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Practice Night Methods – Christchurch Priory

These are the methods which we are currently ringing reasonably often at the Priory on a Practice Night.

RM Jan 2017

Methods to Look at for the Christchurch Priory Practice Monday 19th Dec

Starting Point….

Treble Bob MinorWe plan to continue working on Treble Bob Minor. Several people are already making a good job of this and one or two more are in the pipeline!

Minor Inside Ringing… New Method


Double Court Bob Minor is a fairly manageable stepping stone towards Double Norwich Major. We have not rung this at practice night before (not in the last few years anyway) but we should be able to make a decent job of it!

Double Norwich Court Bob Major..

double-norwich-court-bob-major Now the Schools have broken up we may well have all our Double Norwich ringers (actual and aspiring) present so it’s worth revising for this evening’s practice.  Extra people most welcome to offer support or to learn!

Christchurch Priory Christmas & New Year Ringing Times (Amended 24/12)

Visiting Ringers are welcome to join us for any of these events. We ring Rounds and Call Changes upwards. If you want to have reserved seats for the  busy services* (subject to availability) please phone in advance and let us know.

  • Sunday 18th 5.45 ringing for 9 Lessons and Carols. *Please confirm if you want seats .
  • Christmas Eve 10.30pm. Ringing for Midnight Eucharist. *confirm if you want seats.
  • Christmas Day 8.45 Ringing for morning service. *confirm if you want seats.
  • Boxing Day No Practice.
  • New Years Eve. 11 15pm Ring out the Old Year.
  • New Years Day. NO MORNING RINGING Evensong as normal.
  • 2nd January Practice CANCELLED
Thanks in advance.

Congratulations Nicola Penny and Luke Brooke – Tim Martin Reports

Congratulations to Nicola Penny and Luke Brooke, two young ringers at Christchurch Priory, who scored their first Quarter Peal on 8, and First Triples inside, respectively, last Sunday Night.

Both ringers have been making good progress with the Christchurch band and are regular supporters of C&S District Events and Practices.

Many Thanks to Jack Pease (SDGR) who was the conductor on this occasion.

Photo (c) Jack Pease, used by permission

Winchester & Portsmouth Diocesan Guild
On Sunday, 4 December 2016 in 0h 53m
Christchurch, Dorset
Priory Church of the Holy Trinity
Tenor: 27–0–0 in D
1302 Grandsire Triples
Composed by Jack R Pease (no. 293)
1 Marisa P G Bartlett
2 Nicola Penny
3 Luke Brooke
4 Rosalind A Martin
5 Rosemary Rogers
6 Edward W G Warren
7 Jack R Pease (C)
8 Tim M Martin
First on 8: 2
First on 8 inside: 3
Rung on the back 8 for Choral Evensong on the Second
Sunday of Advent.

Link to QP on Bellboard

Congratulations Helen Penny (Christchurch Priory) First Quarter Peal

Well done to Helen Penny who rang her first Quarter Peal tonight in fine style with her sister and father also in the band.

Tim Martin


p class=”association”>Winchester & Portsmouth Diocesan Guild

Christchurch Priory, Dorset


p class=”address”>Holy Trinity

Sunday, 30 October 2016 in 48m (10cwt)

1260 Plain Bob Doubles


p class=”ringers”>


p style=”margin:.25em 0;”>1Helen Penny


p style=”margin:.25em 0;”>2Nicola Penny


p style=”margin:.25em 0;”>3Rosemary Rogers


p style=”margin:.25em 0;”>4Frances Benjamin


p style=”margin:.25em 0;”>5Tim Martin (C)


p style=”margin:.25em 0;”>6Ian Penny


p class=”footnote”>For Evensong and Benediction and in memory of Fr Alex Smith (1936-2016) a former member of our Band whose funeral took place in the Priory on 25th October. First Quarter 1.e

Forthcoming Dorset County Association 6 bell practices (Oct-Dec 2016)


6-bell Practices [Saturdays] 2016

Oct 22nd      Symondsbury 7pm

Dec 17th       Maiden Newton 7pm                            ALL WELCOME

CS District 12 Bell Practice – Tim Martin Reports

A successful 12 bell practice for the District tonight with about 20 people present at Christchurch.  Good to see a number of people ring things for the first time including plain hunt on 11, stedman caters and Grandsire Cinques.

