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New Year Ringing Times for Bournemouth, St. John.

Normal Sunday service ringing shall resume from Sunday 13th January at 9:00am.

The next practice night is Tuesday 8th January at 7:30pm until 9:00pm.  This will be the ‘Bournemouth St. John 8 Bell Practice’.  Please remember this monthly district practice is for all things 8 bell related, and is NOT an ‘elite’ practice night!

Happy New Year

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UPDATED C&S District Christmas Ringing Times 2018

Please see below for updated notifications we have received for District ringing times in December.

Hinton, St. Michael and all Angels.

Sunday 16th December: Dressing of the crib 10:30am for 11:00am followed by wine and mice pies.

Monday 24th December Christmas Eve: Nearly midnight service! 9:30pm for 10:00pm

Sopley, St Michael and all Angels.

Sunday 16th December: Service ringing 10:30am for 11:00am

Sunday 23rd December: Service ringing 10:30am for 11:00am

Monday 24th December Christmas Eve: Dressing of the Crib 3:30pm for 4:00pm, then Midnight Mass 10:45pm for 11:15pm.

Tuesday 25th December Christmas Morning: Service ringing 10:30am for 11:00am.

Sunday 30th December: Service ringing 10:30am for 11:00am.

Bournemouth, St John the Baptist (Surrey Road).

Sunday 16th December: NO MORNING RINGING, then 6:00pm for 6:30pm Carol Service.

Sunday 23rd December: Usual service ringing times. (9:00am for 9:30am)

Monday 24th December Christmas Eve: Dressing of the Crib 2:30pm for 3:00pm

Tuesday 25th December Christmas Morning: Usual Sunday service ringing time. (9:00am for 9:30am)

Bournemouth, St. Peter’s.

Sunday 16th December: 9:15am for 10:00am

Sunday 23rd December: 9:15am for 10:00am



Sunday 30th December: NO RINGING


Thursday night practices start back on 03.01.2019

(due to absence not enough ringers to form a band).

Bournemouth, Sacred Heart.

Sunday 16th December: 10:00am for 10:30am

Sunday 23rd December: 10:00am for 10:30am

Monday 24th December Christmas Eve: 4:30pm for 5:00pm, then Midnight Mass 11:00pm for 11:30pm. There is NO regular Monday night practice 6:00pm to 7:30pm.

Tuesday 25th December Christmas Morning: 10:00am for 10:30am.

Monday 31st December New Year’s Eve: There is NO regular Monday night practice 6:00pm to 7:30pm, but general ringing to see in 01.01.2019 from 11:30pm with booze and nibbles.

Ringwood, St. Peter & St. Paul.

Saturday 22nd December: Service ringing 5:30pm for 6:00pm

Sunday 23rd December: Service ringing 9:45am for 10:30am, then 4:00pm for 4:30pm.

Monday 24th December Christmas Eve: Carols in the market place 5:30pm for 6:00pm, then Midnight Mass 11:00pm for 11:30pm.

Sunday 30th December: Service ringing 9:45am for 10:30am

Milford-on-Sea, All Saints.

Monday 24th December Christmas Eve: NO Monday practice night.

Christchurch Priory.

Monday 17th December: NO Monday practice night.

Monday 24th December Christmas Eve: NO Monday practice night.

Monday 31st December New Year’s Eve: NO Monday practice night.

Regular Monthly District Practices

Dear District,

Here is a reminder of the regular monthly district practices.  If your tower is running a monthly practice, and would like to be included on the list, and calendar online/printed events calendar, please let us know.

Please do support your local monthly district practices:

Every 1st Monday:

Sacred Heart Bournemouth 6:00pm-7:30pm Method Monday Contact Kim Matthews (focus on a method/touches/calling/splicing chosen by popular consensus) Join the email list to find out next times method.

Every 1st Wednesday: 

Sopley 7:30pm-9:00pm Beyond Bob Doubles  Contact Tim Kettle taking doubles methods to the next level with variants and splicing. Links between methods such as Winchendon and various St.s’ group of methods!

Ringwood 7:45pm-9:15pm Suprise Major Contact Elizabeth Davey

Every 2nd Tuesday:

St. John’s Bournemouth 8 Bell Practice 7:30pm-9:00pm Contact Penelope Samuel.  Anything 8 bells goes on here, come and practice your triples methods, call changes and rounds on 8 bells.

Every 2nd Wednesday:

Lymington 7:30pm-9:00pm Doubles & Minor Practice Contact Colin Butler.  Plain courses and touches of doubles and minor methods. Come and practice your calling too.

