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I was appointed to this post in July 2016. Various positive actions have been achieved, built on the good working relationships that had been forged in a number of areas during my three years term of office as Master. In particular, we were able to develop some meaningful contacts as a direct result of Brighstone ringers having won an A.R.T award and our Guild having hosted the Central Council Annual Conference in May 2016.

The majority of my focus in the six months was on The Isle of Wight (my own District) and in the Portsmouth area. Local media in both Districts were keen to consider “Copy” from us. Pompey Chimes, the Portsmouth Diocesan newspaper, is supportive of ringing generally and asked to be advised of any item of potential interest. It was pleased to use an article, with photograph, of Archdeacon Peter’s visit to Brighstone when he attended a simulated practice; he was fascinated by the use of modern technology, enjoyed a ringing taster session and met the local band, including several lively young ringers!

The Lord Mayor of Portsmouth and The Lady Mayoress had attended the formal dinner of the Central Council in Southsea and we were able to consolidate that friendly first meeting. A group of twenty ringers were invited to take High Tea at The Lord Mayor’s Parlour. It was a delightful occasion and all enjoyed the great opportunity to meet The Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress, enjoy a splendid tea, to have a conducted tour of special rooms in the Guildhall and to share our excitement of ringing with the dignitaries. The young ringers present did a particularly good job of promoting ringing. The Lord Mayor was so impressed with their knowledge and enthusiasm that he rewarded them both by inviting them to take turns at sitting in the huge chair that he used during formal meetings in the Council Chamber! The local newspaper, The News, ran an article and photo reporting our visit.

The High Sheriff of The Isle of Wight asked ringers across the island to ring as many bells as possible for the first “Isle of Wight Day”. Island ringers obliged! Local media, including Radio Solent, reported the positive input of the bells for the special event. Radio Solent used a sound bite, courtesy of our Guild’s new MP3 recorder.

Another but much more solemn occasion attracted significant local media interest – the half-muffled peal at Carisbrooke in memory of local lad Petty Officer Patrick Dunne. Patrick had been lost when H.M.S. Hood was destroyed in WWll. The local press was particularly interested in this Remembrance Day ringing, as there was a descendant of Patrick’s who’d contacted me when I’d posted an article on Social Media about the restoration of the bell from H.M.S. Hood.

Guild members were encouraged to get involved with Heritage Open Days weekend, a national event. Several towers were open; a mixed result was evident. A success story was reported from St. Michael’s, Basingstoke. Visitors there were very keen to understand more about ringing and to learn about the history of the bells and tower. They heard about the bells, the oldest had been cast in 1558, and learned of Alice White, Basingstoke ringer famous for being the first lady to ring a peal, they viewed the church clock, were entertained to tower ringing and tried their hand at handbells.

Viv Nobbs


The website continues to develop, with most Districts having their own webmaster who post local news and photos on the site.

There is still plenty of scope for Towers to make more use of the site, especially for recruitment. People wanting to learn to ring do visit the site, and if they see that a local tower is training new people, then they DO get in touch, especially during periods when Bellringing is in the media generally. These are quite regular partly due to the tireless efforts of the Central Council Public Relations Officer.

Within the growing team, we are still doing regular online cross-training for each other to ensure that the website can operate well even when one or two people are on holiday or not available. Training notes are posted on the site to simplify this process ongoing, and all webmasters belong to a Facebook Group so that they can give and receive quick support.
Engagement with the site is largely driven by the members receiving a copy of the “weekly news” either by email or through Facebook. This is proving to be an effective way of reaching members with all the excellent events which are organised at Tower, District and Guild Level, in addition to the traditional use of posters in towers.

Whilst a significant number of people do use this facility, we are still a long way from our aim of sending a weekly news bulletin to all members. In the short term, we would like to encourage more members (especially new recruits) to join their local District mailing list or Facebook Group.