Christchurch Priory Monday Practices will start at 7.20pm from 26th Sept

We are delighted to notice that all our “learners” no longer need a specific early start as they are now taking full part in the normal practice night.

Therefore we will be practising from 7.20 to 9pm until further notice.

Visitors are most welcome. If you plan to arrive later than  7.20 please phone to arrange or you may be locked out!

Congratulations Aila Peacock (Christchurch Priory) – 1st on 8 inside

Winchester & Portsmouth Diocesan Guild
Bournemouth, Dorset
St John the Evangelist
Sunday, 21 August 2016 in 0h 48m (16–1–18)
1344 Grandsire Triples
Composed by Jack R Pease (no. 212)
1 Connor J F Hodkin
2 Aila M Peacock
3 Marisa P G Bartlett
4 James A Hodkin
5 Colin S Cherrett
6 Philip R Clark
7 Jack R Pease (C)
8 Mike Pitman
First on 8 inside: 2
First on 8 away from cover on tower bells: 1
Rung to celebrate the Bournemouth Air Show and to commemorate 1 year since the Shoreham Air Show Crash which killed 16 and injured 11.

Southampton City Wins Hinton Trophy – Daniel Graham Reports

Successful afternoon at Milford for the Hinton Trophy. Results as below;

1 – Southampton (Cambridge Minor) – 15 faults

2 – Christchurch Priory (Plain Bob Doubles) – 21 faults

3 – Milford (Plain Bob Doubles) – 51 faults

Well done to all who took part! Pictured the winning Southampton band

Proposed Design for Tower Widgets


For discussion, amendment and agreement within the communications team.


Each Tower (or where preferred, cluster) has a “widget” that lives in the right hand column of the website (The WordPress “Content Sidebar”. It will be visible when a user is on the tower’s home page, or on any post that has the tower’s category.

Initial Design

When the website was first developed, the widget was an RSS feed which displayed all posts with the tower’s category. There was no archiving and no distinction between news items and non-news items (such as contact details or bell ringing times).

Intention of the new design

  • Archived news is no longer mixed in with current news as per the original design. It is clearly laid out to separate the two.
  • Towers can have a home page AND as many extra pages (Actually Tower Information Posts) as they need.
  • Ringing Times for a tower are held in a separate post which can be embedded anywhere as desired without being duplicated.
  • Extra Pages for a tower can be added without needing any extra technical knowledge over and above that needed for writing news posts.
  • Menu of extra pages visible with every extra page, without need for programming.
  • The order that they are displayed in, is reasonably easy to control without advanced knowledge.
  • The layout works for towers with multiple pages and lots of news; also for ones with less content, so they can all be created now and the extra pages developed gradually with the bands. Nothing is hard coded.
  • All current news is displayed and the 4 latest posts from the archive, allowing visitors to determine “how active is this band” and “what do they tend to ring” (These were suggested in the survey August 2016)
  • The tower’s home page(s) can be kept for information only, no news.
  • No need to add hot links to towers when posting because using the tower’s category will bring the widget into view and provide the home page link.
  • The single image on the widget draws the user’s eye to the home page first.
  • A cluster may have a home page and this would be displayed at the top of the widget with the featured image. (example bournemouth). The tower categories need to be sub-categories of the cluster category, in order to ensure the news feed works properly.
  • The design preserves the simple Tower URLs.

The Widget Will Contain:

  1. All current (ie non-archived) news. For most bands this is maximum one item and often blank.
  2. Link to the home page in bold type with thumbnail image
  3. List of extra “pages” (Tower Information Posts) ordered by latest modification date.
  4. Up to 4 pieces of archived news with date stamps (To give users an insight into the band’s communications)

Examples: (displayed with this post)

  • Christchurch Priory (9 pages)
  • Bournemouth (3 tower cluster)
  • Tangley (one page one tower)

Your Comments: Are  in the Team Facebook Group

Ringing World National Youth Contest Report


As many of you know, the Ringing World National Youth Contest was at the beginning of last month. Over 24 teams took part in the competition that was based in London. The main tower for the day was St Mary-Le- Bow, which had a lovely ring of twelve as well as lots of pastries and cakes! Our competition piece was rung at St James Garlickhythe where the Royal Jubilee where hung, which were also really lovely bells to ring. The piece itself was good but we didn’t get through to the final.

However, this was not necessarily a bad thing as it meant we could ring in more towers!

