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Another first for Joe

Joe Berry rang his first Grandsire Doubles at the Town Church for evening service. And very well struck it was. Joe had practiced one or two touches in the last couple of weeks but the singles were only explained to him this week and that was at an Elizabeth College practice which is somewhat noisier than an adult practice. Duncan called himself observation so Joe rang all the work. And all this was the day after his 18th birthday! Must have been a more restrained evening than my 18th! Very well done Joe.

Now what’s next?

On Sunday, 8 October 2017 in 42min
Guernsey, CI
St Peter Apostle and Martyr (Town Church) Tenor: 11cwt

1260 Grandsire Doubles

  1.   Sue Le Feuvre
  2.   Jane Le Conte
  3.   Joe Berry
  4.   Paul Lawrence
  5.   Duncan Loweth (C)
  6.   Judith Lainé

18th birthday compliment to the 3
First in method: 3

Ringing for Chief Pleas

Four times a year the Constables of St Peter Port pay us to ring the Town Church bells for special occasions and Chief Pleas is one of these occasions.

This is the  annual sitting of the Court of Chief Pleas. It consists of the Bailiff sitting with a full bench of sixteen Jurats in the presence of the Lieutenant Governor. It marks the start of the legal year and features a full roll call of all members of the Guernsey Bar, together with Parish Constables and Seigneurs.
It is followed by a parade through town to the Town Church for a service.

This year the majority of the band was made up of our Elizabeth College ringers supported by five Town Church ringers. We mostly rang Plain Bob Doubles but included some 8 bell ringing which was plain hunt doubles with 7 6 8 covering and some call changes and kaleidoscope ringing.

Well done for performing your civic duty everyone!

First Minimus inside for another College ringer

When Duncan and I walked into the ringing room today something didn’t look quite right. The rope from the sound control was pulled over towards the door and it just looked as if somebody other than our band had been in there. We soon discover who, or rather what, because two pigeons were perched up on a window sill. But they were very well behaved pigeons and when Duncan opened the window they flew out one by one. We must keep the window closed in future.

After all the excitement only two boys came along to practice so the only option was minimus. Jude had never rung Plain Bob Minimus inside before but after a quick look at the blue line and hearing Duncan’s explanation of what he had to do we set off. Louis wasn’t keen on the idea of a QP because he was tired so we just started off to ring a touch so that Jude could get the idea but it went so well that it turned into a touch of 1272 changes; more commonly known as a quarter peal.

There was some really well struck ringing and it seemed clear that we had a very good chance of scoring the quarter when Louis managed to knock his glasses off . But he immediately said we should carry on. I’m not sure how well he could see without his specs but he rang very well by rhythm and carried on despite catching the specs again with the rope and moving them closer to the box he was ringing from. He ended up turning slightly away from the circle to avoid the specs so for an inexperienced ringer ringing at least partly by rhythm, he was amazing. Well done Louis for soldiering on.

Jude rang well and there were some very nicely  struck periods before he started to get tired and Louis did his rope trick with the glasses. But they both carried on until the magic words “That’s All”

Thank you lads; it was a pleasure to ring with you!

On Tuesday, 13 June 2017 in 41 min
Guernsey, CI
St Peter, Apostle and Martyr (Town Church) Tenor: 9cwt

1272 Plain Bob Minimus

  1.  Sue Park
  2.  Jude Buckley
  3.  Sue Le Feuvre
  4.  Duncan Loweth (C)
  5.  Louis Troalic

First on a working bell: 2

Scored, despite the tenor ringer knocking his glasses off half way through

Bell Ringers Chime with the Local Paper!

Very pleased to see Duncan getting some public credit for the great work he does with the Elizabeth College ringers; even though he very much played down his own part in the success of the group. Just after this interview he took most of the boys to Alderney for a weekend of ringing and each one of them rang a quarter peal. Joe did not go with the group on this occasion but has also rung a number of quarter peals.

GEP article 12.04.17 #1 copy

Article and photograph courtesy of The Guernsey Press and Star

First Stedman Singles for all!

What do you do when only 3 boys turn up for practice? Apart from being thankful for the peace and quiet you quickly show one of them how to ring Stedman Singles then ring a quarter with 4 & 5 covering.

Joe did very well because he’d probably never even thought about leading wrong until today. Now you just have to learn about the dodges at the back and you’re set for a quarter of doubles.

On Tuesday, 14 February 2017 in 44min

Guernsey, CI Town Church

1260 Stedman Singles

Rung with 4 and 5 tenoring behind.