The focus of effort in the next year will be:

  • Continue to train new local webmasters
  • Encourage towers to recruit online as well as in their locality
  • Finish the ongoing work behind the scenes to standardise tower pages
  • Growth of the weekly news system

Rosalind Martin.


The Social Media aspect to the Guild is being well received with a slow trickle of interested people asking to join each month.

It endeavours to spread the good word from the website and continues to be a hub of interest in the ‘Twittersphere’

The focus of effort in the next year will be;

  • Grow the Facebook page by connecting to like minded pages.
  • Show interest in other related areas and bring it to the attention of W & P page and Group.
  • Continue to point back to our enviously regarded website as the ‘hub’ of the Guild.
  • Continue to harbour friendships with other Guilds and individuals and share knowledge to enable them in the Social Media arena.

Expenditure for the year amounted to £131.80. Monies for this come from the Central Fund

Deb Baker


There were 219 peals rung for the Guild during 2016, which is a slight fall compared to 2015; however this total is still significantly higher than any year other than 2015 since the early 1980’s. I said in my report last year that I hoped the Guild would maintain its peal ringing activity and I am pleased to say that we have achieved that. Keep it going!

I must thank Andrew Craddock for sharing the statistics generated by PealBase, allowing me to cross-check the Guild’s records. Finally I would like to thank all those conductors and organisers who submit details, compositions and fees within the one month deadline specified by the Guild rules. Please may I also remind conductors that we do require all compositions in full whether or not they have been rung for the Guild previously. I am also pleased to announce that I can now take peal fees electronically; I would request that conductors email me FIRST for a reference and the necessary account details, even if you already have them, to allow me to monitor what I have and have not received.

Tower Bell Peals

There were 142 tower bell peals rung for the Guild in 2016, 14 fewer than the previous year but comparable to 2014.  What is of greater concern is the number of ringers taking part in a tower bell peal continued the decreasing trend witha fall to 200, this is 24 fewer than 2016 and 46 fewer than 2013.

Six ringers rang their first peal in a W&P peal during 2016 and the Guild Officers would like to extend their congratulations to Will Stoddart, Martin Willson, Helen Rolf, Janice Firth, Rob Gorton and Gemma Loweth. The latter three actually achieved their first peal in a handbell peal but are included here for completeness. To add to this list Aileen Wilson also scored her first tower bell peal.

Following the First Peal 2015’ initiative it is good to see that the Guild is still introducing ringers to peal ringing and I would encourage all members to think whether you or somebody else in your tower would be interested in attempting a peal. It would be brilliant if we can increase both the numbers of new peal ringers and ringers taking part in peals in general to stem the falling trend.

Malcolm Powell heads the list of prolific peal ringers for 2016 pushing last year’s leader, Edd Colliss, into second. John Dodd and Kathryne Arkless also remain near the top with Gareth Higgs, Jim Twiney and Graham Nobbs joining the list of people to ring 40 or more peals for the Guild in 2016.

The list of prolific conductors remains largely unchanged with Edd Colliss still heading the list with Toby Arkless and Ben Carey exchanging places behind. Once again, like the total number of ringers the total number of conductors is also down 3 on 2015 to 29.

St Agatha, Portsmouth heads the list of the leading towers again with a similar number to 2015 representing over a third of the Guild’s 2016 total. It is also worth noting that no other tower rang more than 9 peals, the first time this has happened for 9 years.

The first peal on the augmented ring at All Saints Basingstoke was completed with a peal of Bristol Surprise Royal in April.

There were a number of personal footnotes during 2016 and I congratulate Paul Young on his 1200th, Martin Daniels 500th, Graham Nobbs 400th, David Mattingley 300th, Colin Butler 250th and Kieran Downer 25th.  Toby Arkless and Edd Colliss scored their 250th as Conductor. Several ringers also reached a milestone for the Guild; Malcolm Powell and Jim Hodkin 500, and Andrew Howes 100.

