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Guild AGM 2022 – Detailed arrangements -Saturday 11th June

The Alton & Petersfield District warmly welcomes you to attend the Guild AGM on Saturday 11th June!

Here is an overview of the day, but please download thesee the document below using the ‘Download’ button for the detailed arrangements, including timings, locations, links and maps.

Guild AGM Schedule (Saturday 11th June):

10:00am – 12:00noon              Inter-District striking competition at West Meon.

11:00am – 12:30pm                General ringing at Bentworth.

11:30am – 1:00pm                  General ringing at Chawton.

Lunch (own arrangements)

2:00pm – 2:50pm                    General ringing at Holybourne.

3:00pm – 3:30pm                    Service at Holybourne.

4:15pm – 6:00pm                    Annual Guild Meeting at St Lawrence Church Hall, Alton.

6:15pm – 7:00pm                    Ringer’s Buffet Tea & Refreshments.

7:00pm – 8:00pm                    General ringing at St Lawrence, Alton.

To avoid disappointment, please book your place in the Hall for the Tea & Meeting as soon as possible (and before 10pm on Wednesday 8th June) using the following link:

You are welcome to attend any individual part(s) of the day, or the entire day, according to your preference/availability!

REMINDER: Please could District Ringing Masters notify Pete Jordan (Guild Master) of their intention to enter a District team(s) before the closing date of Saturday 28th May.

With best wishes, and look forward to seeing you on 11th June.

Rachael Barber

A&P District Communications Officer

Portsmouth wins 2016 Inter-District Striking Competition

Greg Jordan  Reports:
The inter-district 8 bell competition on 2nd July  and 4 districts entered. The changeable weather didn’t affect spirits and everyone undertook their practice and test pieces with gusto.

What a fabulous Inter-District 8 bell competition yesterday at New Alresford! We had 4 districts enter and here are the results:

*Drum Roll*

1st: Portsmouth, 89%, ringing Grandsire Triples and a peal speed of 3hrs 2mins

2nd: Winchester, 84%, ringing Cambridge Surprise Major and a peal speed of 3hrs 8mins

3rd: Christchurch and Southampton, 82%, ringing Grandsire Triples and a peal speed of 3hrs 7mins

4th: Andover, 75%, ringing Grandsire Triples and a peal speed of 3hrs 2m

Well done to all the teams and thank you to our Judges, Paul and Kate Flavell!

Final thing, the date for the Inter-tower 6 and 8 bell competitions will be 20th may 2017 and the date of the inter-district 8 bell will be on Agm day, 17th June 2017!

Congratulations to  Portsmouth District Team Members  Rachel Byford. Ali Hunt. Sarah Hutchinson. Andrew Byford. Jim Twiney.  David Atkins.  Ian Hunt.  David Mattingley.

Outcome of the Election of Officers at the 2016 AGM

l-r Viv, Mike, Pete and Christine
l-r Viv, Mike, Pete and Christine

The election of new officers for the Guild at the AGM yesterday was very successful overall – the officers led by Viv Nobbs for the past three years were able to hand their responsibilities over to the strong new team led by Mike Winterbourne.

New faces include Mike Winterbourne the new Master, Vice-Master Pete Jordan, and Treasurer Ros Brandwood who will sit on the top table at Exec meetings alongside Tony Smith who remains as Minute Secretary.

The other new officers elected at the AGM are:

  • New Central Council Reps Allan Yalden and Andrew Johnson will serve from 29th May 2017, replacing Tony Smith and Viv Nobbs who remain in their current CCCBR roles until that date.
  • Viv Nobbs, who stepped down as Guild Master, became Public Relations Officer.

Click here to see the full list (old plus new officers)

The New Officers Introduce Themselves:

The Guild Is Still Seeking a new Secretary

The key job of Secretary which has been done by Mo Routh for the past 3 years, was not filled.

Maureen Routh, General Secretary
Maureen Routh, General Secretary

Mo said:

I have offered to caretake the role as a volunteer for (hopefully) a matter of weeks while the new officers settle in and they have a chance to find someone to take it on.  I have set a limit on this and if there is still no volunteer by the November Executive meeting, I shall step down and the Guild will have no secretary and the things I deal with will have to be taken on by other officers.  I hope it won’t come to that, and that someone else becomes secretary very soon.

Master’s Message – Introducing the Guild Action Plan Review July 2016

The Guild’s Action Plan Review will be presented to the Annual General Meeting on Saturday. It’s hoped that many members will be present but not all will be able to join us.

I thank members for supporting Officers with the Action Plan  and thereby enabling us to take a more flexible approach. I have appreciated it very much and wish to keep my part of the bargain by presenting this review; I strongly believe in transparency and accountability to members. I do hope this will encourage even more engagement leading to positive outcomes.

The Review is linked here and included in full below for your information; I hope you find it helpful.

 Looking forward to the next twelve months, it would be my wish and suggestion to see the following items included in our actions:

  • A budget review by the Executive Committee in November, using part-year figures, to include consideration of a positive policy regarding payment of expenses for Officers, maybe Tutors, in order that we might be prepared and in a good position to encourage members to volunteer with confidence and, if they wished to do so, claim expenses.
  • Consideration being given to the setting up of a Young Ringers’ Fund.
  • A volunteer coming forward to act as a Young Ringers’ coordinator, hopefully resulting in an increased number of our young members meeting together frequently to give them more benefits from ringing and social activities.
  • A volunteer coming forward to serve on the Striking Competitions Committee with Greg Jordan and Peter Niblett and for all ringers to encourage increased enthusiasm and participation in the Striking Contests.

Viv Nobbs


The Full Review:

  • Action Plan review agreed at the 2015 A.G.M – Period 5th July 2015 – 2nd July 2016

    Section 1 – Ongoing work

    1. a) Four events have taken place:
    • Linda Garton, R.W.N.Y.C. organiser, gave a presentation and personal insight into this very popular annual contest. She highlighted a number of benefits of the striking competitions including the fun and team-building leading up to the day itself.  ‘Though there was a low attendance, those present enjoyed the event and said it would prove helpful in inspiring young ringers. Linda kindly made a donation of  £50 (her expenses refunded effectively) and asked if The Guild would consider applying it to a
      Young Ringers fund.
    • Firsts Fortnight – ‘though it was not an actual coming-to-meet-together event, it proved very popular and was reported as being very successful. It certainly seemed to inspire many members of all experience levels. It was very evident that many ringers and other groups from across the country were watching the event’s progress and were commenting on its obvious success, especially on Social Media.
    • Two Inter-Tower Striking Contests (the competition rules were amended to encourage more entries) and, on the same day, two open towers and a skittles and lunch informal social occasion.  Basingstoke District was able to give its support at the competitions’ venues and The Master undertook the open towers and social event. All seemed to be enjoyed and appreciated by those attending indicated by a good number of entries from local towers – especially for the 6-bell contest – and, the social side, by those travelling the greatest distance.
    • Guild A.G.M Day 2nd July 2016. Open towers, Inter-District Striking Competition, Ploughman’s Lunch, Church Service, Association of Ringing Teachers information hub, informal showcase of Centenary of end of World War 1 project, Annual General Meeting and light refreshments.
    1. b) We have aimed to continue to encourage Districts to be independent of central control and to be Ringing hubs and cross border co-operation continues to be evident and encouraged. Guild support by way of the new website has been reported as working well.
    1. c) The inventory of Guild resources has not yet been completed. Some items are listed on the website.
      It is work in progress.
    1. d) The Secretary and Communications Team, in particular, have ensured that we are a real presence in the ringing and non-ringing communities. As a result there were three entrants in the
      Association of Ringing Teachers – “Sarah Beacham Memorial Trust” – awards; all did well and Brighstone won an award. The prize is likely to be a sum of money.

    The Master has continued to be pro-active in working with the two Dioceses building up some even  stronger and very meaningful links. With the Central Council Visit in May, it gave us an amazing opportunity to showcase ringing in the Portsmouth Diocese, in particular. The Diocesan P.R. resource was very much used for our benefit; it took responsibility for the drafting and issue of a Press Release, focusing very much on local ringing and ringers. In this context, Bishop Christopher, at the Central Council reception, made the informal comment to The Master  “It’s good we’re on the map!”