  1.  Duncan Loweth (C)
  2.  Joe Berry
  3.  Sue Le Feuvre
  4.  Jude Buckley
  5.  Patrick Falla

First of singles for all. First Stedman: 2

Yet another first QP for Elizabeth College

Patrick Falla, one of our Elizabeth College boys has rung his first QP, tenoring behind to  St Simon’s, St Martin’s and  Plain Bob Doubles at the Town Church. It is great when we are able to include the boys on our Wednesday lunchtime regular quarter peals because it gives them a chance to score quarters and have longer periods of ringing than they get at their normal Tuesday practices.

Well done Patrick.

On Wednesday, 18 January 2017 in 43min
Guernsey, CI Town Church Tenor: 11cwt
1260 Doubles (3m)
In extents: 4 St Simon’s, 4 St Martin’s, 2.5 Plain
1 Paul Lawrence
2 Sue Park
3 Nicky David
4 John David
5 Duncan Loweth (C)
6 Patrick Falla
First quarter peal: 6

Sue Le Feuvre Reports on Christmas Ringing in Guernsey

We rang for Father Christmas and the switch on of the Christmas lights. Pleased to see that nearly all the Elizabeth College boys who ring at the Town Church on Tuesdays joined us. They joined us again on Sunday morning to ring for the service that the EC choir took part in.
They will also be ringing for their own Carol Service on Monday and they no longer need us to fill in with them because they can field a call change band without adults. Well done lads!

​Brilliant practice with Elizabeth College boys! (Sue Le Feuvre Reports)

Duncan announced at the beginning of today’s practice that he had a plan. He wanted an all boys band to ring one course of plain hunt then add something at the end of it. What he meant was one lead of Plain Bob Doubles. Olivia was included as an honorary boy and was the only one of the band who knew PB doubles. Will had once or twice been guided through a plain course but none of the others had any idea what it was all about. The tenor ringer had never really tried covering before and the treble ringer had never tried ringing to a method. There were only 3 of us to stand behind and guide.
The first couple of attempts weren’t too bad and we progressed a little beyond one lead each time. The last attempt of the day was a triumph;  we got to the end of a plain course. It was a bit lumpy but I’ve heard much worse.
The boys were delighted. It was lovely to see that even those who usually mess around all the time were becoming more serious and really trying.
It won’t be long before they’ll be way ahead of me!

Five Days of Ringing for Elizabeth College Students (Guernsey)

Sue Le Feuvre originally posted this news in the Guild Facebook Group. Read on for more on Mars Bars and Simulators…

The Week Began on June 24th

Today was the first morning of activities week for Elizabeth College students. Today we had 5 boys; two who’ve been ringing for a couple of years, one who had a couple of handling lessons already and two complete beginners.

Good progress made by all; the beginners can now ring with minimal intervention, the improver has improved his handling and practised rounds on the simulator. The other two practised plain hunt on the simulator in preparation for the district striking competition in Jersey in September.

Guernsey Elizabeth CollegeDay 2 – Motivation by chocolate

We had another very successful morning. Another new recruit this morning who was handling with very little intervention by lunchtime. The other three who started recently were making first attempts at the Mars Bar Challenge (setting at 20 consecutive hand and back strokes), though so far they’re only reaching about 4 or 5 so time to stock up on the chocolate bars…

All 4 newbies had a go at ringing rounds on a single bell with the simulator and also rounds on 5 with real ringers. A little help from “Sir” was needed but they made a really good start.

The 2 experienced boys practised plain hunting the treble to Bob Doubles on the simulator. They are twins so plenty of rivalry and competition there.

The idea is that all the boys ring for the school service at the church on Thursday morning and I think they’ll make an excellent job of it.

Well done everyone!

Day Three – How many times can you stand your bell?

Amazing what boys will do to get their hands on a Mars Bar. As soon as “Sir” mapped out the plans for the morning Peter put a box in place and looked hopefully around for an adjudicator to count how many times he could stand the bell. And the others weren’t far behind him. None of them made it to 20 yet but getting around 9 or 10 is very good going for anyone’s third morning of ringing.

