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St Michael’s, Heckfield Summer Ringing Times

Start of the summer monthly practices.

1st Thursday of each month – April to October inc.

7.30 – 9.00 and off to the pub after!

Come and have some fun on these great anti-clockwise 5

The tenor at 15.5 cwt is the heaviest bell in the Basingstoke District.

All lighthearted fun with everything from calls & round changes, Plain Bob, Grandsire and Stedman – something for everyone!

Entrance is via the door at the back of the tower.

Learn to ring at St Michael’s Basingstoke

St Michaels, Basingstoke are eager and willing to recruit any new ringers.
We have a simulator which allows us to train on the bells but without the bells being heard outside and offers opportunities for good ringing practice with feedback via a computer.  Training is given by experienced and capable trainers who have trained many other individuals over the years. In the early stages training is one to one and arranged on a day by day basis.   Following this, learner specific training sessions are held throughout the year with learners in small groups of 2, 3 or 4 at the most.

Bournemouth St John’s Christmas Ringing Times

Tuesday 12th December   8-bell practice & party.  All our faithful friends welcome for amazing ringing & some Christmas Cheer!

NO service ringing Sunday 10th December

Christmas  Service Ringing.

Sunday 17th December.   09.15 – 09.45

                                                18.00 – 18.30 (Carol Service)

Sunday 24th December    09.15 – 0-9.45

                                                        15.30 – 16.00    (Crib Service NOTE changed time & no midnight service)

Christmas Day                   09.15 -09.45

NO Practice       Tuesday  26th December

Usual practice Tuesday 2nd January.

Forward planning.  Tower AGM.  Sunday 21stJanuary.  17.00 – 18.00   In the belfry, NOT the church. Followed by ringing.

Extra ringers needed to support learners at Stockbridge and King’s Somborne

Dear All,
Kings Somborne and Stockbridge have 5 adult learners. Practise is in Stockbridge on a Tuesday at 7pm to 7.45pm.

We would really appreciate some help, 1 or 2 ringers who could stand with a learner. on Tuesday 21st. 4 of them are ringing on their own but need someone there “in case” and to advise on handling.

Any help on Tuesday’s, plus our normal practise on Mondays, at Kings Somborne, with the learners there too, would be appreciated.

Please contact me if you would be able to help out.

Many thanks.

Sue Spurling

Sopley “Beyond Bob Doubles” practice Objectives

With 2 weeks to go until the first practice of our group with its extended remit, we need to set out our objectives.

The intention is that the practice should provide a solid grounding in learning a variety of methods once the basics have been mastered and provide an opportunity for members to improve their skills. This will include calling touches for those who want to progress towards conducting (with this in mind, Bob Doubles can be rung if anyone wants to call a touch of it – thus giving an chance for others to ring it if needed).

We’ve already had requests for touches of Stedman doubles, calling touches of Bob Doubles, Bob Minor singles practice, Treble Bob Plain Hunt, Kent Treble Bob, Little Bob Minor and Cambridge Minor – a pretty wide field of activity, and what we do will of course depend on the range of ability and help available, and I’m pleased to say that already one expetienced ringer has offeted to help when he can.

I like the idea of ringing a variety of methods, perhaps featuring a particular doubles or minor method each month to be decided at the previous practice. Suggestions could include All Saints, the St Simons/ Winchendon Place group of methods and variations, Grandsire Minor, Single Oxford, Single Canterbury, and this would mean knowing Reverse Canterbury and Bob Minimus as they are the bases for these methods.

Please let me know your wishes for the practice so we can provide something for everyone. I hope we’ll all have some fun in learning and succeeding in trying things new, as well as progressing with the existing repertoire!

We would welcome anyone who can ring Bob Doubles (with touches) to the practice and if you know of anyone who might be interested please let me know or ask them to email me.

I look forward to your input,

Tim Kettle