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WP Guild Peal Festival – June 2016

Peals offer us a great opportunity to try a different method, ring in a different tower maybe, stretch our own ringing ability a little and have some really good time with our friends. Please consider ringing a peal or two for our Guild Festival.

Edd Colliss our Peal recorder said:


“190 peals rung for the Guild during 2014 which is a significant increase on 2013 and the highest total for at least 18 years”.

“There were 229 peals rung for the Guild during 2015…the highest total since 1981.This is a magnificent achievement for the Guild and one which I hope we can maintain,”

It was laudable that so many ringers scored their first peal during the Central Council’s FirstPeal2015 initiative. Well done “W and P” members!!

HMQ90There are number of occasions in June where a peal would be ideal. …the Queen’s 90th birthday celebrations, the Duke of Edinburgh’s 95th birthday and BBC Music Day.

I’d encourage as many members as possible to participate in the Peal Festival and that they will take this opportunity to advance their own ringing. Hopefully 2016 will see even more First Pealers.”

BBC Music Day 3rd June 2016

From first pull to first peal. (Ramblings of a mature ringer!) by Roland Bristow

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 19.58.12“Come bell ringing. You might enjoy it”, said my friend Paul Sims. It wasn’t the first time I had heard it and I knew it wouldn’t be the last if I didn’t do something about it. So it was on August 13th 2013 that I found myself climbing up the stone staircase to the ringing chamber of St Mary’s church in Great Bedwyn. At the top of the stairs, I was confronted by the smallest doorway I have ever seen. As I bent down to get through, I was reminded of something similar from Alice in Wonderland.

Paul introduced me to Dave Haynes the tower captain who took me up to see the bells and explained some simple rules that I should follow i.e. both feet on the floor and don’t touch anything unless I am told to. Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 20.00.44The ringers then took hold and started ringing. To be honest I still couldn’t see what all the fuss was about – but that was about to change. “Right your turn.” I was told. “Tail stroke first.” I am not sure if it was then or a few pulls later that I knew that bell ringing was for me. I was hooked.

They said I made rapid progress for someone my age (59), and within a few weeks, I was just about capable of ringing on my own. Then I read in my parish magazine that they were looking for learners at my local church. So off I went to Shalbourne and it was there that I meet Mike Holt who is tower captain at Collingbourne Ducis and Collingbourne Kingston.

collingbourne kingston
Collingbourne Kingston

He gave me lots of encouragement and nipped a few handling faults I had already acquired in the bud. So from never ringing, I was ringing 3 times a week and making steady progress.

Winchester Cathedral Photograph by Colin Cook
Winchester Cathedral Photograph by Colin Cook

6 months had gone by and I made the decision to start visiting other towers in my area to gain more experience of ringing different bells. It was on one of my outings, I ended up at Kintbury and here I meet Mike and Lucy Hopkins-Till. Mike is joint ringing master at Winchester Cathedral and Lucy has been ringing since she was 8. If asked, she is adamant it has only been 20 years, but I have my suspicions!
With their help I made good progress and rang my first quarter peal on August 5th 2014. I was very nervous and by the end I was minus several layers of skin on my hands, but it was worth it and as Mike said, the pain doesn’t last forever. I was then forced to take a couple of breaks from ringing due to surgery on both my hands for carpal tunnel problems. Even though I couldn’t ring, I still studied at home and went to practice nights, as I found that I can learn a lot from just watching others ring.

Develop your skills

2015 saw me ring 2 more quarters (no blisters!) and I happened to mention to Mike that I had read that they were looking to get 300 new peal ringers. I said I would like to give it a try and he saw no problems with me attempting it.

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 20.17.34The beginning of December came and Mike spoke to me and said the peal was on, only the date and time was to be arranged. I wasn’t sure of my feelings at that moment, they were somewhere between cloud nine and Dante’s inferno.

