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Isle of Wight District ADM – Sat 15th Feb 2020 – All Saints, Ryde

The Isle of Wight District ADM will be on Saturday Feb 15, 2020.

Your chance to find out what is planned for the year and to meet your fellow ringers.

It is being held at All Saints Ryde.

  • 3 pm ringing for all
  • 4.30 Service in church
  • 5.15 ADM in the Church Hall, followed by tea, and more ringing at the discretion of the Tower Captain.

Visitors Tour Isle of Wight

A group from the Basingstoke area, led by Vice-Master Pete Jordan, toured the Island last Saturday and spent the day ringing  at six of our towers.

Among those rung were Freshwater, Brighstone and Godshill .

Final ring of the day was Ryde with its heavy 26.2cwt. I found them all gaining sustenance for the last tower of the day eating fish and chips on the church lawn!

The group set sail from Cowes as the sun was setting. I hope you all enjoyed your day ‘overseas’.

Celebrating 80 Years at Ryde

On Sunday Ryde tower helped ringer Maureen Kelly celebrate her 80th birthday, and on Swithen’s Day with not a drop of rain in sight!

With a lot of organising, secret meetings, ‘coffee meetings’  and underhand communications we pulled off a very special afternoon with nearly all the ringers of the Isle of Wight attending Ryde church hall to help celebrate this milestone event.

Maureen admitted to being a ‘bit nervous’ as to how the day would play out, knowing me she had every reason to be so!

In the event, on such a hot day, and with a hall full of friends, everything went to plan and I think the afternoon tea, organised and laid out by the Parish Church tea team, was a superb ending to all the hours of organising.

An Island band was raised to ring Grandsire Triples for Evensong service in celebration but unfortunately at the half way stage the rope slipped on the 7th and the quarter was abandoned. Remaining ringers did however ring a long touch of Stedman Doubles for the service, something not often achieved at Ryde.

Maureen has asked me to pass on her thanks to all of you that attended and to also thank you for the good wishes, together with the many cards and gifts she has received.

This morning, Maureen sent me this message:   I was on a high and didn’t get to bed until this morning, and up again at 5ish, to open the cards I received yesterday afternoon. I’d call that a success then wouldn’t you!

John Stock (pictures John Stock)

Ryde Host Successful Peal

Members of the Middlesex County Association & London Diocesan Guild have been visiting the Island over the Bank Holiday weekend and together with visiting most of our towers took on the task of ringing a full peal at All Saint’s, Ryde, on Sunday, in what must have been the hottest day this year so far.
However, the peal was scored in three hours and four minutes so congratulations to all the team who took part and our district hope the party enjoyed the lovely weather and hospitality that our Island has to offer.
Details of the peal are as follows:
Ryde, Isle of Wight
All Saints
Sunday, 27 May 2018 in 3h 4 (26–2–2 in E♭)
5040 St Simon’s Bob Triples
Composed by Donald F Morrison (no 7547)
1 Stephen J F Mitchell (C)
2 Mary E Gow
3 Anne M Anthony
4 Martin F Mitchell
5 Stephen R Smith II
6 James White
7 Matthew E Rayner
8 William J Stungo
Rung as part of Twickenham (and friends) ringing weekend on the Isle of Wight.


Revd Canon Graham Morris rocked our Parish on Sunday with the news that he and his wife, Angela, have decided to move back to North Island to Cirencester and take up a post which will be closer to his family.

Members of the bell ringing team will miss them both deeply and we thank them both and their wider family for the help and encouragement with our ringing in the past six years.

We do, however, respect and understand their difficult decision to leave and we wish them well on the new chapter of their lives.

I wonder if I add another two bells to our tower could I persuade him to change his mind?!

