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Congratulations to June!

The Alderney ringers are delighted to record that June Banister has passed the highest level of the Learning the Ropes pathway to success in ringing & is now a qualified Change Ringer. The training scheme was launched 5 years ago – there are only 79 ‘graduates’ so far reaching Level 5 and two of them are on Alderney:-)

Maurice will be enjoying his 93rd birthday on Weds 13th Dec so at practice on Mon 11th we rang 93 changes of Cambridge Minor before singing ‘Happy Birthday’ and enjoying a slice of birthday cake.

Helen McGregor

Wells bells are up and ringing! (Includes Video)

Last night we had our Inaugural ring…

Photo shows L-R
Jeremy Stupart, June Banister, Trevor Blades, Aileen Wilson, Donald Hughes, Jane Robinson (hidden), Maurice Stupart, Helen Blades, Bruce James, Philippa Arditti, Peter Bevis & Helen McGregor. Missing from photo = Mariko Whyte

Inaugural Ring @ Wells Bells – The Channel islands’ Ringing Centre

Thurs 7th Sept 2017

The First Ring – Rounds and call changes were rung:

  1. Peter J R Bevis
  2. Aileen Wilson
  3. George Wyatt (bell hanger)
  4. Helen M McGregor
  5. June Banister
  6. Philippa Arditti
  7. Maurice Stupart
  8. Donald Hughes

With the changes called by Trevor Blades from outside the circle

This was followed by plain hunt on 7, a course of bob major and half a course of Yorkshire.

Single bells were rung by Jane Robinson, Bruce James,

Jeremy Stupart and Helen Blades

Finally: 1280 Plain Bob Major in 44 mins

  1. Helen M McGregor
  2. Aileen Wilson
  3. Mariko Whyte
  4. Julian Ferrar
  5. George E Wyatt
  6. Peter J R Bevis
  7. – 8. Matthew R T Higby (C)

First qtr peal on the bells

Helen McGregor

An Exciting week planned in Alderney – First peal on new bells, long-length and a week of training

We have Reading ringers here for the first peal on Wells Bells (Oct 22nd) and they are staying on to watch/listen to the Long length on (Oct 25th).  We will be making it a real Ringing-Fest with a full schedule of quarters and focused practice sessions utilising all the good ringers to stretch us.

Wells Bells is the Channel Islands first purpose built ringing centre – please see for details

Opening Sept 5th

Helen McGregor

Aaron is Level 5 Change Ringer with ART

Aaron secured his Level 1 in Nov 2015 & now 18 months later he has his Level 5 – the highest Level in the ART scheme & we believe the first Channel Island ringer to achieve this Level.
The Alderney band all share in Aaron’s success – a team effort of chauffeuring, escorting, standing behind, ringing alternate strokes, box carrying, explaining, chocolate buying – has all paid off. Aaron is now a regular member of our advanced practice squad & last week rang plain courses of Stedman Doubles ☺
Aaron secured his Level 5 with an excellent quarter peal inside for Grandsire Doubles , but has already rung inside for quarter peals of St Clement’s , the treble to Cambridge minor and treble to bob major. Now with 18 quarter peals under his belt we are planning Aaron’s first peal over the summer.
What’s next with ART? Learn the Ropes plus offers encouragement to progress through Stedman Triples and surprise major, also to try some conducting and handbell ringing – all geared to produce an excellent all-round great ringer – watch this space☺



Aaron Level 5

Busy Easter Monday Tower Open Day in Alderney

The Alderney band were delighted to welcome over 50 people to the belfry on their Easter Monday Tower Open Day. The band were kept busy offering opportunities to view the 12 bells, explanations of the mechanism of ringing using a model bell, demonstration ringing by individual ringers and then team performances. Coffee and cakes were available downstairs at the back of the church together with a video presentation on bellringing.

Helen McGregor

Success! Every member of the Elizabeth College band has now rung at least one Quarter Peal.

Every year Duncan takes a group of the Elizabeth College ringers to Alderney for a weekend of ringing. This year there were five of them joining the Alderney band for their normal Saturday morning practice and plenty of extra ringing on both Saturday and Sunday which the Alderney ringers gave up much of their weekend to support.

Each visitor rang in one of three quarter peals of Plain Bob Doubles rung over the weekend. These included two first QPs and two ‘first away from cover’. Aaron Hallett, an Alderney ringer of a similar age to the EC ringers rang in all 3 quarters, which was the first time he had rung two QPs in a day.

