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The Domain Joins the Website (At Last!!)

Visitors to will now get hopelessly lost… the domain is no longer under the ringers’ control. Important material was moved to

If you are specifically looking for archive material (C&S District proir to November 2015) then is available at



CS District Webmasters’ Report 2015 (For ADM)

2015 began with the appointment of Graham Hounslow (Fawley) as Deputy Webmaster at the ADM, with the intention of his taking over as District Webmaster at the 2016 AGM. He very rapidly learned his way around the role, taking responsibility for posting the news items and creating and distributing the weekly news for much of the year.
Meanwhile, Rosalind Martin (Christchurch) designed and built a new WordPress Website for the Guild, closely modelled on the C&S website and drawing from the experiences of what had worked well with our site. The new site ( went live in December and now all the District’s news flows from there. Our “home page” is now
The intention with the new website is that it should be managed by a team of webmasters under the watchful eye of the Guild Communications Committee, and that this will enable a good news and information service to be provided for all the towers in the Guild, regardless of whether they have an “inhouse” webmaster. Having said this, the full benefits of the website can only be achieved if each local area is contributing their own news, so the role of journalist/webmaster/weekly-news-editor at District Level remains a key one, as it was before.
The cost of the website in 2016 will drop from $99 to $26 as we now only need to pay for our name “” but that will automatically redirect users to the new site.
Rosalind is standing down as District Webmaster and Graham is to stand for the role.

Contact Andrew Byford

Telephone: 023 9235 6898
Address: 67 Green Lane, Clanfield, Waterlooville, PO8 0LB
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Contact Peter Murdock-Saint

Peter is acting webmaster for C&S District, subject to the next District meeting

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Contact Allan Yalden

Telephone: 023 9225 2333