31st December peal day

I arrived at St Mary’s church, Speen at 9.40. The others arrived at just before 10:00. I already knew Helen Piper and Gill Gardner, having rung with them before. Mike and Lucy were on time, and we made our way up to the tower. We were then joined shortly after by Bruce Purvis. I popped a boiled sweet in to my mouth. This is something I had done before while ringing a quarter peal as it stopped me getting thirsty. I mentioned to my friend Paul that the sweet had lasted the full 45 minutes. His reply was that next time I should try taking off the wrapper!

Last thing to do was to take off my watch. Nothing worse than clock watching. We did a few rounds to adjust our rope lengths and then stood. Mike checked we were all ok to go, then we were off. All seemed to be going well until after about 15 minutes there was a hic-cup and we were called to a halt. Undeterred we set off again.

FirstPeal2015 Roland BristowI soon got into a good rhythm 123456 654321 123456 654321…… I was getting the hang of this Bob Minor. I was feeling good about it. Of course having no watch, I had no idea of how long we had been ringing. Then Mike called “3 extents to go”, so I realised that we were over half way and I still had a good portion of sweet left! The time seemed to have flown by. I started to feel a little weary and once or twice my handling left a lot to be desired, but then out of the blue Mike called “This is all.” He then called “Stand” and everybody tied their ropes and walked off. I would have done the same, but for the life of me I couldn’t get anything below my waist to move! My legs were locked solid! Only temporary of course (or I would still be there!) and it gave the others a laugh. Next time I must remember to move every so often.

I had done it! I had rung a full peal. 3 hours and 5 minutes and not a blister in sight! Looking back I still can’t help feeling amazed at what I had achieved.
My thanks go to those that were there that day and for all the nods and winks I received that helped me get to the end.

FirstPeal2015 reflections

Develop your skills

This week’s Ringing World leads with a comprehensive report on FirstPeal2015 – the target smashed, a last minute rush of First Pealers, and our Guild coming out with a respectable total.

2015 was surely the year where Peal Ringing became Cool, there were more First Pealers than in any year since 1991.

My hope is that the project will make a lasting difference to our community. We have realised that it IS worth ringing a peal of Plain Bob Minor, because the experience of Peal Ringing can benefit the participants. You can’t overpull for 3 hours, the method becomes engrained in your memory… your confidence as a ringer improves, and never again will a Quarter Peal feel Long!!!!

We all strive for good striking, fewer mistakes, and a better overall sound from our bells. Peal Ringing really seems to help.

Firsts Fortnight 1st - 15th March 2016Keep the First Pealers coming through in 2016, especially in Firsts Fortnight (March 1st-15th). Congratualtions Janice Firth, First First Pealer of 2016 in the Guild!




First Peal Congratulations to Roland Bristow

Bruce Purvis Reports:

Develop your skills

Roland has been ringing at Highclere for about three years, scored his first quarter in August 2014, and only 2 more quarters before scoring his first Peal on New Year’s Eve.  He is a gentleman of mature years, so his attainment is the more remarkable. He will be elected a full member at the next QDM of the Andover District.  He is the 29th and final Guild Member to score a “FisrtPeal2015” marking the tercentenary year of the first recorded peal.

Winchester & Portsmouth Diocesan Guild
Speen, Berkshire
St Mary
Thursday, 31 December 2015 in 3:05 (12–2–12 in G)
5040 Plain Bob Minor
Roland Bristow
Gillian M Gardner
Helen J Piper
Bruce S Purvis
Lucy PA Hopkins Till
Michael K Hopkins Till (C)
First Peal – 1. First of minor – 2 & 4.
60th birthday compliment to Ian Purvis, cousin of Bruce

BBC Radio Norfolk Programme – “How Norwich taught the world to ring”

Viv Nobbs Reports: Happy New Year everyone!

So “What gives ringers the buzz?”!!!

This program will be a great piece of listening, I’m sure (starts about 3 minutes in) and offers quite an insight to the”First Recorded Peal” – in Norwich.I’m enjoying listening to the start of the article now with my second cup of tea of the day…I’ll get time later to listen to it all later on but, so far, I’m liking the way the radio presentation’s going. It illustrates many aspects of our ringing experience – including the fun and excitement to be had – and actually helps us to see on how to present the world of ringing to would-be recruits perhaps?