There were towers open all over London including, St Martin-in- the-fields (Trafalgar Square), Magnus-the Martyr (Lower Thames Street), Christs Church (Spitalfeild) and St Botolph without (Bishopsgate). It was really good to be able to ring in London, especially as the Bells where so nice to ring and the views from the tower windows were impressive as well!

Nicola Penny (Christchurch Priory)

Welcome, From The Christchurch Priory Bellringers

We are a band of approximately 25 ringers who provide ringing for morning and evening services at the Priory, as well as weddings and other special occasions. We practice on a Monday evening, 7.30 to 9.00pm. All ringing is listed on our calendar. We sometimes attempt a Quarter Peal before Evensong -please check the calendar as there is no general ringing on those occasions.

We have 12 bells (plus a flat 6) which makes for a number of choices – as well as 12 bells, we also ring the light 6, light 8 or back 8, or the back 10.

Which Bell is Which at Christchurch Priory (Rosemary Rogers)This choice of two number 6 bells also causes endless entertainment and shouts of “wrong bell!”, even for those of us who have rung for several years at the Priory. This explanation of which six to use with which configuration of bells, has been kindly provided by Rosemary Rogers.

The oldest bells were cast around 1370 – for a full history please click here

Parking and Access for Bellringers at Christchurch Priory

For service ringing, enter the main North Door and take the first left. Parking is in the church car park on the South side.

On practice night use the small tower door on the North side. This is locked with a keypad so if you plan to arrive late please arrange with us in advance. We park in the churchyard.

The ringing chamber is up 100 spiral stairs, clockwise.

The ringing chamber is spacious and there is plenty of room for children to sit at the table.

Assistance dogs are welcome – we are used to them!

If you find you are locked out then these are the contact details for people who may be ringing:

Special Method for Christchurch Priory Monday 18th July – St Martin’s Doubles 

If you are coming to the practice night on Monday have a look atSt Martin’s Doubles.  

2 motives for ringing it – first, Lester has learned it! And Second, to give our Treble Ringers a chance to ring a method where the order of bells going out changes as you come back in.

Picture of the C&S District Striking Competition Band at New Alresford

The picture shows the C&S Band for the Guild inter district 8 bell competition on 2nd July at New Alresford. l-r David Forder, Tim Martin, Steve Hough, Colin Lovelock, Jimmy Hodkin, Colin Butler, Margaret Forder, Adam Thorpe

Ringers from Brockenhurst, Christchurch, Eling and Southanpton City represented the District ringing Grandsire Triples.

This year we were placed 3rd out of 4 teams but  the Judges, Paul and Kate Flavell from Surrey commented that all the ringing was of a high standard and they had needed to mark strictly as a result. In fact only 2 percentage points separated us from the second placed Winchester District band who chose to ring Cambridge Major.

Thanks to Colin for organising the team and to Jimmy for being our conductor.

The full results:

Grandsire Cinques at Christchchurch Priory for the Queen’s 90th Birthday

Winchester & Portsmouth Diocesan Guild
Christchurch Priory, Dorset
Holy Trinity
Sunday, 12 June 2016 in 53m (27cwt)
1386 Grandsire Cinques
Christine Hill
Sallie-Louise Ingram
Daniel Graham
Kristian D Scudamore
Harry E Blamire
Rosemary Rogers
Colin J Butler
Matthew Pike
James A Hodkin (C)
10 Oliver Chaloner
11 Tim Martin
12 Jack R Pease
1st on 12, 12. 1st Cinques 8.
To celebrate the official birthday of HM Queen Elizabeth II and for Evensong to mark the opening of the Priory Music Festival.

Christchurch Priory Music Festival Quarter Peal

As part of the Priory Music Festival, a band of 12 bell ringers has been assembled from across Dorset and Hampshire to ring a Quarter Peal prior to Evensong at the Priory on the 12th of June, commencing about 5.15.

The method is Grandsire Cinques and it will be conducted by Jimmy Hodkin.

We hope that festival goers and passers by will enjoy what is expected to be some beautiful ringing. Ringers are welcome to come and listen from outside, where the acoustics are very different to those inside the ringing chamber! Much better!

There is no practice on 13th June because of a Gamelan Concert. This does include bells, so ringers may like to come and join the audience!

Program Notes by Tim Martin


Christchurch Priory – the Ten, cast about 1370.

