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Tommy in Tangley – 6th Nov 2018

I was picked up on Monday and although still in my box enjoyed my ride to Kingsclere Church and listened to the Andover District Practice night; there was a mixed bag of ringing.

After spending Tuesday morning in the car being moved about as this nice lady hoovered around me; I went to Tangley Church as saw one of the Ringers Remembered volunteers practice her handling skills, improving every time.

Tommy in Tangley

After a short break a team of ringers and visitors stayed in the church to listen to the ringing of 1918 changes in memory of all those lost during WW1 from the Pastrow Benefice which includes Hatherden, Penton Mewsey, Tangley and Weyhill; the names of those lost were displayed in the Tangley Church during the ringing. Tangley is the only church in the benefice with bells.

I was packed back in my box and taken to Ludgershall via the Old Bell and Crown at Hatherden.

I am hoping to be at the Ringers WW1 Memorial in Winchester Cathedral on 11th November 2018.


Mike Winterbourne Reports from the Monthly Practice at Hurstbourne Priors

The Hurstbourne Priors August practice was well attended in August with plenty of support from the organising tower St Mary Bourne and other district towers supplying competent ringers and those hoping to progress from – Kingsclere, Nether Wallop, Tangley and Woolton Hill.
Methods attempted and predominantly coming round were Grandsire Triples, Little Bob Major, Spliced Plain & Little Bob Major, Cambridge S Major and Superlative S Major. Now all we need is for the local pub to open again.
Usually on the 4th Thursday but check with Helen Thomas:

Proposed Design for Tower Widgets


For discussion, amendment and agreement within the communications team.


Each Tower (or where preferred, cluster) has a “widget” that lives in the right hand column of the website (The WordPress “Content Sidebar”. It will be visible when a user is on the tower’s home page, or on any post that has the tower’s category.

Initial Design

When the website was first developed, the widget was an RSS feed which displayed all posts with the tower’s category. There was no archiving and no distinction between news items and non-news items (such as contact details or bell ringing times).

Intention of the new design

  • Archived news is no longer mixed in with current news as per the original design. It is clearly laid out to separate the two.
  • Towers can have a home page AND as many extra pages (Actually Tower Information Posts) as they need.
  • Ringing Times for a tower are held in a separate post which can be embedded anywhere as desired without being duplicated.
  • Extra Pages for a tower can be added without needing any extra technical knowledge over and above that needed for writing news posts.
  • Menu of extra pages visible with every extra page, without need for programming.
  • The order that they are displayed in, is reasonably easy to control without advanced knowledge.
  • The layout works for towers with multiple pages and lots of news; also for ones with less content, so they can all be created now and the extra pages developed gradually with the bands. Nothing is hard coded.
  • All current news is displayed and the 4 latest posts from the archive, allowing visitors to determine “how active is this band” and “what do they tend to ring” (These were suggested in the survey August 2016)
  • The tower’s home page(s) can be kept for information only, no news.
  • No need to add hot links to towers when posting because using the tower’s category will bring the widget into view and provide the home page link.
  • The single image on the widget draws the user’s eye to the home page first.
  • A cluster may have a home page and this would be displayed at the top of the widget with the featured image. (example bournemouth). The tower categories need to be sub-categories of the cluster category, in order to ensure the news feed works properly.
  • The design preserves the simple Tower URLs.

The Widget Will Contain:

  1. All current (ie non-archived) news. For most bands this is maximum one item and often blank.
  2. Link to the home page in bold type with thumbnail image
  3. List of extra “pages” (Tower Information Posts) ordered by latest modification date.
  4. Up to 4 pieces of archived news with date stamps (To give users an insight into the band’s communications)

Examples: (displayed with this post)

  • Christchurch Priory (9 pages)
  • Bournemouth (3 tower cluster)
  • Tangley (one page one tower)

Your Comments: Are  in the Team Facebook Group

Tangley – Bells are are out of action (Aug 4th for several months)

The weather has attacked Tangley bells. The clapper of the two has seized up and makes the bell soundless. The tenor is beginning to seize causing the clapper to strike quietly and in a delayed fashion at backstroke.

We aim to remove the clappers and have them re-bushed. This leaves Tangley out of action for several months.

Mike Winterbourne

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