A good piece of background material to the First Peal 2015 initiative that has been so successful. We can continue to build on it!

Congratulations Darren Westmore – FirstPeal2015 (Shorwell, Isle of Wight)

Winchester & Portsmouth Diocesan Guild
Shorwell, Isle of Wight
St Peter
Sunday, 20 December 2015 in 2hrs 33mins (9–0–5 in G)
5040 Doubles (7m/V)
6 extents each of St Osmund, St Nicholas, St Simon, April Day, Plain Bob, Reverse St Bartholomew, Grandsire
Toby Arkless
Graham A Nobbs
Kieran Downer (C)
Revd Barry M Downer
Stephen P Noyes
Darren Westmore
First peal – 6
Circled the tower – 1

Congratulations Donald Hughes – First Peal

The band, Donald is on the right.

Helen McGregor reports from Alderney:

In addition to our spectacular peal of Bob Triples last Tuesday the Alderney band are equally proud of Donald Hughes.Athough rung in Scotland for ODG this was set up for Donald to ring a peal in 2015. Donald is a stalwart of the Alderney band, tower sec, liaises with vicar, organises the cleaning rota, masterminded the augmentation – you name it he does it:-)

Oxford Diocesan Guild
Tulloch, Highland
The Last Tower
Friday, 30 October 2015 in 2h 43m (1–1–15 in A)
5040 Plain Bob Triples
Composed by Roger Bailey
Matthew S Turner
Daniel J Page
E John Wells
Paul J Wells
Duncan R Loweth
Helen M McGregor
Stephen A Rossiter (C)
Donald Hughes
First Peal, 8

Following the success of Firstpeal2015, What next? CCCBR PR Committee member Matthew Sorell currently consulting


Matthew Sorell is a member of the CCCBR Public Relations Committee, which was behind the FirstPeal2015 project this year. He posted on Bellringers* this morning asking for feedback on an idea for 2016.

*Bellringers is a 2500+ strong international Facebook group which welcomes new ringers. This item is reproduced with Matthew’s permission – the normal protocol for the group is “if you want to read the stuff, join the group!”

Matthew writes:

351. The first first-pealer today will take us to the best tally since 1993 (381).

Based on comments here and elsewhere, and discussions with some interested ringers, we could consider the following goals for 2016:
1. 400 first pealers (8/week), with a stretch goal of 500 (10/week). We have been hitting 10/week for nearly 3 months now.
2. 50 first peal conductors (1/week)

and there seems to be some support to monitor and recognise:
1. first quarters (and as conductor) – and notably early quarters (such as first 5)
2. first (and early) service ringing
3. early peals (such as first 5)

While there are some records for these, they are not necessarily reliable so we really don’t have longitudinal data to compare. This means there isn’t really much basis from which to set target figures. However, if we could find a mechanism to keep a fairly reliable tally, we have something to go on for 2017.

The recognition of ringing “angels” for peals, quarters and service ringing – that is ringers of any experience who support new ringers by being part of the band, has been proposed by MarquisRFS extending the idea of “peal angels” recognised by Andrew Craddock’s pealbase. What I like about this idea is that it raises awareness of what all of us can do to support ringers as they join the Sunday service band and ring early quarters and peals. What do people think of this idea?


Replies typed below will be displayed on the website and copied back to Matthew. RM

Channel Islands Storm into the lead with 14 days to go


Thanks to Tony Smith for creating this league Table of how many FirstPeal2015 ringers each District has scored – outstanding work, all those who have contributed to this massive effort! And what is it about Island Life? These totals are very interesting when you compare the sizes of the Districts!

Channel Islands District


Alton and Petersfield District


Basingstoke District


Christchurch and Southampton


Portsmouth District


Isle Of Wight District


Andover District


Winchester District


Congratulations to Three First Pealers at Upton Grey – Rebecca Webb, Steve Lutener and Richard Webb

Upton Grey Photograph by David Forder
Upton Grey Photograph by David Forder
Roy LeMarechal writes:
The peal was arranged by Michael Church. The ringers are all from St Michael’s Basingstoke. Michael arranged the peal as he and the first pealers were keen to get in on “FirstPeal2015“.

