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Ringing cancellations due to COVID-19

Coronavirus: UK ringing should now be cancelled

The UK government has advised against all unnecessary social contact with immediate effect. The Prime Minister advised in a press conference of 16th March that now is the time for everyone to stop non-essential contact with others and to stop all unnecessary travel.

The Central Council has released a statement in response to the UK government. They advise that If you haven’t already decided to cancel ringing activities, it seems that now is the time to do so. The Ringing World agrees with this statement. It is hard to interpret the government’s guidance in any way other than that all planned ringing activities in the UK should now cease.



I have been made aware that ringing has been suspended at the following towers due to COVID-19 concerns:

Alton, St. Laurence, All Saints and Holybourne – all ringing suspended.

Alverstoke – all ringing cancelled until further notice.

Basingstoke, St. Michael’s – all ringing cancelled until further notice.

Blackmoor – all ringing suspended.

Bournemouth, St. John’s, St. Peters and Scared Heart – all ringing suspended.

Bramshott – all service and practice ringing until at least the end of March where the situation will be reviewed.

Brockenhurst – no ringing until further notice.

Buriton – all ringing suspended.

Catherington – ringing cancelled, but may be some limited Sunday ringing if services continue.

Christchurch Priory – all ringing suspended until further notice.

Eling – all ringing suspended.

Froxfield – all ringing suspended.

Havant – all ringing suspended until further notice.

Hawkley – all ringing suspended and the tied practices on 6-8-10th April postponed.

Hursley – all ringing suspended until further notice.

Newport – all ringing cancelled until further notice.

Portsmouth Cathedral – all ringing suspended.

Purbrook – all ringing cancelled until further notice.

Romsey – all ringing suspended until further notice.

Selborne – all ringing cancelled until further notice.

Shanklin – all ringing suspended until further notice.

Shedfield – all ringing suspended until further notice.

Southampton (St. Mary’s, St. Michael’s and Bitterne Park) – all ringing suspended.

Steep – all ringing suspended.

Titchfield – all ringing suspended.

Upham – all ringing suspended until further notice.

Upton Grey – all ringing cancelled until further notice.

Warnford – all ringing suspended.

West Meon – all ringing suspended.

Wickham – all ringing suspended until further notice.

Winchester Cathedral – all ringing suspended until further notice.

Wonston – no practices until further notice.

Portsmouth District – all District events are cancelled including the April QDM.

Winchester District – all District events and the striking competition in May are cancelled until further notice.

Please let me know via of any other cancellations and I will add them to this list.


Andrew Glover

W&P Guild Webmaster




Shanklin Beaver Away with Taster Session

Under the leadership of Lucy Titchmarsh, 14 members of the 1st Shanklin Beavers, together with a few helpers, descended on Shanklin tower last Tuesday to try their hand at ringing.

Under the guidance of Revd Barry Downer, Shanklin Tower Captain Kieran Downer and Swanmore Captain Lexi Skeldon the group were given a tour of the tower and belfry and given the opportunity to try ringing a bell.

Whilst space was tight the group were split into two and whilst one group were in the tower the others attempted handbell ringing, with differing degrees of success in the Church!

Refreshments were served by the Shanklin team to round the evening off.

Thanks are due to all those who helped make the evening a success.

Golden Celebrations at Shanklin

St Saviour’s Church at Shanklin saw a peal attempt on Saturday to help celebrate a Golden Wedding Anniversary for locals Jan and Ian Hookey.
Jan is a ringer at Shanklin and Ian is organist and the celebrations began earlier in the week.
Unfortunately, after three-quarters of an hour of ringing some superb changes on sometimes indifferent bells, an injury occurred to one of the ringers and it was thought wise to bring the course round at a quarter, so that instead could be recorded to mark the occasion.
Even by doing that, ringer Caroline has recorded her most rings of different methods at one attempt.
The event is recorded in Ringing World as follows.
Shanklin, Isle of Wight
St Saviour on the Cliff
Saturday, 10 February 2018 in 48 mins (18–0–14 in E)
1320 Doubles (8m/V)
4 extents St Simon’s, 1 each of Eynsham, St Martin, St Leonard, Reverse Canterbury, Plain Bob, Kennington, Grandsire.
1 Tristan Allen
2 Caroline May
3 Barry Downer
4 Margaret Downer
5 Kieran Downer (C)
6 Marghanita Allen
Rung to celebrate the Golden Wedding of Jan and Ian Hookey.
We all send our warm congratulations on reaching this milestone in their lives to Jan and Ian and wish them both well for the future.

Shanklin go ‘Cubbing’!