    1. e) The Guild has been encouraging Young Ringers and their local leaders, generally. Specifically, the Guild has made a financial contribution of £440 towards the costs of travel for two separate Striking Contests. The first ever South East England Young Ringers’ Competition in Epsom Common, Surrey – a joint team was entered from Guernsey and The Isle of Wight – and the  R.W.N.Y.C. being held on 2nd July will see a band comprising ringers from the Christchurch and Southampton area working with the Isle of Wight.

    It is hoped and anticipated that these two events will encourage even more young ringers and their supporters, from across our wide area, to enjoy more ringing and social events.
    Committees are seeing young ringers coming forward to serve, for example Belfry Stewardship and Striking Competitions.

    1. f) The Executive Committee and Officers have reviewed Administration taking into account members’  feedback and availability of resources. The amount of volunteer help being offered has an impact, so  prioritising tasks has been needed. Generally, we have been more successful in recruiting help for specific tasks rather than members being willing to stand for a specific period in formal posts.

    A focus group has been formed, to be chaired by the Guild Report Editor to consider the content, format and production costs of the Annual Report.
    Since it was announced that The Ringing World National Youth Contest was to be held on the first Saturday in July, for the foreseeable future, the decision was made to bring forward our  Annual General Meeting by two weeks; this was to send out a strong signal of commitment to our younger members and should avoid the National 12-bell contest. The general meeting will fall close to the anniversary date of the formation of our Guild.

    1. g) We have been sending out the message, at A.D.M.s and in written form, imploring members to engage further, especially by using the website.

    Section 2  – Key Projects for 2015-18

    1. a) Communications: The new website was developed and launched. Taking into account the technical experience and personnel available and listening to the advice of the Communications Team, it was  decided to make the development and launch of the new website the priority action.

    A data base of members is considered to be a priority still as is an overall review of how information is circulated to members, including more newsletters, in addition to the website.

    1. b) Education: an Action Plan budget of £1,200 was earmarked.

    No District came forward to apply for the £500 (maximum) “District initiative” element ‘though one District has made its intention known that it will very likely apply in the year 2016-17.

    The Education Committee has not applied this year for the financial benefit of £200. It will review in the Autumn as hall hire is increasing generally and the benefit of lower student numbers on some courses is apparent.

    Especially, in the light of the above, The Master has used discretion with The Teacher Training element of the £500 approximate budget. 3 out of 8 Districts have applied for this support this year.

    £180 has been allocated in the following way: 9 students have claimed and will be paid £20 each.

    1. c) Belfry Stewardship: the new committee has been formed and has begun to review items to be
      It has been considering the completion of the Bell Stock Survey, especially as the records had been found to be very useful at Ropley after the serious fire.


    1. d) Recruitment and Retention: we’ve aimed to promote the application of good publicity and striving for excellent training, hand in hand, to improve the prospects of recruitment and retention.   Financial incentives are available within the Action Plan for Training Tutor courses.

    In addition, a focus group has been established recently; the initial purpose has been to investigate and introduce if necessary, the possibility of teaching schools within our Guild. The group is financially and administratively separate from other Guild committees. It will act harmoniously with them, of course.  The group will report to the Executive Committee later in 2016 and might require some funding.

    Section 3 – Future Events


    1. a) Hosting of the Central Council Annual 2016 Conference and to provide the material for the Ringing World calendar. All of this went very well indeed. A number of members produced excellent photographs for the beautiful calendars. Christine Hill did a magnificent job – she’d accepted full and overall responsibility; she chaired the local organising committee, kept everyone motivated and on target. Extra volunteers (including a ringer from Sussex who knew “W and P” via Social Media) gave their time over the actual weekend of the conference and main events, including at many open towers. All volunteers were very committed, reliable and much appreciated.

    Bishop Christopher attended the formal dinner and wrote to thank The Master and included

    “I know that making all the arrangements for the weekend gathering would have involved substantial work. You and your colleagues deserve all the thanks you will have received from giving everyone such a good experience of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight along with many church towers. I add my thanks for all that you have done to enhance the profile and reputation of the Diocese of  Portsmouth.
    It has been a pleasure for us in the diocese to work alongside you and your team to our mutual benefit.”

    1. b) Hosting the Association of Ringing Teachers Annual Conference 2017.

    The venue has been booked for the two days in Basingstoke. It is anticipated that a small group of volunteers will carry out the necessary local organisation of this event, much less in size than the Central Council’s conference visit.

    1. c) Event to mark the centenary of the end of World War 1 and to record commemorative ringing.

    Two volunteers have taken on this project with much enthusiasm and commitment. An opportunity to include ringing in our towers from 1914, to honour and remember personnel killed during the conflict,  has been recognised and grasped. Third parties have recognised with us the potential benefit of this project to portray a positive image of our ringing community. It might well assist with our recruitment efforts.

    This project will report to the Executive Committee later in 2016 and is likely to require funding, some from the Guild and it’s anticipated that an application will be made to the Heritage Lottery Fund.

    1. d) Recruitment Drive and Retention of Ringers.

        Together with the new focus group looking at the possibility of Ringing Schools and its liaison with local leaders, the use of good publicity and promotional material should dovetail well with a view to a recruitment drive.

WP Guild AGM July 2nd 2016

Annual General Meeting
New Alresford and Envions
Saturday, 2nd July 2016

News from the AGM

General Ringing Programme

9:45 a.m. – 10:45 a.m. Open Ringing, Cheriton,
6 bells, 6 cwt
10:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. Open Ringing, Tichborne,
6 bells, 7¾ cwt
11:30 a.m. – 12:15 p.m. Open Ringing, Old Alresford,
6 bells, 10 cwt

Programme at New Alresford

10:00 a.m. → Inter-District Striking Competition,
St John’s Church
11.00 a.m. → Association of Ringing Teachers’ Display,
John Pearson Hall (adjoining the Church)
12:30 p.m. → Ploughman’s Lunch, John Pearson Hall
1:30 p.m. → Open & Service Ringing, St John’s
2:00 p.m. → Guild Service, St John’s Church
3:00 p.m. → Guild AGM, John Pearson Hall
(followed by tea/coffee and cake)
5:00 p.m. → Open Ringing, St John’s Church

Maps and post codes etc

… for each event are available if you click the location on this page.

The main centre for the day, New Alresford St John’s Church and the adjacent Hall, is HERE, post code is SO24 9AG

Poster (same content as this page) AGM 160702 Poster


Names/numbers for lunch to Elizabeth Johnson,
01962 733266 or via email to Bruce Purvis,
using the form below by Monday 27th June: booking essential.

  • Contact Bruce Purvis

More Volunteers come forward for Guild Officer Posts

Viv Nobbs (Master) Writes:

We are still to hear of volunteers for several posts, including those for Hon. Treasurer and Hon. Secretary.
These two Principal Officers are vital for the Guild’s smooth running and continued progress.
I’d be pleased to chat over specific details if anyone has a mind to consider standing for election.

Tel: 07594 609 366.

I am pleased to advise that:

  1.  Bruce Purvis has advised that he wishes to stand again for the post of Hon. Librarian and Archivist.
  2. Peter Clarke has advised that he will stand again as Independent Examiner.
  3. Pete Jordan of Basingstoke District has declared he would like to stand as Vice-Master.

Pete Jordan – Elected as Guild Vice Master July 2016

Hello Everyone,
I would like to take the opportunity to introduce myself to those of you who don’t know me, as well as to reach out to those of you whom I either know, or our paths have crossed as ‘nodding acquaintances’ from time to time at Guild events.
I have been a member of the Guild for around 25 years, as member of St Michael’s church in Basingstoke where I have in the recent past held various positions including Tower Captain for 5 years, Steeple Keeper and Treasurer.
For me, the pleasure of ringing is not only self satisfaction, but also to help others to develop their skills in the tower. Within my own tower this may include bespoke practices to benefit learners specific requirements, quarter peals to give them the opportunity to both learn a method well and to enjoy the reward of achievement, and generally supporting all of the ringers in their goals and ambitions.