The following statement was issued on Sunday from the Vicarage:

Statement to the Parish. 6th May 2018
These last few weeks have been filled with emotional highs and lows as Angela and I have faced up to some important challenges, for ourselves, and for our family. The time has come for us, to now accept a new challenge.
The Bishop of Tewkesbury has extended an invitation (subject to the usual safeguarding checks being made) for me to become the next Vicar of Cirencester in the Diocese of Gloucester.
After nineteen years here on the Island, this has been a difficult decision to make, and one that has caused us to reach deep into our hearts for the answer. We believe that God has answered our prayers in enabling us to continue in the work that we both love, i.e. serving a parish: whilst also becoming more easily accessible to our families at a time when their needs are as important as ours. Some of you will be aware of the personal circumstances surrounding my Dad, and of Angela’s decision to go and work for Amy. Returning to the Midlands, means we will be living midway between our parents in Herefordshire, Amy in Winchester and Tim in Portsmouth.
Island life has been fabulous and we shall miss it; being your priest for the last 6 years has been a real privilege. It is likely that we shall move at the end of July, and be inducted as Vicar of Cirencester early in September.
As we make this leap back across the water, we will of course be praying for you as the search for my successor begins. We hope that you will also pray for us as we embrace this new opportunity.

Canon Graham Morris.


Ryde ringers took to their ropes early on Saturday morning in an attempted quarter peal of Plain Bob Minor to honour the Queen, who has been celebrating her 92nd birthday over the weekend.

However, two-thirds of the way through things all started to go horribly wrong and went downhill rapidly thereafter!

First the conductor miscalled so we stood and abandoned the attempt and thus after some talk rang a while longer with a touch of Reverse Canterbury being completed.

On leaving the tower we were confronted by men from the Gas Board who were evacuating the building because a gas leak had been identified beneath the tower in the boiler room – right beneath where we had been ringing!

Work on this continued all day and into the evening and by late evening we were still not sure if the church would be able to be reopened for services and ringing to take place on Sunday.

Many of you would have had experienced the noisy evening as the electric storm struck the Island.

At this point the men of the gas party were still on site, fortunately not in the building, but a lightning strike hit the tower and as one of the workers said to me this morning: ‘It was a bit of a fright to be so near, and especially with a gas leak nearby!’

Photo by kind permission of Ryde resident Jordan Wade.

During the course of the worst storm to hit the Island since the early 1980s, over 3,400 lightning strikes were recorded over the Isle of Wight area, with at its peak 93 strikes per minute being recorded island-wide.

Ryde tower, locally known as the Gothic Rocket, escaped damage and ringing was allowed this morning with 10 minute’s notice given for the all clear.

Workmen are still on site today (Sunday) with a big hole in the Church ground, but for now some sense of normality has returned with normal Sunday services being allowed to take place and performed by our incumbent Revd Canon Graham Morris.

We now reflect on events of the past 24 hours and think of how things could have been so very different!

Headline photo courtesy of John Stock.

Visitor’s Quarter Peal First at Ryde

The Island ringers were hosts to a group of ringers from the Witney and Woodstock Branch of the Oxford Diocesan Guild for a 3-day tour.
The group, led by Michael Probert, arrived on Friday and started with a practice at All Saints’, Ryde.
During the course of the fairly reasonable weekend for weather the group managed to ring at all the Island’s towers, and I’m told enjoyed their time over here.
The tour concluded with ringing at Ryde again, this time four of their group joined four of the Ryde band in a quarter peal of Single Oxford Bob Triples. The successful ring was the first in this method for all the visitors, and I must admit they were feeling quite chuffed with the ring as they left the tower to catch the ferry home.
The quarter peal is recorded on Bellboard as follows:
Sunday, 15 April 2018 in 50 min (26 2cwt)
1260 Single Oxford Bob Triples
1 Vivien Nobbs
2 Lindsey Thornton (Stonefield)
3 Alison T Merryweather-Clarke (North Leigh)
4 John R Stock
5 Michael Probert (Freeland)
6 Neil R Ephgrave (Freeland)
7 Graham Nobbs (C)
8 Kieran Downer
For Evensong and to Celebrate the Centenary of The Lions Club and 30th Anniversary of the Lady Lions.
First in method: 2, 3, 5, 6; visiting ringers from Witney & Woodstock Branch of the Oxford Diocesan Guild.

Status Quo at Ryde

All Saints’ ringers at Ryde held their AGM this week and all officers remain in place for another year.

We are still trying to persuade someone to take on the role of Deputy Tower Captain but I think yours truly is a bit of a hard taskmaster and no-one wants to follow in my wake!

Officers are: Tower Captain, John Stock; Secretary, Joan Parry; Treasurer, Peter Taylor; Steeple Keepers, Revd Barry Downer and Kieran Downer.

Revd Canon Graham Morris was also in attendance and thanked all the ringers for the work they do in letting the town know when things are happening… and this is a happening place!


