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Winchester District Coursing order – training presentation from Sat 14th November 2020

Winchester District held an online training course using Zoom on Saturday 14th November. It was presented by Edmund Wratten, District Ringing Master, and attended by over 30 members.

The presentation that Edmund gave is available to download here.

NB: This presentation requires LibreOffice, available to download and use for free from

You will only be able to view the presentation using Impress in LibreOffice. Once you have installed LibreOffice click on the link above to download the presentation. It will not work in PowerPoint or online.

Macro setting required to run the presentation: In Impress (the LibreOffice equivalent of Microsoft PowerPoint) you will need to set the Macro Security level to ‘Medium’ in the security settings, the menu structure may vary depending on which operating system you are using – Go to the ‘Tools‘ menu (or on some operating systems the ‘LibreOffice’ menu);  select ‘Options…‘ (or ‘Preferences…’) ;  expand the ‘LibreOffice‘ heading and select ‘Security‘ then click on the ‘Macro Security…‘ button;  On the ‘Security Level’ tab select ‘Medium‘.

Edmund Wratten

Ringing Master

Winchester District

The ART AWARDS and how to apply.

The ART Awards continue to grow every year – with over £3,000 in prize money waiting to be won. Now is your chance to apply for the 2019 ART Awards!

The teaching awards (the first six listed below) are open to everyone – not just ART Members or those using ‘Learning the Ropes’ scheme – the aim is to encourage and recognise the people and groups leading best practice and innovation in the teaching and development of ringing. The individual ringing awards are open to those who have completed one of the Learning the Ropes programmes (on tower or hand bells) or participated in the Learning the Ropes Plus scheme.

ART Awards 2019

Prizes will be awarded in the following categories:

The Sarah Beacham Youth Group Award
Prize of £400 – sponsored by the Sarah Beacham Memorial Trust

The Sarah Beacham School Group Award
Prize of £400 – sponsored by the Sarah Beacham Memorial Trust

The ART Award for Excellence in the Use of Technology in Teaching
Prize of £500 – sponsored by John Taylor & Co.

The ART Award for Excellence in Recruitment or Retention
Prize of £400 – sponsored by AbelSim

The ART Award for a University Society that has made a Significant Contribution to Promoting Ringing to Younger People
Prize of £500 – sponsored by CCCBR

The ART Award for Inspiring Leadership in Ringing
Prize of £400 – sponsored by Talent Innovations

The ART Learning the Ropes Individual Achievement Awards
Two prizes of £250 – sponsored by the Ancient Society of College Youths
Five highly commended prizes of £25 each

Worried about applying?

The judges (led by Stephanie Pattenden) aren’t looking for the most professional application; what they are looking for is ideas, commitment and results. So if you’re looking at new ways of recruiting it’s not just the idea, but the number of people you recruited and whether they stayed. Easy ways to show that – number retained a year or two later, new recruits coming in (success breeds success), quarter peals, striking competition results, practice attendance, or ringing progress (LtR Levels) and don’t forget photos and quotes. There’s no magic formula; think why what you’re doing has been successful and put it down on paper. Please don’t be modest!

What are we looking for?

Hopefully having convinced you that the ART Awards might be relevant to you or a ringer or group you know, what are the common themes that appear in previous years’ winning applications?

  • Having a vision or passion and making it happen: however big or small, making things happen is what leadership is all about, even if you don’t call it that.
  • Trying out new things: some of which work and some of which don’t. If we don’t move with the times ringing will not flourish, so tell us about the risks you took – what you tried or did differently
  • Getting young people ringing: over-turning all those misconceptions that exist about children seeing ringing as “uncool” and giving up at the first hurdle.

If you recognise and identify with any of these themes, why not consider applying for yourself or a ringer or group you know? There will be an ART Award that’s right for your application….and if you applied and didn’t win last year, how about applying again, now you’ve got another year under your belt – Lerryn School did that last year and they won!

How do I enter?

Further information and application forms are available at

The closing date for applications is 31 December 2018 – so now is the time to make sure that those doing great work don’t miss out!

sent by Louise Nightingale, Communications & Marketing Workgroup Lead



A & P District Ringing Master to take a short break.

Unfortunately I have to announce that Graham Cane is to take a break from his role as our District Ringing Master due to other more pressing commitments. I have agreed with Graham that he take the rest of the year off and we will review things after this time.  I should stress that Graham is not standing down as Ringing Master he is just taking a break.  Graham’s break will take immediate effect and his duties will be taken up by me and other members of the team.
Mike Novell
District Chairman.



