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Bellringing at Christchurch Priory – alterations to normal schedule up to April 18th

Hello Everyone
Just to keep you up to date for the next few weeks
District Quarter Peal Fortnight  10th ~ 25th March
Sunday, 18th March  There will be a Quarter Peal Attempt at 4.45 pm followed by normal Sunday Evening Ringing
Sunday, 25th March   There will be a Quarter Peal Attempt at 5.30 pm   NO NORMAL SUNDAY EVENING RINGING
Monday 26th March  HOLY WEEK   No Practice
Sunday, 1st April,  EASTER SUNDAY
 Ringing   7.30 am ~ 8.00 am
Ringing   8.45 am ~ 9.30 am
Ringing  11.00 am ~ 11.30 am
Ringing    5.45 pm~6.30 pm
Monday, 2nd April   BANK HOLIDAY  No Practice
Sunday 8th April
Additional to normal Sunday Ringing
We have been asked to ring for 11.30 am Service for the 100th Anniversay of the RAF
Ringing 11.00 am ~ 11.30 am