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Sopley Beyond Bob Doubles -Wednesday 7 February

As you probably know, the group managed a touch of All Saints at the last practice, but if you were not in that team or at the practice and would like to reach that goal, there will be another opportunity at the next practice at Sopley.

To consolidate the methods rung to date we will be aiming to ring touches of Reverse Canterbury, Stedman and Bob Minor. Look out for some fun with “Mixed Doubles” and variations of methods by swapping bobs and singles eg Reverse Canterbury with Grandsire singles is Clifford’s Pleasure, or with Plain Bob Bobs is Southrepps.

Looking a bit further ahead, future methods will include the St Simon’s/Winchendon Place group of methods, leading up to the minor versions (St Clements etc) and looking at more different bobs and singles to incorporate into methods.

Don’t forget that we can always try anything requested by members of the group (if it is within our capability).

I hope to see you there,

Tim Kettle

Sopley Beyond Bob Doubles Weds 3rd Jan

Hi all,

Just to confirm the group will be practising at Sopley at 7.30 on Wednesday 3 January. If we maintain the progress of the last 2 practices we should be able to manage touches of All Saints. We will refresh on plain courses of the method and Reverse Canterbury, remembering that a bob in All Saints is a plain lead of Reverse Canterbury – what you do depending on where you passed the treble before the bob was called.

Touches of Bob Minor and Stedman will be included and if you want to call a touch of anything (that we can ring) give it a go. Other methods etc dependant on time and ability of band.

It would be very helpful if you could let me know if you’re coming to the practice and any requests you may have,

Looking forward to seeing you there


Plans for CS “Beyond Bob Doubles” Weds Dec 6th (Bournemouth)

As you all know our next practice is at St Peter’s and we will continue with All Saints, this time touches.  We’ll refresh plain courses of the method and of Reverse Canterbury and them combine them in the touch. A bob is a plain lead of Reverse Canterbury – so remembering where you passed the treble is your best clue of what to do at a bob.

Dependant on who is available, we could also be ringing Stedman Doubles, Bob Minor (with singles) and Kent TB minor  (as a refresher some treble bob plain hunt may be necessary).

Don’t forget – if anyone wants to call a touch (or start/stop) let me know and we can include it.

For the future I think looking up St Simons and Winchendon Place would provide a good grounding for a whole group of related methods/variations which can be interesting to ring.

Park in the churchyard and come to the door at the top of the steps for 7.30 start and I will have parking permits if you require them.  If you are going to be late please try to let me know in advance so we know we don’t have to wait. There is a bell push on the right hand door, but give us time to come down as it’s 64 steps down (and up again).

Finally, would you please let me know if you are coming to this practice and with any special requests?

Many thanks and I look forward to seeing you there,


Sopley -Beyond Bob Doubles Nov 1st – RSVP

By coincidence our first practice of this group falls on All Saints day, 1 November, so it would be appropriate to ring the method of the same name that evening.
It is a method best rung “by the treble”. Ring a grandsire single at the front, eg seconds and long thirds, with 5ths 4ths 5ths when meeting treble at 3/4 and 4/5. Lying over the treble in 4/5 down means seconds at next lead. Looking at the line will make this clearer. Bobs are a plain lead of Reverse Canterbury, so we may need to practice this as well.
We will also cover calling touches of Bob Doubles, touches of Stedman Doubles and singles of Bob Minor. If time permits Treble Bob Plain Hunt and Kent could be included.
Hopefully this will an interesting start to this practice and provide a base for future practices.

To help plan the practice it would be very useful to know who intends to come (but not compulsory), so please let me know if possible.

Tim Kettle

Sopley “Beyond Bob Doubles” practice Objectives

With 2 weeks to go until the first practice of our group with its extended remit, we need to set out our objectives.

The intention is that the practice should provide a solid grounding in learning a variety of methods once the basics have been mastered and provide an opportunity for members to improve their skills. This will include calling touches for those who want to progress towards conducting (with this in mind, Bob Doubles can be rung if anyone wants to call a touch of it – thus giving an chance for others to ring it if needed).