Every Thursday

St. Peter’s Bournemouth Bell Handling Night 7:30pm-9:00pm Contact Romy Coldman. Any aspects of bell handling on this heavy 8, covered by a unique array of excercises, to really get into the nitty-gritty of the nitty-gritty! Methods are not covered at this practice night.

It is advisable to inform the practice organiser if you plan to attend events, should the rare chance of a last minute cancellation happen, a message can be sent to you directly.

St. John’s, Surrey Road, Bournemouth: Sunday mornings service ringing CANCELLED throughout August. Practices continue as usual.

There will be NO morning service ringing at St. John’s, Surrey Road during the month of August.
However, Tuesday night practices will continue to take place as usual from 7.30 – 9, except for the 14th August, which is Quarter-Peal Evening!
Perhaps you have more time in August? Or, you want extra practice with a new method, then come and try us out.
As previously mentioned, Tuesday 14th August is QP night. Want to have a go at Grandsire Triples or Bob Triples ? Now is your chance!! Please let me know if you would like a rope.
Kim Matthews

Bournemouth St. John’s Ringing Outing 2018

On Saturday the 12th of May, a party of 17 ringers  from Sacred Heart, St. John’s, St. Peter’s, Christchurch Priory & Canford Magna, plus some WAGS, set off for our annual ringing outing. This year the towers we visited were in the Meon Valley which is a very beautiful part of Hampshire.

As is our custom ,  a different  person was  appointed at each tower to conduct & another to write a short account of our activities.  This spreads the load & doesn’t put all the work on one person.

Tichfield.  St. Peter’s    6 bells 12cwt.  This was the day of the annual village fete so there was a lot of hustle & bustle going on in the church as teas were being  prepared . The Anglo Saxon church dates from the 7th Century.  The Normans added the South aisle and the impressive entrance dates from the second half of the 12th Century. The large graveyard had many large rectangular tombs which were obviously of some antiquity but the inscriptions were too worn to decipher

The ringing chamber was entered by an outside stone staircase which led into a small chamber of 6 bells.  The rope mats were circular with bell motif with the word Taylor inscribed which I hadn’t seen before. Paul conducted us as the bells were rung up & we rang Grandsire Doubles, called changes, Reverse Canterbury & Bob Minor.

St Nicholas’ Church, Wickham         6 bells  9 cwt.  There was no-one to let us in, but a kindly churchwarden found the vicar who had a key.  We found out the next day, that the reason we hadn’t been expected was that the web-site, through which the booking had to be made, was not working**.

The 9 cwt six were a pleasure to ring, although access via a steep wooden staircase and narrow hatch in the floor was somewhat undignified. The south transept of the 12th century flint church contains the Uvedale Monument. This imposing 17th century stone and alabaster memorial includes effigies of Sir William Uvedale, his wife and their nine children. There was also a display of items relating to William of Wickham, one-time Bishop of Winchester and founder of Winchester School.

St. John the Baptist.   Shedfield   8 bells   13 cwt.  (pictured above)  The tower originally held 6 bells, cast by Taylors.  Two more were added in 1941 & rang for the first time to celebrate the victory in the battle of Alemein in 1942.  There is a superb embroidery displayed on the north wall of the nave in the church which was stitched by ladies of the parish to celebrate the millennium.

We rang our usual repertoire of Grandsire, called changes & plain hunt before ringing down & repairing to a nearby hostelry for lunch.

Lunch at the Rising Sun, Swanmore, was a delicious  leisurely affair accompanied by much chatting & laughter.  A rendition of Happy Birthday was sung to mark Richard Samuel’s birthday.

We rang at the flint clad church of  St Barnabas  Swanmore      6 bells  7 cwt.  This church was just down the road from the pub where we had lunch.  Hung in 1984, the ring of 6 bells allowed us to ring Stedman and Bob doubles, rounds and called changes – Jan ringing ‘away from home’ for the first time! An attempt at Kent Treble Bob Minor was made……under a peal board which included the present Winchester Cathedral tower captain…..but we did enjoy the bells.

St Peters Church, Bishops Waltham  8 bells   8 cwt

This was an open light church with a beautiful stained glass window.   The man who let us in was keen to point out the wall plaque with 3 cannon balls which dates from the tome of Oliver Cromwell 1640. The 8 bells were a ground floor ring .  The spider  was  a wrought iron construction which resembled a crown which was originally used to hang chickens for plucking.   On the wall of the belfry were two wooden carts which were used to transport coffins into the church.  The grounds surrounding the church were well kept and beautiful.  The church appeared to be used as a concert venue also with piano and audio system.  Our ringing had improved a bit by now as we rang Grandsire & Bob Triples.