The Initial plan was to ring Plain Bob Minor but Rebecca was keen to ring her first peal with her husband Richard who could only reliably cover, hence Doubles. After a nervous start she was fine. Likewise Steve Lutener who was just about rock solid after the first few extents. Rebecca is already enthusiastic about another peal and I have said I would be happy to ring something with her in the new year.

Winchester & Portsmouth Diocesan Guild

Upton Grey, Hampshire
St Mary
Sunday, 13 December 2015 in 2:46 (9–0–4 in A)
5040 Doubles
2m: 25 extents of Grandsire and 17 of Plain Bob.
Michael J Church
Roy LeMarechal (C)
Rebecca Webb
Steve Lutener
Graham J Wright
Richard D Webb
First peal – 3, 4, 6. Circled tower to peals – 2.
Rung for Christmas and as a farewell to Revd Peter Dyson after 11 years of ministry in Upton Grey.

Congratulations on your First Peal Olivia Palmer (Guernsey)

Guernsey First Peal Band Dec 17th 2015
Winchester & Portsmouth Diocesan Guild
Guernsey, CI
Thursday, 17 December 2015 in 2hrs 46min
5040 Plain Bob Minor
Olivia Palmer
Helen M McGregor
Sue Park
Jane Le Conte
Duncan Loweth (C)
Paul Lawrence
First peal – 1

FirstPeal2015 Update – Angels and Targets

The target was 300…

A new list has appeared – this time, of who the FirstPeal2015 “Angels” are. The top Angel is Simon Edwards, who has rung with no fewer than 14 people in their First Peal, at least 4 of those being scored for Winchester and Portsmouth Guild.

Second Equal is Angie Jasper (with 9). Angie is based in East Dorset branch (SDGR) but at least 2 of these were scored on our turf!

Click to see the full list created by Andrew Craddock.

First Ever Local Band Rings a Peal on Alderney – 3 Firstpeal2015!

The Peal Band

Tuesday December the 15th was the 70th anniversary of Homecoming on Alderney. During WWII Alderney was evacuated and was occupied by the Germans. On 15th December 1945 some of the residents returned, and began to rebuild the island. [watch news item about Homecoming]

It has always been a day of celebration on Alderney, and to mark the 70th anniversary with a peal has always my intention. It became even more pleasing to be able to ring the first ever local band peal, together with 3 first pealers and one first tower bell peal, during the year of the first pealers!! It was a well executed peal, a little slow with very few errors.

Stephen A Rossiter

Winchester & Portsmouth Diocesan Guild
Alderney, Alderney
St Anne
Tuesday, 15 December 2015 in 3hrs 15mins (13–1–0 in F♯)
5040 Plain Bob Triples
Pamela E Pearson
Aileen Wilson
Philippa A Arditti
Heather Winder
Helen M McGregor
Peter J R Bevis
Stephen A Rossiter (C)
Victoria McAllister
1st Peal: 1,4,8. 1st Peal in tower: 2
First peal by an Alderney local band
To celebrate the 70th anniversary of Homecoming on Alderney


Congratulations Charlotte Dollery – FirstPeal2015 on the Isle of Wight Aug 22nd

Rather belated congratulations to Charlotte who contributed to the Winchester and Portsmouth FirstPeal2015 efforts back in August. When’s the Second Peal then Charlotte?