We’ve already had requests for touches of Stedman doubles, calling touches of Bob Doubles, Bob Minor singles practice, Treble Bob Plain Hunt, Kent Treble Bob, Little Bob Minor and Cambridge Minor – a pretty wide field of activity, and what we do will of course depend on the range of ability and help available, and I’m pleased to say that already one expetienced ringer has offeted to help when he can.

I like the idea of ringing a variety of methods, perhaps featuring a particular doubles or minor method each month to be decided at the previous practice. Suggestions could include All Saints, the St Simons/ Winchendon Place group of methods and variations, Grandsire Minor, Single Oxford, Single Canterbury, and this would mean knowing Reverse Canterbury and Bob Minimus as they are the bases for these methods.

Please let me know your wishes for the practice so we can provide something for everyone. I hope we’ll all have some fun in learning and succeeding in trying things new, as well as progressing with the existing repertoire!

We would welcome anyone who can ring Bob Doubles (with touches) to the practice and if you know of anyone who might be interested please let me know or ask them to email me.

I look forward to your input,

Tim Kettle

Sopley Minor Methods Practice to become “Sopley Beyond Bob Doubles”

After considering the requests of members of the Bob Minor practice and consulting with others, it’s been realised there is a big gap between the average tower practice and going to a minor methods only practice. This is due (in the Bournemouth area at least) to many new learners at tower practices and the need for lots of rounds and call changes taking up most of the limited time available.

Requests have been made for Stedman doubles especially, and for a chance to call touches of doubles/principles methods. It’s also an opportunity to try methods that would be commonly rung if there was no time constaint – eg the St Simons/ Winchendon Place group of methods/variations, variations of Bob Doubles and Grandsire, etc etc etc………..

It is not envisaged that we would ring Plain Bob/Grandsire Doubles except for a “go” at calling touches – teaching the basic methods would defeat the object of the practice. Of course, minor methods will still be on the “curriculum” from Bob Minor onwards to Treble Bob and Surprise (if we have the ability).

At the same time the practice will revert to the 1st Wednesday of the month, the first practice being on the 1st November.

The Ringing Master will be Tim Kettle, and he would welcome any assistance in running the practices.

If you have any requests or would like to know more or would like to help run the practices, please contact Tim Kettle

Consulting on future plans for the Sopley Minor Methods Practice

Thanks to those who replied to my earlier message re this practice.

Unfortunately we don’t have enough ringers for a viable practice and regrettably it is now cancelled.

I would like your views as to whether we should increase the scope of the practice.  Requests have been made to call touches of doubles methods and ring more advanced doubles like Stedman.  If there is a need for this we could consider accommodating these wishes and becoming a “Beyond Bob Doubles” practice.

I look forward to hearing your views,

Best wishes

Tim Kettle

Winchester District Outing – Saturday 21st October – New Forest

Dear All,

I have at last sorted out a collection of towers and an itinerary for this year’s District Outing, to the New Forest. Please find attached posters for the outing in MS-Word and PDF formats.

Local New Forest Ringers are welcome to join in!

Where we are going: I have chosen Sopley – with apologies to the Lockerley/E. Tytherley band who I know will be ringing there in two weeks’ time – because it has the Woolpack Inn a mere 200 yards away, and it looks like a good place for lunch ……

Trip Advisor gives it seven 5-blob reviews and four 4-blob reviews in the past four weeks, and it’s a Lucky Dip entry in the Good Pub Guide:

I’ve also included Lyndhurst, to sharp intakes of breath from one or two people I’ve spoken to, on account of busy-ness on a Saturday morning. But I think Lyndhurst is thereby unjustly neglected, and I have allowed 40 minutes from Eling to Lyndhurst, which should allow time enough for fuming in traffic jams and walking up from the New Forest Visitor Centre Car Park, which is the closest sensible place to stop but still a few minutes’ walk from the church. If we get there crazily early, I’ve asked Mary Sterry if the letter-in doesn’t mind getting there a bit early in case we do, too. Also, the church is a showcase for Arts and Crafts/Pre-Raphaelite decoration, so well worth looking round anyway. It’s in Simon Jenkins’s book about the 1000 best churches to visit.

