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Ringing cancellations due to COVID-19

Coronavirus: UK ringing should now be cancelled

The UK government has advised against all unnecessary social contact with immediate effect. The Prime Minister advised in a press conference of 16th March that now is the time for everyone to stop non-essential contact with others and to stop all unnecessary travel.

The Central Council has released a statement in response to the UK government. They advise that If you haven’t already decided to cancel ringing activities, it seems that now is the time to do so. The Ringing World agrees with this statement. It is hard to interpret the government’s guidance in any way other than that all planned ringing activities in the UK should now cease.



I have been made aware that ringing has been suspended at the following towers due to COVID-19 concerns:

Alton, St. Laurence, All Saints and Holybourne – all ringing suspended.

Alverstoke – all ringing cancelled until further notice.

Basingstoke, St. Michael’s – all ringing cancelled until further notice.

Blackmoor – all ringing suspended.

Bournemouth, St. John’s, St. Peters and Scared Heart – all ringing suspended.

Bramshott – all service and practice ringing until at least the end of March where the situation will be reviewed.

Brockenhurst – no ringing until further notice.

Buriton – all ringing suspended.

Catherington – ringing cancelled, but may be some limited Sunday ringing if services continue.

Christchurch Priory – all ringing suspended until further notice.

Eling – all ringing suspended.

Froxfield – all ringing suspended.

Havant – all ringing suspended until further notice.

Hawkley – all ringing suspended and the tied practices on 6-8-10th April postponed.

Hursley – all ringing suspended until further notice.

Newport – all ringing cancelled until further notice.

Portsmouth Cathedral – all ringing suspended.

Purbrook – all ringing cancelled until further notice.

Romsey – all ringing suspended until further notice.

Selborne – all ringing cancelled until further notice.

Shanklin – all ringing suspended until further notice.

Shedfield – all ringing suspended until further notice.

Southampton (St. Mary’s, St. Michael’s and Bitterne Park) – all ringing suspended.

Steep – all ringing suspended.

Titchfield – all ringing suspended.

Upham – all ringing suspended until further notice.

Upton Grey – all ringing cancelled until further notice.

Warnford – all ringing suspended.

West Meon – all ringing suspended.

Wickham – all ringing suspended until further notice.

Winchester Cathedral – all ringing suspended until further notice.

Wonston – no practices until further notice.

Portsmouth District – all District events are cancelled including the April QDM.

Winchester District – all District events and the striking competition in May are cancelled until further notice.

Please let me know via of any other cancellations and I will add them to this list.


Andrew Glover

W&P Guild Webmaster




Hodkin Family First Quarter Peal

Winchester & Portsmouth Diocesan Guild
Brockenhurst, Hampshire
St Nicholas
Sunday, 10 September 2017 in 36m (4–1–12 in B)
1260 Doubles
60, Stedman; 960, Plain Bob; 240 April Day
Jennie M Overton (nee Hodkin)
Julie A Hodkin
Connor J F Hodkin
4–5 James A Hodkin (C)
Cara M Hodkin
First Hodkin family quarter on tower bells

Review of the CS District Quarter Peal Club in 2016 – Tim Martin Reports

The C&S quarter peal club was started in Sept 2015 and after just over a year of activity now seems a good time to review its success. The initiative was the brainchild of Rosalind Martin from Christchurch Priory who wondered whether there were members in the District who were not able to access quarter peal ringing either due to lack of opportunities in their own towers or lack of personal experience and the need to ring with a more experienced band or conductor. Most such activity is either tower band based or invitation only. The concept was to seek to attempt one quarter a month and to allow the method selection to be based on the preferences expressed by the prospective ringers.

The bold step was taken to make the event open invitation in that any members could ask to be included and we would then see how that could be achieved with the available ringers.

The club was also given a flying start with the offer that we could ring every month at Brockenhurst which have the benefit of being a light and easy going 8 but where the back 6 are also very ringable for a doubles or minor quarter.

