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Gary Marsh reports from Barton Stacey Practice Night

The last time I popped into the Barton Stacey practice was just about a whole year ago I’m embarrassed to say. In the same benefice as my home tower of Wonston, and for the sake of a ten minute blast up the road, my ringing could have progressed at pace. Saturday practice at Wonston, Wednesday practice at Barton Stacey . Could have been a good rhythm. Anyhow, summer is here and I’m stretching my wings as you will have seen from my previous Ringer’s Write-ups.  Nicola Plummer, of Barton Stacey came along to our Wonston #ringingremembers recruitment open afternoon a couple of weeks ago to lend a hand which was really nice of her, and it was good to see her and the rest of her band last Wednesday evening on their home turf.

Just as welcoming as a year ago they accommodated my ability and gave me handling tips. A little bit of trebling on Plain Hunt, a bit of covering at the back. Rounds and call changes. I’ve been struggling with Tennis Elbow for a while now and it was nice to be able to ring steadily on fresh bells with other eyes looking at my technique. Thanks to Mark for renaming my ailment as Treble Elbow! Feels like a battle scar!

Visiting new towers can be a daunting experience as you know or remember. As awkward for the home team as for the visitor. I don’t think there’s a single right way to go about it but there’s definitely a wrong way to get through the first phases of contact. In my own experience of running social support groups, working with volunteers and vulnerable adults, creating an opportunity for proper introductions, getting a baseline of respect, learning a few key names is the bare minimum that both sides should expect. My thanks to Elayne on this occasion for making that happen so promptly and positively. (I’m still angry and always will be angry at the ignorant prat of a year ago who made my wife cry when, as very green ringers, we visited our first non-home tower elsewhere in the district.  Prat won’t recognise himself from this, my scribing. Bullies rarely identify with their own behaviour. But if I see, I’ll tell him). I digress.

I took my photos for this Ringer’s Write-up whilst the regular band exercised themselves on new and old methods. Bellringing photography is always challenging given the typically medieval lighting levels found in ringing chambers. For a leisure activity that calls itself a “performance art” why do we tolerate such abysmally dark arenas? When I say “we” I mean “you”. Wonston doesn’t and I shall write separately about the impact a 30quid lightbulb upgrade has had.

Thanks Barton Stacey, my friendly neighbours. I came in to ringing to increase my circle of friends. It’ll be that structure, purpose and maintaining those social skills of teamworking and relationship building that will limit the risk of social isolation as my years advance. And visiting other towers means I get to choose where I spend my leisure time and with whom.

Gary Marsh, Wonston Tower, Winchester District

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Winchester District Practice – Barton Stacey – Wednesday 4th October 7.30-9.00pm

Dear All,

Please find attached the poster for the next District Practice, at Barton Stacey, a fortnight tonight (4th October). The Barton bells sound well and go easy, allowing for concentration on striking and on whatever methods you ring.

Best wishes


District Secretary

Updated – Winchester District ADM – Sat 11th February at Barton Stacey

Winchester District Header


Dear All,

Couple of quick points about the forthcoming Annual Meeting of the District, a fortnight today.

Firstly I have secured the use of the Wonston bells from 2.00 onwards, for 3/4 hour, and put back the start of the ringing at Barton Stacey to 3.00 – this is shown on the attached poster documents; please bring to the attention of anyone you know who may be thinking of going to the meeting.

Secondly, here is a fresh version of the minutes of last November’s quarterly meeting, to correct a typo and a sentence that didn’t make sense and add a sentence about the belfry elections confirmed.

Best wishes, look forward to seeing you on the 11th

District Secretary – 28/01/2017


Dear All,

Here are the papers you need, and to circulate to your band members for the District’s Annual Meeting at Barton Stacey in just over three weeks’ time.

As always, the posts of the officers are open for election or re-election. So, to paraphrase the late President Kennedy, “Ask not what your District can do for you, ask what you can do for your District”. I have served as your District Secretary for the last six years, and Tony (Smith) and John (Colliss) have served as Treasurer and Examiner of the Accounts for at least that long. So if anyone does fancy any of the officer roles within the district, let me know so that we can forewarn the meeting.

And do, please, let Nicola  (contact Nicola Plummer) at Barton Stacey know in good time whether you are coming and would like a tea, and especially if there is anything you can do to help with the catering.

Look forward to seeing you on the 11th

District Secretary

Winchester District Invitation to a Young Ringers Outing – Friday 2nd September

 Winchester District

Young Ringers Outing

Friday September 2nd.


10.15 – 11.00 Kingsworthy St Mary 5, 9cwt  SO237QL

 11.30- 12.30  Wonston Holy Trinity 6, 7cwt SO21 3PE

 12.45 -2.00 Barton Stacey Park  SO21 3RT  (next to church)

BYO picnic plus rounders/cricket/hand bells

2.00 -3.00 Barton Stacey  All Saints  6, 7cwt

Tea   (provided)  and goodbye.

This event is open to any young ringers in the Guild.

Please let Jen Churchill know via email or ‘phone call if you are attending to give her an idea of numbers for tea.

Link to Poster



Contact Nicola Plummer

Address: 3, Gravel Lane, Barton Stacey, Winchester, SO21 3RQ
Tel: 01962 760736

Email use form: