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Regular 4th Saturday practice at St Peters Guernsey this morning

It was the last practice at St Peters before the District Striking Competition in April which is being held at St Peters so every other touch was the competition touch of Plain Bob Major.

Other things attempted, some successful other less so included Single Oxford Bob Triples, St Simons Bob Triples , spliced Plain and Little Bob and spliced Plain Bob and Grandsire. We haven’t yet reached the level that St Peters was at when I learned to ring there 20 years ago when it was not unusual to finish a Friday evening practice with Surprise Major but we are heading in the right direction.

Channel Islands Bellringing Mash-Up (Video)

Deb Baker spotted this gem on YouTube. Superb call changes on the bells of the Channel Islands. The notes on the video itself read:

Featuring the bells of Jersey, Guernsey & Alderney.

Devon Call-Change Bellringers Tour of the Channel Islands, April 2016: 7 towers, 5 days, 5 flights, great scenery, great company and several pints…

Footage includes rising and lowering bells in peal and a selection of call-change touches on 12, 10, 8 and 6 bells.

Our sincere thanks to Christine Ley for organising another truly memorable tour.

Scott Adams, Sue Ashton, Stuart Bennie, Steven Came, Suzanne Driscol, Elaine Grant, James Grant, Stephen Herniman, Tony Jeffery, Christine Ley, Mark Lovell, Sam Massey, Graham Sharland and Nicola Stoneman

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