So in terms of statistics 9 quarters have been scored and almost every one has included some sort of first. 16 different ringers have rung in at least one quarter and although there has been solid support from some ringers no one has rung in all the attempts and there has been a good spread of towers represented ( Brockenhurst, Christchurch, Sacred Heart, Ringwood, Fawley, Minstead, Lyndhurst, Eling, Southampton, plus Hampreston from East Dorset District of the SDGR)

Methods scored include:

  • PB Doubles
  • Grandsire Doubles
  • PB Minor x2
  • Kent TB Minor
  • Grandsire Triples
  • Cambridge S Major
  • Yorkshire S Major
  • Lincolnshire S MajorAttempts at London Major and Superlative were not successful.

    In terms of achievements we have had:

  • 1st on a working bell
  • 1st inside
  • 1st Minor
  • 1st Minor as conductor
  • 1st TB Minor (x3)
  • 1st Triples as conductor
  • 1st in method (Yorkshire & Lincolnshire SM)So in conclusion it seems that the initiative has been a worthwhile exercise in both giving people opportunities and increasing people’s skill level. One young ringer who scored their first inside has now gone on to conduct their first quarter elsewhere and everyone has had an opportunity to try something new and challenging.

Special thanks must go to Julie Hodkin for making the bells available to us and to Jimmy Hodkin for either ably conducting the more complex methods or being a reassuring presence for the more novice conductors.

Tim Martin

If you would like to join the club please contact Rosalind Martin

When Two Hobbies Combine

Simon Edwards Reports:

2016 marks the centenary year of Cub Scouting, officially launched on 16th December 1916, after some three years’ worth of planning and trialling. The Wolf Cubs, as they were originally called, were themed around the Jungle Book, a theme that continues in the majority of Cub packs today.

But how does this link to bells? Well, as well as being a ringer, I am also a Cub Scout Leader in my spare time, going by the name of Shere Khan, and have often found that my two hobbies go hand in hand together; my first peal, back in 2007, was to mark the Centenary of Scouting, after which I vowed never to ring another. How wrong I was!

The idea of combining my two hobbies once again, first came to me some eighteen months ago, with the prospect of a peal just using Cubs and Cub Leaders past and present to celebrate the Centenary. The date was chosen as the closest feasible Saturday to December 16th, a band approached, a method and composition were sourced from Robert Brown – an expert in these matters! – and slowly but surely, the pieces all fell into place.

St Mary’s Church, Brownsea Island Photo by Simon Edwards
St Mary’s Church, Brownsea Island Photo by Simon Edwards

Given that this was a Scout-themed peal, it seemed only fitting that Brownsea Island was the place to do it. As well as housing a delightful little eight, with a ringing chamber more akin to somebody’s lounge, the Island is regarded as the spiritual home of Scouting; the experimental camp led by Baden-Powell was held there in 1907, and this ultimately led to the formation of Scouting. However, the Island is shut to the public in the winter months, and this brought other obstacles with it, the most prominent being a boat across to the Island (it was just a bit too far to swim!), and thanks indeed must go to Alison and Alan Butler for tackling these logistics and ensuring the bells and transport were available for us, as well as giving up their Saturday to travel to the Island with us (and take the all-important group photo!)

Brockenhurst St NicholasA Friday evening quarter peal at Brockenhurst settled the nerves, and ensured we knew what to do at the Special Single! With Giles and Kieran unavailable for this, we were joined by Jack and Jimmy, both one-time members of the movement themselves. Only one real hiccup occurred, when two bells tried to “run in”, but this was quickly recovered! Finally, we were set for “the big event!”

On the day, the eight of us met promptly on a grey, drizzly Poole harbourside with Alan and Alison for the ferry across. It occurred to us here that Cub Scouting from the 1960’s to present day (with the possible exception of the 1990’s) was covered in the band, accounting for half of the existence of Cubs! It also became quickly apparent that the mileage travelled to ring this peal was not inconsiderable; Swindon, Peterborough, Liverpool, Kent and Humberside were all represented, and lucky Kieran had to make twice the number of boat trips as the rest of us, setting off from the Isle of Wight at silly o’clock (wasn’t it 5:30am?) that morning!