Once we’ve finished at Ringwood I have allowed an hour for people to get some tea. Ringwood has a branch of the Boston Tea Party, which started out in Honiton, and has spread out in the West Country since then, with branches to my certain knowledge in Salisbury and Ringwood. There is also, in the High Street, Jacqueline’s Tea Rooms. Like the BTP, and unlike a lot of tea rooms, it stays open late, or late enough for our purposes. The cream teas garner plaudits, but be warned, they have a bizarre restriction on people sharing food, so DO NOT order one pot of tea for one and one cream tea, thinking you can share the scone, otherwise Modom Proprietor will be down on you like a ton of bricks. See Tripadvisor for further gruesome details.

Where we are not going: Hordle, which we visited two years ago when Andrew Glover organised the District Outing to this area, and where Lock/Tyth are calling in. Also Christchurch Priory: I’d have loved to have a heavy twelve as our grand finale, but there’s a lot happening on October 21st, including a concert in the evening, so there’ll be rehearsals, an evensong, etc., etc. Maybe some time in the future, if we ever venture to, for example, the Isle of Purbeck, or Bournemouth/East Dorset.

For the itinerary, food ordering arrangements etc. watch this space!

Best wishes meanwhile


District Secretary

Woolpack Inn menu 2017


Sopley Minor Methods Practice

Current News


From The Archive

CS District Sopley Minor Methods Practice Weds 22nd of March ***CANCELLED***

Dear All,

A quick check of some of the group has shown that we will be slightly short in the expert department on Wednesday so it looks sensible to concentrate on our basic trio of methods:
There will be plenty to challenge us – if you want to practice calling some touches please come prepared! If you want to ring Treble Bob Hunt from a new bell, then look it up in advance. If you have not tried Little Bob Minor before, then have a look at it, as it really is just one logical step up the ladder from Plain Bob Minor.
So – please RSVP, we will go ahead if there are a minimum of 8 people keen to ring.  New people are very welcome.

Sopley Minor Methods Practice Report – Feb 22nd 2017

Ten people met at Sopley on Wednesday to engage with the project of improving our Minor Methods expertise.

We focussed on Singles in Bob Minor, Treble Bob Hunt, and Double Court Minor which was the top request of the evening, and was a first for one of the band.

We also rang Kent Minor.

To assist preparations for the next practice on 22nd March, you may find this new website page helpful. (for other news on Double Court Minor, please click here)

Confirmed: Sopley Minor Methods Practice Weds Feb 22nd 7.30pm

After January’s practice, the consensus of the band is that for February 22nd we would like to stay with the same methods:

Please can the conductors come prepared to call some short touches of Double Court and simple Single-only touches of Bob Minor?

It’s a good practice to work on your Ringing Master skills as well – anyone want to do all or part of the job in February?

Once again I am hoping to get 9+ firm replies in order to go ahead with this practice. RSVP please by Friday 17th Feb and I will send out a confirmation.

Or download a poster: sopley-minor-methods-practice


CS Sopley Minor Methods Practice – Report of January 25th 2017, & plans for February 22nd

Another well-attended practice with lots of hard work and progress made. Some highlights were:

  • First go at Double Court Bob Minor for 2 of the ringers, and the method has once again succeeded in being a  novel challenge, without being too heavyweight. It was also good practice for those Christchurch ringers who have been working on it for a few weeks already.
  • Good progress with Kent Inside, consolidating a long term learning effort for several of us. Next time, can people aim to ring a new bell as well as their “comfort blanket bell”?
  • Useful practice for the Bob Minor Conductors in the group, both of whom were able to try something new. Mostly we rang it accurately enough to come around but we need to do more homework on the Singles for February.
  • Very tidy Treble Bob Hunt practice which was a help for the aspiring “treble-to-Kent” ringer.
  • Yes, we missed Chris!

