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CANCELLED: C&S District Annual Trip Saturday 21st September 2019 to Axe Valley CANCELLED


I would appreciate feedback – you can contact me via the link further down, below.

Best wishes,



Dear District!

Following the poster that went out to tower contacts last week, here are all of the finalised details I have been busy working on.  If all goes to plan, looks to be a great trip, in an Area of Natural Beauty.  Historical towers for ringers, bygone trams and cream teas along the coast for those that join us that do not ring.

Please let me know names and numbers as soon as you can, plus your lunch choices.  There is a downloadable pdf pack below, so you can print of all, or the pages you need. Also screen grabs of the pdf for instantaneous ease of viewing if you’re going paperless!

I hope to see many of you there! All are welcome.


Click here to contact Peter Murdock-Saint


September District Practice, Meeting and Hinton Trophy Striking Competition 07.09.2019 Fawley.

Dear all,

Here are the details of the next meeting. Apologies for the delay as we were trying to organise skittles for after the meeting, however that has proven too hard this year, watch this space for next year.

Everyone welcome to come along even if you are not taking part in the striking contest. If there are any teams for the striking contest, please let Colin Butler know.

A general poster for the Outing at the end of the month will be sent out after this e-mail. Please encourage all your members to come along. Full details will be released at the meeting.

Look forward to seeing you next week.


Contact Sallie Ingram

Contact Colin Butler

PDFs below of Meeting and Hinton Trophy information:

September Practice and Hinton Trophy

September 2019 Agenda

ADM 2019 Minutes


C&S Annual District Meeting with Practice. Christchurch Priory. Saturday 26th January 2019 from 2:00pm onwards.

Dear fellow ringers far and wide,

Happy New Year to all!

Now we are heading into the middle of January, it can only mean one thing, that it is once again time for our annual district meeting day/service/tea/practice. This year we meet at Christchurch Priory, method of the month for January is Little Bob Royal & Little Bob Maximus, however all are welcome for rounds and call changes, plain hunt, and any other methods.  Please let Rosemary Rogers know if you plan to attend for catering numbers. (link below).

For your information:

Whilst you are emailing Rosemary, please also save the date and submit your menu choices for the district dinner (menu in links below) in February.  It’s just after St. Valentine’s, so NO excuses.  Last year was a great laugh, very good value, and the Chicken with Wild Mushroom Pie sounds extremely tasty!

At the meeting; I’m hoping to lose the ‘acting’ webmaster bit of my voluntary job title.  I am also looking forward to accompanying the service on the Priory Lady Chapel box organ (not the mighty beast in the cases in transepts and scattered through the triforiums, as I may have had a small heart attack operating that console!).

More importantly now, we are still looking for somebody to organise the raffle to help raise funds to send the district youth team up to Liverpool for the ringing competition.  Please let Sallie know asap if you can help with the raffle, and of course we shall need donations of prizes.  I’m sure we all have something lurking in a cupboard from Great Auntie Mildred.

The district calendar is certainly packed with lots for everybody, with interesting education days.  Don’t forget, amongst all these, you can also weave in the regular monthly district practices aimed at polishing and honing specific skills.  Please do support these where possible, as they are excellent evenings.  We are so very lucky to have such a busy ringing calendar available to us.  In September I am organising a skittles night at a pub/skittles alley, so please watch out for more information.

This rest of this post is to serve as a ‘muster point’, for all the information you will require on the day, and schedule of the day’s runnings.  Please do print off the documents you require from the links provided below.  If anybody is struggling with printing, I can bring copies if you let me know in advance.

(For those who are not au fait with downloading, in essence:

Ringing 2:00pm until 4:00pm

Service 4:00pm until 4:45pm

Tea & ADM 4:45pm onwards

Evening ringing 6:30pm until 8:00pm)

If there are any questions, or if I have missed something, please let one of the team know.

Happy ringing until then,

all best wishes,

Peter Murdock-Saint-Acting District Webmaster

Contact Sallie Ingram-District Secretary

Contact Rosemary Rogers-for tea numbers/District Dinner/Priory Tower Captain



Document/pdf below:

ADM 2019 Poster Christchurch Priory-Please print and display in towers/circulate to your tower members emails.

C&S District Calendar 2019-Please print and display in towers.

ADM Minutes 2018

ADM Agenda 2019

C&S District Dinner 2019


Information same as above but in image format:

Post main photograph by Jack Pease Photography.

UPDATED C&S District Christmas Ringing Times 2018

Please see below for updated notifications we have received for District ringing times in December.

Hinton, St. Michael and all Angels.

Sunday 16th December: Dressing of the crib 10:30am for 11:00am followed by wine and mice pies.