I had joked that the hard work was now done, and this was the easy bit, but of course nothing is ever as simple as that, is it? A false start did nothing for the nerves, but, with a reshuffle and some gritting of teeth, off we went again. And that was it! Aside from a moth flitting around for the first half of the peal, causing a mild distraction, there were no further “scary” moments, bar the odd missed dodge, one of which prompted a “couldn’t get the staff” comment from Barry. Oops! And soon, all too soon, it was over, with big smiles all round and a year and a half’s thoughts and plans wrapped up and completed. Marvellous! Click for Peal Details

The band in order from left to right, with the bust of Scouting’s Founder, Robert Baden-Powell
The band in order from left to right, with the bust of Scouting’s Founder, Robert Baden-Powell

Overall, I am delighted with how this latest scheme of mine has panned out; a very worthwhile effort to mark an important milestone in what is quite possibly the most recognised youth group in the world. We are all very grateful to Alison and Alan Butler, who not only sorted out a ferry, the tower, and the numerous other logistics, but who also gave up their Saturday to travel to Brownsea and back with us. Thanks must also go to Robert Brown for his help with the method and composition, and to my fellow band members for joining me with this.

Now, all I need for the “set” is a peal for the Centenary of Beavers, in 2086… Anyone interested? ☺

Some footage of the peal can be found below, for interest/enjoyment:


CS District Quarter Peal Club welcomes new members

We are busy organising our December Quarter Peal. If you are tempted by the plans please get in touch (contact details below). If this quarter isn’t your cup of tea but you would like to join the mailing list for future events also please do get in touch.

The Club exists to give people experience they might not be able to get in their home tower. We usually alternate Surprise and Plain methods. We always ring at 6pm on a Friday at Brockenhurst.

December Quarter Peal Attempt 6pm Friday Dec 9th at Brockenhurst

Dear All,

There are 5 ropes going for this quarter – so far it’s Jack, me and Polly who have definitely confirmed!

The method is St Nicholas Bob Triples so there’s tenor and treble to allocate as well as inside ringers and we also need to confirm a conductor – I can think of 2 likely suspects for that…

So, please can you let me know: – do you want a rope? and/or – do you want to conduct? and/or – do you want to stay for a pub meal (I need to book a table)

Kind Regards Rosalind Martin

Two Firsts at Brockenhurst

Congratulations Connor and Kathryn

Winchester & Portsmouth Diocesan Guild
Brockenhurst, Hampshire
St Nicholas
Sunday, 18 September 2016 in 44m (4–1–12)

1260 Plain Bob Doubles
1 Kathryn Whally
2 Connor J F Hodkin
3 Julie A Hodkin
4 James A Hodkin (C)
5 Brian G Curtis
6 Sue Griffiths

First quarter inside – 2
First quarter away from cover – 1

*NOW SOLVED* Rope Available in Quarter Peal of Lincolnshire Surprise Major – Brockenhurst 16th Sept 6pm

The Quarter Peal Club in Christchurch and Southampton District has hit an unexpected problem this week – one of the ringers lined up for a Quarter Peal Attempt of Lincolnshire Surprise Major has been injured and cannot ring. If anyone can help us by ringing an inside bell, we would be very grateful. Jimmy Hodkin is conducting.
Brockenhurst, 6pm, Friday 23rd September ie tomorrow! (St Nicholas’ church is a short walk from Brock station, on the main line from Southampton to Bournemouth.)

Challenge 500 & Heritage Open Day Update

We’re really doing well and have now got five towers from our the C&S district taking part. What about your tower? Could you join this national opportunity to get some ringing publicity?

Current towers

  • Brokenhurst
  • Minstead
  • Lyndhurst
  • Fawley
  • Eling

Details about the events are available here at our  Heritage Day Details page and the Heritage Open Days website.

Congratulations Dan Scott (Bournemouth) First Quarter of Yorkshire Major

The Christchurch and Southampton District Quarter Peal Club met in  June to ring Yorkshire Surprise Major. Daniel has mastered Yorkshire Major at the monthly District Surprise Practice, and it is great to see the District giving members opportunities to learn methods above and beyond what they can ring at home (Daniel’s home tower, Sacred Heart, only has six bells).

