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CS District Treasurer’s Report 2015 (For ADM)

Treasurer’s Report

Presented on 30th January 2016 Christchurch and Southampton District Annual District Meeting


Overall income in 2015 was £1,824.37 slightly down when compared to £1,953.25 in 2014 and up about £10.00 on 2013.

Numbers of members are a bit down on last year with slight decreases in all membership types – Full Members from 73 to 68, Seniors from 103 to 97, Students from 24 to 22 and Probationary from 20 to 16 – let us hope that this is not a trend.   There were 205 members in total, as against 223 in 2014 – this does not include Life Members of which there are 9.      Overall membership income has decreased slightly from £1728.50 in 2014 to £1602.50 in 2015 – approximately 7%.

The income from steepleage, approximately £200, at the Monthly Meetings has really helped our District’s income and is greatly appreciated (and “steepleage” is such a lovely word !!)


Overall expenditure in 2015 was £1,488.55 compared to £1,765.05 in 2014 which was due, mainly, to a reduction in fees to the Guild and the absence of a cost for the website which was set up last year.  The overall total represents a notable, and extremely welcome, decrease of £276.50

The result of this reduced expenditure is that our total existing funds have now been increased by approximately £330 which is a great as this represents the second year of a strengthening balance.   Let us hope that we can continue on this path and avoid the need for fund-raising measures to keep our heads above water.  You can see how important the contribution from steepleage is.


The resultant balance on the capital account, once BRF and Guild dues have been deducted, is £1,060.18.

This is represented by cash held of £138.57 and a bank account balance of £200.61 (after deduction of BRF dues, Guild Dues, and other Expenses) and £721.00 held in the Nationwide Bank Account.  All amounts to be deducted will be remitted once the accounts are agreed.

There is a discounted amount of stock held for the bookstall of £55.30 and amounts of £24.00 and £49.69 held for Badges and our Ringing World Account respectively – these are looked after now by John Davey.


As ever, I would like to offer my thanks to our District Independent Examiner, Rosemary Rogers, for her help in finalising these accounts.  Without her knowledge, assistance and ability to add up correctly, they would never have balanced.

I would also like to thank Sallie Ingram, our hard-working secretary, who has kept administration costs to an absolute minimum by maximising the use of electronic media in her communications.  This has made a very big difference to our liquidity.

An Appeal to the Towers

As last year and the year before many of the towers in our District failed to pay their subscriptions by the end of June (I won’t name them as they know who they are) which is, officially, the due date.  It would be greatly appreciated if every effort is made this year to pay all your subscriptions as soon as possible (and it would certainly make the treasurer’s life easier !!).  To help in this appeal I understand that the insurance becomes invalid if a tower has not paid by the end of June.

Change of Treasurer

After four years of being your treasurer I am stepping down to make way for someone else who, I am certain, will do a far better job than me.  I shall mention no names as there has yet to be an election this afternoon.  I would ask that you give your new treasurer the friendship, help and support you have given to me.

Rob Bury


 January 2016

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