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Bell Handling

The first steps of learning to ring are all about handling and controlling a bell. Later, if you plan to ring heavier bells (or much lighter ones) you may need to brush up these skills and take them to a new level.

Posts about Bell Handling on this website:

Mini Ring

Permanent Mini Rings within the Guild:

Midi Rings

News about Mini-Rings


Posts about Handbell Ringing on this site:

Easter Bellringing Times 2017

The Guild Education Committee has organised a Handbell Session in Winchester in Holy Week:

By tradition, most bands don’t practice in Holy Week, but this is not universal. To help visiting ringers, towers have posted the following plans:

Send in your Easter ringing times:


Sopley Minor Methods Practice

Current News


From The Archive

Basic Bellringing at St Peter’s Bournemouth

It is intended, as soon as possible, to open these practice nights to visitors (novice and expert), but we would like to find our feet first as a group so please await further news before you come and join us!

Communication within the band is via email: Visit the Email Group

Winchester and Portsmouth Diocesan Guild of Church Bell Ringers Members 200 Club

What to do to support your training and development opportunities, young ringers and possibly win some cash

Poster and details for towers.


Details of the how to sign-up

  1. Fill in registration Form and post or email to Robin
  2. Pay for your number
    use the Standing Order form and send to your bank
    Send a cheque made out to W&P 200 Club
    To Robin Milford
    4 Ferrybridge Green, Hedge End, Southampton, SO30 0JX

Pay by BACS

200 Club Bank Details
National Westminster Bank Plc,
Hedge End,
W&P 200 Club
£12:00 (Twelve pounds)

A number will be registered to you on confirmation of payment

Yes, you can have more than one number
Please read the W&P 200 club information on the website

Winchester and Portsmouth Diocesan Guild of Church Bell Ringers Members 200 Club


Aim: To support the Training and Development Fund (T & D Fund) (a Designated Fund within the General Fund).

The fund is to support members of the Winchester and Portsmouth Diocesan Guild of Church Bell Ringers especially to support those members under 25. The object of this fund shall be to provide financial assistance by way of grants to individuals and groups incurring expenditure on: the provision of training, attending courses and events, training materials, payment of tutor expenses, educational assets and any other worthy project to enhance and enable the development of a ringer or group of ringers, or the purchase by the Guild of goods or services to assist in the development of a ringer or group of ringers.

Due to legal requirements, only members of the W+P and its towers can be 200 club members.

How do I become a member?

By payment of the sum of £12 per annum paid by Standing Order, Cheque or BACS transfer, a dedicated number for a 12-month period will be allocated.


There will be 3 Draws per year drawn on or near the March and November Executive meetings and at the Guild AGM.

½ of the monthly income will go to the T & D Fund and the rest will be accumulated as prize money.


Each draw will pay out the total of the accumulated prize fund broken down in 6 prizes:
1 @ 50%, 1 @ 20%, 2 @ 10% and 2@ 5%.

The percentage will remain constant but the actual prize money will vary dependant on the receipts received between draws.

When will the draws take place?

The first draw will take place at the W + P Executive Committee March meeting with the accumulated Prize money to 31st March 2017. The following draws will take place at the AGM, with accumulated Prize money to 30th June 2017, and the November Executive with accumulated Prize money to 30th November 2017. Continuing draws will be made in a similar pattern.

Can I have multiple numbers?

Yes, you can have multiple numbers – but each one will cost you £12!

W&P 200 Club Promotion

Contact Robin Milford

Registration Forms:

W&P 200 Club Registration Form (doc format)

W&P 200 Club Registration Form (pdf format)

Standing Order Mandate Forms:

W & P 200 Club Standing Order Mandate (doc)

W & P 200 Club Standing Order Mandate (pdf)

Special Practice

There are a wide variety of special practices organised across the Guild, many of them on a monthly basis, some one off occasions.

Recent News about Special Practices

Archive News about Special Practices

National News

On This Website

National news is posted onto this site whenever possible.

The Ringing World

The Weekly Magazine for Bellringers. Postal or online subscriptions are available. Click to visit.

The Central Council Website

The best source of news for the Council is the Development Website . You can subscribe for updates for free.


The largest bellringing facebook group is simply called  “Bellringers“. There are dozens of special interest groups as well.


How to add to a tower’s “website”

A tower has a home page for basic information (bells, contact, ringing times, postcode and church website).

It also has a widget either of its own or shared with others in a cluster.

A cluster would have one post for CLUSTER INFORMATION with a nice feature image which will be used as the home page on the widget. 

The cluster needs a category of its own (eg Bournemouth) and all the member towers need to be made subcategories of the cluster. Thus a tower cannot be a member of 2 different clusters. A member may be outside the guild – see Rochringers widget for how to program this. Out of courtesy to the other guild, such towers do not have a home page on our site but they have a news category. See Crondall. 

The band is free to add up to ten extra pages of information, all should carry the tower’s own category and the correct district category plus TOWER and TOWER INFORMATION. 

  • The ringing times post should be categorised TOWER BELL RINGING TIMES. If there is an embedded Google calendar then also tick CALENDAR PAGE. This will be embedded into the home page and the widget. You can control the layout of an extract see Christchurch Priory Ringing times for an example.
  • It is sensible to have a learn to ring at.. page which will be displayed in the tower page, the widget and the Guilds learn to ring area which is aimed at potential recruits. Category LEARN TO RING.
  • Visiting ringers like to have parking and disabled access information. Think about what makes access challening – is the entrance hard to find – is the obvious car park closed on Sundays etc etc – These can be put together or on 2 separate pages and the 2 categories and PARKING and ACCESS.  
  • Many bells have an interesting history – category HISTORY.
  • Other pages can be added as desired.

