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A&P: Practices cancelled at the following towers until further notice

Following guidance received today the following towers have ceased all ringing until further notice in an effort to reduce the spread of COVID19:

Alton (All towers), Blackmoor, Bramshott, Buriton, Froxfield, Hawkley, Holybourne, Selborne, Steep, Warnford and West Meon

Other towers will be added once confirmation is received that they are also cancelling their ringing activities

Hope to see you all soon and stay well…

A&P Communications Officer

Ringing cancellations due to COVID-19

Coronavirus: UK ringing should now be cancelled

The UK government has advised against all unnecessary social contact with immediate effect. The Prime Minister advised in a press conference of 16th March that now is the time for everyone to stop non-essential contact with others and to stop all unnecessary travel.

The Central Council has released a statement in response to the UK government. They advise that If you haven’t already decided to cancel ringing activities, it seems that now is the time to do so. The Ringing World agrees with this statement. It is hard to interpret the government’s guidance in any way other than that all planned ringing activities in the UK should now cease.



I have been made aware that ringing has been suspended at the following towers due to COVID-19 concerns:

Alton, St. Laurence, All Saints and Holybourne – all ringing suspended.

Alverstoke – all ringing cancelled until further notice.

Basingstoke, St. Michael’s – all ringing cancelled until further notice.

Blackmoor – all ringing suspended.

Bournemouth, St. John’s, St. Peters and Scared Heart – all ringing suspended.

Bramshott – all service and practice ringing until at least the end of March where the situation will be reviewed.

Brockenhurst – no ringing until further notice.

Buriton – all ringing suspended.

Catherington – ringing cancelled, but may be some limited Sunday ringing if services continue.

Christchurch Priory – all ringing suspended until further notice.

Eling – all ringing suspended.

Froxfield – all ringing suspended.

Havant – all ringing suspended until further notice.

Hawkley – all ringing suspended and the tied practices on 6-8-10th April postponed.

Hursley – all ringing suspended until further notice.

Newport – all ringing cancelled until further notice.

Portsmouth Cathedral – all ringing suspended.

Purbrook – all ringing cancelled until further notice.

Romsey – all ringing suspended until further notice.

Selborne – all ringing cancelled until further notice.

Shanklin – all ringing suspended until further notice.

Shedfield – all ringing suspended until further notice.

Southampton (St. Mary’s, St. Michael’s and Bitterne Park) – all ringing suspended.

Steep – all ringing suspended.

Titchfield – all ringing suspended.

Upham – all ringing suspended until further notice.

Upton Grey – all ringing cancelled until further notice.

Warnford – all ringing suspended.

West Meon – all ringing suspended.

Wickham – all ringing suspended until further notice.

Winchester Cathedral – all ringing suspended until further notice.

Wonston – no practices until further notice.

Portsmouth District – all District events are cancelled including the April QDM.

Winchester District – all District events and the striking competition in May are cancelled until further notice.

Please let me know via of any other cancellations and I will add them to this list.


Andrew Glover

W&P Guild Webmaster




Buriton Open Day – Sat 29th Sept – 2-4pm

Buriton, will be holding an Open Day on Saturday 29th September in the hope of attracting new recruits to their band, particularly from the Village as none of the current band actually live within the village.
They would like to ask District members for their attendance during the afternoon between the hours of 2 and 4pm to help provide a continuing demonstration of short touches when we hope to have just six members of the public at a time observing the ringing. They then intend to give them a short description of what is involved in learning to ring and to give those who show an interest a few pulls at back stroke to whet their appetites as well as asking for their contact details.
As they are short in numbers they would much appreciate a few extra hands to maintain the demonstrations and also give everyone a bit of a breather. Half an hour here and there would be most helpful. Refreshments will be available.
The Open Day is being held in association with the Buriton Heritage Bank, whose members will be exhibiting details of Buriton’s past history in the Church on the same day. This seemed too good an opportunity to miss so liaised with the Heritage Bank Committee to hold this event at the same time. Also on show will be what we know of Buriton ringers of the past and asking those locals attending if they can give us more details about them, all having been from local families. Some research about them has been done but they feel sure that some of those attending the Exhibition may have been related to them and have some further knowledge to impart.
Attached is a copy of the flyer advertising the Event which you might like to display in your tower.

Surprise Minor Practice – a report from A&P District

The Surprise Minor Practice at Buriton on Saturday 10th was a great success and very well attended.

I was really pleased to get through a touch of Cambridge without too much trouble, but I really should have spent much longer looking at Primrose before giving it a go. Perhaps then I wouldn’t have tried to join the two bits of front work together, as they are in Cambridge, and might even have known which direction I was going right from the start (note to self, don’t only look at the starts of the 2 & 3, you may well end up with the 4). Sorry Roger, you did say that you didn’t want people to only look at it for half an hour before turning up. I promise to do better next time. I hope there is a next time.

We were treated to a demonstration of just how it should be done when the more experienced Surprise Minor ringers caught hold for four spliced Cambridge, Primrose, Norwich and Ipswich, which was so beautifully rung it even merited a ripple of applause.