On Saturday, 1 April 2017 in 46 mins
Alderney, Channel Islands St Anne
1260 Plain Bob Doubles

  1.  Jake Colton
  2.  Helen M McGregor
  3.  Aaron Hallett
  4.  Aileen Wilson
  5.  Peter J R Bevis (C)
  6.  Jude Buckley

First away from cover, 1

On Sunday, 2 April 2017 in 43 mins
Alderney, Channel Islands St Anne
1260 Plain Bob Doubles

  1.  Josh Colton
  2.  Helen M McGregor
  3.  Aaron Hallett
  4.  Duncan Loweth
  5.  Peter J R Bevis (C)
  6.  Samuel Chambers

First Quarter, 6. First away from cover, 1

On Sunday, 2 April 2017 in 42 mins
Alderney, Channel Islands St Anne
1260 Plain Bob Doubles

    1.  Aaron Hallett
    2.  Peter J R Bevis
    3.  Aileen Wilson
    4.  Helen M McGregor
    5.  Duncan Loweth (C)
    6.  Louis Troalic

First Quarter, 6

Elizabeth College copy

Photograph (L-R) Jude Buckley, Jake Colton, Aaron Hallett, Louis Troalic. Samuel Chambers and Josh Colton were not available for the photograph.


Ruby Practice

June Banister let slip to the band that she was celebrating her 40th wedding anniversary & so we hatched a plan to have that theme for our Saturday practice on 18th March
Trevor Blades called 40 changes of plain hunt on 5 – the ringing of which has become something of a speciality for Donald & was a first for Trevor as (c). Helen (Blades) rang 40 changes of rounds on 4 – her best performance to date. We found a method called Ruby Treble Place Minor so June, Aileen, Heather, Maurice, Helen (McG) & Mariko learned a lead of that which came round with some plain bob
With so many of our A team away it was great to see what we could manage without them.

Helen McGregor

Photo shows: L-R
Maurice Stupart, Jane Trought, Aileen Wilson, Trevor Blades, Heather Winder, June Banister, Donald Hughes, Helen Blades & Mariko Whyte (missing from photo = Helen McGregor)

A Handbell Peal for a the Birth of Hayley Anne Bubb, and for the Guild Peal Festival in Alderney

Winchester & Portsmouth Diocesan Guild
Alderney, CI
Aurigny Maison
Saturday, 11 June 2016 in 2hrs 18min (11G)
5040 Minor (2m)
2160 St Clement’s, 2880 Plain Bob
1–2 Aileen Wilson
3–4 Helen M McGregor
5–6 Duncan Loweth (C)
Rung to celebrate the birth of Hayley Anne Bubb.
Rung in W&P peal festival.
Most methods in a peal: 1-2
Photo by Sue Le Feuvre

Channel Islands Bellringing Mash-Up (Video)

Deb Baker spotted this gem on YouTube. Superb call changes on the bells of the Channel Islands. The notes on the video itself read:

Featuring the bells of Jersey, Guernsey & Alderney.

Devon Call-Change Bellringers Tour of the Channel Islands, April 2016: 7 towers, 5 days, 5 flights, great scenery, great company and several pints…

Footage includes rising and lowering bells in peal and a selection of call-change touches on 12, 10, 8 and 6 bells.

Our sincere thanks to Christine Ley for organising another truly memorable tour.

Scott Adams, Sue Ashton, Stuart Bennie, Steven Came, Suzanne Driscol, Elaine Grant, James Grant, Stephen Herniman, Tony Jeffery, Christine Ley, Mark Lovell, Sam Massey, Graham Sharland and Nicola Stoneman

It’s the final countdown for W & P’s Young Ringers.

With just one more practice today at Carisbrooke to go, the countdown to the Inaugural  South East Youth  Striking Contest on Saturday has begun for our young ringers.

W and P’s team  has 8 young people .. four from Guernsey (students at Elizabeth College and also ringers at Town Church) and four from The Isle of Wight (Brading, Brighstone Newport and Shorwell towers).

It is quite interesting to see what they will all be getting up to all day.

Guild Master Viv Knobbs said;

“This has been a great opportunity for young ringers from two Districts to work constructively together and to have fun!
We hope that it’ll be a positive event to help keep them motivated and interested in their ringing.
Assuming the contest is successful in its first year, we’d hope to be invited again; we’d be able to have more time to plan ahead and to work towards more of our  “W and P” young ringers being involved next year. “Win, win” then!”

We wish all of them the very best of luck!

Inaugural South East England Youth Striking Contest!!

Firsts Fortnight News from the Isle of Wight Young Ringers

 Kieran Downer reports from the Isle of Wight Young Ringers’ trip to Alderney…..

  •  Lexi Skeldon, Rosie Morrision, Maddie Burgess, Tristan Allen and Lily Johnson all rang on Alderney for the first time!
  • Rosie Morrison rang on 12 and rang in the Kaleidoscope session.
  • Lily Johnson – Plain Hunt Caters, trebled to Grandsire Triples and rang in the Kaleidoscope session
  • Lexi Skeldon – Plain Hunt Caters and rang in the Kaleidoscope session
  • Maddie Burgess – Did the Mars Bar challenge – up to the balance at hand and back strokes; Rang inside to Plain Bob Minor on her own;  Rang and called go and stop for Plain Hunt  Caters

Lily’s photos from the trip are here…


Last night’s Quiz (Saturday, 24th March) to raise funds for the Island and Channel Islands team entering the Youth’s Competition was a huge success with 14 teams of four playing.