    A new post may be intended to be news to start with them become information- in which case tick both sets of categories and then drop off the NEWS category after a week. 

    Old tower information posts can be archived not deleted.

    St John’s Bournemouth 8 bell Practice

    Beyond Bob Doubles

    A Series of Special Practices in Winchester District which is intended to move ringers along from Bob Doubles towards other methods such as Grandsire Doubles,  Little Bob Minor, Stedman Doubles, Plain Bob Minor and sometimes also Triples and Major Methods.

    Ringing for the Queen’s 90th Birthday June 11th and 12th

    Towers Ringing for the Queen – the news so far:

    Send in Your News


    The Archive

    • The Guild’s archive of physical materials is described here
    • The website’s “archive” is automatically organised by WordPress (see menu on the right, below on a small screen), and contains all “posts”that have been published on this site. This includes contact information and other non-news items.
    • As news drifts out of date it is categorised (manually) as “archive” to move it out of current News Feeds.

    The Archive of the Most Recent 500 News Items Follows:

    Older Items can be seen in the WordPress Archive (menu on right)


    Guild Mid Monthly Meetings

    News About Mid Monthly Meetings:

    About the Mid Monthly Meetings

    This institution was started by Bob Cater, then General Secretary, on his retirement in 1999. It has been running continuously since. The day consists of some gentle ringing usually at 3 towers, one in the morning and 2 following a relaxed 2 hour pub lunch. Generally those present are retired but not exclusively so and all ringing abilities are welcome and attendance is typically around 20.
    The first meeting this year, in April, visited Steep, Froxfield and Privett. The May venues are just across the border into West Sussex at Westbourne, Funtington and Staughton. In June we pay our traditional visit to the Isle of Wight.
    If you are not keen on “minutes” or “matters arising” fear not. The only business conducted is a short vote of thanks to the organiser. So if you are free why not enjoy a friendly day’s ringing. Dates can be found on the Guild Calendar (see below).

    If you would like to be added to the mailing list for announcements please let me know.

    Future Dates for meetings are on the Guild Calendar:

    District Officers’ Forum (definition)

    Event held by the Guild to enable Officers from all Districts to meet and discuss items of mutual interest.

    *FINAL VERSION* The W&P District Officers’ Forum, 24 September 2016 – a worm’s eye view (by Bruce Purvis) - Our annual District Officers’ Forum, ably chaired by our new Master, Mike Winterbourne, was host to thirteen representatives from six of the Guild’s eight districts – Andover, Basingstoke, Christchurch and Southampton, Isle of Wight, Portsmouth and Winchester. Guild Action Plan. After the welcome, the floor was given to Viv Nobbs, our Master emerita and now … Continue reading *FINAL VERSION* The W&P District Officers’ Forum, 24 September 2016 – a worm’s eye view (by Bruce Purvis)
    District Officers Forum Meeting Sept 24th 2016 - Mo Routh Writes: September 24th, 9.45am – 1.00pm, at St Barnabas Church Hall, Lodge Road, Southampton.
    District Officers’ Forum (definition) - Event held by the Guild to enable Officers from all Districts to meet and discuss items of mutual interest.  


    ART Association of Ringing Teachers

    The ART’s Mission

    To improve the learning experience of new ringers

    ART’s Purpose

    To develop and support the delivery, integrity, and standards in the teaching, instruction and education, of the art of change ringing

    The ART has 3 websites:


    Tower Information


    • This Category is used for forms which you can fill in.
    • Unless otherwise stated, your responses will be sent to the Duty Webmaster for action. You should hear back within 2 working days.
    • If you need the team to create a new form please let us know.


    Tower Correspondent

    • This Category is used for Tower Contacts who have a page of their own on the website.
    • A correspondent may look after several towers – to find out which tower(s), look at the list above the page title.
    • Each tower belongs to one District – this is also listed as one of the contact’s categories.
    • Some Tower Correspondents also act as WordPress Correspondents – ie they post their own news onto the website. If this is the case their own identity will be shown as the author of their page.
    • The complete list of contacts including  Tower Correspondents is here

    Examples of web addresses used might be:

    Dove Online

    dovecoverimage  Dove Online is the international database of church bells.

    This site provides a wealth of information on bell ringing locally in Hampshire, The Isle of Wight and the Channel Islands, but Dove provides powerful search facilities across all our towers, and is invaluable for any ringer wanting to venture out and about beyond their own tower. For some examples of Dove Searches please [visit this page].

    For technical information about the data shared between Dove and wpbells, please [click here]

    For other relevant pages on this site [please click here]

    If you have found an error in your Dove Tower Page [please click here]

    About WP Guild Education

    Guild Education Days and evenings, each covering a specific subject, are designed to help students to enjoy their ringing, and to learn in a friendly, relaxed, but concentrated environment. They are a mixture of theory and practice, the latter being geared to each student’s needs.

    Students are divided into small groups, led by Group Leaders who will know what students can do, and what they are aiming at; students won’t be pushed into attempting the impossible, but they will be encouraged to try things. Each group has a dedicated band of helpers so that, when students ring, they will be surrounded by helpful, friendly experts.

    The Guild Education Committee runs four major Education Days each year, though extra ones can be thrown in if time allows. We try to offer some basic subjects, plus something a little more challenging for the more experienced. If anyone has ideas on what they would like to do, we are happy to listen.

    Posters and application forms are sent through the District Secretaries to the Tower Secretaries, as well as appearing on this Guild website and other media.