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for example touches, extra blue lines etc

A Simple Touch of Double Court Bob Minor

B-B-B- (out make in)

This touch comes from this useful document on the Essex  Guild website.

You may find the following pdf’s useful as you prepare to ring this touch:


Calling a Single at Every Lead in Plain Bob Minor

The pdfs of this touch were originally created for the Sopley Minor Methods practice back in the summer of 2015. Having the 2 printouts in hand meant we could tackle the challenge with more confidence.


Double Court Bob Minor – the lines for bells 2, 3 and 4

Sometimes it’s helpful to have a bespoke version of the lines for a method for several learners at once…. these were made using toolkit/library.htm which is a fantastic website for this kind of thing…  click an image below to see each line or get a pdf of all 3 together by clicking here. 

bell 4
Bell 2
Bell 3