Roy LeMarechal passed two significant milestones during 2016, ringing his 2000th peal for the Guild with a peal of Cambridge Royal at Bishopstoke in February and his 3000th peal some three weeks later, also Cambridge Royal at Bishopstoke. Roy is only the 49th person to achieve this total.

Peals were rung by the Sunday service band of Vale, Guernsey, who rang a peal of 7 Doubles in January, and Bishopstoke, who rang a peal of Double Norwich in December. I would also like to mention the 7 members of the Catherington Sunday service band who scored a peal of 13 Spliced Surprise Major in January and it was my pleasure to ring the treble for you.

In February a peal of Yorkshire Surprise Maximus was rung at Hursley by a ladies band; this is believed to be the first twelve bell peal rung by a ladies band for the W&P.

Peals were rung in memory of Guild Member and former A&P district Chairman Andrew Barnsdale.

Several peals were rung to celebrate the 90th Birthday (both actual and official) of HM Queen Elizabeth II. Peals were also rung on the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Jutland and as part of the Bell Ringers Strike Back Against Blood Cancer campaign.

Leading Ringers
Malcolm M Powell 66
Edward P D Colliss 64
John A Dodd 56
Kathryne R Arkless 46
E C Gareth Higgs 42
Graham A Nobbs 40
James W G Twiney 40
3 ringers 36
3 ringers 30-35
2 ringers 20-29
10 ringers 19-Oct
23 ringers 9-May
64 ringers 4-Feb
88 ringers 1
Total Ringers 200
Leading Conductors
Edward P D Colliss 42
Toby Arkless 21
Benjamin J Carey 17
Roy LeMarechal 17
James W G Twiney 6
Benjamin D Constant 4
4 conductors 3
3 conductors 2
16 conductors 1
Total Conductors 29
Leading Towers
Portsmouth, St Agatha 49
Bishopstoke, 9
Awbridge 8
Holybourne 5
Portsmouth Cathedral 5
Basingstoke, All Saints 4
Winchester Cathedral 3
8 towers 2
43 towers 1
Total Towers 58
Minimus 1
Kent Block* 1
Doubles 7
12m 2
3m 2
42v 1
7m 1
4m 1
Doubles & Minor 1
6m 1
Minor 24
Plain Bob 5
Spliced TD (8m) 4
7m S 4
Spliced S (8m) 2
Cambridge S 1
Spliced S (41m) 1
Spliced S (24m) 1
Spliced S (7m) 1
7m 1
5m 1
4m 1
3m 1
2m P 1
Triples 3
Grandsire 3
Major 83
Bristol S 9
Superlative S 4
Yorkshire 4
Spliced S (8m) 3
Cambridge S 2
Double Norwich CB 2
Rutland S 2
Spliced S (23m) 2
Spliced S (19m)# 2
Spliced S (10m) 2
Baltic Wharf S# 1
Basingstoke S 1
Belfast S 1
Berkelium S# 1
Booth S# 1
Deva S 1
Devonshire S# 1
Dodd Fell D# 1
Ealing S 1
Falmouth S 1
Flerovium S# 1
Four Score S# 1
Griffin S# 1
Guernsey S 1
Hunters Bar S# 1
Jersey S 1
Jonah S# 1
Kenninghall S 1
Lessness S 1
Lincolnshire S 1
London S 1
Lye D# 1
Majestic S# 1
Muppet Show S# 1
No. 5029 Nunney Castle S# 1
No Hope D# 1
Norwich S# 1
November S 1
Once Brewed D# 1
Peterstone Wentloog S# 1
Plain B 1
Portsmouth S 1
Preston S# 1
Revolver D 1
Ruthenium S 1
Spliced S (21m)# 1
Spliced S (17m) 1
Spliced S (15m) 1
Spliced S (14m) 1
Spliced S (13m) 1
Spliced S (6m) 1
St Agatha S# 1
Tavistock S 1
Thropton S# 1
Uxbridge S 1
Wales S# 1
Watford S 1
Wedding D# 1
Winchester B 1
Xavier S# 1
Caters 4
Grandsire 3
Erin 1
Caters & Royal 1
Spliced (4m) 1
Royal 9
Cambridge S 4
Bristol S 2
Henleaze S# 1
Spliced S (2m) 1
Yorkshire S 1
Cinques 1
Grandsire 1
Maximus 7
Bristol S 2
Yorkshire S 2
Zanussi S 2
Riverhead# 1
 Spliced S (2m)
Fourteen 1
Spliced (2m)# 1