Thanks Roger for organising this, and to everyone who came. It wouldn’t have been such a success without you.


Surprise Minor Practice at Buriton Sat June 10th 5.30pm-7.00

Hello all,

I have arranged a practice for surprise minor at Buriton on Saturday June 10th 5.30-7.00pm. I would like to focus on Cambridge and Ipswich and their 6th place variants Primrose and Norfolk, however that doesn’t mean we wont try other methods as well. I hope to see you then.

Funeral of Andrew Reeves, former ringer at Burton

We have recently received the sad news of the sudden death of Andrew P Reeves, a former District Member from Buriton. He was 70 years of age. Most of the older A&P District members will remember him.
In the seventies although he still lived in the Petersfield area he became a regular member of the Chichester Cathedral band where he met his future wife, Ruth Halford. They were married in 1973 and continued to live in Petersfield until 1998 when they moved close to Delabole in Cornwall.
The funeral will take place at Bodmin Crematorium on Monday 30th January at 12.30pm.
There will also be a Thanksgiving Service for Andrew’s life at St Mary’s Church, Buriton on Thursday 2nd February at 2pm.
The Chichester Cathedral ringers have been invited to ring a quarter peal before the Service and there will be general ringing afterwards by the Buriton ringers and any others present who would like to join them. It has been requested that the bells will not be muffled for this occasion.
David Hughes,
Buriton Tower Captain
David M Hughes.

Alton and Petersfield District Meeting and Striking Competition Report Saturday 22nd October 2016 at St Mary’s Buriton

Buriton hosted the meeting and the Striking Competition on Saturday 22nd October. 

It was a busy and fun day at Buriton as the Buriton ringers had to prepare the tea as well as get ready to ring! In the way it was good as we had no time to get stressed!  5 teams entered the competition plus a scratch team. 3 teams did call changes and 3 teams change ringing. 

The results are as follow: 

Buriton       1st 
East Meon   2nd 
Bramshott   3rd 
Blackmoor   4th 
Petersfield   5th 

The scratch team came 2nd according to the number of faults but was not counted in the placings. 

Buriton ringers were delighted to have won on this occasion. Since they had started to enter the competition again, 4 years ago, they had been 2nd twice and third once. 
So well done Buriton! 
The tea was a success due to the numbers of people who had baked wonderful cakes and made beautiful sandwiches for the day! 

All in all a friendly and successful day! 

Above: photo of the winning team!Helene Tipper

AP District Striking Competition October 22nd 3pm at Buriton – Rules

Click here to download the rules in pdf format

Saturday 22nd Oct – Striking Competition and Autumn Meeting at Buriton from 3.00pm

The ‘Alton and Petersfield District Shield’ and the ‘A + P Call Change Award’ shall be competed for annually by
teams drawn from the Alton and Petersfield District of the Winchester and Portsmouth Diocesan Guild of
Church Bell Ringers on a date decided by the Annual District Meeting.
a. The ‘Alton and Petersfield District Shield’ shall be presented to the team judged to have produced the best
striking of the competition.
b. The ‘A + P Call Change Award’ shall be presented to the team judged to have produced the best call changes
and the ‘A + P Change Ringing Trophy’ shall be presented to the team judged to have produced the best change
Certificates for all places will be presented.
The object of the Competition shall be to stimulate interest in good striking by the District’s Sunday Service
bands. All expenses of the Competition are to be met from District funds.
Each team competing is to comprise ringers who are bona fide members of the Sunday Service band within the
Alton and Petersfield District. There will be no entry fee. Each tower in the District may enter any number of
teams for the Competition, but each ringer may ring with only one team and there shall be only one conductor
in each team.
If a tower cannot field a complete team, then they can join forces with one other tower and enter a combined
The main consideration in the Competition shall be correct and good striking, and it shall be judged by two
competent Judges, preferably from outside the District, whose decision shall be final. During the Competition
the Judges shall not see the competing teams, nor know the order in which the teams are drawn to ring.
Each team will be allowed a maximum of 5 minutes to adjust ropes and familiarise themselves with the bells.
The test piece shall be:
Either (a) 120 changes of any method(s) of the team’s own choice. All of the changes
(but not the rounds before and after) will be judged.
or (b) Call changes. The team may choose the changes to be rung, but all bells except
the tenor must take a turn at leading. The opening rounds and stand will not be
judged. Teams must ring for at least 4 minutes after the first change is called.
Immediately before the Competition, the Judges shall withdraw, and the order of ringing shall be decided by
drawing lots. A tower marshal shall be appointed whose duties will be to receive details of each team’s test
piece, introduce the teams to the tower and supervise their performance.
The successful team(s) shall hold the Trophies for the ensuing year. The person entering the successful team(s)
for the Competition shall be responsible for the safe custody of the Trophies, and their return to the District
Committee by the time of the next Competition.