Bells have been a part of the soundscape of Christchurch for many centuries. Two of the bells (numbers 9 and 10) included in today’s ring of 12 bells date from c 1370 and are precious survivors from the monastic church of Christchurch. In early times bells were rung according to strict liturgical rules and larger churches which had several bells would use specific bells for particular services or times of day.

By the early 16th Century it became more common to have bells tuned in a way that they could be rung together, to start with just in a descending scale but later on in a uniquely English style of ringing known as change ringing. This began in London and the Eastern Counties and gradually spread through the country. Although many bells were confiscated at the reformation, most parish churches were left with three or four and they quickly added to these as the fashion for change ringing took hold since the opportunities for challenge and the number of changes possible increase rapidly the more bells the ringers have at their disposal.

The bells at the Priory are the product of successive augmentations over the years. By the 17th Century there were six heavy bells hung in the tower including the two medieval bells and the current 11 and 12 which were cast at the famous Rudhall foundry in Gloucester in 1730. These became 8 in the 18th Century and were added to at the beginning of the 20th Century to make 10. The two new bells were not considered satisfactory after a few years and were recast in 1934 with the addition of two new trebles to create today’s ring of 12.

The method that the ringers are ringing today is Grandsire Cinques. This involves changes being rung on 11 bells with the tenor bell, the lowest note, rung last at the end of every change. It is believed that Grandsire was composed by Robert Roan, a minor administrator at the Jacobean court during the first flowering of the new science of change ringing.  Although many other methods have been composed over the years it remains one of the standard methods rung at churches wherever change ringing is practised and on higher numbers such as 10 and 12 it’s musical and rhythmic qualities when rung well are enjoyed by ringers and we hope, by our audience.

C&S District Practice and BBQ 18th June – Special Methods Oxford Treble Bob and Kent Treble Bob Major

C & S District
Practice and BBQ
Saturday 18th June
2:30pm -4:30pm Ringing

Rounds and Call Changes Upwards.
Special Methods: Kent Treble Bob Major and Oxford Treble Bob Major

BBQ Afterwards at Tony and Faith Webster’s to celebrate Rosemary Rogers 50
years of ringing!

Arrangements for the BBQ:
Bring your own meat and salads with you.
Faith and Tony will provide bread and Rosemary will provide desserts.

Please contact Faith and Tony if you intend to come to the BBQ by Wednesday 15th June

  • Contact Faith Webster

    Telephone: 01425 611947
    Address: Mayfield, 4 Dudley Avenue, Hordle, Lymington, SO41 0HY
    Email: Use Form

Congratultions Nicola Penny – First Quarter Peal of April Day

Congratulations to Nicola Penny for her first Quarter Peal of April Day (Plain Bob Doubles with Grandsire Singles), ring for Evensong at the Priory.

All the ringers were members of the Christchurch Priory Band.

Winchester & Portsmouth Diocesan Guild
On Sunday, 8 May 2016 in 45 min
Christchurch, Dorset
Priory Church of Holy Trinity
Tenor: 10 cwt A
1260 April Day Doubles
1 Tim Martin
2 Nicola Penny
3 Rosemary Rogers (C)
4 Frances Benjamin
5 Richard Woodward
6 Ian Penny

2 First in Method

Luke Brooke scores first of Minor with CS District Quarter Peal Club

6 members of Christchurch and Southampton District Quarter Peal Club met yesterday to ring Plain Bob Minor. The performance was well struck and we scored at the first attempt.

This achievement means that Luke Brooke (who learned to ring at Christchurch Priory) has satisfied the requirements for Level 4 for of the “Learning The Ropes” sceme.

Tim Martin continues to build his portfolio of Quarter Peals as conductor, this time using a composition from Tim Rose’s website. to score his first of minor as Conductor.

The next date for the club is Friday June 24th  when we will attempt Yorkshire Major. Any member of C&S District is welcome to join the mailing lisr for the group, and be invited to future events.

Winchester & Portsmouth Diocesan Guild
On Friday, 13 May 2016 in 40m
Brockenhurst, Hampshire
St Nicholas
Tenor: 4–1–12 in B
1260 Plain Bob Minor
1 Rosalind Martin
2 James A Hodkin
3 Alan Bentley
4 Jack R Pease
5 Luke Brooke
6 Tim Martin (C)
1st Minor 5.
1st Minor as Conductor