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Guild Striking Competitions 2020

The dates and towers for the Guild Striking Competitions 2020 are:

Guild Inter-Tower 6 and 8-bell competitions on the Saturday 16th May at Fawley and Eling.

Guild Inter-District 8-bell competition on Saturday 13 June at St. Lawrence, Alton. This is on the morning of the Guild AGM.

Further information available from these downloads:

Guild Inter-Tower 6-bell competition

Guild Inter-Tower 8-bell competition

Guild Inter-District 8-bell competition

Contact Pete Jordan

September District Practice, Meeting and Hinton Trophy Striking Competition 07.09.2019 Fawley.

Dear all,

Here are the details of the next meeting. Apologies for the delay as we were trying to organise skittles for after the meeting, however that has proven too hard this year, watch this space for next year.

Everyone welcome to come along even if you are not taking part in the striking contest. If there are any teams for the striking contest, please let Colin Butler know.

A general poster for the Outing at the end of the month will be sent out after this e-mail. Please encourage all your members to come along. Full details will be released at the meeting.

Look forward to seeing you next week.


Contact Sallie Ingram

Contact Colin Butler

PDFs below of Meeting and Hinton Trophy information:

September Practice and Hinton Trophy

September 2019 Agenda

ADM 2019 Minutes


C&S District – New Acting Webmaster

I am delighted to announce that (subject to a formal vote at the next meeting), Peter Murdock-Saint has volunteered to look after the C&S news on the Guild Website.

Peter learned to ring at Sopley and attends several practice nights across the District. (click line below)

Graham Hounslow steps down

The retiring webmaster, Graham Hounslow (Fawley), has been an invaluable member of the Guild Communications Committee for a number of years now. In addition to posting the C&S news, first on the District Website and later on the Guild Website, he wrote much of the original CSS programming that drives the “look and feel” of The District and the Guild owe him grateful thanks!

Ringers needed for the funeral of a former High Sherriff 16th March 10.30 at Fawley

*** STOP PRESS We have 6 ringers now. 6 is good but 7 or 8 would be better!

Former High Sheriff of Hampshire, Maldwin Drummond OBE served as a New Forest Verderer for 28 years and was head of the Verderers for three years, served as chairman of New Forest magistrates and the New Forest Consultative Panel.
He died after a short illness on 18th February.

The funeral of Mr. Maldwin Drummond is to be held at Fawley church at 11.00am on Thursday 16th March.  We have been asked to ring for the funeral but being a week day we are struggling to find enough ringers.  Could you help us please?
I don’t have details of exact times for ringing yet but assume we’ll ring for 30 minutes before the funeral and possibly afterwards.  I will give you the times as soon as I have them.

Please let me know if you or any your ringing colleagues could join with us to ring.

Thank you,

Lawrence Clark

Fawley Tower Secretary

Challenge 500 & Heritage Open Day Update

We’re really doing well and have now got five towers from our the C&S district taking part. What about your tower? Could you join this national opportunity to get some ringing publicity?

Current towers

  • Brokenhurst
  • Minstead
  • Lyndhurst
  • Fawley
  • Eling

Details about the events are available here at our  Heritage Day Details page and the Heritage Open Days website.

Fawley takes up “Challenge 500”

As part of their current recruitment activities, the bell ringers at Fawley have opted in to the Heritage Open Days “Challenge 500” scheme, and also to encourage neighbouring towers to take part so that a programme of visits can be on offer for members of the public.

They have written to neighbouring Tower captains:

heritage-open-daysWe are trying to arrange some tower visits during the Open Days week and on 10th & 11th September. Would your ringers be interested in participating in this. Perhaps we could agree a programme for ringers to visit each of out towers during one of the days?

Please ask your ringers if they would like to take part – then one of us could put together a visit programme.

Best wishes,

Lawrence Clark
Fawley Tower Secretary

District Practice & Hartless Striking competition report

We have had another wonderful district practice and striking competition at Fawley, with over thirty members from across the district joining us. The first hour was for the practice with a mixture of rounds and call changes, various methods, and plan courses and even touches of St Clement’s minor (the special method for the practice).

Judge providing feedback to the bands

The remainder of the afternoon was taken up with the Hartless Shield Striking Competition. There were six bands entered this year, including a band formed from the district youths.
As usual the standard of ringing was very high, presenting a nice challenge for our judge Alan Bentley.

