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Bell Ringers Chime with the Local Paper!

Very pleased to see Duncan getting some public credit for the great work he does with the Elizabeth College ringers; even though he very much played down his own part in the success of the group. Just after this interview he took most of the boys to Alderney for a weekend of ringing and each one of them rang a quarter peal. Joe did not go with the group on this occasion but has also rung a number of quarter peals.

GEP article 12.04.17 #1 copy

Article and photograph courtesy of The Guernsey Press and Star

Success! Every member of the Elizabeth College band has now rung at least one Quarter Peal.

Every year Duncan takes a group of the Elizabeth College ringers to Alderney for a weekend of ringing. This year there were five of them joining the Alderney band for their normal Saturday morning practice and plenty of extra ringing on both Saturday and Sunday which the Alderney ringers gave up much of their weekend to support.

Each visitor rang in one of three quarter peals of Plain Bob Doubles rung over the weekend. These included two first QPs and two ‘first away from cover’. Aaron Hallett, an Alderney ringer of a similar age to the EC ringers rang in all 3 quarters, which was the first time he had rung two QPs in a day.

On Saturday, 1 April 2017 in 46 mins
Alderney, Channel Islands St Anne
1260 Plain Bob Doubles

  1.  Jake Colton
  2.  Helen M McGregor
  3.  Aaron Hallett
  4.  Aileen Wilson
  5.  Peter J R Bevis (C)
  6.  Jude Buckley

First away from cover, 1

On Sunday, 2 April 2017 in 43 mins
Alderney, Channel Islands St Anne
1260 Plain Bob Doubles

  1.  Josh Colton
  2.  Helen M McGregor
  3.  Aaron Hallett
  4.  Duncan Loweth
  5.  Peter J R Bevis (C)
  6.  Samuel Chambers

First Quarter, 6. First away from cover, 1

On Sunday, 2 April 2017 in 42 mins
Alderney, Channel Islands St Anne
1260 Plain Bob Doubles

    1.  Aaron Hallett
    2.  Peter J R Bevis
    3.  Aileen Wilson
    4.  Helen M McGregor
    5.  Duncan Loweth (C)
    6.  Louis Troalic

First Quarter, 6

Elizabeth College copy

Photograph (L-R) Jude Buckley, Jake Colton, Aaron Hallett, Louis Troalic. Samuel Chambers and Josh Colton were not available for the photograph.


Final First for Friday

I should have learned by now that if I see one handbell QP in bellboard I shouldn’t write a report of it until the day is out because it will probably be closely followed by another. This is how I nearly missed Andrew’s first in hand at Elizabeth College. Andrew is not a student but a teacher alongside Duncan.

He is also a student member of the Town Church band but unfortunately seems to have a very busy life and it’s a while since we’ve seen him in the tower; though he did come along to our quiz yesterday evening and was a tremendous help with his recording of scores in the cut and thrust quiz.

Many congratulations on ringing your first quarter peal Andrew but please find time to come along to the tower on Thursday evenings and continue with the big bells as well.

On Friday, 17 March 2017 in 42min
Guernsey, CI Elizabeth College Tenor: size 10A#
1260 Plain Bob Minor

1–2 Andrew Mulholland
3–4 Helen M McGregor
5–6 Duncan Loweth (C)

First quarter peal: 1-2

And yet another “first” in Guernsey

There’s no chance of Helen feeling unwanted when she’s in Guernsey or getting withdrawal symptoms from lack of ringing! Duncan can always find just one more QP for her to ring.

Congratulations to Alexander for ringing his first quarter of minor in hand.

On Friday, 17 March 2017 in 37min
Guernsey, CI Elizabeth College Tenor: size 10A#
1260 Plain Bob Minor

1–2 Duncan Loweth (C)
3–4 Helen M McGregor
5–6 Alexander Mann

First on 6: 5-6

And the winners of the Sarah Beacham School Group Award are…. Elizabeth College, Guernsey!

