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Ringing cancellations due to COVID-19

Coronavirus: UK ringing should now be cancelled

The UK government has advised against all unnecessary social contact with immediate effect. The Prime Minister advised in a press conference of 16th March that now is the time for everyone to stop non-essential contact with others and to stop all unnecessary travel.

The Central Council has released a statement in response to the UK government. They advise that If you haven’t already decided to cancel ringing activities, it seems that now is the time to do so. The Ringing World agrees with this statement. It is hard to interpret the government’s guidance in any way other than that all planned ringing activities in the UK should now cease.



I have been made aware that ringing has been suspended at the following towers due to COVID-19 concerns:

Alton, St. Laurence, All Saints and Holybourne – all ringing suspended.

Alverstoke – all ringing cancelled until further notice.

Basingstoke, St. Michael’s – all ringing cancelled until further notice.

Blackmoor – all ringing suspended.

Bournemouth, St. John’s, St. Peters and Scared Heart – all ringing suspended.

Bramshott – all service and practice ringing until at least the end of March where the situation will be reviewed.

Brockenhurst – no ringing until further notice.

Buriton – all ringing suspended.

Catherington – ringing cancelled, but may be some limited Sunday ringing if services continue.

Christchurch Priory – all ringing suspended until further notice.

Eling – all ringing suspended.

Froxfield – all ringing suspended.

Havant – all ringing suspended until further notice.

Hawkley – all ringing suspended and the tied practices on 6-8-10th April postponed.

Hursley – all ringing suspended until further notice.

Newport – all ringing cancelled until further notice.

Portsmouth Cathedral – all ringing suspended.

Purbrook – all ringing cancelled until further notice.

Romsey – all ringing suspended until further notice.

Selborne – all ringing cancelled until further notice.

Shanklin – all ringing suspended until further notice.

Shedfield – all ringing suspended until further notice.

Southampton (St. Mary’s, St. Michael’s and Bitterne Park) – all ringing suspended.

Steep – all ringing suspended.

Titchfield – all ringing suspended.

Upham – all ringing suspended until further notice.

Upton Grey – all ringing cancelled until further notice.

Warnford – all ringing suspended.

West Meon – all ringing suspended.

Wickham – all ringing suspended until further notice.

Winchester Cathedral – all ringing suspended until further notice.

Wonston – no practices until further notice.

Portsmouth District – all District events are cancelled including the April QDM.

Winchester District – all District events and the striking competition in May are cancelled until further notice.

Please let me know via of any other cancellations and I will add them to this list.


Andrew Glover

W&P Guild Webmaster




Portsmouth District – Basic Raising and Lowering course – Sat 29th Feb – Portsmouth Cathedral – 9.30-12.30

PORT DTD Portsmouth Cath 20200229Hi all
My attention is now drawn to Saturday February 29 for Basic Raising and Lowering.
The course will run from 0930 to 1230 at Portsmouth Cathedral on tied bells. The advantage of Portsmouth Cathedral being that there is plenty of space, and plenty of bells to choose from!
Potential students should already be able to handle a bell competently.
Can I please have names (and an email or phone contact number) for those who would like to take part? If you know someone in your tower to whom it would be appropriate to, then please suggest it to them, and pass on my contact details (Email / 07503152223).
Any questions, do let me know!
Many thanks
Portsmouth District Ringing Master

Portsmouth District Training Day – Sat 2nd March at Portsmouth Cathedral – 9.30-12.30

Hi everyone
The next District Training “Day” is on Saturday 2 March, with Basic Raising and Lowering.
This is aimed for those that wish to learn or practice how to ring up and down individually.
It will be at Portsmouth Cathedral between 0930 and 1230.
If you wish to come, please can you email me?
Any questions, do please let me know.
Many thanks
David Mattingley

Funeral Details – Lawrence Francis Ensor

Hi everyone
The funeral details have already been announced, however I include the details here for your convenience.
The bells will be available between 0945 and 1030, prior to the funeral. If you would like to ring, I would be grateful if you could let me know.
The funeral will be at Portsmouth Cathedral at 1030 on Monday 23 July.
The funeral is followed by the burial at Warblington cemetery and then afterwards at The Brookfield Hotel, Emsworth.
If you would like to attend please email and you will be sent the contact address. Confirmation of attendance would be appreciated for planning.
Many thanks

Is Charmander in your church?

How about Graveler in the graveyard … no?

Churches and Cathedrals are making the most of the biggest web game released in the last few years.

With the mighty connective powers of smartphones, GPS, and virtual games Niantic have created Pokemon Go.

Pokemon, short for Pocket Monsters is a hugely successful game brought out 2 decades ago by Satoshi Tajiri a Japanese man who as a child loved catching bugs and insects and decided to try and find a way of duplicating that excitement.

When the electronic game was first launched in 1996 it took a few months to get going then 6 months later the cards were developed. Adults and children went crazy buying,collecting,swopping and fighting their Pokemon very much like the old football cards but the genius of Pokemon is that every creature has strengths and weaknesses and in order to do ‘battle’ to capture (win) each others creatures the player has to think very carefully. Each Pokemon belongs to an element or realm IE fire, water, electricity, woodland, day, night etc, there are normally 3 evolutions that can occur, I like to think of them as infant, junior and adult with each growing in strength, power and guile. Carefully thought out battles in Gyms strengthen the Pokemon but if there is a miss-match they are weakened and made easy to capture and are lost to your adversary.                                            See Bulbapedia for more info

With places of interest and landmark areas having a good supply of virtual Pokemon   churches are cashing in on the extra footfall by registering to become a Pokestop, a place where people can gather, chat and replenish depleted stocks. A Birmingham church, for instance, has now placed a sign encouraging fans of the game to come back for Sunday mass.                                                                                                                                                                “You are welcome, visit us again for Sunday morning worship at 11am,” the sign reads.