  • The Quarter Peal club meets most months and is alternating between plain and surprise methods. New members are welcome.
  • The Ringwood Surprise Practice takes place on the First Wednesday of each month.
Winchester & Portsmouth Diocesan Guild
Brockenhurst, Hampshire
St Nicholas
Friday, 24 June 2016 in 39 (4–1–12)
1280 Yorkshire Surprise Major
Rosalind Martin
Daniel R C Scott
Tim Martin
Julie A Hodkin
Polly Osborne
Alan Bentley
Jack R Pease
James A Hodkin (C)
First in method-2

Picture of the C&S District Striking Competition Band at New Alresford

The picture shows the C&S Band for the Guild inter district 8 bell competition on 2nd July at New Alresford. l-r David Forder, Tim Martin, Steve Hough, Colin Lovelock, Jimmy Hodkin, Colin Butler, Margaret Forder, Adam Thorpe

Ringers from Brockenhurst, Christchurch, Eling and Southanpton City represented the District ringing Grandsire Triples.

This year we were placed 3rd out of 4 teams but  the Judges, Paul and Kate Flavell from Surrey commented that all the ringing was of a high standard and they had needed to mark strictly as a result. In fact only 2 percentage points separated us from the second placed Winchester District band who chose to ring Cambridge Major.

Thanks to Colin for organising the team and to Jimmy for being our conductor.

The full results:

Congratulations Connor Hodkin – First Quarter Peal as Conductor

Congratulations also to Sue Griffiths and Katherine Whally.

Winchester & Portsmouth Diocesan Guild

Brockenhurst, Hampshire
St Nicholas
Friday, 20 May 2016 in 38 (4–1–12 in B)
1272 Plain Bob Minimus
Sue Griffiths
Connor J F Hodkin (C)
James A Hodkin
Julie A Hodkin
Katherine Whally
First quarter – Tenor
First minimus – Treble
First inside on tower bells and first as conductor

Luke Brooke scores first of Minor with CS District Quarter Peal Club

6 members of Christchurch and Southampton District Quarter Peal Club met yesterday to ring Plain Bob Minor. The performance was well struck and we scored at the first attempt.

This achievement means that Luke Brooke (who learned to ring at Christchurch Priory) has satisfied the requirements for Level 4 for of the “Learning The Ropes” sceme.

Tim Martin continues to build his portfolio of Quarter Peals as conductor, this time using a composition from Tim Rose’s website. to score his first of minor as Conductor.

The next date for the club is Friday June 24th  when we will attempt Yorkshire Major. Any member of C&S District is welcome to join the mailing lisr for the group, and be invited to future events.

Winchester & Portsmouth Diocesan Guild
On Friday, 13 May 2016 in 40m
Brockenhurst, Hampshire
St Nicholas
Tenor: 4–1–12 in B
1260 Plain Bob Minor
1 Rosalind Martin
2 James A Hodkin
3 Alan Bentley
4 Jack R Pease
5 Luke Brooke
6 Tim Martin (C)
1st Minor 5.
1st Minor as Conductor

Reporting from the C&S Youth Practice – Feb 2016

Brockenhurst St Nicholas This afternoon’s Youth Practice at Brockenhurst was once again very successful. We have a pretty healthy number of young ringers across the District to draw from now, and despite the fact that not everyone can attend every one, numbers remain strong.

Ringing Master Sallie Ingram once again encouraged everyone to strike as carefully as they could, and as all those who are attending are making significant improvements over time, she has decided the time has come to enter a Youth Band in the Hartless Shield* this time around – this suggestion went down very well!

Rounds and Call changes were interspersed with Grandsire Doubles (called by Hannah), Grandsire Triples (with both Luke and Nicola ringing inside) and Stedman Doubles (which Nicola has worked on very hard recently during visits to Hordle).  Not to mention hand made chocolate cookies and a bit of Plain Bob Triples on a smart phone…. the Ringing Down in Peal was a little bit creative – a reminder that people who have to leave practice nights before 9pm may not get enough practice at this important skill!

The towers represented were Brockenhurst, Hordle, Christchurch Priory and Milford on Sea.

Thanks once again to Julie for hosting the event at Brockenhurst. The light eight is ideal for the age range who ring (currently about 7 to 18) and there is plenty of space for any pre-ringers who come to ramble about safely away from the moving ropes!