From Bellboard

Winchester & Portsmouth Diocesan Guild
Newchurch, Isle of Wight
All Saints
Saturday, 22 August 2015 in 2hrs 35mins (7–0–19 in B♭)
5040 Doubles (7m/V/p)
720 each of Stedman, St Simon’s, St Martin’s, Reverse Canterbury, April Day, Plain Bob and Grandsire
June M Mitchell
Rodney D Downer
Graham A Nobbs
Revd Barry M Downer
 5 Kieran Downer (C)
6 Chalotte Dollery
First peal – 6
Good luck to 6 as she leaves for Winchester University 🙂

FirstPeal2015 Target Exceeded with a Month Still To Go

Salisbury Guild have  contributed the 300th First Pealer in fine style – the 4 first pealers in the band at Wylye became numbers 300, 301, 302 and 303 in this year’s list of First Pealers on Pealbase . The CCCBR Public Relations Committee first dreamed up the initiativre as a way of marking the 300th Anniversary of the First Recorded Peal, and of encouraging people to take the plunge into Peal Ringing who might not otherwise have done so. The oldest First Pealer in this band was 74 – no excuses then? What will be the total be by the end of 2015?

Pictures and information from Ringing World Bellboard

Salisbury Diocesan Guild
Wylye, Wiltshire
St Mary the Virgin
Saturday, 28 November 2015 in 2hrs 59mins (9–3–16 in F♯)
5040 Doubles
Being 3600 Grandsire and 1440 Plain Bob
1 Joanne Barter
2 Andrew J Howes
3 Patricia A Hoy
4 Nick Claypoole
5 Robert J Purnell (C)
6 Daniel Barter
First Peal for 1,3,4,&6

For the 300th anniversary of the first true peal ever rung and as a 70th Birthday compliment to Roy Mills
A get well soon to Malcolm Penny who was to have rung in this peal
To celebrate thirty years of ringing at Wylye for Jo Barter
Congratulations also to Nick Claypoole on ringing his first peal at the age of 74. June Howes would like to be associated with this peal

Congratulations Andrea Falk – FirstPeal2015 – And Angela M Athawes – 300th Peal

Andrea Falk FirstPeal2015 bandDistances are no barrier to Andrea Falk – despite living in Canada, she is a fairly regular visitor to Winchester and Portsmouth Guild for practices and Quarter Peals, as she doggedly adds to her method ringing skills.

So I am delighted to report that she has scored her First Peal with us.

Angela Athawes scored her 300th peal on the same occasion – congratulations!

Winchester & Portsmouth Diocesan Guild

Wolverton, Hampshire
St Catherine
Tuesday, 24 November 2015 in 2h 38 (8–2–23 in A♭)
5040 Plain Bob Minor
7 extents
1 Andrea M Falk
Peter J Rowe
Benjamin D Constant
Angela M Athawes
Ian J Rees
Adam S Greenley (C)
First peal: 1.
300th peal: 4.

Brilliant FirstPeal2015 achievement by the Southampton University Guild!

SUGCR Peal Band 22 Nov 2015

Daniel Graham reports from Southampton:

Huge well done to Jon, Clare and Peter on ringing their first peal today! Excellent work, another fantastic achievement for SUGCR!

Southampton University Guild

Southampton, Hampshire
Sunday, 22 November 2015 in 2h36 (3–1–0 in E♭)
5040 Plain Bob Minor
Seven different extents
Kristian D Scudamore
Peter Dillistone
Clare M Merivale
Jonathan C Mills
Oliver B Chaloner
Philip D Moyse (C)
First peal for 10 years, and first without a stay: 5

That makes 8 firsts for the SUGCR this year!! (Philip Moyse)

Peal information taken from Bellboard


A sneak preview of Guild Events in 2016

Viv Nobbs shared this at the Guild Exec Meeting on Nov 1st 2015

2016 “Firsts Fortnight” for the Guild. 1st March – 15th March 2016.

Please ask your District to consider choosing appropriate categories e.g. first quarter peal, first visit to another tower, first touch called. This gives a specific aim for a ringer and offers the District and Guild an opportunity to recognise individual achievements. The results can be posted on the website, of course.

2016 Guild Peal Festival. June 2016.

A natural follow on to the FirstPeal2015 initiative that is going so well. There is a good deal happening that month, so we’re anticipating a variety of footnotes! Let’s see if we can see a significant increase in “W & P” peals next year!

Young Ringers’ Events

South East Region Young Ringers Striking Contest.