Ryde are hosting a meeting on Sunday, 25th March, in All Saints’ Church hall at 2pm to discuss the Guild’s and Central Council’s approach to how we go about marking the Centenary of Armistice of the Great War on Sunday, 11th November, particularly here on the Island as we have no other areas to easily call on for help in organising events at towers.

Refreshments will be available. Any comments or queries please contact Viv Nobbs, you know where she lurks!

great war poster  “If other Guild areas want to use poster as a template I’m quite happy to let them have a copy of the original so they can adapt it to their own meeting, as long as acknowledgment for artwork design is included.”

First of 2018 for Ryde

Ryde tower had a good excuse last Saturday to ring its first quarter peal of the year.

A rather special baptism had been arranged in the church so what other excuse do we need to ring?

Revd Canon Graham Morris and his wife, Angela, hosted the day to have the family of Morris and Shave come together for the baptism of new family member Harry George Shave, the service was conducted by none other than Harry’s granddad!

Hoping to ring the 8 at Ryde we ended up on 6 as ringer’s were up to other things on the day. So a quarter peal of Plain Bob Doubles was attempted and a well-struck method was scored, with Graham Nobbs doing the honours of conducting, something he admits to not doing very much of.

Details of the ring are as follows and will be found recorded on Bellboard:

Winchester & Portsmouth Diocesan Guild
Ryde (All Saints’), Isle of Wight
Saturday, 27 January 2018 in 45min
1260 Plain Bob Doubles
1 Vivien Nobbs
2 Jill Taylor
3 John R Stock
4 Caroline May
5 Graham Nobbs (C)
6 Peter Taylor
Rung to Celebrate the Baptism this day of Harry George Shave, with the Service Conducted by his Grandfather, Revd Canon Graham Morris.
The ringers were invited into the church hall following the successful completion to join the families for tea and cake – need I say we do not need to be asked twice!
We welcome Harry into our Church and wish him a long and fulfilled life.
Following on from this, Sunday Evensong also seemed like a good time to ring again so being on a roll we did just that, again with Graham’s (Nobbs) help in conducting. Don’t get confused with all the Graham’s we have, I haven’t persuaded the Vicar to take up a rope yet – I’m working on it!
Again details of this are on Bellboard.
Thank you to all for your efforts and for making the weekend such an enjoyable time in the depths of winter.

Message of Thanks from Viv Nobbs

Viv has posted her thanks for the help and support over the sad weeks following the death at 96 of her Mum, Irene.

I repeat here, for those of you who know Viv and Graham through ringing, her comments for those of you not on Facebook:

‘We had tremendous support from many friends on Monday at Mum’s funeral. Thanks to you all.

The service was marvellous as far as we were concerned – Mum would have been very humble to know that serving Police Officers – quite a number – were there to honour her by forming a guard of honour and then six of the group being pall bearers.

It certainly helped family members to have so many folk there to share the sad occasion. x x

This to my fellow ringers:

Thanks everyone for the ringing tributes for Mum throughout Monday. The ringing at Newport and at Ryde was wonderful. Thanks to David Weir, Darren Westmore and John Stock working together and going that extra mile to achieve the very best for Mum and our family. Once again, we’ve seen the ringing family providing valuable support, umprompted, just when it’s needed. Exceptional !! Thank you all.’

Here also is the quarter tribute we rang on Monday evening:

Winchester & Portsmouth Diocesan Guild

Ryde (All Saints’), Isle of Wight
Monday, 4 December 2017 in 50 min (26 2cwt)
1260 Grandsire Triples
1 John R Stock
2 Vivien Nobbs
3 Margaret Downer
4 Paul Young
5 Stephen Noyes
6 Kieran Downer
7 Graham Nobbs (C)
8 Revd Barry Downer
Rung in Celebration of the Life of Irene Kathleen Ball, Mum to Viv, whose Funeral took place earlier at The Minster, Newport, and following tolling of the tenor 96 times.