“Join us for a cup of tea after the service at 12.15. Jesus cares about Pokemon gamers.”

Portsmouth Cathedral were very quick off the mark with their Facebook and Twitter feeds posting pictures of caught Pokemon very early on.

With so many youngsters gathering in churches and Cathedrals the C of E was very fast in bringing out ‘Best Practice‘ guidelines and rules.

Here is what the BBC had to say;

Pokemon Go: Churches encouraged to welcome visiting players

  • 19 July 2016
  • From the section UK

Anglican churches have been urged to welcome players of Pokemon Go who use their premises as Pokestops.

The online game – which is attracting millions of new players – involves finding virtual Pokemon characters in various real locations. Several churches have been designated as Pokestops, which players visit to collect items during the game.

The CofE has said the game gives church communities a chance to meet more local people.   It has issued guidance to churches around the country, encouraging them to welcome players who visit them as part of the game.

Pokemon Go launched in the UK on Thursday, and has proved popular with people around the world.

Church locations which have been registered on the game as Pokestops include St Stephen’s in Rednal, Birmingham, Hope Church in Islington, north London, and St Mary’s Episcopal cathedral in Glasgow.

The Church of England’s digital media officer, Tallie Proud, issued guidance to churches on Thursday.  In it, she said: “Pokemon Go is therefore giving churches around the country a great opportunity to meet people from their area who might not normally come to church.

“You might also spot people standing outside the church on their phones who may be playing the game and at your ‘PokeStop’.”

Church communities have been encouraged to place welcome signs outside and hold so-called “Pokeparties” for players – one is planned for Christ Church in Stone, Staffordshire, on Friday evening.

One Pokemon player, Matthew Newbold, 22, from Peterborough, tweeted: “Pokemon go makes me such a better person. Had a charity coffee on my hunt for Pokemon at the church.”

However, the Church also warned of the potential danger to young people playing the game.

“Whilst we would encourage churches to engage with those playing the game, be they adults or children, we also understand the concerns that the NSPCC have raised with regards to keeping children safe.

“Our first priority as a Church should be to provide a safe place for children and vulnerable adults with regards to Pokemon Go,” said its guidance.

Not only Anglican churches are involved. Earlier this week, City Road Methodist Church in Birmingham signed up to become one of the real-life locations used as “gyms” in Pokemon Go, where users can train virtual monsters.

So there we have it!    Like it or loath it there a thousands more people of all ages outside wandering around our lovely churches and landmarks.  How you choose to engage with them.or not, is up to you.

Happy hunting.      Gotta catch em all!

Screenshot at 2016-07-22 07:39:46

more news

CC2016 Songs of Praise Service at Portsmouth Cathedral Sunday 29 May

CC2016 Logo

As part of the CC2016 weekend’s events there will be a special Songs of Praise Service at Portsmouth Cathedral.  Everyone is invited to come along at 4pm on Sunday 29 May and join in the service.  Central Council members will be ringing the Cathedral bells beforehand so you will hear some amazing ringing!

High Street
Old Portsmouth


Portsmouth Cathedral – Update on the current Works (and a personal message from Ian)

As many of you will know, ringing at Portsmouth Cathedral is currently suspended whilst repair work is carried out on the tower and cupola.

The work has been progressing since last summer and was originally scheduled to complete in January but unfortunately due to further issues being identified, the project completion date has recently been extended to the April/May timeframe.   Scaffolding is currently erected both inside and outside of the tower and rotten wooden beams and corroded RSJ girders are being replaced as part of the on-going repairs.   
The work is being performed by Daedalus Conservation and is being funded by the First World War Centenary Cathedral Repairs Fund (FWWCCRF) at an original cost of £600,000, although no doubt this will have increased significantly over recent months due to the additional repairs now required.
Sadly, the ringers have no control over the work schedule although, on a positive note, the ringing chamber was decorated during the early stages of the project.
ian portsmouthOn a personal note, the lack of ringing has enabled me to focus on a challenge that I have wanted to fulfil for 20 years.   On the 8th May I start a long distance cycle ride across America travelling from Los Angeles, California, to Boston, Massachusetts  a distance of 3,500 miles in just 7 weeks and which starts with a ceremonial wheel dip in the Pacific Ocean.
I am riding to support Naomi House and Dorothy House, two hospices that mean a lot to me and have a website where you can read a little more about my story.   I would of course be grateful for any support from Guild ringers, whether through sponsorship, simple words of encouragement or perhaps a special ringing performance whilst I am on the road.   I aim to finish in Boston on the 24th June with a second ceremonial wheel dip, this time in the Atlantic Ocean.
I’m not underestimating the magnitude of this challenge but have trained hard and although I’m 58 years old I am quietly confident that I can fulfil my dream.
Thanks for taking the time to read this.   
Regards, Ian
Tower Captain
Portsmouth Cathedral

Update June 2016 – all Portsmouth Ringing back to normal now.

There is currently no ringing at Portsmouth Cathedral.

Portsea are holding a weekly Tuesday night practice until things are back to normal.

There is no estimate as yet for the end of the works. Please contact the Portsea Tower Correspondent or the Cathedral Correspondent before you plan your ringing in Portsmouth!



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