All Saints  Botley    6 bells  7 cwt.

By now the rain had set in but in the small ringing chamber we rang our last programme of the day.  An extension had been added to the church in 2007 which contained a beautiful wooden sculpture “In Christ Alone”, which had been designed & carved by the previous rector.  The wood was yew & was taken from a tree that had been felled to make room for the modern extension.

By all accounts we had a most enjoyable outing although our ringing has been known to be a lot better!

With thanks to all those who contributed to this report.

Penelope Samuel   

** This fault has been subsequently corrected!

Ropes Avaiable in Quarter Peal – Bournemouth St John’s Tuesday 12th June

It has been decided instead of the usual 8 bell practice on the 2nd Tuesday of the month, to go for a quarter peal. The 1st quarter peal attempt will take place on Tuesday 12th June.

Please can you e mail me if you are interested. The idea is to have the usual practice for rounds, call changes and plain hunt from 7.30 then start the quarter at 8pm.

All the other Tuesday practices will continue as normal.


Kim Matthews

Bournemouth St John’s 8 bell practice Mar 13th

Tomorrow is the 8-bell practice at St. John’s & we hope to see lots of ringers there1 Just a reminder that, although we have a triples method to concentrate on, we ring everything from rounds & called changes, plain hunt and any other triples methods that are requested. This is definitely NOT an elite practice but an opportunity for ringers to progress from 6 to 8 bells and to consolidate 8 bell ringing.

Penelope Samuel

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St John’s Bournemouth 8 bell practice Tues 9th Jan

Happy new Year everyone!   It’s second Tuesday so must be 8-bell practice at St. John’s.  This is NOT an elite practice but we welcome anyone who wants to progress with ringing on eight.  We ring rounds & called changes –   do plain hunt and any 8-bell method that anyone wants.  This month we will concentrate on Grandsire Triples and take orders for other triples methods that people want to learn this year.

Looking forward to seeing friends old & new tomorrow (9th)

Penelope Samuel

Bournemouth – Christmas Ringing Schedule

This years ringing programme is as follows:-

Normal Sunday ringing plus

Sunday 17th December – St Johns Carol Service  18.00 – 18.30

Sunday 24th December – St Johns  15.30 – 16.00

Sunday 24th December – St Peters    15.15 – 16.00

Sunday 24th December – Sacred Heart    16.30 – 17.00
                               22.45 – 23.30

Monday 25th December – As usual Sunday Morning Times

Sacred Heart Practices are cancelled on Monday 25th December and Monday 1st January

St Johns Practice cancelled on Tuesday 26th December.

As there are alot of people away please help out for as many of the extra services as you can. On Christmas Eve there will be a coffee gathering between St Peters Ringing and Sacred Heart, in the afternoon.

On New Years Day there will be a quarter peal attempt at Sacred Heart (Band already fixed) at 11am. This will be follwed by lunch and a beer or two afterwards if people would like to join us, probably in the Moon in the Square. There is no arrangements as yet for any New Years Eve ringing, if you would like to ring the New Year in can you please let me know.

Happy Ringing

Bournemouth St John’s Christmas Ringing Times

Tuesday 12th December   8-bell practice & party.  All our faithful friends welcome for amazing ringing & some Christmas Cheer!

NO service ringing Sunday 10th December

Christmas  Service Ringing.

Sunday 17th December.   09.15 – 09.45

                                                18.00 – 18.30 (Carol Service)

Sunday 24th December    09.15 – 0-9.45

                                                        15.30 – 16.00    (Crib Service NOTE changed time & no midnight service)

Christmas Day                   09.15 -09.45

NO Practice       Tuesday  26th December

Usual practice Tuesday 2nd January.

Forward planning.  Tower AGM.  Sunday 21stJanuary.  17.00 – 18.00   In the belfry, NOT the church. Followed by ringing.

Invitation to Ring in Bournemouth on BBC Music Day – 15th June

The ringers at St. John’s Surrey Road, would like to respond to the request to ring on BBC Music Day.  This is on Thursday 15th June.

I am sure most of you will have the information on this in you tower.

The request is to ring from 19.00 on the 15th June and I would inform the Echo about this. So we get some publicity.

We don’t have to ring anything specific or at any particular level.  If we have a band,  the method  can be decided on the day.