Consensus of the band is that for February 22nd we would like to stay with the same methods:

Please can the conductors come prepared to call some short touches of Double Court and simple Single-only touches of Bob Minor?

It’s a good practice to work on your Ringing Master skills as well – anyone want to do all or part of the job in February?

Methods for the CS District Sopley Minor Methods Practice Weds 25th January

Thank you for all the replies. We now have enough people and lots of method ideas. The plan is:

7.30pm-9.00pm, parking on the lane outside, ground floor easy six, new people will be welcomed and made to work hard! Bring jumpers coats and hot water bottles it can be very cold.

CS District – RSVP – Sopley Practice Wednesday 25th January 7.30pm

Dear All,

With just over a week to go, it seems sensible to get numbers for the Sopley Practice next week. So can you reply to let me know:
– If you plan to come
– What method(s) you would like to work on this time.
If 10+ people are coming then the practice will go ahead – with 6-9 I will put together a Quarter Peal.
I will let you know one way or the other, at the weekend.
Happy New Year

Sopley Minor Methods – November Practice Report

The fourteen ringers who attended the practice had clearly spent time preparing to ring and  conduct their chosen methods, and the standard of ringing was consistently good.

It was really encouraging that the touches of Kent were successful – one spin off of this practice  has been regular plain courses of Kent at Christchurch, and we are hopeful that we will now be successful with touches back on home turf as well.

The practice has ongoing appeal to people working on Plain Bob, and seeking practice with Treble Bobbing.

Building on our success with plain courses of Little Bob, we will aim for touches next time.

There will be no December practice (too close to Christmas) so the next one is planned for Wednesday January the 25th.

Nearer the time, numbers will be checked and the practice confirmed. please click here if you would like to be added to the mailing list.

Rosalind Martin

Sopley Minor Methods Practice Weds Nov 23rd – CONFIRMED – 7.30pm

Dear All,

I have had enough positive responses to confirm this practice is taking place.
This month there will be opportunities to call touches, please prepare one that you would like to call!

Methods-wise, I would suggest we look at plain courses and touches of:
– Plain Bob Minor
– Little Bob Minor
– Kent Treble Bob Minor

The Ringing Master is Tim Kettle.

Kind Regards

Sopley Minor Methods Practice Weds 22nd June

Making its first appearance at Sopley this month will be Oxford Treble Bob Minor, a method from the same family as Kent.

Also featuring Plain Bob Minor, Little Bob Minor and Kent.

7.30 to 9.00 all welcome once you are confident with at least one doubles method.
Ringing Master this month is Tim Kettle

For blue lines please click here

Sopley Minor practice, Wednesday 25 May, 7.30pm

Please don’t forget it’s the Sopley minor practice on Wednesday this week!

We are aiming to continue the progress made last month in Plain Bob and Treble Bob Plain Hunt, as well as continuing with Kent TB minor, Little Bob Minor and Cambridge Minor.

We try to have something for everyone, so if you’re just thinking about ringing on 6 bells you can start with plain hunt minor (maybe jumbled up) or Treble Bob Plain Hunt, before trying your hand at Plain Bob. You can move on to the other methods when you feel ready.

We are dependent on more experienced ringers to provide the backbone and experience for these practices, so if you feel you would like to help please come along. We nearly always manage to do something a bit different or more challenging during the evening – and, of course, we want everyone present to feel they’ve had a good, worthwhile evening at the end of the practice.

Hope to see you on Wednesday,

Tim Kettle, Tim Martin, Christopher Smithies

Advance Notice Sopley Minor Practice 23 March

For those of you who will feel deprived of ringing in the week commencing 21 March (Holy Week) I have good news.  The CS Sopley Minor practice WILL be taking place as usual on Wednesday 23 March at 7.30pm.

As there will be little other ringing in that week, why not give this practice a try – you may discover you like it and want to come again!  We will be continuing to dispel the dreaded bob minor single “demons” as well as progressing to other methods including Little Bob, Single Oxford, Kent TBM and Cambridge amongst others (all dependant on who is there!)

We look forward to seeing you there,

Tim Kettle, Tim Martin and Christopher Smithies