St Saviour’s Church bell ringing team, under the guidance of Tower Captain Kieran Downer, held a taster session at the church on Saturday (27th January) for the Shanklin Scout troupe.

The group had a go at backstroke, then rounds at backstroke. After that they went up to see the bells and saw how they work.
Back down in the church, call changes on handbells were rung and refreshments were laid on to help sustain the group in their efforts.
Like the Scouts and Cubs, Shanklin will always ‘Be Prepared’ with tea and cake!
Some of the group getting to grips with handbell ringing!
Shanklin Scout group and ringers pose for a memory of the occasion.

Contact Jan Hookey

Email use form:


Tristan Allen, ringer at both Brading and Shanklin, has managed to score his first Stedman Doubles at St Saviour’s  Church,  Shanklin, as part of his Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme.
Fired off in 42 minutes on Monday, 11th December, the 1260 changes was rung followed evening Mass and was rung with the following team:
1 Kieran Downer (C)
2 Caroline May
3 Margaret Downer
4 Tristan Allen
5 Barry Downer
6 Ken May.
Congratulations Tristan, a well deserved achievement.

Shanklin Christmas Ringing Times

Wednesday 20th December, practice night with drinks and nibbles. 7:30pm

Sunday 24th December, Service ringing, 10:15 – 10:55am

Sunday 24th December, Midnight Mass ringing, 10:30 – 11pm

Monday 25th December, service ringing, 10:15 – 10:55am.

Wednesday 27th December, no practice.
Sunday 31st December, service ringing, 10:15 – 10:55am

Wednesday 3rd January, practice night, 7:30pm


The Isle of Wight towers continued in the celebration of the 70th Wedding  Anniversary of HM The Queen and HRH Prince Philip with ringing on Sunday at Shanklin, the team recorded ringing as follows:

St Saviour on the Cliff
Sunday, 19 November 2017 in 10 mins (18–0–14 in E)
1–2 Kieran Downer
3 Maureen Kelly
4 Anna Burns
5 Jan Hookey
6 Derek Pittard
7 Marghanita Allen
8 Tristan Allen
Rung before morning Mass to celebrate the 70th wedding anniversary of HM Queen Elizabeth and HRH Prince Philip


Ryde managed a quarter peal during Monday afternoon, the day of the anniversary, with one ringer scoring her first ever quarter peal.

Ryde (All Saints’), Isle of Wight
Monday, 20 November 2017 in 49 min
1260 Grandsire Doubles
1 Anne Deegan
2 John R Stock
3 Jill Taylor
4 Roy Tillcock
5 Adrian Burns (C)
6 Peter Taylor
Rung in Celebration of the Platinum Wedding Anniversary of HM The Queen and HRH Prince Philip on this Day.
First ever quarter peal: 1.
St Michael’s at Swanmore in Ryde also took part on Monday with the following:

St Michael and All Angels, Swanmore
Monday, 20 November 2017 in 20 mins (2 in F♯)
Rounds and Call Changes
1 Phoebe Allen
2 Kiera Joy
3 Sarah Saddington
Rung to celebrate the 70th wedding anniversary of HM Queen Elizabeth and HRH Prince Philip
Also present were Jake Saddington, Lexi Skeldon, Kieran Downer, Damian Allen.
Brading also sought to join in the celebration with their bells ringing out also on the day:
St Mary the Virgin
Monday, 20 November 2017 in 20 mins (9–3–19 in G)
Rounds and Call Changes
1 Robyn Downer
2 June Mitchell
3 Barry Downer
4 Mitchell Reeves
5 Marilyn Gage
6 Margaret Downer
7 Jan Hookey
8 Geoffrey Wilkins
Rung to celebrate the 70th wedding anniversary of HM Queen Elizabeth and HRH Prince Philip.
Also present were Lexi Skeldon, Jake Saddington, Sarah Saddington, Kiera Joy, Kieran Downer.
I feel sure more reports from Island towers will reach me in due course, of which I will record when details emerge.

Brading Rise to the Challenge

Saturday, 7th October, saw the annual competition take place on the Island for the Fred Green Memorial Change Ringing shield. Fred was a ringer of long standing at Freshwater and this year the competition took place at his home tower. Freshwater is a 6-bell tower with a 17cwt tenor.

Five towers entered the competition with a scratch team made up to give us something to aim for! 120 changes of any method of Doubles or Minor can be rung.

Julian Hemper from Devizes in Wiltshire, a former Ryde ringer, journeyed over to judge the afternoon’s efforts. His helpful comments after the ringing and before announcing the awarded points were all taken on board and appreciated by all the teams.