I am now seeking to spread my wings a little in support of the Guild and would like to offer my services as Vice Master at the upcoming elections. Personally, I look forward to learning a little more about the Guild, meeting and supporting its membership and working with the executive committee and sub committees to carry on the excellent work of the outgoing team.

Pete Jordan

Guild Officer Elections on July 2nd

Guild Officer Elections

We are just two weeks away from our Annual General Meeting in New Alresford and our Officer elections will be taking place there. Members have been encouraged to stand for office.

I’m pleased we were able to report last week that a candidate has come forward for the post of Master – Mike Winterbourne of Andover District.

Michael Church has advised me that he is willing to stand for election as one of the five Central Council Representatives.

I wish to stand for election to the post of Public Relations Officer.

These declared intentions do not preclude other nominations for the same posts.

It is likely that nominations will be made from the floor of the meeting on 2nd July and they can be made in advance of the meeting. Each candidate is required to provide a formal Proposer and Seconder.  These two members could be present at the A.G.M. or, if either or both are unable to attend the meeting, they can contact Mo Routh, Honorary General Secretary with their nominations.  If they are not going to be present at the AGM, please make sure she receives the details of candidate, proposer and seconder by the evening of Friday 1
st July.  There is no need for advance notice if the proposer and seconder will be at the meeting.

Nominations are invited for the following posts:

To be elected on, and to serve for 3 years from, Saturday 2nd July 2016 to the 2019 Guild A.G.M.



Hon. General Secretary 

Hon. General Treasurer

Hon. Librarian and Archivist

Hon. Peal Recorder

Hon. Report Editor

Minutes Secretary

Child Protection Officer

Independent Examiner

Public Relations Officer

Two Bell Restoration Fund Trustees (1 from each Diocese)


5 Central Council Representatives – to be elected on Saturday 2nd July 2016 and to serve for 3 years from the Central Council Annual Conference in May 2017 to be held in Edinburgh.

There were moves towards “Change” at the recent C.C.C.B.R. annual conference in Portsmouth. So, a really good opportunity here for some of us to mould the future of ringing.

For details of the Officers currently in post, please see

If you are considering volunteering to serve as an Officer and would like more information, please contact me by email using the form below, then I’d be pleased to ‘phone you if you wanted to talk in detail.

Thank you.

Viv Nobbs 

Guild Master.

Mike Winterbourne – Elected Guild Master July 2016

Mike Winterbourne
Proposed by: Andy Ingram
Seconded: Tim Pink

Mike Writes:

Having previously been involved in the Education Committee, I would like to see each Guild member have the opportunity to progress their skills. While many districts do support this aim, I believe the meeting of individuals all striving together has a way of developing long term friendships across district boundaries and sharing knowledge.

One area where we rely on the goodwill of individuals, in the form of District Officers, Tower Captains, Tower Correspondents or Tower contacts, is in passing information. I would like to see a Guild database of contact emails so each member can receive their District and Guild information directly, with options to avoid unwanted emails.

I would like to see the development of the Guild Action Plan with regular input from the Guild members as it develops and grows.

For more information about the Guild Officer Posts which are coming up for election on the 2nd of July at the AGM, please read Viv’s article. To nominate candidates please contact Mo Routh any time up to and including AGM day.

2016 AGM – plus Striking Competitions and Lunch

AGM 2016 poster image10.00 Inter District 8 Bell Striking Competition at St John’s Church, New Alresford. Come and support your district team!

From 11.00 onwards there will be a display about ART and ringing training in the John Pearson Hall, next to the church. Do come and ask questions!

12.30 Ploughman’s Lunch in the John Pearson Hall. Please book this in advance. (see below for details)

The results of the striking competition will be given during or after lunch.

13.30 Open ringing at St John the BaptistScreenshot at 2016-06-16 21:15:01

14.00 Guild Service in St John the Baptist

15.00 Guild AGM, The John Pearson Hall

After the meeting, tea, coffee and cakes will be available in the hall

To book a Ploughman’s Lunch, please contact Elizabeth Johnson, 01962 733266 or email Bruce Purvis,  giving name and number of lunches required.

Agenda for the 2016 Winchester and Portsmouth Guild Annual General Meeting

PDF version of the agenda for printing

1     Master’s welcome

2     Inter-District Striking Competition results. 

3     Apologies for absence

4     Loss of Members from death since the 2015 AGM

Len Barham Alton All Saints
Andrew Barnsdale Unattached
Roy Grayson Purbrook
Roy Howard Freshwater
Simon Lipscombe-Smith Ecchinswell
Marjorie Mannering Buriton
Tom Metcalfe Blackmoor
Ramon A Stone (LM) West Meon
Bernard Tilyard Whitwell
David Yates Arreton

Also Martin Routh, former Tower Captain at Amport, Colin Nicholson, first Tower Captain at St Peter Port Guernsey and Keith Williamson formerly of Liss.

5     Minutes of the 2015 AGM

6     Matters arising

7     Life Membership – for fifty years continuous membership.

John S Croft Unattached, Winchester District
Alan Hoar Odiham, Basingstoke District
Maureen Routh Steep, Alton and Petersfield District
Ronald Tipper Buriton, Alton and Petersfield District

8     Officers’ and Committee Reports for 2015 

Hon General Secretary p4 (Annual Report)

Hon General Treasurer p5

Education Committee p16

Hon Librarian and Archivist p18

Striking Competitions Committee p19

Belfry Stewardship Committee p20

Hon Peal Recorder p21

Communications Committee p25

9 Bell Restoration Fund 

Trustees’ Report and Accounts for 2015 p 9 (Annual Report)

Grant Proposals

10     Report on 2016 Central Council Meeting

11     Guild Officer Triennial Elections

a)  Master

b)  Vice-Master

c)  Hon General Secretary

d)  Hon General Treasurer

e)  Minute Secretary

f)  Hon Librarian and Archivist

g)  Hon Peal Recorder

h)  Hon Report Editor

i)  Central Council Representatives (five)

j)  Child Protection Officer

k)  Public Relations Officer

l) ) Independent Examiner

m) Portsmouth Diocese BRF Trustee

n) Winchester Diocese BRF Trustee

12     Action Plan Update

13    Future Guild Events

24 August 2016 Young Ringers Day with Salisbury Guild

24 September 2016 District Officers Forum, St Barnabas Church Hall Southampton

12 November 2016 Executive Committee Meeting, St Barnabas’ Church Hall Southampton

26 November 2016 Informal Social Event, to be arranged

11/12 March 2017 ART Annual conference. Old Basing Hall, Basingstoke

14   Date and place of 2017 AGM


17 June 2017 To be held in the Christchurch and Southampton District.


15     Any other business 

Unconfirmed Minutes of the 2015 Winchester and Portsmouth Guild Annual General Meeting




PDF version of this document

  1. Master’s welcome

    The Guild Master – Viv Nobbs, supported by Vice-Master – Christine Hill, Hon. Gen. Secretary – Mo Routh, Hon. Gen. Treasurer – Mike Bubb and Minute Secretary – Tony Smith, opened the meeting at 5.20 p.m. The Master welcomed all present and thanked the Portsmouth District members for hosting the event and providing refreshments at Shedfield, lunch at Wickham and tea at Curdridge, the incumbents and tower captains for the use of their bells, Rev. Norman Chatfield for taking the service and David Burgess for playing the organ. She said a short prayer to open the meeting.

  2. Striking Competition results

    Leigh Simpson and Tessa Beadman had judged the Inter-District 8-bell Striking Competition at Shedfield that morning. The following results had been announced in the Study Centre and certificates presented to the team captains.

    Position District Method Score Peal Speed Drawn
    1st Portsmouth Grandsire Triples 27 3h5 6th
    2nd Christchurch & Southampton Grandsire Triples 38 3h23 5th
    3rd Winchester Grandsire Triples 42 2h59 4th
    4th Alton & Petersfield Grandsire Triples 44 3h14 1st
    5th Channel Islands Plain Bob Triples 52 2h57 7th
    6th Basingstoke Plain Bob Triples 72 3h8 2nd
    7th Isle of Wight Grandsire Triples 79 3h1 3rd
    Scratch Band Grandsire Triples 42 2h58 8th

    The Master presented the trophy to the winning team captain, David Mattingley.

