephone: 01420 489323 Address: 8 Sunbury Close, Bordon, GU35 0BW Email: Use Form
Contact Viv Nobbs - Address: Copper Beeches, Landscape Lane, Newport, Isle of Wight, PO30 2NG Tel: 01983 530920
Contact WPBells - Email: Use Form  

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Contact John Stock

Telephone: 01983 719502
Email: Use Form

Ryde Photo by John Stock
Ryde Photo by John Stock

Contact Lizzie Colliss

Telephone: 02392 523650
Address: 58 Carnarvon Road, Gosport, Hants, PO12 3QS
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Contact Peter Murdock-Saint

Peter is acting webmaster for C&S District, subject to the next District meeting

Email: use form

Contact Andrew Glover

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