The plan for the twins was to practise plain hunt on 5 on the simulator but to Grandsire rather than Plain Bob. We had more helpers today so we were also able to ring more rounds with the beginners and Grandsire for the twins. So that the novices were separated we pulled off in Queens or Tittums rather than rounds. The boys did very well though some of the adults took some convincing about the order they were supposed to be ringing in…

I booked my flight to the Bradfield Course before going to the tower so thought I better revise my calling so I don’t have to admit that I couldn’t call a 120. Very clever not to tell us at this stage what group we’re helping in so I have to revise the lot. This morning was of course Grandsire for each of the twins. And a very proficient performance from both of them. You’d never know it was their first attempt at plain hunt to Grandsire for the first time today. They better be careful; Duncan has challenged himself to ring 30 peals this year. At this rate they won’t be offered first QPs on the treble but first peals.

Day 4 – Focus on using the Simulator

Just three adults with the six boys this morning so the plan was to use the simulator more. The twins started off ringing the treble to St Simon’s which they found to be much more of a challenge.

Meanwhile Peter’s sole aim in life was the Mars Bar Challenge. After a couple of trial pulls to get the feel he looked determined and started in earnest. As he passed ten and then fifteen I was really feeling nervous for him but no need. Twenty stands in a row and a round of applause. It turns out he doesn’t like Mars Bars so traded his in for some chocolates from the tin. Amazing progress for someone who hadn’t touched a bell rope until last week. His challenge then was to pull less hard so the bell wasn’t always right at the balance.

We spent much of the rest of the morning with the simulator; two learners ringing rounds with simulator filling in. Then one at a time the learners rang rounds and then call changes with adults and the twins on the other bells. Jake had a go at calling changes which worked well until he gave the perfect demonstration of why the tenor normally stays at the back in call changes.

All in all it looks as if their service ringing tomorrow will be very respectable.

Then finally some ringing up and down. I’m relieved that they all very quickly learned to take coils because if anything is going to get my arms crossed over its having to ring the handstroke and control the tail end.

The final day  – Ringing for the Service

The culmination of an amazing week and today we were focused on ringing open for service. A lot of ringing up and down was involved since we had to ring the bells down, put ties on, ring up again, practise the performance, ring down again, remove the ties and ring up again! Happily there were plenty of boys more than willing to show off their newly learned skills though for some reason they wouldn’t go near the tenors.

The practice went well so after a can of coke for energy we were ready for open ringing.

We began with call changes in which our four new ringers rang in turn. Jake called the changes; and different calls each time. Then plain hunt on five which included the twins.
When another ringer arrived to tell us he had heard us ringing as he walked through town and was so impressed he just had to come and tell us, we decided to end with two bursts of rounds on eight with two beginners in each time.

Pretty impressive for four boys who have only been ringing a week.

There are special practices arranged for them throughout the summer until the regular Elizabeth College Tuesday practices resume in the autumn. And of course they will be welcome at any of the tower practices.

Elizabeth College, Guernsey, Includes Bell Ringing in Activities Week

Sue Le Feuvre writes:

Today was the first morning of activities week for Elizabeth College students. Today we had 5 boys; two who’ve been ringing for a couple of years, one who had a couple of handling lessons already and two complete beginners.

Good progress made by all; the beginners can now ring with minimal intervention, the improver has improved his handling and practised rounds on the simulator. The other two practised plain hunt on the simulator in preparation for the district striking competition in Jersey in September.

We have 4 more mornings with them next week so hoping for great things and that they all will continue ringing with us.

It’s the final countdown for W & P’s Young Ringers.

With just one more practice today at Carisbrooke to go, the countdown to the Inaugural  South East Youth  Striking Contest on Saturday has begun for our young ringers.

W and P’s team  has 8 young people .. four from Guernsey (students at Elizabeth College and also ringers at Town Church) and four from The Isle of Wight (Brading, Brighstone Newport and Shorwell towers).

It is quite interesting to see what they will all be getting up to all day.

Guild Master Viv Knobbs said;

“This has been a great opportunity for young ringers from two Districts to work constructively together and to have fun!
We hope that it’ll be a positive event to help keep them motivated and interested in their ringing.
Assuming the contest is successful in its first year, we’d hope to be invited again; we’d be able to have more time to plan ahead and to work towards more of our  “W and P” young ringers being involved next year. “Win, win” then!”

We wish all of them the very best of luck!

Inaugural South East England Youth Striking Contest!!

Guild Exec Approves Request from School Band of Ringers

Guernsey Elizabeth CollegeIt is a great pleasure to welcome the Elizabeth College (Guernsey) band to the Guild Website.

They are an active band whose request to be included in future Guild Reports, and on this website, was enthusiastically approved at the Executive’s November Meeting.

Contact Duncan Loweth

Address: Hazelton, La Route du Braye, Vale, Guernsey, GY3 5PB Telephone: 07781464332
Email: Use form