The Isle of Wight towers continued in the celebration of the 70th Wedding  Anniversary of HM The Queen and HRH Prince Philip with ringing on Sunday at Shanklin, the team recorded ringing as follows:

St Saviour on the Cliff
Sunday, 19 November 2017 in 10 mins (18–0–14 in E)
1–2 Kieran Downer
3 Maureen Kelly
4 Anna Burns
5 Jan Hookey
6 Derek Pittard
7 Marghanita Allen
8 Tristan Allen
Rung before morning Mass to celebrate the 70th wedding anniversary of HM Queen Elizabeth and HRH Prince Philip


Ryde managed a quarter peal during Monday afternoon, the day of the anniversary, with one ringer scoring her first ever quarter peal.

Ryde (All Saints’), Isle of Wight
Monday, 20 November 2017 in 49 min
1260 Grandsire Doubles
1 Anne Deegan
2 John R Stock
3 Jill Taylor
4 Roy Tillcock
5 Adrian Burns (C)
6 Peter Taylor
Rung in Celebration of the Platinum Wedding Anniversary of HM The Queen and HRH Prince Philip on this Day.
First ever quarter peal: 1.
St Michael’s at Swanmore in Ryde also took part on Monday with the following:

St Michael and All Angels, Swanmore
Monday, 20 November 2017 in 20 mins (2 in F♯)
Rounds and Call Changes
1 Phoebe Allen
2 Kiera Joy
3 Sarah Saddington
Rung to celebrate the 70th wedding anniversary of HM Queen Elizabeth and HRH Prince Philip
Also present were Jake Saddington, Lexi Skeldon, Kieran Downer, Damian Allen.
Brading also sought to join in the celebration with their bells ringing out also on the day:
St Mary the Virgin
Monday, 20 November 2017 in 20 mins (9–3–19 in G)
Rounds and Call Changes
1 Robyn Downer
2 June Mitchell
3 Barry Downer
4 Mitchell Reeves
5 Marilyn Gage
6 Margaret Downer
7 Jan Hookey
8 Geoffrey Wilkins
Rung to celebrate the 70th wedding anniversary of HM Queen Elizabeth and HRH Prince Philip.
Also present were Lexi Skeldon, Jake Saddington, Sarah Saddington, Kiera Joy, Kieran Downer.
I feel sure more reports from Island towers will reach me in due course, of which I will record when details emerge.


Because of a concert being performed in the Church on Tuesday, 21st November, the practice at Ryde has been cancelled.

However, we have been invited to the practice at Newchurch on Thursday of the same week. Practice commences at 7.30pm.

I hope all that usually come to Ryde will make the effort to help Newchurch band at what is now a critical stage in their handling and ringing and moving on to the next stage for the local band.

Brading Rise to the Challenge

Saturday, 7th October, saw the annual competition take place on the Island for the Fred Green Memorial Change Ringing shield. Fred was a ringer of long standing at Freshwater and this year the competition took place at his home tower. Freshwater is a 6-bell tower with a 17cwt tenor.

Five towers entered the competition with a scratch team made up to give us something to aim for! 120 changes of any method of Doubles or Minor can be rung.

Julian Hemper from Devizes in Wiltshire, a former Ryde ringer, journeyed over to judge the afternoon’s efforts. His helpful comments after the ringing and before announcing the awarded points were all taken on board and appreciated by all the teams.

First to ring were the team from Ryde, who suffered a mishap with the treble during the 2-minute trial which unsettled the team a bit. Next to ring were Brading, followed by Shanklin, Freshwater, Brighstone and finally the scratch team, Team Isle of Wight (TIOW). The order of points awarded were as follows: 1st, Brading (12½ faults); 2nd, Brighstone ( 16½ faults); 3rd were the TIOW but were not challenging for the shield (17 faults); 3rd, Shanklin (19½ faults); 4th, Ryde (21 faults); 5th Freshwater (32½ faults). So with only 20 points between first and fifth a very credible afternoon of ringing.

The team from Brading were: 1, Robyn Downer; 2, Marghanita Allen; 3, Geoff Wilkins; 4, Margaret Downer; 5, Revd Barry Downer (conductor); 6, Kieran Downer.

Photo shows the winning team with (left to right): judge Julian Hemper, Revd Barry Downer, Marghanita Allen, Robyn Downer, Kieran Downer, Margaret Downer and Geoff Wilkins with mascot Mitchell holding the well deserved certificate.

Our thanks to District Master Jenny Brudenell and Secretary Mary Tester for organising the event, to Julian for making the supreme effort of battling our transport system and especially to the Freshwater team for the superb spread of sandwiches and cakes to go with the tea and coffee. In all a very sociable afternoon.