  3. The following 67 members signed the attendance book: Judy & Andrew Sparling (St. Lawrence, Alton), Ian Rees (All Saints, Basingstoke), Peter Rowe (St. Michael, Basingstoke), Wendy Smart and John Whiteman (Botley), Graham Nobbs (Carisbrooke), Marie Boniface and Rachel & Andrew Byford (Catherington), Robin Milford (Curdridge), Ruth & Derek Jackson (Eling), Viv Nobbs (Ryde), Andrew Banks and Roger Barber (Hawkley), Gill & Robin Wilson (Hinton Admiral), Katie Hill (Guildford Cathedral), Andrew Craddock, Christine, Peter and Rosemary Hill, Tessa & Tony Smith, and Pam & Richard Thompson (Hursley), Maggie Hiller (Kingsclere), John Palk (Lockerley & East Tytherley), Sallie, Andy, Isla & Erin Ingram (Milford-on-Sea), Polly Osborne (Minstead), Elizabeth & Andrew Johnson (New Alresford), Robin Winckworth (Petersfield), Sarah Hutchinson and David Mattingley (Portsmouth Cathedral), Elizabeth & John Davey (Ringwood), Nici Collins (Rotherwick),
    Liz Thornton and Chris Caryer (St. Mary Bourne), Betty Daysh (Shedfield), Colin Butler, Steve Castle and Barry Fry (Southampton), Sue Craddock (Sparsholt), Mo & Hugh Routh (Steep), Charlotte & Edd Colliss (Swanmore), Mike Winterbourne (Tangley), Michael Church (Upton Grey), John Colliss and Bruce Purvis (Winchester Cathedral), Michael Bubb (Vale), Peter Niblett (Whitchurch), Lisa Ashforth, Zara Bampton, Blanche Hunt, Simon King and Greg Painter (Wickham), Christine Knights-Whittome (Wonston) and Alan Buswell and Joyce Croft (unattached).Apologies for absence had been received from Peter Clarke (Bishopstoke), Charlotte Lloyd (Froxfield), Rosemary Oakeshott (Lockerley & East Tytherley), Rodney Skinner (New Alresford) and Jill Taylor (Ryde). Further apologies were received from Kim Matthews (Sacred Heart, Bournemouth), the Barton Stacey band, Judy Bishop (Easton), Helen Piper (Kingsclere), the Lockerley band, Susan Clutterbuck (Mottisfont), Phil Watts (North Stoneham), Deb Baker and Martin Barnes (Rotherwick), Lesley Blackburn (Titchfield), Kate Nye (Winchester Cathedral) and John Croft (unattached).
  4. Loss of Members from death since the 2014 AGM

    The meeting stood to remember: Philip Chalk (Hurstbourne Priors), Dennis Chapman (Eling), Aubrey Eveleigh (Isle of Wight), Scarlett Holbrook (Amport), Roland Jackson (Curdridge), Brian Jordan (formerly of Fordingbridge), Brenda Monaghan (Tower Correspondent at Leckford), Jacqueline Redway (New Alresford), Barbara Skilleter (Havant), Tamara Townsend (Botley), Esme Weaver (LM) (St. Michael, Basingstoke), Peter Williams (Alverstoke). Barry Fry said a prayer.

  5. Minutes of the 2014 AGM

    The minutes of the 2014 AGM at Goodworth Clatford were adopted on the proposition of John Davey, seconded by Mike Winterbourne, and signed by the Master as a true record.

  6. Matters arising

    1. Young Ringers’ Striking Competition

      The Master said that Dan Graham regretted he was unable to follow through with a Young Ringers’ event. Simon Lipscombe had done some initial research for an event and the Master gave a provisional sketch of the day:
      Youth Contest at an easy-going 8-bell tower. Wild and wacky team names only! Youth-friendly refreshments available. Hope to obtain Graham Wright’s mini-ring for entertainment and “Just for fun” contest between Guild Officers and a scratch band of Young Ringers. Some Young Ringers will judge. Have a simulator for silent practice using headphones. Use Facebook/Twitter for use of live feed, messages of support to be Tweeted etc. Lunch hopefully provided by kind adults. Youth speaker. Handbells. Late afternoon kids off to Pizza Hut or similar. Simon hoping to get business sponsorship for an appropriate trophy for the contest.

    2. Diocese of Winchester Mission Action Plans for parishes

      The Master said the Guild Action Plan (para 1(d)) included “The Guild to become a point of contact for diocesan and national liaison”. The Master and Vice-Master had a very productive meeting with the Bishop of Winchester and covered the Mission Action Plan in their discussions, particularly considering one of the Diocese’s four strategic priorities that incorporates “intentionally connecting and engaging with our local communities in culturally relevant ways.” They came away with a number of specific practical pointers from Bishop Tim. The Master had also met the Dean of Portsmouth.

  7. Life Membership

    1. John Dodd of Bishopstoke had completed fifty years’ ringing membership of the Guild.
    2. On behalf of the Executive Committee Tony Smith proposed, and the Hon. Gen. Secretary seconded, John Colliss for election to life membership in recognition of his services to the Guild.John was elected a member of the Guild at a meeting of the old Southampton District at East Tytherley on 9 July 1966 and would complete 50 years’ membership, and be eligible for life membership under the 50 year rule, next year. However the week before his election he attended the AGM at Alton on 2 July and has attended every AGM since, making this year his 50th consecutive annual meeting.
      John is also an outstanding ringer, having rung many peals for the Guild and has served in various positions at tower, District and Guild level, including more years than anyone can remember as Winchester Cathedral Ringing Master and nine years as Hon. Gen. Treasurer.The motion was carried nem. con. and the Master presented John with his life membership certificate to sustained applause.
  8. Confirmation of election by the Executive Committee to the office of Central Council Representative

    At its meeting in March the Executive Committee had elected David Mattingley to temporarily fill a vacancy as Central Council Representative. The Master proposed this election should be confirmed. There were no other nominations.

  9. Transfer of Houghton from the Andover District to the Winchester District

    John Palk proposed and John Davey seconded that, in accordance with rule 11, Houghton should be transferred from the Andover District to the Winchester District. The motion was carried nem. con.

  10. Officers’ and Committee Reports for 2014

    There were no comments on the reports which were adopted en bloc.

  11. Bell Restoration Fund

    1. Trustees’ Report and Accounts for 2014

      There were no comments on the Report and Accounts.

    2. Grant proposals

      David Mattingley reported that the Trustees had met three times since the last AGM.

      Five grants were outstanding: £1,000 to Northington being restored, agreed at the AGM in 2013; £3,000 to All Saints, Basingstoke adding a new treble to augment to a ring of ten bells and £4,000 to Houghton installing a new light ring of six bells, agreed at the Executive Committee meeting in November 2014; £3,500 to Wherwell being restored and £2,500 to Ecchinswell replacing a biggish ring of three with a light ring of six bells, agreed at the Executive Committee meeting in March 2015.

      No applications had been received since the Executive Committee meeting in March.

  12. Report of 2015 Central Council Meeting

    David Mattingley said the proposal that the annual meeting should be held during the first weekend in September instead of the late Spring Bank Holiday was lost.
    Tony Smith said the 19 June 2015 issue of The Ringing World contained the Editor’s customary overview and the detailed minutes would be published soon.
    He said that an interesting innovation was a break-out session when society representatives met by region to discuss (with the help of flip-charts and post-it notes) how they could learn from each other and improve co-operation.
    Peter Niblett spoke positively about the session and, in answer to a question from Andrew Johnson, said that the Methods Committee report was adopted without question.

  13. Report on the Financial Review

    The Hon. Gen. Treasurer had nothing to add.

  14. Guild Action Plan

    The Master proposed, and the Vice-Master seconded that the Guild Action Plan, as a whole and as presented to the 2015 AGM be formally adopted, subject to it being reviewed at the 2016 AGM. The motion was passed nem. con.

