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How to Get the Best from Social Media

How to Get the Best from Social Media

“We get the best out of it by sharing stories, gathering information, asking for advice, giving advice, looking for individuals to talk to, pointing to our websites, advertising our Events …

Making people feel as though they have a real connection”

Social Media feels ethereal and intangible to folks who don’t use it, however it is an enormous engine driving business, shifting goods both solid for e.g. Ebay and Amazon and invisible for e.g. money and shares by pointing to companies websites, Apps and advertising campaigns.

Social Media, also helps small businesses, Charities and Interest Groups ,of which we are one, by giving us a presence to a far reaching audience for free, Gratis. On Twitter we talk to Australia, New Zealand, America and all over the UK. Our recent ‘Firsts Fortnight ‘ Initiative was known all over and has inspired other Guilds to try it out and there has even been whispers of making it a national event. This is one of the best ways of using Social Media and would be of huge use to our community by promoting Bellringing, giving us a focus for events and driving news content to the Media and our own websites.

Our Social Media consists of Facebook and Twitter and that is quite enough for the average age of our members.

How we make use of Social Media is by connecting to all our friends in the Bell-ringing world by ‘liking’ and ‘following’ them.

Then we get the best out of it by sharing stories, gathering information, asking for advice, giving advice, looking for individuals to talk to, pointing to our websites, advertising our Events and making people feel as though they have a real connection with the hierarchy which makes them feel involved which in turn creates loyalty.   The ‘Shang ri la’ of all groups, bodies and organisations.

It’s a sort of multi coloured, multi sense engaging email that can whip up support for your event. Twitter can hook you directly into your local radio stations and  local /regional TV and newspapers.

And it’s free!

Our Guild’s Facebook Group is a safe closed environment for information, discussions and comment watched over by the admin team. The rules of be nice and think twice before you post are well observed and a credit to us and that is how you always get the best out of Social Media.

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Using The Guild Website to Strengthen Your Band

Using The Guild Website to Strengthen Your Band

The key audience for the website is members of our Guild. Historically, the Guild’s website has been a good source of up to date and accurate information about our Towers, Contacts, and District and Guild Events, and carefully integrated with Dove Online.

The new Guild website still delivers this objective, however it has the potential to do more than that because it has at its core a powerful and flexible news management system. It gives you the opportunity to post your tower’s news and events, photos and videos, invitations, achievements and plans. The website is suitable for…

1. Communicating with Ringers

Imagine if all the people who might potentially ring with you in your tower, had easy access to your tower notice board. What would they see? Reminders of important dates? The occasional cancellation? Recent peals and quarters? Blue lines for your current methods? Phone Number of the Tower Secretary?

You probably already use email or word of mouth to get this news out to your usual crowd, but by also emailing your news to for inclusion on the website, you can reach any visitors who might be planning to ring with you, plus all the other towers in your District…

It’s a small effort to email news in, but might one extra skilled visitor at your practice night make a big difference? And don’t you worry about visitors who might turn up to an empty churchyard, when you cancel a practice?

2. Communicating with your Congregation

You probably have a poster on the main church notice board, and write about ringing sometimes for your Parish Magazine.

Many of the readers, especially younger ones, will automatically go online if they want to know more about you. If you have your own tower website, you probably quote a link to it in all your wider communications. If not, why not quote your tower’s address on Your readers will find all your news, pictures (and perhaps videos) there, all the information they need to contact you, all of which informs them and enables them to form an accurate mental picture of “their” band. No more mental pictures of flying monks! Replace that fantasy with reality! 

One church member who recently looked at a Tower’s  page ended up spending an hour browsing through other pages on the site.

Your tower’s web address is very succinct.    



3. Communicating with Potential Recruits

When you make the effort to find recruits, you want them to get a clear picture of bell ringing and what they might experience if they become a bell ringer at your tower. The elusive “young recruit” in particular, is probably a sophisticated user of websites, You tube and social networking. The website is designed to support recruitment in several ways:

  • Easy to use from smartphones, tablets, laptops, computers & even smart televisions
  • Easy to navigate (all 1300+ pages of it), with context aware menus , cross referencing and powerful searches
  • Thoughtful use of colour, videos, photos, and logos to shake off our “boring” image
  • Closely integrated with Facebook and Twitter
  • Designed to be Search Engine Friendly
  • A dedicated “Learn to Ring” section with reference to EVERY TOWER that we are aware is currently recruiting and/or training new ringers.
  • A short address for your tower page that you can include in press releases and posters, plus:
  • Extremely flexible design means you can have as many tower pages as you wish, enabling you to target a page particularly at non-ringers, and quote THAT page address on your printed literature and press releases.

One of our recent recruits came forward after seeing a website news item about a new Saturday class starting up.

4. Building Personal Ringing Skills

Sooner or later, most ambitious ringers need to spread their wings and ring away from home. Some bands are experiencing difficult times and unable to scaffold their learners beyond the basics, while others are regularly practicing advanced methods and able to help visitors to learn. To save you randomly visiting all your local practice nights to find what you need, the website gathers together practice night reports, invitations to Guild training courses, and information about residential courses. You can look at these by District or by method type – for example, visit the page, or use the “Search” button and look for the method YOU are currently working on…. To join in the support of ambitious ringers, why not:

Post short news items about your recent successful practice, including what was rung. This will enable local ringers to find you! Don’t be put off if your ringing is basic – a recent survey in C&S District found that 50% of ringers say they are still working on basics (defined as up to “learning my second method”) and some of those are VERY keen to visit other towers!

If you have a “method of the month”, let people know in a news item. Good ideas are catching – nearby towers may start to learn it too!

When you enjoy visiting another tower, write a short news item about it.

Visit and you may be surprised by how many invitations are posted there at any one time.

Visit the website

Email your news to