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Portsmouth Secretary’s Report 2015



2015 was a busy year with a number of meetings, social events and special practices held across the District.

The ADM was held at Shedfield and quarterly meetings were held at Titchfield, Catherington and Wickham. The Catherington meeting in July was combined with an informal striking competition and a barbecue. The beautiful weather meant the meeting could be held outside and an enjoyable day was had by all. Thanks to Marie Boniface for organising the barbecue.

Monthly District practices were held at various towers throughout the year, which were well attended. In August, David Mattingley and Lizzie Hough hosted four special District practices at St Mary’s Portsea, where some less commonly rung methods including Duffield Major, Little Bob Major and Ashford Little Bob Triples were attempted.

The Portsmouth District was also delighted to host the Annual General Meeting of the Guild at Curdridge on 5th July. Several towers were open for ringing on the day and attendance was good. Thanks to Simon King, Zara Bampton and their team of helpers for organising the event and making sure it ran smoothly. The Portsmouth District also won the Inter-District 8-bell Striking Competition and the winners’ shield was presented at the AGM by Viv Nobbs.

Several District Training Days were organised during the year, including Stepping up to Eight Bells, Plain Hunting, and Raising and Lowering. These have been taken up well and more training days have been planned for this year. In August the Portsmouth District had its annual visit to Winchester Cathedral. This is a hugely popular event and was extremely well attended.

Social events included a skittles night in April and a quiz night in September, as well as the curry night on District Quarter-peal Day. Eight quarter peals were attempted during Quarter-peal fortnight and some first quarters were achieved.

Special ringing events included celebrating the 70th anniversary of VE day at Wickham in May, and the D-day revival at Southwick in June. The annual District outing in May was to Wiltshire, visiting 7 towers.

We were greatly saddened by the death of Roy Grayson, Ringing Master at Purbrook, in November. He was a popular and stalwart supporter of all District events, especially when passing on his bell ringing skills to learners, both in his own tower and in support of any tower that needed help.

It was sad to say goodbye to Simon King and Zara Bampton on their relocation to France in October. We wish them all the very best with their new venture and would like to extend our sincere thanks for all they have done for the District, both as accomplished ringers and as members of the Committee.

My thanks to Simon King for his hard work as District Secretary and his help while I adjust to the role. I also wish to thank the District Committee members for their hard work and dedication over the last year.

Lisa Ashforth, District Secretary.

Ring out the January blues with a course of Plain Hunting

Many thanks to Alverstoke Tower for the invitation to an insight into Plain Hunting. A special thanks to Lizzie Hough who arranged the day and all the willing helpers who made the day possible including the Church Wardens for arranging refreshments.

The day started with a theory session explaining the principle of Plain Hunting and the procedures to be followed when in the Tower. It was then time to climb the many steps to the ringing floor and attempt to put the theory into practice. With a band of steady ringers in place 2 by 2 we joined in to ring. For those not actually ringing it was suggested they focus on a specific bell and follow the cycle from behind. After we each had a couple of rings we returned to the church for a break and coffee.

We returned to the Tower where we again joined the band for further practice. All those attended appreciated the time and effort put in by the helpers which made the day possible and most enjoyable.

Many Thanks
Malcolm & Debbie

The Domain Joins the Website (At Last!!)

Visitors to will now get hopelessly lost… the domain is no longer under the ringers’ control. Important material was moved to

If you are specifically looking for archive material (C&S District proir to November 2015) then is available at



CS District Secretary’s Report 2015 (For ADM)

District Secretary’s Report 2015

2015 has been a year of significant change in the district. We have implemented a new style of district programme, which places more emphasis on ringing.

The main change was having two hour district ringing practices taking place in most months. All abilities were accommodated from rounds upwards and we had a special method of the month.  These were held at Eling in February, Minstead in April, 12-bell practice at Bitterne Park in May, St Mary’s Southampton in June, St Peter’s Bournemouth in July, 12-bell practice at Christchurch in October, and Sacred Heart Bournemouth in November. The monthly practices have been generally well attended and we are seeing more people from the district attending including some who have not previously attended district ringing events.

Our two annual striking competitions have been successfully combined with these district practices. The Hartless Striking competition (call changes) was held in Sopley in March and the Hinton striking competition (six-bell change ringing) was held at Brockenhurst in September.

We have retained the ever popular Carol Service which was held at Christchurch this year, and summer practice at Winchester Cathedral. Both very enjoyable.