  15. Proposal regarding subscriptions

    The Hon. Gen. Treasurer proposed and Tony Smith seconded on behalf of the Executive Committee that the proportion of the subscription allocated to the BRF in accordance with rule 8.b be reduced from £4 to £2, the additional £2 available to Guild funds being allocated between central funds and the Districts in accordance with rule 15.
    The motion was passed nem. con.

    The Hon. Gen. Treasurer reminded District Treasurers that the change was effective immediately and would apply to all future subscriptions received.

  16. Proposal regarding Education

    Christine Knights-Whittome proposed and Simon King seconded on behalf of the Executive Committee that the Guild central funds reimburse ART/ITTS costs (currently £20 per person) for W&P Guild ringing members attending an ITTS Module 1 or Module 2 course.

    The Master proposed and the Vice-Master seconded an amendment to limit the annual spend by including the additional wording “ … or an alternative equivalent course. The Guild would, in the year 2015/16, fund up to a maximum of £500.” The amendment was accepted by the proposer and seconder of the original motion.

    Andrew Craddock asked where the £500 limit had come from and the Vice-Master referred to the Guild Action Plan (para 2(b)).
    Elizabeth Davey asked what was meant by an equivalent course and it was explained this meant another teaching teachers course.
    Andrew Johnson asked what was meant by the year 2015/16 and it was explained this meant from AGM to AGM.
    John Davey thought that grants should not be limited to teaching teachers courses but his view had not been supported by the Executive Committee.
    Bruce Purvis suggested there was nothing to prevent a member self-funding a Module 1 or Module 2 course and the Hon. Gen. Treasurer agreed and said this was to be encouraged.
    Peter Hill asked how applications are made and the Master said the detail had still to be worked out.

    The motion was passed against one vote.

  17. Proposal regarding Guild Database and website

    The Master proposed and the Vice-Master seconded that a Database of Guild Members be set-up and maintained to enable improved communications to all members, and a new Guild website be developed and implemented.

    Andrew Johnson asked what data would be held, how it would be protected and what would happen if the data were released. Simon King, who had been involved with the implementation of the Sussex County Association database, referred to the supporting paper and said security would be put in place to ensure compliance with the Data Protection Act.
    John Davey wanted answers before agreeing to go forward.
    The Master said we need agreement in principle so that the details could be worked out. Peter Niblett said it was giving authority to the officers and Executive Committee to go forward without delaying another year.
    Elizabeth Davey asked about the time frame and the Master said as soon as possible.
    Steve Castle said the implication was that current communication paths were not always working and the Master agreed.
    The motion was passed against one vote.

  18. Proposal regarding Committees

    Tony Smith and Barry Downer seconded on behalf of the Executive Committee that the BRF Fund-raising Committee and the Social Committee be disbanded.
    The motion was passed nem. con.

  19. Public Relations Officer

    There were no candidates to fill the vacancy.

  20. Committee Elections

    The Master thanked the retiring committee members, some of whom had served for many years, for all their work for the Guild (applause). The following were elected.

    1. Belfry Stewardship

      Martin Barnes proposed by Nici Collins, seconded by Ian Rees. John Simpson proposed by the Vice-Master, seconded by Mike Winterbourne.

    2. Communications

      Graham Hounslow proposed by John Davey, seconded by Polly Osborne. Deb Baker proposed by Nici Collins, seconded by Ian Rees.

    3. Education

      Andy Ingram, Sallie Ingram, Christine Knights-Whittome, Polly Osborne, David Mattingley, Simon Lipscombe, Kate Nye and Duncan Loweth proposed by Mike Winterbourne, seconded by John Davey.

    4. Striking Competitions

      Peter Niblett and Simon Lipscombe proposed by Tony Smith, seconded by John Davey.

  21. Future Guild Events

    26 September 2015 Inter-District 10-Bell Striking Competition
    3 October 2015 District Officers’ Forum Littleton Millennium Memorial Hall
    21 November 2015 Executive Committee Meeting St. Barnabas’ Church Hall, Southampton
    27-30 May 2016 Central Council meeting Portsmouth
  22. Date and place of 2016 AGM

    This would be held on Saturday 2 July 2016 in Winchester. Bruce Purvis said he had already booked the new Cathedral Learning Centre.

  23. Any other business

    1. The Master said that Barbara Townsend had offered to take over the W&P 200 Club and had been expected to make the prize draws for the years 2013, 2014 and 2015 over tea. Unfortunately Barbara had not been present and the Master would follow up with Mark Esbester.
    2. Derek Jackson said the Guild should record their sincere thanks to Mark Esbester for the considerable amount of money raised for the BRF by the W&P 200 Club.
    3. Robin Milford said that Andrew Case would welcome any information as to the whereabouts of Mrs Deborah L B Donovan (formerly Handley-Garland). The Vice-Master said she could help.
    4. The Master thanked Guild members for ringing for the anniversaries of the first recorded true peal, VE Day, the sealing of Magna Carta and the Battle of Waterloo, and said the Queen would become the longest reigning British monarch on 9 September.
    5. The Master asked about Guild first pealers so far this year and Roger Barber, Ian Rees and Colin Butler responded. [Post-meeting note. Nine Guild members have rung their first peal this year: two at Christchurch on 28 February, one at All Saints, Alton on 25 April, two at Holybourne on 9 May, two at Fawley on 5 June, and two at Blackmore on 6 June.]

There being no further business, the Master closed the meeting at 6.28 p.m.

Christchurch Priory Tower AGM – Post Changes

AGM report:

Our AGM was chaired by the Priest in Charge, Charles, and was swift and painless! 2015 was a good year – to read more please see the Tower Captain’s report. The Vice Captain and Secretary have both done long, honourable and much appreciated service – and of course they will both continue to ring with us!

New Post Holders:

Frances Benjamin has stood down as Vice Captain, after many years of good service. She is replaced by 2 people, Rosemary Rogers and Ian Penny.

Janet Collins has served the band as Tower Secretary for 10 years and is being replaced by Rosalind Martin.

The other post holders were voted unanimously back into place for another year, so the new team comprises:

Tower Captain:
Contact Rosemary Rogers - Telephone: 01202 473175 Address: 104 Pittmore Road, Burton, Christchurch, BH23 7HE Email: Use Form:
Vice Captain:
Tower Secretary:
Contact Janet McCoy - Telephone: 01202 475880 Email: use form
Steeple Keeper: John Bolt assisted by Rob Bury and Richard Woodward
Public Relations Officer: Rosalind Martin

A sneak preview of Guild Events in 2016

Viv Nobbs shared this at the Guild Exec Meeting on Nov 1st 2015

2016 “Firsts Fortnight” for the Guild. 1st March – 15th March 2016.

Please ask your District to consider choosing appropriate categories e.g. first quarter peal, first visit to another tower, first touch called. This gives a specific aim for a ringer and offers the District and Guild an opportunity to recognise individual achievements. The results can be posted on the website, of course.

2016 Guild Peal Festival. June 2016.

A natural follow on to the FirstPeal2015 initiative that is going so well. There is a good deal happening that month, so we’re anticipating a variety of footnotes! Let’s see if we can see a significant increase in “W & P” peals next year!

Young Ringers’ Events

South East Region Young Ringers Striking Contest.

We’ve been invited by The Guildford Diocesan Guild Young Ringers to enter a team on Saturday 2nd April at Epsom. Details to follow. We will be discussing with a number of ringers who are actively helping young ringers’ groups already with a view to a team entering from our Guild. We have registered an interest.

Joint Venture with SDGR

We’ve been asked by The Salisbury Guild to consider a jointly organised ringing and social event, possibly in the summertime of 2016. Again this will be considered and discussed – more details will be made available, as soon as possible.

Inter-tower 6 and 8 bell striking contests 21st May A.M.