Ryde Ring for Harvest Festival…

A suitably well-struck quarter peal took place for Harvest Festival Evensong and the addition to the  family of Amy and Dan Shave, daughter and son-in-law of Angela and Revd Canon Graham Morris, incumbent at Ryde.
Rung on Sunday this was a good ring for a lovely occasion from our local team, well done to all and congratulations to the Shave household from all at Ryde tower… and of course the proud new grandparents!
Winchester & Portsmouth Diocesan Guild
Ryde (All Saints’), Isle of Wight
Sunday, 1 October 2017 in 47 min
1260 Grandsire Doubles
1 Jo Davis
2 Jill Taylor
3 John R Stock
4 Roy Tillcock
5 Adrian Burns (C)
6 Peter Taylor
Rung for Harvest Festival Evensong and to Welcome Harry George Shave, Born 13th September, a Brother for Jack and Second Grandson for Angela and Revd Canon Graham Morris


Saturday, 23rd September, is Isle of Wight Day and to celebrate lots of events were organised and took place across the Island.

Bell ringing included general ringing from Newchurch, with a 9am start! Ryde, Swanmore, Brading and Shanklin also took part and a quarter peal at Brighstone was scored.

Brighstone, Isle of Wight
St Mary the Virgin
Saturday, 23 September 2017 in 37mins (7–1–15 in B♭)
1260 Plain Bob and Grandsire Doubles
1 Rodney Downer
2 Clarissa Turton
3 Beccy Noyes
4 Dan Ruszczyk
5 Stephen Noyes (C)
6 Caroline P Jones
First quarter: 6
For Isle of Wight Day
Kieran Downer watches nephew Mitchell at Shanklin as he rings the tenor.
(Photo Marghanita Allen)

Peal Board Dedication Service at Ryde

Last Sunday (30th July) All Saints’ at Ryde opened its tower to general ringing and tea and cake were served in the Church Hall by local ringers.

An exhibition of the Island quarter peals and full peals volumes were on display together with other historical facts about Ryde tower. Those who attended found these interesting as they looked for their own past achievements.

The Evening Service took the form of a Dedication for a new Peal Board which will be sited in the tower shortly. The peal was rung one year ago to the day in memory of David Dark, Julian Hemper’s Step-father, a prominent member of Ryde community.

A quarter peal was rung for the service of Grandsire Triples by the following band:

Winchester & Portsmouth Diocesan Guild
Ryde (All Saints’), Isle of Wight
Sunday, 30 July 2017 in 45 min (26 2)
1260 Grandsire Triples
1 Julian Hemper (St John, Devizes)
2 Jill Taylor
3 Beccy Noyes
4 Margaret Downer
5 Caroline May
6 John R Stock
7 Steve Noyes (C)
8 Ken May
Rung for Evensong and Service of Dedication of the Peal Board in Memory of David Dark, Peal rung one year ago today

Revd Canon Graham Morris led the service with bell ringer Revd Barry Downer giving the Sermon.

Some of the hymns and prayers were also bell ringing related.

Thank you to all Ryde ringers in helping to organise and run this event and to Canon Graham and Rev. Barry for organising and taking the Service.

© Photographs by courtesy of Julian Hemper

Marion Dark with son Julian and the dedicated Peal Board (Photo courtesy Viv Nobbs)

Morris’s go Pearl

Over this weekend All Saints’, Ryde, has been celebrating the 30th (Pearl) Wedding Anniversary of Angela and Graham Morris and the 30th Anniversary of the induction at Hereford of Revd Canon Graham Morris, he who is in charge of us in this Parish.

A quarter peal of Grandsire Triples rang out from the tower on Saturday morning as invited guests were assembling in the Vicarage, a short drop away from the tower, for a garden party. Vicar, as always forgetful, says to son Tim: ‘Is there something going on in the Church I’ve forgotten about?’

Tim in reply: ‘Yes, it’s for you and Mum you daft ….’, apparently tears followed.