We’ve been invited by The Guildford Diocesan Guild Young Ringers to enter a team on Saturday 2nd April at Epsom. Details to follow. We will be discussing with a number of ringers who are actively helping young ringers’ groups already with a view to a team entering from our Guild. We have registered an interest.

Joint Venture with SDGR

We’ve been asked by The Salisbury Guild to consider a jointly organised ringing and social event, possibly in the summertime of 2016. Again this will be considered and discussed – more details will be made available, as soon as possible.

Inter-tower 6 and 8 bell striking contests 21st May A.M.

We need active help if these contests are to survive and thrive. We are sure there are many benefits to be had apart from the competition element. The building of teams  can be motivating and great fun, encourages team spirit and can help with retention of ringers. We will endeavour to work with a District and hope to make a good day out for ringers

A.G.M Ringing Day 2nd July 2016

Hosted by the Winchester District, the day will include the Inter-District 8 bell striking contest. Again, efforts are being made to make the day enjoyable and arrangements are being made now.

It will be based at New Arlesford (using Cheriton, Titchbourne, Easton as well in the Itchen Valley) to have a range of towers within easy reach. These are mostly 6 bell towers.

  • ringing
  • striking competition
  • lunch
  • service
  • AGM
  • tea

Master’s Message October 2015

queens birthdayDear All,

I hope you’ve all had a good summer break and are now settled back into enjoying your regular ringing once again.

There are many special occasions that we celebrate with our ringing and we’ve just seen H.M. Queen Elizabeth become our country’s longest reigning monarch. A good deal of ringing took place and it was an excellent opportunity to engage with our church congregations and communities.

high-quality-firstpeal2015-001An event from which ringing might well benefit from publicity is the First Peal 2015 initiative. Quite a challenge – aiming for 300 first pealers in a year – but well worth the effort. It’s good to have a target – it helps us focus on achievement. Not only that but, just as in striking contest mode, we can get a great deal of positive teamwork and fun out of the journey towards attaining a particular goal and a great sense of satisfaction when we get there.

The W & P has been helping to reach this particular goal – within our Guild area to date, we have had 14 (including one compounding member)   “2015 First Pealers”. There was also a peal by the Southampton University Guild with five first pealers  and a handbell peal for the “Page 3 Society” on Alderney with one first pealer. I’m keen to encourage more. Please get in touch with me, if you feel we could assist in any way.

guild action plan logoAt the A.G.M. in July, the Action Plan was accepted; thank you. This plan (a summary and full plan are displayed on the Guild website) is very much a work in progress document. We have pledged Guild funds in a genuine attempt to help support Districts and their officers when resources are generally stretched.  Please consider taking a look at a few sections that might well benefit you or members in your tower or District. One example is funding for one district initiative each year up to £500 to improve the accessibility of, or the provision of some sort of training scheme. More details on how to apply will be given at the Executive Committee meeting on 21st November.

We are pleased to advise that we have had a few more volunteers to serve as committee members since the A.G.M. – ideal as there is plenty for us all to do. So, welcome additions to the committees have been: on Belfry Stewardship -Mark Warner,  Lexi Skeldon and Kieran Downer and on Communications –
Rosalind Martin.

The Belfry Stewardship Committee has held its first meeting – a good deal was achieved and there is much enthusiasm evident there.

The new Communications Committee is busy building the new website and in the process of helping to plan for the development of an electronic database.

The Education Committee members continue to work hard in providing their splendid courses. The committee meetings are now using modern technology enabling Duncan in Guernsey to attend without travelling out of his front room!

We were sorry that the Inter-District 10-bell Striking Contest had to be cancelled. The new committee and the Principal Officers will be working hard to ensure that participation in future contests is encouraged and that plans are made well in advance to ensure that members have plenty of opportunity to reserve the date(s) and to get their practices well underway.

The Ringing World National Youth Contest power point presentation by Linda Garton in Bishopstoke was excellent. We are very grateful to Linda and her husband, John Loveless, for giving up their whole day to support our efforts in this way. We are hoping to receive the presentation slides from Linda so that we might be able to pass on the great information to those that were unable to get to meet her on the day.