First to ring were the team from Ryde, who suffered a mishap with the treble during the 2-minute trial which unsettled the team a bit. Next to ring were Brading, followed by Shanklin, Freshwater, Brighstone and finally the scratch team, Team Isle of Wight (TIOW). The order of points awarded were as follows: 1st, Brading (12½ faults); 2nd, Brighstone ( 16½ faults); 3rd were the TIOW but were not challenging for the shield (17 faults); 3rd, Shanklin (19½ faults); 4th, Ryde (21 faults); 5th Freshwater (32½ faults). So with only 20 points between first and fifth a very credible afternoon of ringing.

The team from Brading were: 1, Robyn Downer; 2, Marghanita Allen; 3, Geoff Wilkins; 4, Margaret Downer; 5, Revd Barry Downer (conductor); 6, Kieran Downer.

Photo shows the winning team with (left to right): judge Julian Hemper, Revd Barry Downer, Marghanita Allen, Robyn Downer, Kieran Downer, Margaret Downer and Geoff Wilkins with mascot Mitchell holding the well deserved certificate.

Our thanks to District Master Jenny Brudenell and Secretary Mary Tester for organising the event, to Julian for making the supreme effort of battling our transport system and especially to the Freshwater team for the superb spread of sandwiches and cakes to go with the tea and coffee. In all a very sociable afternoon.


Saturday, 23rd September, is Isle of Wight Day and to celebrate lots of events were organised and took place across the Island.

Bell ringing included general ringing from Newchurch, with a 9am start! Ryde, Swanmore, Brading and Shanklin also took part and a quarter peal at Brighstone was scored.

Brighstone, Isle of Wight
St Mary the Virgin
Saturday, 23 September 2017 in 37mins (7–1–15 in B♭)
1260 Plain Bob and Grandsire Doubles
1 Rodney Downer
2 Clarissa Turton
3 Beccy Noyes
4 Dan Ruszczyk
5 Stephen Noyes (C)
6 Caroline P Jones
First quarter: 6
For Isle of Wight Day
Kieran Downer watches nephew Mitchell at Shanklin as he rings the tenor.
(Photo Marghanita Allen)

New Guild Master Waiting in the Wings?

Whilst current Guild Master Mike Winterbourne was visiting us at Shanklin on Saturday for the Isle of Wight ADM he took his eye off the ball and was momentarily ousted from his post.

Island ringer Tristan Allen thought it was fine to try on the badge of office for size! Obviously trying to get a feel for all the important jobs that will come his way in the future!

We assume the badge and Mike made it back to England in one piece!


Guild Master Abroad on an Away Day

A successful Isle of Wight ADM was held at Shanklin yesterday (Saturday) – the first district meeting there since 2012! Approximately 40 people came and rang at some point and a good amount remained for the meeting also.

Guild Master Mike Winterbourne was in attendance keeping an eye on proceedings and offering his words of wisdom to foreign tribes! We offer him our thanks for the effort in travelling over to join us.

District members commenced the afternoon with a session of ringing, so many attending that a rota had to be used to give all a chance to have a ring.

The usual short Church service followed conducted by our own Reverend Barry Downer, who himself confesses to short homilies!

A very sumptuous tea followed with all enjoying an array of sandwiches and nibbles and a fantastic assortment of home-made cakes. A very big thank you to all Shanklin members who worked so hard to make this such a pleasure.

The meeting followed conducted by Chair Jill Taylor in which all officers were re-elected for a further term and also elected were two new ringers for Shanklin, five for Brading and seven for Swanmore! Good work all round guys – things are looking up!

The district officers were also handed the now completed two volumes of peals and five volumes of quarter peals rung by Island ringers since the early 1700s which have been researched and printed for all to view by the District Peal Officer. The meeting decided these should now be uploaded to the Guild Archives when ready so a wider audience could have access to our records in the future.

Dates for events for the coming year were announced, the first of which is the District Outing to ‘North Island’ on March 11th, which will concentrate on Southampton, Ealing and Lyndhurst areas with a 9am ferry departure for all those wishing to have a day out. If you wish to join the day please contact Ringing Master Jenny Brudenell.

The first striking competition of the season will be held at Carisbrooke on April 22nd, this will be the Don Exell 8-bell Striking Competition.

The meeting concluded at about 7pm with the raffle and further ringing in the 8-bell tower ending a thoroughly busy and enjoyable afternoon.

