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Christchurch Priory December Ringing Times 2015

angels-at-fordingbridge-churchPlease Note the following alterations have been made to our normal ringing calendar. at Christchurch Priory

  • Advent Fair 28th Nov 9.30-10.00
  • Advent Carol Service  29th Nov 5.45-6.30
  • Practice starts 7.30pm 7th Dec NB no parking in drive
  • No Practice 14th Dec
  • Nine lessons and Carols 5.45 -6.30 20th Dec
  • Midnight eucharist 24th Dec 10.30-11.15
  • Christmas Day 8:45-9.30
  • New year’s Eve – 11.15 onwards

Tim Martin

For more information about ringing at the Priory please visit our web page

The C&S District Calendars will change on November 14th

The District calendars are going to improve on November 14th

Why are things changing?

  • Since the website was created 3 years ago, the way google calendars are managed within WordPress (which manages our site) has improved dramatically. They should now display 100% properly on all screen sizes.
  • The new Guild website (which is currently in the pipeline) will use Google Calendars to manage all the event calendars. To make that possible, the current single “all district events” calendars, will split into 4 parts – the monthly practices, the special (mostly Saturday) events, the Guild Education events, and other Guild events.

What If I have already downloaded the calendars?

You will need to download the new ones in order to see all the events. It takes a couple of minutes, and you will be able to see all the information again. While people are moving over, you may see some events duplicated. That will cease by the end of November when the change over is complete. The instructions are below….

What if I would like to download some calendars for the first time?

  • do you want to add these calendars

    It’s really useful to see what bellringing is on as you plan your own life – and if events change or are cancelled you will see the latest version…. so it’s very useful.

  • INSTRUCTIONS You need to be logged onto your normal calendar system, then click here and click the “+” beside the google calendar icon at the bottom of your screen. When you see the box pictured right, click the calendars you want, or just accept them all. It’s not difficult to hide or delete any you don’t need, later on. If you get stuck contact me

I only use the calendars on the website….

Then it will all be handled for you. Over the next few weeks you may notice that the calendars on the website look a bit different, and work perfectly (at last!!!) on phones. If you see anything unexpected please get in touch!

Practice Report – CS District Youth Practice

The good thing about having our Youth practices each holiday, is there’s a bit less pressure on our time. The downside is  a couple of the regular attenders were on holiday. However, the 8 young ringers present included 3 new faces and 4 towers were represented.

Once again, Ringing Master Sallie Ingram (Milford) juggled different skill levels from rounds, call changes to Grandsire Doubles, and the highlight was probably the “Fast Call Changes” with only one over-18 ringing….. fast really did mean fast, sometimes with 2 changes called for the same row!

For young learners who ring heavy bells at home, we started with a session on Ringing Up – for some this was their first successful attempt and they were delighted at how manageable they found the bells! Once on to Rounds, the newcomers quickly got the feel for the fast ringing, and the need to pull gently, and all had plant of turns and enjoyed the practice.

Thanks once more to our hosts at Brockenhurst – next year’s 6 practices are scheduled to take place there as it is ideal.

Photo by Jack, Christchurch

The feet were from Brockenhurst, Christchurch, Milford and Ringwood

C&S District 12 bell practice – 10th October 2015 at Christchurch Priory

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Christchurch Priory 12 bell practice 2015 iconThe District 12 bell practice at Christchurch Priory on Saturday 10th of October will feature Grandsire Caters and Cinques as the special method. As always ringing will include Rounds and Call Changes (this time on up to 12 bells) with plenty of support from people to stand behind you when you need it, plus other methods by request.

Do listen to this video to inspire you – Grandsire Cinques is a glorious, tuneful method and absolutely worth the effort to learn.

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A Weekend of Firsts in The Christchurch and Southampton District (Feb 2015)

The last weekend of February saw a busy weekend of ringing at the Western end of the Christchurch and Southampton District including several important firsts.

quarter peal at Hinton Admiral
Simon, Tim, Rosalind, Dan, Graham

The weekend began with a pleasant quarter peal of Grandsire Doubles on the recently rehung five at Hinton Admiral on Friday evening. This was a first of Grandsire Doubles for Daniel Scott and only his third quarter peal. It also gave Tim Martin the chance to ring his second quarter at Hinton after his first ever quarter there 36 years ago.

firstpeal2015-band-at-the-priory Feb 2015
Simon, Tim, Rosalind, Dan, Graham

Saturday morning saw four of the same band heading to Christchurch Priory for a peal attempt. A well struck peal of Minor in three methods was achieved in 2h 53m. The band contained two first Pealers, Rosalind Martin and Daniel Scott at their first attempt and was also the first inside for Jack Pease and to mark his 16th Birthday. Apart from the conductor, Simon Edwards from Swindon, all the band were either members of the Priory band or regulars at the Priory practice night so a good local effort.