With such good ringing the result was very close, but (again) Eling came out on top piping Christchurch in to second place and the District youth into very creditable third place. John Davey, one of the guild officers, presented the winning teams with their certificates, and Eling the Hartless Shield.

By good fortune we even have a recording of the winning ringing by the Eling band. and a link to the Youth Band’s ringing on Youtube

Eling receiving the Hartless Shield at Fawley

The next practice is scheduled for the Saturday the 23rd of April, with the tower to be confirmed.  If you’ve never been to one I’d strongly recommend you do as they are a wonderful opportunity to ring at another tower, with other people, and maybe something you don’t normally ring.  Hope to see you there.

PS. a very special thank you to David Forder for providing the pictures for use in this post.

Hartless Striking Competition & District Practice

Slight late in announcing but on the 5th of March it will the Hartless Shield Striking competition at Fawley, as well as the Monthly district practice.

The method of the month for March is St Clements Minor

The practice runs from 2.30 – 3.30pm, with the striking competition running from 3.30-4.30pm.

Please find attached a poster and the rules for the competition.

And finally, please notify Colin Butler, Ringing Master, by Thursday 3rd March, if your tower wishes to enter, and with how many bands. Tel: 02380 772421 or click to email

Tower poster & rules

The C&S District Calendars will change on November 14th

The District calendars are going to improve on November 14th

Why are things changing?

  • Since the website was created 3 years ago, the way google calendars are managed within WordPress (which manages our site) has improved dramatically. They should now display 100% properly on all screen sizes.
  • The new Guild website (which is currently in the pipeline) will use Google Calendars to manage all the event calendars. To make that possible, the current single “all district events” calendars, will split into 4 parts – the monthly practices, the special (mostly Saturday) events, the Guild Education events, and other Guild events.

What If I have already downloaded the calendars?

You will need to download the new ones in order to see all the events. It takes a couple of minutes, and you will be able to see all the information again. While people are moving over, you may see some events duplicated. That will cease by the end of November when the change over is complete. The instructions are below….

What if I would like to download some calendars for the first time?

  • do you want to add these calendars

    It’s really useful to see what bellringing is on as you plan your own life – and if events change or are cancelled you will see the latest version…. so it’s very useful.

  • INSTRUCTIONS You need to be logged onto your normal calendar system, then click here and click the “+” beside the google calendar icon at the bottom of your screen. When you see the box pictured right, click the calendars you want, or just accept them all. It’s not difficult to hide or delete any you don’t need, later on. If you get stuck contact me

I only use the calendars on the website….

Then it will all be handled for you. Over the next few weeks you may notice that the calendars on the website look a bit different, and work perfectly (at last!!!) on phones. If you see anything unexpected please get in touch!

More web pages to (almost) complete the C&S set

Draft pages (awaiting feedback from their bands) for Breamore, Eling, Fawley, Fordingbridge, Harbridge, Hinton, Hordle, Sopley, the Hartley 12 and South Stoneham have been added to the new Guild website.

Southampton City Ringers have their own website, so a page has been added for the City, and once their webmaster has given input, the “zone” will be completed.

Congratulations Graham Hounslow and Mike Martin – First Peals 5th June 2015

Rosalind Martin, Tim Martin, Colin Butler, Mike Martin, Simon Edwards (C), Graham Hounsleow
Rosalind Martin, Tim Martin, Colin Butler, Mike Martin, Simon Edwards (C), Graham Hounsleow

Graham (Fawley) and Mike (until recently also a Fawley ringer) both scored their first peal at the first attempt on Friday 5th June at Fawley. The target across the whole ringing community is for 300 First Pealers to be successful during 2015, to mark the 300th anniversary of the first recorded peal. Peals in C&S District have contributed 9 people towards this total so far, and anyone else wanting to ring a first peal is invited to contact Colin Butler,  District Ringing Master.

A video of some of the ringing has been posted on the District Facebook Group.

Many thanks once again to Simon Edwards who came down from Swindon to conduct the peal.

Screen Shot 2015-06-06 at 09.00.26Congratulations are also in order for Daniel Scott (Sacred Heart) who scored his first quarter peal of Surprise Major the previous day, also conducted by Simon Edwards.