Change to schedule at Buriton and Hawkley Wednesday 17th August

Dear all,
This is to let you know that Buriton’s usual 3rd Wednesday practice at Hawkley will NOT BE TAKING PLACE THERE this month due to insufficient ringers being available.

They will be practising at Buriton that evening when all will be welcome as usual.

It is hoped that they will resume their next practice at Hawkley on Wednesday 21st September.
David Hughes,
Tower Captain

Buriton Outing 25th June 2016 – Report by Helene Tipper

Our spring Tower Outing this year took place about 20 miles South West of London. We were only a small band, 10 ringers, as the friends from a neighbouring tower who normally support us had to stay and ring for a wedding on that day.

It was not a brilliant sunny Saturday as you could expect in June but the intermittent rain didn’t temper our enthusiasm and we were able to walk to all the towers without getting too wet.

Our first stop was Ottershaw in Surrey,with a heavy peal of 6 bells. They were 16cwt which made them the second heaviest in Surrey, we were told by the gentleman who welcomed us. They were heavy but nice to ring.

Then we headed to the village of Horton, another six bell tower, in Berkshire. These were a 12cwt ring in a square tower. We were warned that the bells had not be rung for some time and to be careful when it came to setting them that the stays etc. were intact. We raised them in peal with no problem and all bells were set safely. They were admittedly rather hard work to ring well but we believe that we gave a good account of ourselves here!

It was then time for lunch! We all drove towards Maidenhead to the Shire Horse  pub where a table had been booked. We were joined by some friends who were not able to ring this time but wanted to show their support. The food was good, served promptly by friendly staff and very good value for money. After a hearty lunch and a well deserved rest, we headed to the next tower: Waltham St Lawrence, a six bell tower also in Berkshire.

Unfortunately there was nobody to meet us there and the church was closed.  After a few phone calls, a lady came rushing to let us in and apologised profusely. She had forgotten that she was to open the door for us!

Never mind we all managed to have a ring before moving to our last tower: Hawley, an 8 bell tower this time and only 10cwt. Here is a little anecdote about the tower:

Apparently, when the church tower and spire, built in 1882, underwent a structural survey in 1990, it was indicated that the tower was not strong enough to support the combined weight of approx. 3.5 tons so something had to be done. The solution was both practical and unusual:

Having established that lighter bells were necessary, the possibility of a “part exchange” arrangement was considered and adopted. In 1992 the original bells were removed after much planning and preparation. Following modification of the frame and tower, the bells were replaced with bells which weighed 2.45 tons. They were ideal for Hawley.

That was quite a contrast with the heavy 6 of Ottershaw. We found them more difficult to ring because of the longer draught, our lack of experience in ringing together on 8 bells (we are a 6 bells band) and perhaps because it was the end of the day.

It was a good day out and our usual photographer took the photo of the group at the last tower .


Practice Nights Changes at Buriton (back to normal 30th March)

Hello all,
This is to let you know that there will be no practice at Buriton this Wednesday (16th March) as we shall be holding our regular monthly practice at Hawkley. All our usual regulars are welcome and so are any others who have attended previously or who would like to provide added strength.
Neither will there be a practice the following week (23rd March) as that is in Holy Week.
Back to normal on Wednesday 30th March.
Best wishes,
David Hughes, Tower Captain

Hawkley and Buriton Practice Plans Feb 10th to 17th

To all our visitors (regular or casual),
            There will be NO PRACTICE at Buriton this Wednesday (10th Feb) as it is Ash Wednesday and there will be a 7.30pm Service in Church.
            The following Wednesday (17th Feb) we will be holding our 8-bell practice AT HAWKLEY from 7.30-9.00pm at which all will be welcome as usual.
            Thereafter we will be holding our regular Wedneday practices as usual.
David Hughes,
Tower Captain

Funeral of Marjorie Mannering, 25th November

Following my recent email re the Sad News from Buriton the funeral of Marjorie Mannering will take place at St Wilfred’s Church, Cowplain, the church that John and Marjorie have regularly attended, on Wednesday, 25th November, at 2pm.

St Wilfred’s Church is in Padnell Road, Cowplain which is the turning left at the traffic lights in the centre of Cowplain if coming from the Petersfield direction. The Church is about 200 yards along on the left. There is a decent sized car park at the back of the church.

David Hughes

Sad News from Buriton

Dear all,

The Buriton Ringers deeply regret to announce the death on Tuesday 3rd November of Marjorie, the wife of John Mannering. John and Marjorie have both been members of the Buriton band for 36 years, having moved to Horndean from the Maidstone area of Kent.

They also regret to announce the death the day before (Monday 2nd November) of Jean, the wife of Brian Kempton. Jean was not a ringer but had served Buriton Church as Sacristan and also, being an experienced needlewoman, had looked after the Church’s linen and altar frontals etc. for many years. Many District members will remember that Brian, before ill-health intervened, was a ringer at Buriton and had served as Tower Secretary for some 20 years.

The Buriton bells were rung half-muffled on Wednesday as a mark of respect.

David Hughes, Tower Captain