RW Calendar 2016 iconDon’t forget Christmas! You might well have seen by now the 2016 Ringing World Calendars featuring W & P towers – some great photos. They’ll make great presents – see if we can get them sold out!

Happy Ringing!

Viv Nobbs


Congratulations Graham Hounslow and Mike Martin – First Peals 5th June 2015

Rosalind Martin, Tim Martin, Colin Butler, Mike Martin, Simon Edwards (C), Graham Hounsleow
Rosalind Martin, Tim Martin, Colin Butler, Mike Martin, Simon Edwards (C), Graham Hounsleow

Graham (Fawley) and Mike (until recently also a Fawley ringer) both scored their first peal at the first attempt on Friday 5th June at Fawley. The target across the whole ringing community is for 300 First Pealers to be successful during 2015, to mark the 300th anniversary of the first recorded peal. Peals in C&S District have contributed 9 people towards this total so far, and anyone else wanting to ring a first peal is invited to contact Colin Butler,  District Ringing Master.

A video of some of the ringing has been posted on the District Facebook Group.

Many thanks once again to Simon Edwards who came down from Swindon to conduct the peal.

Screen Shot 2015-06-06 at 09.00.26Congratulations are also in order for Daniel Scott (Sacred Heart) who scored his first quarter peal of Surprise Major the previous day, also conducted by Simon Edwards.

A Weekend of Firsts in The Christchurch and Southampton District (Feb 2015)

The last weekend of February saw a busy weekend of ringing at the Western end of the Christchurch and Southampton District including several important firsts.

quarter peal at Hinton Admiral
Simon, Tim, Rosalind, Dan, Graham

The weekend began with a pleasant quarter peal of Grandsire Doubles on the recently rehung five at Hinton Admiral on Friday evening. This was a first of Grandsire Doubles for Daniel Scott and only his third quarter peal. It also gave Tim Martin the chance to ring his second quarter at Hinton after his first ever quarter there 36 years ago.

firstpeal2015-band-at-the-priory Feb 2015
Simon, Tim, Rosalind, Dan, Graham

Saturday morning saw four of the same band heading to Christchurch Priory for a peal attempt. A well struck peal of Minor in three methods was achieved in 2h 53m. The band contained two first Pealers, Rosalind Martin and Daniel Scott at their first attempt and was also the first inside for Jack Pease and to mark his 16th Birthday. Apart from the conductor, Simon Edwards from Swindon, all the band were either members of the Priory band or regulars at the Priory practice night so a good local effort.

Simon, Tim, Rosalind, Dan, Graham

After a lengthy lunch break three of the band headed out into the New Forest to the recently augmented 6 at Minstead where a well struck quarter of Grandsire Minor contained three firsts of that method inside plus a first of minor.

Used by permission from the church

After service ringing on Sunday Morning at Christchurch Priory and Sacred Heart Bournemouth a quarter peal of Stedman Triples was rung on the fine Taylor octave at St Peter’s Bournemouth being the first of Stedman for Rosalind Martin.

priory sunset
Christchurch Priory

Finally, another quarter peal of Grandsire Doubles was scored back at the Priory for evensong to enable another of the local band, Aila Peacock to ring her first Grandsire inside.

Thanks must go to Simon Edwards for helping us by conducting most of the ringing and for converting that “must do it sometime” plan into a definite reality. The list of achievements is as follows:

First peal

  • Rosalind Martin – Christchurch Priory
  • Daniel Scott – Sacred Heart Bournemouth

First Peal inside.

  • Jack Pease – Hampreston

First Grandsire Doubles

  • Aila Peacock – Christchurch Priory
  • Daniel Scott- Sacred Heart Bournemouth

First Minor

  • Graham Hounslow – Fawley

First Grandsire Minor

  • Rosalind Martin
  • Oliver Chaloner – Southampton City
  • Polly Osborne – Minstead

First Stedman

  • Rosalind Martin

It was also the first time that the Middle six at the Priory have been rung to a peal.

Tim Martin