Shanklin Ring Out in Memory

Shanklin bells rang out this morning to remember Nigel Miller, brother of Paul and Clarissa and also Shanklin ringer Paul Smith, who have both recently died. These details have now been recorded for Ringing World.
Shanklin, Isle of Wight
St Saviour on the Cliff
Saturday, 28 January 2017 in 46 mins (18–0–14 in E)
1264 Plain Bob Major
1 Marghanita Allen
2 Jill Taylor
3 Viv Nobbs
4 Caroline May
5 Margaret Downer
6 John R Stock
7 Barry Downer
8 Kieran Downer (C)
Rung open in Memory of Nigel Miller (brother of Paul and Clarissa) and John Smith (former ringer of this tower).
First on the new tenor clapper

Shanklin Ringer Being laid to Rest

The funeral of Shanklin ringer John Smith will take place on Friday 18th Nov at 10.30 at the Crematorium. As ringer’s rep I shall be present and I know it’s short notice but it would be nice if a few other ringers could be present also.
I understand a memorial service will be held at St Saviour’s Shanklin at some point in the future.

Shanklin Band Wins the Fred Green Change Ringing Competition 2016

Congratulations to Shanklin who came first in the Fred Green change ringing competition on Saturday. Daniel Graham was our able judge. The competition took place at Arreton – thanks for the tea and cake! Seven teams took part.
1st Shanklin
2nd Brading
3rd Godshill
4th Ryde.
Well done all who entered.
Mary Tester


A wonderful opportunity for some ringing thanks to a request to us from the Island’s High Sheriff.

Plenty of fun to be had… why not seek out the bells and the Ringers’ Tea?

Here are the latest details:

  • 10.30 a.m. Shanklin . (Quarter Peal)
  • 11.00 a.m. Whitwell
  • Just before 12 noon Brighstone
  • Just before    1 p.m. Brighstone
  • 1 p.m. Brading (Quarter Peal)
  • 2 p.m. Carisbrooke.
  • 3 p.m. Newport
  • 3 p.m. St. Michael’s, Swanmore, Ryde.
  • 4.15 p.m. – 5.30 p.m Freshwater………..Ringing and Ringers’ Tea with
 Isle of Wight Cake
  • 6 p.m. – 7.15 p.m. Shorwell.


  • CHALE is dedicating its Sunday service ringing to this great event

Brading Take the Trophy PLUS Quarters for the Queen’s Birthday

In a busy couple of days of ringing on the Island there have been two quarter peals scored and a Striking Competition with eight Island teams entering.

The two quarter peals were as follows to celebrate the birthdays of HM The Queen and HRH Prince Philip:

Brading, Isle of Wight

St Mary the Virgin
Friday, 10 June 2016 in 41 mins (6–2–0 in B)
1290 Doubles (2m)
Plain Bob and Grandsire
1 Tristan Allen
2 June Mitchell
3 John R Stock
4 Kieran Downer (C)
5 Marghanita Allen
6 Lexi Skeldon
Rung to celebrate the 90th birthday of HM Queen Elizabeth II and the 95th birthday of HRH Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh
First in more than one method – 5

Shanklin, Isle of Wight

St Saviour on the Cliff
Saturday, 11 June 2016 in 42 mins (10–2–5 in G#)
1290 Grandsire Doubles
1 Tristan Allen
2 John R Stock
3 June Mitchell
4 Marghanita Allen
5 Kieran Downer (C)
6 Jan Hookey
Rung to celebrate the 90th birthday of HM Queen Elizabeth II and the 95th birthday of HRH Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh

The striking competition, held at Shorwell on Saturday afternoon, was judged by Mr Rodney Downer and the teams entered were:

1: Shorwell, 100 faults

2: Ryde, 10 faults – 2nd

3: Chale, 18 faults – 3rd

4: Brading 1, 7 faults – 1st

5: Brighstone, 34 faults

6: Brading 2, 19 faults, 4th

7: Godshill 1, 35 faults

8: Godshill A, 48 faults

A scratch team from Whitwell were also entered but did not compete.

Well done to all who entered and made this competition worth the ringing.


The Brading winning ‘A Team’ with the Lester Bailey Trophy and judge Rodney Downer (left).

14 in a day challenge – Simon Edwards reports

Simon Edwards writes:

Last Saturday (31st May) a group of us attempted – and succeeded – in ringing a quarter peal on each of the Isle of Wight’s 14 towers, the first time all 14 have been done in a day. Aside from the madcap challenge, the idea was to raise some money towards the Brading Bells restoration fund, and at last hearing we had over £750 in the pot for this!! If anyone still wishes to donate to this worthwhile cause, please contact Daniel Graham I have produced a video memoir from a fantastic albeit exhausting day out and hope people enjoy watching. Click here to see details of the quarters