Click for full sized image

The ART (Association of Ringing Teachers) Annual conference is taking place in Old Basing over the weekend. Saturday kicked off with the AGM (reporting a healthy surplus in 2016 and steady growth in many areas), followed by a series of seminars, The finale of the day was the ART award ceremony and the first award went to Duncan Loweth on behalf of his school band at Elizabeth College.

First Stedman Singles for all!

What do you do when only 3 boys turn up for practice? Apart from being thankful for the peace and quiet you quickly show one of them how to ring Stedman Singles then ring a quarter with 4 & 5 covering.

Joe did very well because he’d probably never even thought about leading wrong until today. Now you just have to learn about the dodges at the back and you’re set for a quarter of doubles.

On Tuesday, 14 February 2017 in 44min

Guernsey, CI Town Church

1260 Stedman Singles

Rung with 4 and 5 tenoring behind.

  1.  Duncan Loweth (C)
  2.  Joe Berry
  3.  Sue Le Feuvre
  4.  Jude Buckley
  5.  Patrick Falla

First of singles for all. First Stedman: 2

Yet another first QP for Elizabeth College

Patrick Falla, one of our Elizabeth College boys has rung his first QP, tenoring behind to  St Simon’s, St Martin’s and  Plain Bob Doubles at the Town Church. It is great when we are able to include the boys on our Wednesday lunchtime regular quarter peals because it gives them a chance to score quarters and have longer periods of ringing than they get at their normal Tuesday practices.

Well done Patrick.

On Wednesday, 18 January 2017 in 43min
Guernsey, CI Town Church Tenor: 11cwt
1260 Doubles (3m)
In extents: 4 St Simon’s, 4 St Martin’s, 2.5 Plain
1 Paul Lawrence
2 Sue Park
3 Nicky David
4 John David
5 Duncan Loweth (C)
6 Patrick Falla
First quarter peal: 6

A wonderful end to the year for the Elizabeth College Boys who ring at Town Church, Guernsey…

Following on from their successful ringing for their Carol Service and the States of Guernsey Carol Service, both at the Town Church, we rang two QPs which included 3 “firsts” for boys:

  • On 14 December Josh Colton rang his 1st QP while for Joe Berry it was his 1st inside (Plain Bob Doubles).
  • 16 December was Jude Buckley’s 1st QP, Plain Bob Doubles to which he rang the treble.

On Sunday we were short of a tenor ringer so Will Stoddart happily joined us to ring Grandsire Doubles. Last month Will rang his first peal so this quarter must have passed in a flash!

Great to see so much progress from the boys!

qp-band-guernsey-14-december-2016Above: 14 December left to right
Sue Le Feuvre
Joe Berry
Jane Le Conte
Duncan Loweth
Sue Park
Josh Colton


Above: 16 December left to right
Duncan Loweth
Jude Buckley
John David
Janice Firth
Mike Bubb
Sue Le Feuvre
Photos by Sue Le Feuvre Used by permission

Update from the Elizabeth College Ringers (Guernsey)

Brilliant practice with Elizabeth College boys!

Duncan announced at the beginning of today’s practice that he had a plan. He wanted an all boys band to ring one course of plain hunt then add something at the end of it. What he meant was one lead of Plain Bob Doubles. Olivia was included as an honorary boy and was the only one of the band who knew PB doubles. Will had once or twice been guided through a plain course but none of the others had any idea what it was all about. The tenor ringer had never really tried covering before and the treble ringer had never tried ringing to a method. There were only 3 of us to stand behind and guide.

The first couple of attempts weren’t too bad and we progressed a little beyond one lead each time. The last attempt of the day was a triumph; we got to the end of a plain course. It was a bit lumpy but I’ve heard much worse.

The boys were delighted. It was lovely to see that even those who usually mess around all the time were becoming more serious and really trying.

It won’t be long before they’ll be way ahead of me!