(* first peal in the method, # first for the Guild)

Handbell Peals

The strength of handbell ringing within the Guild continues with a slight increase on the 2015 total to 77, again a new record as far as I can ascertain. The numbers of ringers and conductors participating in a Guild handbell peal remained broadly similar to 2015, both being only one fewer in 2016.

Ian Redway and Frank Morton were once again the leading ringer and conductor of Guild handbell peals. Whilst the lists of prolific ringers and conductors look very similar to previous years one name appears much higher than before with Duncan Loweth conducting 14 handbell peals for the guild.

In August John Croft scored his 1000th peal in hand and also reached his 200th peal as conductor in a handbell peal. John Dodd rang his 1000th peal for Guild in a handbell peal in May. Martin Daniels and Trish Spink achieved their 250th and 50th peals in hand respectively.

Leading Ringers (Handbell Peals)
Ian Redway 41
Martin J E Daniels 35
John A Dodd 25
Frank R Morton 23
E C Gareth Higgs 22
Brian J Woodruffe 18
John S Croft 17
Patricia D Spink 17
3 ringers 14-Oct
4 ringers 9-May
9 ringers 4-Feb
10 ringers 1
Total Ringers 34


Leading Conductors (Handbell Peals)
Frank R Morton 23
Brian J Woodruffe 17
John S Croft 12
Duncan Loweth 12
Andrew G Craddock 4
E C Gareth Higgs 3
Benjamin J Carey 2
Martin J E Daniels 2
Thomas J Hinks 1
E John Wells 1
Venues (Handbell Peals)
Awbridge, The Clock House 20
Whiteparish, Anchorsholme 17
New Alresford, Jubilee 11
Guernsey, San Baronto 7
New Milton, Milton Grove 5
Micheldever, 37 Northbrook 4
Chandler’s Ford, 2 Rosemoor Grove 3
Dibden Purlieu, 30 Heatherstone Avenue 2
8 venues 1
Total Venues 16


The new committee has been “finding its feet” this year and been finding a balance with work commitments. This has sadly resulted in the resignation of Kieran Downer and Lexi Skeldon due also in part to living on the Isle of Wight.

The committee has had a couple of meetings this past year and went on a training course looking at the bells of East Tytherley, West Tytherley and Lockerley. Instruction was given by Hugh Routh and the committee is hugely grateful for his time, enthusiasm and continued support, it is much appreciated.

The committee has carried out the following tower inspections  this year:-

All Saints, Basingstoke – Augmentation to 10 with the addition of a new treble

All Saints, Houghton – Two of the old three now hung on deadstocks and set up for chiming. Installation of a new frame and a new light ring of six installed

St Andrew, Sherborne-St-John – Rebushing of four clappers and the installation of a wooden shaft to the tenor clapper.

St Stephen, Baughurst – Rebushing the clappers of the four bells in the lower frame

St Mary, Breamore – Clappers rebushed, bearings serviced and the frame repainted

St Mary & All Saints, Droxford – Inspect on general condition prior to being rung for a wedding after a time of being silent.

Income                                                                        Expenditure

Balance b/f £103.90                                            Balance c/f £103.90

Martin Barnes


In 2016, the Guild held three striking competitions. There were the Inter-tower 6 and 8 bell competitions, held on the 21st May  and the Inter district 8 bell competition, held on the 2nd July.