Winchester & Portsmouth Diocesan Guild
Ryde (All Saints), Isle of Wight
Saturday, 1 July 2017 in 46 min (26 5cwt)
1273 Grandsire Triples
1 Caroline May
2 John R Stock
3 June Mitchell
4 Revd Barry Downer
5 Margaret Downer
6 Kieran Downer (C)
7 Simon Adams (Yardley)
8 Ken May
Celebrating the 30th Wedding Anniversary of Angela and Graham Morris and the 30th Anniversary of Revd Canon Graham’s Induction into the Priesthood.
First quarter peal since recently completed repair work.
Following this some of us joined in the party atmosphere and prior to leaving the Church left a small gift of our own for Angela and Graham to help in the celebrations.


Following Morning Service today the party continued with son Tim and daughter Amy embarrassing their parents by giving those in Church a ‘red book’ moment of past events, enjoyed by all those present: queue more tears.

Thank you bell ringers and flower arrangers at All Seasons in Cross Street, Ryde, for pulling out all the stops to help me organise our part in this weekend, you truly have made a splendid effort.

John Stock


After 9 month’s of painful silence All Saints’ bells, Ryde, are now fully up and running and this Saturday (10th June) we will attempt a quarter peal in celebration of their return and if successful will be dedicated to the Official Birthday of HM The Queen, and also the 96th Birthday of HRH Prince Philip on Saturday.

An all-Island team has been assembled and ringing will commence shortly after 10am – we all look forward to successfully celebrating the completed repair work.

My eternal thanks to all involved in the work, which has been a challenge to say the least, in what was originally only intended to take 3 month’s, for their time, patience and hard work.

Ryde Steps Back in Time…

All Saints’ Church, Ryde, was the venue for a visit from the Vectis 1940s Vintage group.

After a talk in the ringing room about bells and bell ringing locally and Island-wide, particularly about what occurred during the war years, the group were taken up to the parapet for some spectacular sites of the Island and mainland coastline.

Following the descent, some of whom found it more onerous than they first thought, a tea was served in the Church Hall, which also had a 1940s feel to it, which had been set out with an exhibition of the history of Ryde tower from 1886.

A big thank you is due to all Ryde ringers for their contributions of help and cake.


Death of Ryde Ringer’s Husband

Those of you who know Jo Davis, one of our bell ringers, will be saddened to hear of the death, at the age of 95, of husband Stanley last Friday.

Jo has asked me to thank all those of you who have already sent messages and telephoned either directly or through me and hopes she will see you all soon at one of our venues.

Stanley’s funeral has been set for 9.45 on Friday, 3rd February, but it is to be close family and I have been asked to attend to represent the bell ringers, which I am of course happy to do. No flowers have been requested and if anyone feels they would like to make a donation then please forward same to IoW Air Ambulance.

Stanley was at one time an avid cleaner of our brass in the Church during the 1990s apparently he said at the time that the ladies didn’t put in enough elbow grease! Don’t shoot the messenger ladies please! The ringers will be organising a quarter peal in his memory once we have the wheels to do so!

Update to Ryde Repairs

Tower Captain John Stock has received an email from Taylor’s of Loughborough with the news that the work being done on Ryde’s wheels and clappers will not be complete before March.

In view of that, a practice combined with Newport ringers has been arranged for tomorrow (Monday, 23rd) at 7.30pm at the Minster and a Ryde practice at Carisbrooke tower has been set for 7.30 on Tuesday, 31st January. Anyone who would like to join us please feel free to turn up – we need the practice!

St Michael’s, Swanmore, Go Weekly


Ringing at St Michael’s, Swanmore, Ryde, Tuesday 10 January:

Great news from Kieran Downer and the team – there’s so much interest in the bells here (see Pompey Chimes, yes they’re in there – again!) that a weekly practice night is needed! So if you are local and you’d like to find out about bellringing, you’re an absolute beginner or wanting to improve or learn about the uniqueness of 3-bell rounds… see you on Tuesdays from 6.15pm at St Michael’s (Wray Street entrance). Ring the bell outside the vestry door and you will be shown the way to the tower.

Several young learners who started last year getting on very well with handling and getting to grips with all things bells – well done all of you.

Those of you organising tours to the Island will find these unique steel bells are now on the ‘to go to’ list when you are over here, so rise to the challenge! That now makes 15 ringing towers on the Island for you to choose to ring at. Really not enough hours in the day are there? Better make your trip a week and enjoy some of our other world renowned attractions whilst here. Tourist advisers on hand if you need them – just ask!