We need active help if these contests are to survive and thrive. We are sure there are many benefits to be had apart from the competition element. The building of teams  can be motivating and great fun, encourages team spirit and can help with retention of ringers. We will endeavour to work with a District and hope to make a good day out for ringers

A.G.M Ringing Day 2nd July 2016

Hosted by the Winchester District, the day will include the Inter-District 8 bell striking contest. Again, efforts are being made to make the day enjoyable and arrangements are being made now.

It will be based at New Arlesford (using Cheriton, Titchbourne, Easton as well in the Itchen Valley) to have a range of towers within easy reach. These are mostly 6 bell towers.

  • ringing
  • striking competition
  • lunch
  • service
  • AGM
  • tea

Minutes of ADM held 10.1.2015 at Hurstbourne Priors Village Hall Andover District



Founded 26 June 1879 as the Winchester Diocesan Guild



Andover District ADM 

Saturday 10th January 2015

Minutes of ADM held 10.1.2015 at Hurstbourne Priors Village Hall

Item 1. Welcome and Vote of Thanks

The Vice-Chair, Eve Lind-Smith, (acting as Chair) welcomed the Guild Vice Master, Christine Hill and her husband Peter.

She thanked the following people:

Rev. Craig Marshall for the use of St. Andrew’s Church and the Bells

Rev. Dodie Marsden, for taking the service

David Blake for playing the organ

Marilyn Smith for providing tea

The Chair requested those present to stand in memory of Scarlett Holbrook, ringer at Amport and ex-treasurer for the District who died in December and Brenda Monaghan, correspondent for Leckford.

Chris Caryer suggested a card or letter of condolence be sent from the District to Matthew Holbrook, Scarlett’s husband.  All were in agreement.

Action Point: Secretary to action.

Item 2. Apologies for Absence

Barbara Townsend Andover, Matthew Holbrook Amport, Sharon & Mike Morris, Sarah Bates, Tim Pink, Vanessa Martin, Ian & Geoff Downing, Bridgit Farren Kingsclere, Alex Pugh Abbotts Ann, Rosemary Lailey Burghclere, Joanne Waller St. Mary Bourne, John Young Longparish.

Item 3. Minutes of the previous ADM

The minutes of the previous ADM held on Sat. 11th January 2014 had been distributed by the secretary.

The minutes were accepted, by the meeting, as providing an accurate record. Proposed by Simon Lipscombe, seconded by Ros Brandwood and carried unanimously.

Item 4.Matters arising from the minutes

Item 4.  There being no incumbent the DAC was not prepared to continue discussions regarding the proposed gallery at St. Mary Bourne.  However, now a new incumbent is in place a meeting is to be held in the very near future.


Item 5. Reports

Chair’s Report for the year 2014

No report was available.

Secretary’s Report for the year 2014

The Secretary, Maggie Hiller, read out the report for 2014 (attached)

Following the Report, Chris Caryer stressed the disappointingly low attendance at some District practices.  The Ringing Master, Peter Niblett, asked that if anyone had any ideas which might increase attendance they would be welcomed.

The hospitality at SMB, in December was very much appreciated.

Treasurer’s Report for the year 2014

The Treasurer, Ros Brandwood, distributed the annual accounts and reported briefly on them.  The accounts were adopted by the meeting, the adoption being proposed by Gill Gardner and seconded by Helen Piper.

2015 subscriptions are now due. The Treasurer thanked those towers who had already paid. 

Carol Waller was thanked for independently examining the accounts.

Chris Caryer asked about the percentage of subscriptions paid on line.  The exact number was not known but the Treasurer confirmed that although it was small, it was increasing.

Ringing Master’s Report for the year 2014

The Ringing Master, Peter Niblett, delivered a verbal report.

The highlights of 2014 had been, firstly a peal rung at Burghclere by a local band and conducted by Simon Lipscombe.  The band consisting of no fewer than three first-pealers!

Next, the District outing to Somerset, which involved heavier bells than most of our ringers are used to.  The now inevitable mini-ring was fun, with several laudable performances.  The lunch, excellent.

St. Mary Bourne’s second place in the 6/8 bell striking competition was to be congratulated.  SMB was the only tower in the District to enter a striking competition in 2014 so all were encouraged to consider having a go in the coming year – especially younger ringers.  All members were encouraged to attend 10-bell  practices.

A seminar entitled ‘Future of Ringing’, held in Winchester, in March, provided much food for thought.

Finally, towers were encouraged to continue to support each other and to work together.   

Guild Executive Report

The Secretary outlined minutes of last November 2014 Executive meeting (attached).

Following this Chris Caryer asked why there had been so little consultation over the Guild dinner.

The Guild Vice-Master, Christine Hill, explained that too few people had committed prior to the dinner to warrant paying the large, non-returnable deposit.

There have been other problems which have prevented social committee members from carrying out their duties.  The committee requires new members to come forward and organise events.

(At this point (6.25pm) Philip Chalk, Hurstbourne Priors tower secretary, joined the meeting, warmly welcomed by the Vice-Chair, Eve Lind-Smith.)

Item 6. Election of New Members

Kevin Rogers and Lin Rogers of Kintbury (Oxford Diocese) were voted in as Compounding members prior to a peal rung at Burghclere on 2nd August 2014.

Proposed: John Simpson, Seconded: Helen Piper.

7. Venues and Events 2015

District Practice venues for April, July and October were identified.

Simon Lipscombe, Vice-Ringing Master, again kindly volunteered to organise a District outing.  An email will be sent out to gather people’s preferences.  Feedback will be much appreciated.

Striking competition and Education event dates were identified. 

An updated calendar of events for the Andover District is attached.  Dates and venues have been included where known.  Those missing will be sent out by email when confirmed

or consult the Guild website for further details

8. District transfer request from Houghton tower.

In September, an email was received from Bob Gosse, a ringer at Broughton tower.

It outlined plans to install a new ring or of 6 at nearby Houghton.  Members of the parish are keen to get the bells ringing in the village and a band is being trained for that purpose at Broughton.  A quote for the work has been accepted and a Faculty obtained.

Assuming all goes well, Houghton would wish to change Districts from Andover to Winchester as the other towers in their Benefice, Broughton and Mottisfont, are Winchester District towers.

Would the members present please indicate whether they are in favour.

Proposed by Simon Lipscombe, seconded by Brian Oakes and carried by a  majority.

Ken Waller pointed out that the Andover District had already lost Broughton and Barton Stacey and wondered if Chilbolton might also follow suite.  Benefice and Deanery changes have complicated the situation.

The Secretary asked members, through the Chair, whether this might be brought to the attention of the Guild Executive at their next meeting.  The majority were in agreement.

Action Point: District Secretary to contact Mo Routh, Hon. Secretary of the Guild.

9. Guild Officer’s Report

Christine Hill, Vice Master of the Guild, addressed the meeting.

Viv Nobbs Guild Master sent her apologies and best wishes.

Young Ringers

The Guild currently has no further information on the initiative mentioned in the District Secretary’s report regarding events aimed at involving young ringers; to be organised by Dan Graham at Southampton University.

A question was asked – what is the definition of a ‘young ringer’?

Christine replied that this was under consideration and that there may be various groups, considering the differences between 10 year olds and young university students.

2015 Guild AGM

To be held in Portsmouth.  The Exec. Is considering a change in format to make the day more cohesive.  This might include an organised lunch between the striking competition and the meeting itself.

The Ringing World 2016 Calendar

The W&P Guild is featured in this edition.  Wherwell tower, of the Andover District is featured.  Something to think about nearer Christmas.

2016 Meeting of Central Church Council of Bell Ringers

The Winchester and Portsmouth Diocesan Guild is to host the Annual Meeting of the Central Church Council of Bell Ringers in 2016 (Spring Bank Holiday) in Portsmouth   Lots of help will be required so if you would like to volunteer look out for information on the website.

Guild Database

The Guild has no central record of members at present.  All records are held by District Treasurers.

At the ‘Future of Ringing’ conference, held earlier this year in Winchester a speaker from Sussex reported on their experiences when setting up their database.  There are people available and willing to advise the W&P working party which is currently researching what might be put in place.  The working party is to report back at the next Guild Executive meeting in March.