Inter-Tower 6 Bell Competition

This year, the Inter-Tower 6 bell was held at St. Mary’s Church Eversley, and was judged by Julian Ferrar and Julian Hemper, from Wiltshire. 5 teams entered and the whole morning was a success and a nice relaxed atmosphere and camaraderie between the teams and organisers. The results are as follows:

Placing Tower Method Time Faults Drawn
1st St. Michael, Basingstoke Plain Bob Doubles 4m7 3 ½ 3rd
2nd Eling Stedman Doubles 3m54 6 ½ 2nd
3rd Niton & Chale Grandsire Doubles 4m4 8 5th
4th Rotherwick & Odiham Grandsire Doubles 4m1 28 ½ 1st
5th Eversley Plain Bob Doubles 4m7 35 4th

Inter-Tower 8 Bell

The inter-tower 8 bell this year was held over the border in the Guildford Guild at Hawley. It was slightly disappointing to see only three teams entering, but a good contest was had nonetheless. The contest was judged by Vernon Bedford and the results are as follows:

Placing Tower Method Faults Drawn
1st Bishopstoke Grandsire Triples 17 ½ 3rd
2nd Hursley Grandsire Triples 24 ½ 2nd
3rd Catherington Grandsire Triples 31 1st

Inter-District 8 Bell Competition

This year, the Inter-Tower 8 bell was held at New Alresford, prior to the Guild AGM. Four districts entered, which was good, but much like the inter-tower competition, it would have been great to have more districts entering a team. The more the merrier! Paul and Kate Flavell were the judges and they did a professional and thorough job. Their results are as follows:

Placing District Method Score Peal Speed Drawn
1st Portsmouth Grandsire Triples 89% 3h2 3rd
2nd Winchester Cambridge Surprise Major 84% 3h8 1st
3rd Christchurch and Southampton Grandsire Triples 82% 3h7 4th
4th Andover Grandsire Triples 75% 3h2 2nd

Expenses amounted to £58 which was paid out of Central Funds

Greg Jordan


The George Williams Memorial Library is located in the ringing chamber of Winchester Cathedral and is available for readers and borrowers by appointment. The system for loans provides a standard loan period of eight weeks with a liberal renewal policy for serious research and special problems.  The only exceptions are the archive material and the Guild’s annual and triennial reports for which, because of their unique importance, loans are solely at the discretion of the librarian. A catalogue of the printed books and of the complete archive is maintained on the Guild website. Part of our collection of archive material, held at the Hampshire Record Office in Sussex Street, Winchester, is available for consultation only. The collection there has the call-number 20M94.

My buying last year concentrated on history and teaching. Under the former category fall the latest two editions of the Order and Disorder collections of press transcripts, covering the period 1800-1839, the Ringing World DVD covering 1971-2000 and the searchable edition of the complete Bell News archive, 1881-1915, and the great survey of the Towers & Bells of Devon (2007, 2 vols), and a couple of local pamphlets. I have also acquired, at no cost, a copy of Alain Corbin’s Village Bells: Sound and Meaning in the Nineteenth-Century French Countryside (1999, paperback). In the latter category of purchases falls a collection of multi-media resources which I acquired at the ART Conference at Loughborough, comprising the ART’s CD Teaching Toolboxes, DVD A guide to Bell Handling and teaching monographs Discover Bellringing and Teaching with Simulators and the Whiting Society’s book and DVD From Rounds to Ropesight.

The lifetime licence to the online cataloguing service LibraryThing is now active, and I am confident that at least the holdings recorded on the 2007 Microsoft Excel catalogue will have been transferred to the new system by the time this report is in its readers’ hands.

The Guild’s online archive has the minutes of the Guild Annual meetings and Executive Committee meetings from 1980 to 2000, and from 2013 to 2014 (More recent minutes are already available from the Guild’s Document Repository) and a collection of historical articles from The Ringing World about Guild people, places and events. These are all maintained by Tony Smith, to whom I am duly grateful.