Total raised during the evening was a tremendous £312.50, which included a £100 donation from an anonymous source.

Thank you to all who took part in making this such a big success and a very big thanks to all the guys and gals at the Eight Bells, Carisbrooke, for all their support and help on organising the event.

Think Viv Nobbs is laying down in a darkened room at the moment trying to get over the evening!

Sorry if the jokes, stories and puns were a bit corny but, hey, you all laughed and seemed to enjoy the evening, which was the intention.

Firsts Fortnight Roundup from Alderney

Hold the front page: Viv Nobbs, Guild Master rang her first handbell qtr at Wells Ho, Alderney on Sat March 5th – trebles to bob minor.
Aaron Hallett, (aged 12 & very slight) rang our 13cwt tenor on his own for the first time on Sun 6th march & he rang it in rounds on 10 on Mon 7th March. June Banister – rising star of Alderney band ( now a level 3 ITTS certificate holder), rang the treble to a touch of Grandsire caters on Mon 7th March. Sue Le Feuvre rang her first qtr of Ipswich S Minor on Mon 7th March

Helen McGregor

First Fortnight News from the Channel Islands

Firsts Fortnight 1st - 15th March 2016Firsts Fortnight began on 1st of March, and the Channel Islands ringers wasted no time – a Double First for Aileen Wilson (First Quarter of Surprise on Tower Bells,  and First Handbell Qaurter Away From Tenors) and a First Treble Bob Quarter for Victoria McAllister.

Winchester & Portsmouth Diocesan Guild
Alderney, Channel Islands
St Anne
Tuesday, 1 March 2016 in 45mins
1320 Cambridge Surprise Minor
1 Victoria McAllister
2 Aileen Wilson
3 Helen M McGregor
4 Heather Winder
5 Peter J R Bevis
6 Stephen A Rossiter (C)
First treble Bob:1 First surprise:2. For St.David’s Day
Winchester & Portsmouth Diocesan Guild
Alderney, Channel Islands
Wells House
Tuesday, 1 March 2016 in 43mins
1264 Plain Bob Major
1–2 Peter J R Bevis
3–4 Helen M McGregor
5–6 Aileen Wilson
7–8 Stephen A Rossiter (C)
1st away from tenors: 5-6

Photo by Sue Le Feuvre

Congratulations Aaron Hallett (Alderney) First Quarter Peal and Happy Birthday!

Bellboard LogoAlderney, Channel Islands
St Anne
Thursday, 28 January 2016 in 45 mins (13–1–0 in F♯)
1260 Plain Bob Doubles
Helen M McGregor
Victoria McAllister
Heather Winder
Aileen Wilson
Peter J R Bevis (C)
Aaron Hallett
Rung for the 12th birthday of Aaron Hallett. First quarter, 6.

Congratulations Donald Hughes – First Peal

The band, Donald is on the right.

Helen McGregor reports from Alderney:

In addition to our spectacular peal of Bob Triples last Tuesday the Alderney band are equally proud of Donald Hughes.Athough rung in Scotland for ODG this was set up for Donald to ring a peal in 2015. Donald is a stalwart of the Alderney band, tower sec, liaises with vicar, organises the cleaning rota, masterminded the augmentation – you name it he does it:-)

Oxford Diocesan Guild
Tulloch, Highland
The Last Tower
Friday, 30 October 2015 in 2h 43m (1–1–15 in A)
5040 Plain Bob Triples
Composed by Roger Bailey
Matthew S Turner
Daniel J Page
E John Wells
Paul J Wells
Duncan R Loweth
Helen M McGregor
Stephen A Rossiter (C)
Donald Hughes
First Peal, 8

First Ever Local Band Rings a Peal on Alderney – 3 Firstpeal2015!

The Peal Band

Tuesday December the 15th was the 70th anniversary of Homecoming on Alderney. During WWII Alderney was evacuated and was occupied by the Germans. On 15th December 1945 some of the residents returned, and began to rebuild the island. [watch news item about Homecoming]

It has always been a day of celebration on Alderney, and to mark the 70th anniversary with a peal has always my intention. It became even more pleasing to be able to ring the first ever local band peal, together with 3 first pealers and one first tower bell peal, during the year of the first pealers!! It was a well executed peal, a little slow with very few errors.

Stephen A Rossiter

Winchester & Portsmouth Diocesan Guild
Alderney, Alderney
St Anne
Tuesday, 15 December 2015 in 3hrs 15mins (13–1–0 in F♯)
5040 Plain Bob Triples
Pamela E Pearson
Aileen Wilson
Philippa A Arditti
Heather Winder
Helen M McGregor
Peter J R Bevis
Stephen A Rossiter (C)
Victoria McAllister
1st Peal: 1,4,8. 1st Peal in tower: 2
First peal by an Alderney local band
To celebrate the 70th anniversary of Homecoming on Alderney