10. AOB

a) Officer elections

Due to an oversight, nomination papers were not sent out to members in time.  A decision needs to be made as to what action to take.  Two options have been put forward:

Elections be held over until the 2016 AGM when it will also be considered whether the District might move to annual elections, rather than 3-yearly as they are now, to bring it into line with other Districts.

An extraordinary meeting be called, to be held at the District practice in April to elect officers for a 3-year term.

Mike Hopkins Till pointed out that if the 3-yearly option (option 1.) was chosen it would need to be for a 2-year period (2016/17) initially and 3-yearly thereafter.

The chairman then suggested that at the next ADM on 9 January 2016 a vote would be taken on the following

     a)  To change to an annual election of offices

     b)  To continue with a three yearly election of officers

     c)  If the decision is to continue with the three year cycle then those elected in

          2016 stand for 2 years and the next election of officers to take place in

          2018 thereafter elections would return to the three year cycle

Option 1 was proposed by Helen Thomas, seconded by Gill Gardner.

Carried by a majority.

b) Scarlett Holbrook’s memorial service is to be held at Amport on Saturday 17th January at 2pm.

Refreshments will be served at the Hawk Conservancy following the service

Donations to the Meningitis Society please.

Matthew requests that normal dress, rather than mourning, be observed.

c) For 2016 ADM, Gill Gardner proposed that as a change from the normal service, an Epiphany carol service be held, which would be open to members of the church congregation.

Carried by a majority.

d) Christine Knights-Whittome, Guild Education Officer reminded people that there were two events in the offing.

Fri. 27th February 7-9pm at Bishopstoke – St. Clement’s Minor.  Although billed as a seminar this would be a hands-on session with just a little theory.

Sat. 21st March 9.30-5pm at St. Mary Bourne – Plain Hunt on 5/Trebling to Doubles.

e) Quarter Peal Fortnight

Vice Ringing Master, Simon Lipscombe, reported to have been a little disappointed that only five QPs had been rung.  These were at Kingsclere, Burghclere, SMB, Bradfield College and 120 of call changes at Nether Wallop.

f)The Ecchinswell Project

The 6 bells required have now been obtained and are being held by Higby’s Bell Hangers. 

The request for a faculty is in progress.

£18,000 is required to get the work underway. Grant applications are being completed and sent out.

Anyone who would like to support the project by becoming a member of the Trust can contact the tower.

g) District Officers Forum – Gill Gardner asked if there had been any report back from this.

No one from the District was able to attend on the day as it coincided with the District ringing outing.  The 2015 meeting will be held on Saturday 3rd October.

Christine Hill said she would email the minutes through if no report could be found.

Action Point: Secretary to investigate.

h)Guild Social Events – reports of discussions regarding this will appear in the Guild newsletter.  Members should feel free to state their views to the Executive.

i)Ringing Anniversaries – Chris Caryer announced that this year sees the 300th  anniversary of the first recorded peal.

j)Following a question from the floor it was reported that Mike Winterbourne is recovering well.

Philip Chalk acknowledged that in the near future, he would be unable to continue as correspondent for Hurstbourne Priors.  He thanked Brian Oakes warmly, for his work at Hurstbourne Priors practices and with teaching their new ringers.

The acting Chair spoke for all members when she expressed her delight at seeing Philip at the meeting.

The next ADM

The next ADM will be on 9.1.2016 at Kingsclere, St. Mary

Meeting closed 7.10pm

The raffle was drawn.

Signed_____________________________ Date_________________

Minutes of ADM held 11.1.2014 at St. Michael and All Angels Highclere



Founded 26 June 1879 as the Winchester Diocesan Guild



Minutes of ADM held 11.1.2014 at St. Michael and All Angels Highclere

1.Welcome and Vote of Thanks

The Chair, Barbara Townsend welcomed the Guild Vice-Master, Christine Hill and her husband Peter.

The Chair thanked the following people:

Rev. Christine Dale for the use of the Church and the Bells

Rev. Carolyn Petts for taking the service

Lucy Hopkins Till for playing the organ

Lucy and Mike Hopkins Till and Chris Pack for providing tea

Members were asked to stand in memory of Ann Tripp ringer at Abbots Ann, who died suddenly in December.

2. Apologies for Absence

Louise Wodehouse of Clatford

Alex Pugh of Abbotts Ann

Viv Nobbs Guild Master (attending the Alton & Petersfeild District AGM)

Sarah Bates, Sharon & Mike Morris, Vanessa Martin, Tim Pink, Dave & Jessica Bennett, Ian & Geoff Downing, Bridgit Farren of Kingsclere.

Helen & Roger Thomas, Joanne Waller of St. Mary Bourne

Colin Hares, Rebecca Parfrey of Amport

3.Minutes of the previous 2013 ADM

The minutes of the previous ADM held on 12 January 2013 had been distributed by the secretary.

Following minor changes the minutes were accepted, by the meeting, as providing an accurate record. Proposed by Christine Knights-Whittome and seconded by Gill Gardner.

4.Matters arising from the minutes

Item 11. Work on the St. Mary Bourne gallery ring has not yet commenced and is still in the planning stage.


Chairmans Report 2013

The chair thanked Maggie Hiller for taking on the role of secretary following last years ADM.

Secretary’s report 2013

The acting Secretary Maggie Hiller read out the report for 2013 (attached)

Treasurer’s report 2013

The Treasurer, Ros Brandwood distributed the report and annual accounts. Thanks were given to Carol Waller for acting as independent examiner.

Income from membership £1,059 Total Expenditure £955.68 Total c/f £806.28

Membership increased slightly with the percentage of Senior members slightly down.

Adoption of the report and accounts was proposed by Simon Lipscombe, seconded by Christine Knights-Whittome and agreed unanimously

The Treasurer suggested that some of the District’s surplus balance might be allocated to ITTS training (this concurs with Rule 14 of the W&P Guild rules).

Proposed by Ros Brandwood seconded Barbara Townsend.

It was agreed that the District would support up to ten members annually by covering fees of this nature.

Junior ringers are already able to submit claims for training to the Treasurer.

2014 subscriptions are now due.  Individual receipts can be provided for insurance purposes if required.

Ringing Master’s report 2013

The Ringing Master, Peter Niblett reported that it had been a quiet year relative to 2012.  The highlight for him had been the ringing outing to Oxford.  There was a good attendance and a variety of ringing to suit all abilities.  The mini-ring followed by Grandsire Caters at the final tower concluded a great day of ringing.  Peter thanked Simon for organising the day and for helping out at District practices.

The north/south split referred to in last year’s minutes had improved in 2013.  All feedback is very welcome and opportunities for towers to ring different things had proved beneficial in 2013.

The lack of younger ringers is a concern.  Towers were asked to think about how they might encourage youngsters to take up ringing and maintain their interest.

Striking competitions, despite not being everyone’s choice can provide a useful focus.  Only St. Mary Bourne tower in the District has taken part this past year but others would benefit.   Opportunities that present themselves this year:

May 18th – Inter Tower 6&8-bell to be held in Alton

July 5th – The Guild Inter-District 8-bell to be held at Hurstbourne Priors

Support for ten-bell ringing is not strong in the District but there will be a 10-bell striking competition taking place in 2015.  Think about how the opportunity could be used.

Finally please support the 2014 Newbury Ringing Roadshow by advertising it in your tower.

Guild Executive Report

The Chair, Barbara Townsend presented a verbal report.

After consulting interested parties a formal Guild Dinner had received insufficient support.  The possibility of an alternative, less formal event is being looked into for 2015.

Ringing from around the Guild to thank David Strong for his work as Guild Master has been recorded and collected together into a bound volume with pictures of the churches accompanying details of the ringing.  Christine Hill, Vice Master described how she was able to present this to David shortly before his condition deteriorated.  Both David and his wife Ann were touched and very appreciative of the ringers’ efforts.

The Guild AGM to be held at Goodworth Clatford in July will have four towers open for ringing.  All ringers were encouraged to come along and take part.

6. Election of New Members

7. Election of District Secretary

Maggie Hiller has been acting District secretary since March 2013.

The Chair asked if she was willing to stand as District secretary; she said she was.