  • Next Youth Practice: Saturday 9th April 5.30pm at Brockenhurst
  • Hartless Shield:  Saturday 5th March 2.30pm at Fawley

CS District Quarter Peal Club going from Strength to Strength

The Quarter Peal Club was set up to offer members of Christchurch and Southampton District opportunities to ring quarter peals that they might not normally get.

We have met twice now at Brockenhurst and rung two very satisfying Quarters. Both times, one of our young ringers got the opportunity to ring. Luke Brooke is to be congratulated for scoring his first Quarter Inside (Grandsire Doubles) this evening, at the first attempt. Luke is a member of the Christchurch Priory band.

The next time we meet it will be to attempt London Minor. This was at the request of Sarah, who has rung it on occasion but would like to consolidate her skills by trying it again. Polly too is very keen to score this. There may be a flurry of London Minor at various towers over the next few weeks to give them some extra practice! If you ring London Minor fairly regularly at your practice nights please say so in the box below to help their preparations!!!

We normally meet on a Friday at 6pm to fit around both the District’s busy practice night patterns, and our conductor’s commitments to quarters at the Clock House starting at 7pm. However we can also ring on Thursdays at 7.30 on occasion – this may enable more working people to participate.

Future plans pencilled in at present are:

  • Grandsire Triples
  • Stedman Triples
  • More doubles (Grandsire/Plain Bob/by request!)

facebook logo smallIf you are not currently on our email list/FB list, please contact Rosalind Martin and ask to be added in – the group is very much intended to be inclusive and provide opportunities at all levels.

Practice Report – CS District Youth Practice

The good thing about having our Youth practices each holiday, is there’s a bit less pressure on our time. The downside is  a couple of the regular attenders were on holiday. However, the 8 young ringers present included 3 new faces and 4 towers were represented.

Once again, Ringing Master Sallie Ingram (Milford) juggled different skill levels from rounds, call changes to Grandsire Doubles, and the highlight was probably the “Fast Call Changes” with only one over-18 ringing….. fast really did mean fast, sometimes with 2 changes called for the same row!

For young learners who ring heavy bells at home, we started with a session on Ringing Up – for some this was their first successful attempt and they were delighted at how manageable they found the bells! Once on to Rounds, the newcomers quickly got the feel for the fast ringing, and the need to pull gently, and all had plant of turns and enjoyed the practice.

Thanks once more to our hosts at Brockenhurst – next year’s 6 practices are scheduled to take place there as it is ideal.

Photo by Jack, Christchurch

The feet were from Brockenhurst, Christchurch, Milford and Ringwood

CS District Youth Practice Saturday October 24th Brockenhurst 5.30pm

district-youth-practice-24th-october-2015-iconA number of our towers are busy teaching under-18s at the moment and the District Youth practices are a really good opportunity for you to meet up and ring – whatever your skill levels. Whether you are ringing Backstoke only, call changes, plain bob or tenoning on 8, this practice is for you!

The bells at Brockenhurst are ideal for the practice as they are light, it’s a ground floor ring, there’s ample parking and it’s 5 minutes walk from a mainline railway station.

Young ringers from neighbouring Districts come along sometimes and are very welcome.

District Quarter Peal Scored

C&S Bellringers ARCHIVE SITE

District QP oct 13 2015 iconThe first of the District Quarter Peals took place at Brockenhurst last night. The original vision, of providing members of the District with additional opportunities to ring good quarters, was realised, as the band rang a fluent, well struck quarter peal. The fact that almost all volunteered to ring in the next one is proof they enjoyed it!

If you want to join the list of ringers and be included in future events please contact Rosalind.

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Learn to Ring at Brockenhurst

The Brockenhurst band are planning to recruit and train a new batch of ringers over the next few months, watch this space for further news! The light eight is ideal for training younger recruits and Julie and Jimmy have plenty of teaching experience between them…..

Continue reading Learn to Ring at Brockenhurst

Contact Julie Hodkin

Telephone: 01590 622849
Address: 33 Auckland Avenue, Brockenhurst, SO42 7RS
Email: Use Form