Simon, Tim, Rosalind, Dan, Graham

After a lengthy lunch break three of the band headed out into the New Forest to the recently augmented 6 at Minstead where a well struck quarter of Grandsire Minor contained three firsts of that method inside plus a first of minor.

Used by permission from the church

After service ringing on Sunday Morning at Christchurch Priory and Sacred Heart Bournemouth a quarter peal of Stedman Triples was rung on the fine Taylor octave at St Peter’s Bournemouth being the first of Stedman for Rosalind Martin.

priory sunset
Christchurch Priory

Finally, another quarter peal of Grandsire Doubles was scored back at the Priory for evensong to enable another of the local band, Aila Peacock to ring her first Grandsire inside.

Thanks must go to Simon Edwards for helping us by conducting most of the ringing and for converting that “must do it sometime” plan into a definite reality. The list of achievements is as follows:

First peal

  • Rosalind Martin – Christchurch Priory
  • Daniel Scott – Sacred Heart Bournemouth

First Peal inside.

  • Jack Pease – Hampreston

First Grandsire Doubles

  • Aila Peacock – Christchurch Priory
  • Daniel Scott- Sacred Heart Bournemouth

First Minor

  • Graham Hounslow – Fawley

First Grandsire Minor

  • Rosalind Martin
  • Oliver Chaloner – Southampton City
  • Polly Osborne – Minstead

First Stedman

  • Rosalind Martin

It was also the first time that the Middle six at the Priory have been rung to a peal.

Tim Martin

DCA 12 bell Practice at Christchurch Priory on November 22nd 2014

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Another date for your diary if you enjoy (or aspire to) 12 bell ringing. The Dorset County Association is a very welcoming band, and these practices are very productive and enjoyable. Access to the Priory is by key-coded door to the North side of the tower so, if you know you are going to be late, please email the organiser in advance. (form below)

Saturday 22 November 2014

Dorset County Association – Practice Christchurch Priory (12)

7pm – 9pm, all welcome.

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Christchurch Priory Practice Night Report June 10th 2014

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Christchurch Priory June 2014 Christchurch Priory June 2014

Tim Martin writes:

Lots of people at the Priory  practice tonight. For one person it was their first practice on open bells and two of our other beginners will be ringing for their first Sunday service next week. As ever, thanks go to our other ringers for turning out early to ring rounds, call changes and Mexican Wave with the new ringers. After that we had some touches of Grandsire Triples, Bob Major and Grandsire Caters.

No Practice 16th June because of the Priory Music Festival.

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Learners and Improvers at Christchurch Priory

Here is the schedule for learners and improvers practices in February. Attendance is by invitation.

We are also starting early on a Monday evening so that we can concentrate on ringing rounds, every Monday except the 24th Feb which is the 10-bell practice. A small number of experienced ringers are attending this rounds practice and their support is much appreciated.
christchurch learners practices

The History of the Bells at Christchurch Priory

The Tower contains a ring of 12 bells, plus a flat 6th semi-tone bell, dating from the end of the 14th century to 1976. The two oldest, two of the oldest in England still in use, were cast in 1370 by a John Rufford of Bedfordshire, who was appointed the Royal Bellfounder by King Edward III in 1367. A medallion of the King’s head is cast in the inscription on the crown band of each bell. This points to the fact that these bells, with others, were a royal gift to the Priory at Twynham. King’s Head Bells as they are called, are very rare.

Letters Patent issued by King Henry VIII in 1540 refer to the Priory and to “seven bells hanging in the tower thereof” are 100 years older than the tower.

There is little doubt that the church at one time had a central tower. This either collapsed or was taken down in 1422, damaging much of an earlier quire, but it is doubtful if the 7 bells referred to by Henry were ever in that central tower. There are several indications, however, that the room over the North Porch was once a bellchamber. The walls of the porch are substantially buttressed; the housings of the timber baulks, which supported the bell frame, are clearly visible, as are the chasings in the window frames and mullions, showing that they were once louvered. The present tower was completed in 1470 and in due course the bells were hung in it, being rung from ground level, inside the West Door some 90 feet below.

The Letters Patent issued by Henry also recorded that 2 bells were taken “for the King’s use”. In those days it was usual for churches of cathedral status to have 7 bells, a parish church to have 5, and smaller village churches to have 3 or less. Christchurch Priory would have ranked as a cathedral or Minster previously, but it is now a parish church.

The first reference to 8 bells is in a Vestry minute book of 1640 which says “The 4th and 8th shall be rung all the year long.”

In 1885 one bell was recast, and by 1976 after gifts of new bells and replacements, the number of bells reached its present number.

The above is taken from “The Story of Christchurch Bells” by Arthur V Davis. The complete book is available from the Gift Shop for £1.