Maggie Hiller was proposed as District secretary by Barbara Townsend and seconded by Gill Gardner.

8. Election of Independent Examiner

Carol Waller very kindly agreed to continue as Independent Examiner.

Proposed by Barbara Townsend and seconded by Eve Lind-Smith

9. Venues and Events 2014

Monthly District Practices

Unfortunately the District has been unable to secure a date for a DP at Winchester Cathedral however a date for 2015 has been agreed (Wed. 5th August).

The possibility of a DP at Abbotts Ann will be requested for September.

Brian Oakes volunteered to request a DP at Longparish for August.

Annual District Outing

Simon Lipscombe has kindly volunteered to organise a District outing to Somerset in October 2014.

Simon also proposed a Quarter Peal Week for the District with the outbreak of WW1 perhaps creating a focus for the dedications.

Guild Education Days

22 February ‘Plain Hunt & Trebling’ based in Upper Clatford.

Reference was made to the earlier discussion on funding following the District treasurer’s report.

10. Guild Officer

Christine Hill, Vice Master attended DGM to represent the W&P Guild and addressed the meeting.

The providers were congratulated on a fine tea.

Apologies were passed on from Viv Nobbs, Guild Master who was currently attending the Alton & Petersfield DGM.

It was reported that the Guild were looking forward to holding their AGM in the Andover District in July 2014.

Christine described how she was able to present the bound copy of all the ringing that had taken place in the Districts to thank David Strong for all his work as Guild Master to David.  Both David and his wife Ann had been very touched that ringers had gone to the trouble of marking his contribution in this way.  David was able to look all through the book and note the towers that had contributed.

All Andover District ringers were very much encouraged to take part in the striking competitions during 2014 and to embrace the opportunity to visit the Ringing Roadshow in September.

A seminar on ‘Future of Ringing’ is to be held on 22 March in Winchester.  All are invited to hear about ongoing work in areas of ringing and to enter into open discussions.

Key topics will include local input on recruitment and training activities and aspirations outline of services currently available to support local work- ART / ITTS with explanation of processes

Ringing Foundation – activities and aims

CCCBR – précis of work of committees and availability of resources

Open discussion on local ringers’ expectations and the extent to which existing organisations, both local and central, are meeting the demand

How can everyone, as individuals or organisations, improve the future of ringing in their area?

Commitment to actions at local/central level

Commitment to programme of work and funding for future

Chris Caryer raised a question relating to the future running of Bell Ringers’ Guilds. 

Would the discussion focus on this generally or would it relate specifically to W&P? 

Christine replied that the speaker David Kirkcaldy from the Sussex District would probably focus on his own area. However, the fact that whether rules set down 100 years ago were still relevant or was a complete overhaul necessary could easily form part of a general discussion.


Christine Knights-Whittome took the opportunity to advertise the next Education Day ‘Plain Hunting and Trebling’ to be held on Sat.22nd Feb. at Upper Clatford.

Chris Caryer made a request for potential helpers on the day to get in touch with him.

Simon Lipscombe updated all on the progress of the Ecchinswell Bell Restoration Trust project.  A tenor bell is being donated by the Keltek Trust and possibly a second bell made available.  A meeting with the PCC is to be arranged to outline the work of the project and to request that a faculty be sought.

12.The next ADM

The next ADM will be on Saturday 10th January 2015 at Hurstbourne Priors

Meeting closed 6.25pm

Signed___________________________ Date_______________

Minutes of Andover District AGM held 12th January 2013 at Whitchurch

Minutes of Andover District AGM held 12
th January 2013 at Whitchurch

Members were asked to stand in memory of Jean Blacklaws (Clatford) and Eric Woolgrove (Andover)


The Chair welcomed the ringers and Mike Hopkins-Till, Vice-Master of the Guild.

Apologies for Absence

Scarlett and Matthew Holbrook, Eve Lind-Smith, Joanne Waller, Brian Oakes.

Minutes of  2012 AGM

One date correction in Item 3, 2010 to 2011.

Matters Arising

The Chair apologised for the lack of preparation caused by the absence of a District secretary.

a) The Striking Competition was not organised this year.

b) The Ringing Ramble organised by Chris and Liz had had to be cancelled due to lack of support.  After researching the original route it was found to be unsuitable for parking.  A new venue was researched but unfortunately several ramblers were unable to make the new date.

      5.  Reports

Chairperson’s Report

Barbara thanked the four tower secretaries who sent in their reports.

Much ringing of peals and quarter peals to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee and Olympic Games including a date touch 2012 at St. Mary Bourne.

Several towers have helped each other out for wedding and service ringing.

Congratulations to Ken and Carol Waller on 100 quarter peals this year.

The 40th wedding anniversary of Paul and Wendy Myers was celebrated.

Rosemary Lailey of Burghclere rang her first quarter.

Sadness was expressed at the deaths of Jean Blacklaws of Clatford and Eric Woo lgrove.

Several tower outings took place with ringers from other towers joining in.


A relatively quiet year with subscriptions slightly down.

The accounts were explained and details given of how the monies are distributed. Total income£1008.90 Expenditure £977.44, £702.90 left in bank.

Ros thanked Carol Waller for her work as independent examiner.

The accounts were adopted and signed.

Guild Executive

Barbara reported that all the ringing that had taken place in the Districts had been recorded and been sent to the Queen.  A copy is now held in the Guild library.

There will be no Guild Dinner held this year.

Brian Oakes and Chris Caryer will continue to attend the District Offivers Forum meetings.

The Guild AGM 2013 will be held in the Channel Islands 3rd – 7th July.  Details of the events and accommodation have been distributed in the newsletter.

Guild Striking Competition – Peter will try to put composite teams together if can’t get enough District teams. Let Peter know if interested.


      6.  Election of District Secretary

Unfortunately no nominations were received.


      7.  Election of Independent Examiner

Carol Waller very kindly agreed to continue.

Proposed by Barbara and seconded by Christine Knights-Whittome.

Election of New Members

Probationary Members

Nick Wright, Valerie Wright – Clatford

Carol Gray, Helen Gray – Abbotts Ann

Matthew Richardson – Over Wallop

Jenny Toyne Sewell – Nether Wallop

Alan Hiscock –

Probationary to Full Members

Michael Morris, Sharon Morris, Jess Bennett, David Bennett – Kingsclere

           John Simpson – Ecchinswell

           Chris Strong, Rebecca Butler, Sam Longton, Dodie Marsden – St   

            Mary Bourne



Proposed Christine Knights-Whittome    Seconded by Louise Wodehouse


           On line payments still operating.

Venues and Events for 2013

A list of dates and venues including District Practices, Education Days, Striking Competitions and other Guild events was distributed.

Christine Knights-Whittome announced she would be sending out details of the Education Days following a meeting tomorrow.

The Striking Competition would require an organiser to come forward if it was to take place this year.

Gill Gardner asked whether it would be possible to re-run the Ramble planned for last year.  After some discussion Chris Caryer kindly agreed and suggested Saturday 13th April as the best date available (details to be put out in the newsletter).  The Ramble will take place depending on the response received.

Guild Officer’s Report

Mike Hopkins-Till reported that David Strong sent his apologies and greetings hoping the District would have a good meeting.

The points Mike was to cover had already been dealt with.


Chris Caryer asked about the future of Guild Striking Competitions. 

These will continue in the same way.  Mike has passed on the role of convener.

Peter Niblett is now a member of the Striking Committee.  Trophies are to be repaired.

Louise Wodehouse praised the work of the Education Committee saying how helpful she had found events she had attended.  Many were in agreement.

Roger Thomas reported that St. Mary Bourne was to become a gallery ring during the coming year.

Peter Niblett, District Ringing Master, voiced the fact that there was a bit of a SW/NE divide in the District.  He encouraged ringers to attend as many different towers as possible.  Also the Cathedral practice in August would benefit from as many as possible attending.

He thanked Simon for his help and support at District practices.

Barbara invited any ringers who would like to attend Andover’s monthly practices –  every 2nd Tuesday 7.45 for 8.00pm.

Meeting closed at 6.35pm

Signed____________________________ Date________________