The outing this year in September was to Wiltshire, which included a variety of bells, some more enjoyable than others. A good time was had by all that attended.

We have continued with running Youth Practices during the school holidays. The age of Attendees have ranged from 7 – 17. Practices have been well attended by 15 of our young ringers making good progress each time.

Sallie Ingram

District Secretary

January 2016

CS District Ringing Masters Report 2015 (FOR ADM)

Ringing Masters Report 2015

This year we started monthly practices instead of having quarterly meetings. We have had a specific method for each practice plus rounds and call changes upwards to accommodate everybody that attends, I hope everybody that has attended has enjoyed and got out of the practices what they needed. The coming year will continue with these practices once a month, if you have a particular special method requirement for these practices please let me or Liz know.

We again entered a band in the Guild 8 bell striking comp. at Shedfield with a very good piece of Grandsire Triples which put us in 2nd place.

I will be looking to put a band together for the Guild 8 bell again this year which takes place on the Guild AGM day.

If any of the towers in the district have any training needs please let me know and I will try and organise helpers to come along to help out. This year I had one request from Minstead ringers to learn Stedman Doubles some from scratch and some to re-enforce the method. Polly then organised some back up practices on Wednesday mornings and the learners are progressing well.

The district has other specific practices during each month – a surprise major, doubles and minor. If you have not tried any of these please fill free to attend and I am sure you will get a good welcome.

I hope you all will enjoy your ringing in the coming year.

Colin Butler

CS District Treasurer’s Report 2015 (For ADM)

Treasurer’s Report

Presented on 30th January 2016 Christchurch and Southampton District Annual District Meeting


Overall income in 2015 was £1,824.37 slightly down when compared to £1,953.25 in 2014 and up about £10.00 on 2013.

Numbers of members are a bit down on last year with slight decreases in all membership types – Full Members from 73 to 68, Seniors from 103 to 97, Students from 24 to 22 and Probationary from 20 to 16 – let us hope that this is not a trend.   There were 205 members in total, as against 223 in 2014 – this does not include Life Members of which there are 9.      Overall membership income has decreased slightly from £1728.50 in 2014 to £1602.50 in 2015 – approximately 7%.

The income from steepleage, approximately £200, at the Monthly Meetings has really helped our District’s income and is greatly appreciated (and “steepleage” is such a lovely word !!)


Overall expenditure in 2015 was £1,488.55 compared to £1,765.05 in 2014 which was due, mainly, to a reduction in fees to the Guild and the absence of a cost for the website which was set up last year.  The overall total represents a notable, and extremely welcome, decrease of £276.50

The result of this reduced expenditure is that our total existing funds have now been increased by approximately £330 which is a great as this represents the second year of a strengthening balance.   Let us hope that we can continue on this path and avoid the need for fund-raising measures to keep our heads above water.  You can see how important the contribution from steepleage is.


The resultant balance on the capital account, once BRF and Guild dues have been deducted, is £1,060.18.

This is represented by cash held of £138.57 and a bank account balance of £200.61 (after deduction of BRF dues, Guild Dues, and other Expenses) and £721.00 held in the Nationwide Bank Account.  All amounts to be deducted will be remitted once the accounts are agreed.

There is a discounted amount of stock held for the bookstall of £55.30 and amounts of £24.00 and £49.69 held for Badges and our Ringing World Account respectively – these are looked after now by John Davey.


As ever, I would like to offer my thanks to our District Independent Examiner, Rosemary Rogers, for her help in finalising these accounts.  Without her knowledge, assistance and ability to add up correctly, they would never have balanced.

I would also like to thank Sallie Ingram, our hard-working secretary, who has kept administration costs to an absolute minimum by maximising the use of electronic media in her communications.  This has made a very big difference to our liquidity.

An Appeal to the Towers

As last year and the year before many of the towers in our District failed to pay their subscriptions by the end of June (I won’t name them as they know who they are) which is, officially, the due date.  It would be greatly appreciated if every effort is made this year to pay all your subscriptions as soon as possible (and it would certainly make the treasurer’s life easier !!).  To help in this appeal I understand that the insurance becomes invalid if a tower has not paid by the end of June.

Change of Treasurer

After four years of being your treasurer I am stepping down to make way for someone else who, I am certain, will do a far better job than me.  I shall mention no names as there has yet to be an election this afternoon.  I would ask that you give your new treasurer the friendship, help and support you have given to me.

Rob Bury


 January 2016