Monday 24th December Christmas Eve: Nearly midnight service! 9:30pm for 10:00pm

Sopley, St Michael and all Angels.

Sunday 16th December: Service ringing 10:30am for 11:00am

Sunday 23rd December: Service ringing 10:30am for 11:00am

Monday 24th December Christmas Eve: Dressing of the Crib 3:30pm for 4:00pm, then Midnight Mass 10:45pm for 11:15pm.

Tuesday 25th December Christmas Morning: Service ringing 10:30am for 11:00am.

Sunday 30th December: Service ringing 10:30am for 11:00am.

Bournemouth, St John the Baptist (Surrey Road).

Sunday 16th December: NO MORNING RINGING, then 6:00pm for 6:30pm Carol Service.

Sunday 23rd December: Usual service ringing times. (9:00am for 9:30am)

Monday 24th December Christmas Eve: Dressing of the Crib 2:30pm for 3:00pm

Tuesday 25th December Christmas Morning: Usual Sunday service ringing time. (9:00am for 9:30am)

Bournemouth, St. Peter’s.

Sunday 16th December: 9:15am for 10:00am

Sunday 23rd December: 9:15am for 10:00am



Sunday 30th December: NO RINGING


Thursday night practices start back on 03.01.2019

(due to absence not enough ringers to form a band).

Bournemouth, Sacred Heart.

Sunday 16th December: 10:00am for 10:30am

Sunday 23rd December: 10:00am for 10:30am

Monday 24th December Christmas Eve: 4:30pm for 5:00pm, then Midnight Mass 11:00pm for 11:30pm. There is NO regular Monday night practice 6:00pm to 7:30pm.

Tuesday 25th December Christmas Morning: 10:00am for 10:30am.

Monday 31st December New Year’s Eve: There is NO regular Monday night practice 6:00pm to 7:30pm, but general ringing to see in 01.01.2019 from 11:30pm with booze and nibbles.

Ringwood, St. Peter & St. Paul.

Saturday 22nd December: Service ringing 5:30pm for 6:00pm

Sunday 23rd December: Service ringing 9:45am for 10:30am, then 4:00pm for 4:30pm.

Monday 24th December Christmas Eve: Carols in the market place 5:30pm for 6:00pm, then Midnight Mass 11:00pm for 11:30pm.

Sunday 30th December: Service ringing 9:45am for 10:30am

Milford-on-Sea, All Saints.

Monday 24th December Christmas Eve: NO Monday practice night.

Christchurch Priory.

Monday 17th December: NO Monday practice night.

Monday 24th December Christmas Eve: NO Monday practice night.

Monday 31st December New Year’s Eve: NO Monday practice night.

Alton and Petersfield District Facebook Group

Valerie Harris Writes:

We have breathed new life into the facebook group Alton and Petersfield Change Ringers, so please feel free to request to join the group and start posting.
Webmaster’s Note: With the author’s permission, Any tower news or photos posted in the group can be copied onto the Guild Website so that visitors and non-Facebook users can also see what’s happening. Handy for cancelled practices, significant quarter peals, and other news!

CS District Quarter Peal Club

The club aims to give members of the District opportunities that they might not otherwise get, to ring Quarter Peals. We generally ring at 6pm on a Friday at Brockenhurst. We ring about once a month, some members ring every time, others just occasionally.

New members are welcome.

Training bursaries available for members of the Andover District

 The District has some modest funding available and, initially for a one year trial, is asking members to apply for bursaries to help meet the costs of recognised training courses (e.g. Hereford or Bradfield courses).

Purpose of the Bursary Scheme

To promote the instruction of change ringing by providing funds to enable ringers to broaden their experience by attending recognised ringing courses.


  1. To qualify for a bursary, individuals must be paid-up members of the Andover District (including probationary members).
  2. The course for which the individual is applying for funding must be a recognised change ringing course.
  3. Bursaries will normally be awarded up to a maximum rate of 50% of the course costs and not exceeding £100. However, if the amount of applications received by the District exceeds £300, awards may be scaled down accordingly. Only one award will be made per individual in any one year.
  4. Applications must be made by 30th April 2016.
  5. Payment will be made after the applicant has produced evidence of payment (receipt/letter from the training organisation).

For further details or to obtain an application form, please contact the District Treasurer, Ros Brandwood, telephone 01635 48937 or email 

In addition to the above scheme, the District, upon application, will also meet the cost of fees for Guild Education Committee Training Days for those in full-time education.