If you are interested, please send me your contact details & we can go from there.

Penelope Samuel

BOURNEMOUTH BELLS OUTING Saturday, 29th April. 2017

Fifteen ringers set out from Bournemouth to North East Dorset for their annual ringing outing. Our group represented five local towers who all share practices and ringing commitments throughout the year. We were a band of mixed abilities and we rang accordingly as we are aware that every time we ring it is a public performance and it is not our intention to annoy residents in the villages we visit.   As usual, the responsibilities of the day were divided up and a different person ran the ringing at each tower and a different person wrote about each tower.

Our day started at St Mary the Virgin,, Motcombe, a church rebuilt in 1846 in the perpendicular style by the first Marquis of Westminster.  The light ring of 6 bells were a delight to ring and Dorothea had her first ring away from her home towers – well done! 

We rang Stedman, a touch of Grandsire and call changes in the gallery at the back of the church overlooking the nave –  so the bells are very much part of the proceedings in church.

From there it was a short drive to the Church of St. Mary the Virgin in the village of East Knoyle This Norman Church dates back to the 16th Century and has been much altered. It is notable for a beautiful chancel decorated with superb encaustic tile mosaics, and a fine stained glass East window, dedicated to a local Dignitary, George Wyndham. The bells are unusual because they are hung anti-clockwise, which can be confusing. They certainly confused some – but not all – of our ringers and, having rung up, they rang called changes, Plain Bob Doubles and rang down in peal.

We then progressed to Mere where the bells provided a new challenge, being more in number and heavier. The 23 cwt. tenor by Cockey ( a descendant of this bell-caster is the husband of one of the band at St. John’s)  required two of our burlier ringers to ring it up. However, once raised, the ringing went well, with everyone able to join in rounds and call changes on eight. We did not attempt a triples method, but rang Grandsire Doubles with 7, 6 and 8 covering. The church is a sizeable landmark with a long history. Some of the stained glass is 660 years old, while in the west wall are two very fine Victorian windows. The central panel of one depicts the woman washing Jesus’ feet, while he leans rather nonchalantly on the table chatting with a disciple.

The inspired choice for  lunch stop was the White Lion Inn at Bourton, where we were allocated tables away from the madding crowd . We were looked after very well by the staff, both in the bar and restaurant area of this attractive and characterful old pub. The lamb casserole was said to be exceptional, as were the various fish options chosen from the menu, and were accompanied by delicious Otter Ales.  The chef was summoned at the end so she could be thanked personally.

Refreshed and energised we headed back across the county border for the nearby village of Zeals, South Wiltshire, and the Church of St Martin. Designed by the famous George Gilbert Scott, it is a spacious, well proportioned building, with a fine hammer-beam roof, impressive arches, and some particularly good stained glass windows. The upstairs ring of six was refurbished and re-hung in 2010, ending 48 years of silence in the tower. The bells sounded tuneful and were not difficult to handle, so Rounds, Call Changes, Bob Doubles and Bob Minor presented us with no problems here.

And so we progressed to Silton to the church of St. Nicholas. This fifteenth century church was restored in the 19th century .  The walls & ceiling are decorated with colourful stencilled patterns and the wood beam ceiling is embellished with rosettes and the whole place is very beautiful. There is a large monument on one wall to Sir Hugh Wyndham by John Nost, a Dutch sculptor who died in 1729.  It shows two ladies representing Grief  holding Time & Death  We rang called changes, a couple of touches of Grandsire Doubles and St. Simon’s Doubles and left the bells down as instructed.

Our final visit was to Gillingham to the church of St. Mary the Virgin. (I know – three of these in one day). This was a heavy ring of eight, the tenor weighing 24cwt. Even our strongest ringer had great difficulty getting this bell raised and eventually got there with help.  How they do this every Sunday & practice night, I don’t know. We rang our usual repertoire but augmented it by finishing with Plain Hunt on seven. We were pleased that, apart from the treble, the bells were left up.

After this and a group photo , we dispersed to our homes and to the comfort of our respective towers for service ringing the next day.  These outings, as well as giving ringers experience on different bells, are a much appreciated social event which we look forward to each year.

8 bell practice at St. John’s Bournemouth Tues 9th May – Grandsire and Oxford Bob

Tuesday 9th is 8-bell practice at St. John’s.  As well as the usual called changes & plain hunt we will be ringing Grandsire Triples and Oxford Bob Triples.

All ringers welcome.

Penelope Samuel