Minutes of Andover District AGM held 12th January 2013 at Whitchurch

Minutes of Andover District AGM held 12
th January 2013 at Whitchurch

Members were asked to stand in memory of Jean Blacklaws (Clatford) and Eric Woolgrove (Andover)


The Chair welcomed the ringers and Mike Hopkins-Till, Vice-Master of the Guild.

Apologies for Absence

Scarlett and Matthew Holbrook, Eve Lind-Smith, Joanne Waller, Brian Oakes.

Minutes of  2012 AGM

One date correction in Item 3, 2010 to 2011.

Matters Arising

The Chair apologised for the lack of preparation caused by the absence of a District secretary.

a) The Striking Competition was not organised this year.

b) The Ringing Ramble organised by Chris and Liz had had to be cancelled due to lack of support.  After researching the original route it was found to be unsuitable for parking.  A new venue was researched but unfortunately several ramblers were unable to make the new date.

      5.  Reports

Chairperson’s Report

Barbara thanked the four tower secretaries who sent in their reports.

Much ringing of peals and quarter peals to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee and Olympic Games including a date touch 2012 at St. Mary Bourne.

Several towers have helped each other out for wedding and service ringing.

Congratulations to Ken and Carol Waller on 100 quarter peals this year.

The 40th wedding anniversary of Paul and Wendy Myers was celebrated.

Rosemary Lailey of Burghclere rang her first quarter.

Sadness was expressed at the deaths of Jean Blacklaws of Clatford and Eric Woo lgrove.

Several tower outings took place with ringers from other towers joining in.


A relatively quiet year with subscriptions slightly down.

The accounts were explained and details given of how the monies are distributed. Total income£1008.90 Expenditure £977.44, £702.90 left in bank.

Ros thanked Carol Waller for her work as independent examiner.

The accounts were adopted and signed.

Guild Executive

Barbara reported that all the ringing that had taken place in the Districts had been recorded and been sent to the Queen.  A copy is now held in the Guild library.

There will be no Guild Dinner held this year.

Brian Oakes and Chris Caryer will continue to attend the District Offivers Forum meetings.

The Guild AGM 2013 will be held in the Channel Islands 3rd – 7th July.  Details of the events and accommodation have been distributed in the newsletter.

Guild Striking Competition – Peter will try to put composite teams together if can’t get enough District teams. Let Peter know if interested.


      6.  Election of District Secretary

Unfortunately no nominations were received.


      7.  Election of Independent Examiner

Carol Waller very kindly agreed to continue.

Proposed by Barbara and seconded by Christine Knights-Whittome.

Election of New Members

Probationary Members

Nick Wright, Valerie Wright – Clatford

Carol Gray, Helen Gray – Abbotts Ann

Matthew Richardson – Over Wallop

Jenny Toyne Sewell – Nether Wallop

Alan Hiscock –

Probationary to Full Members

Michael Morris, Sharon Morris, Jess Bennett, David Bennett – Kingsclere

           John Simpson – Ecchinswell

           Chris Strong, Rebecca Butler, Sam Longton, Dodie Marsden – St   

            Mary Bourne



Proposed Christine Knights-Whittome    Seconded by Louise Wodehouse


           On line payments still operating.

Venues and Events for 2013

A list of dates and venues including District Practices, Education Days, Striking Competitions and other Guild events was distributed.

Christine Knights-Whittome announced she would be sending out details of the Education Days following a meeting tomorrow.

The Striking Competition would require an organiser to come forward if it was to take place this year.

Gill Gardner asked whether it would be possible to re-run the Ramble planned for last year.  After some discussion Chris Caryer kindly agreed and suggested Saturday 13th April as the best date available (details to be put out in the newsletter).  The Ramble will take place depending on the response received.

Guild Officer’s Report

Mike Hopkins-Till reported that David Strong sent his apologies and greetings hoping the District would have a good meeting.

The points Mike was to cover had already been dealt with.


Chris Caryer asked about the future of Guild Striking Competitions. 

These will continue in the same way.  Mike has passed on the role of convener.

Peter Niblett is now a member of the Striking Committee.  Trophies are to be repaired.

Louise Wodehouse praised the work of the Education Committee saying how helpful she had found events she had attended.  Many were in agreement.

Roger Thomas reported that St. Mary Bourne was to become a gallery ring during the coming year.

Peter Niblett, District Ringing Master, voiced the fact that there was a bit of a SW/NE divide in the District.  He encouraged ringers to attend as many different towers as possible.  Also the Cathedral practice in August would benefit from as many as possible attending.

He thanked Simon for his help and support at District practices.

Barbara invited any ringers who would like to attend Andover’s monthly practices –  every 2nd Tuesday 7.45 for 8.00pm.

Meeting closed at 6.35pm

Signed____________________________ Date________________