I am always pleased to assist Guild members and others with an interest in the Guild with their researches.  I should like to thank my colleagues within the Guild and the Winchester Cathedral band for their continuing support.



2016 started with the ever-popular Introduction to Ringing on Higher Numbers, in February, where, if we’d had additional helpers, we could have included more applicants. We continued at St. Mary Bourne in March with Plain Hunting and Trebling to Doubles Methods, followed by an evening at Bishopstoke on the versatility of Simulators and how they can fit in to your tower’s training programme. April found us at Kingsclere with Calling for the Terrified, and a packed evening was enjoyed in May with the Hartley Twelve mini-ring at South Stoneham.  The Autumn programme started at Hawkley in October with Plain Bob Doubles and Minor, followed by a November evening at Bishopstoke for Basic Raising and Lowering;  the year concluded with a November day at Bishop’s Waltham for Double Norwich Court Bob Major. In other words – our usual very busy and well supported year! We are delighted to welcome back many students who have attended earlier courses and are building on their knowledge.

Plans are well advanced for 2017, starting in February with a morning at Bishopstoke for Raising and Lowering in Peal;  this will be followed in March with a day based at Shedfield for Grandsire Doubles and Triples. April will see us returning to Lockerley Village Hall for a day covering Listening Skills which includes a multitude of activities for students of all abilities, and later in April (during Holy Week) we will be offering an evening in Winchester for an Introduction to Method Ringing on Handbells. We plan to return to South Stoneham in May for another evening with the Hartley Twelve mini-ring, and an extra evening has been arranged on 9th June for another Basic Raising and Lowering course at Bishopstoke. The Autumn programme starts at Goodworth Clatford in October with Plain Hunt and Trebling to Doubles Methods, and finishes at Milford-on-Sea in November for Stedman Triples. In addition as time allows and need arises, we hope to offer additional half-day courses on a range of subjects, plus, if possible, a full day on Belfry Maintenance.

Details are always sent well in advance to your District Secretaries for onward transmission to your Tower Secretaries and, in addition, are published on the Guild website and through the win-port list.

A very successful ART (previously ITTS) Module 1 Day was completed in June 2016 with eight W&P members, and plans are in the pipeline for both Module 1 and Module 2 days in 2017.  The sum of £500 has been set aside by the W&P Guild to assist W&P ringers who wish to take advantage of ART Modules or equivalent courses;  this is totally separate from Education Committee funds.

A separate group within the Guild is investigating the possibility of “ringing hubs” similar to the Birmingham School of Ringing.   When this comes to fruition the Education Committee will work alongside this initiative to ensure that W&P ringers have every opportunity to further their knowledge and attain their maximum potential.

Financially the Education Committee remains in a similar position to last year, and whilst we remain stable we are constantly faced with increased costs for the hire of halls and the need to make realistic donations to towers which we are permitted to use. Though not usually for financial reasons, we do find ourselves challenged by the difficulty of obtaining towers for Education Days.

As always, we remain hugely indebted to the enormous number of ringers who volunteer their services as helpers on Education Days, on whose generosity of time and talent we depend so much.  We always welcome volunteers as we could not offer courses without them. Thank you all very much!

Christine Knights-Whittome

Winchester & Portsmouth Guild Education Committee Accounts as at 31st December 2016

Income £ Expenditure £
Balance brought forward 515.13 Stationery, copying, telephone
Course fees – 2016 655 Postage 5.65
Advanced fees for 2017 5 Refreshments 79.37
Hall security payment returns 100.00 47.60 Hire of Halls – balance for 2016 215.75
Donations 160 Security payments for 2017
ART Tower Donations 442
Equipment 13.88
ART 160
Balance carried forward 566.08
Totals £1,477.73 £1,477.73

2017 WP GUILD REPORT – Detailed Accounts

as at 31st DECEMBER 2016
2016     2015
General Fund Training & Development Fund   Total    
  £    p £    p £    p  £    p   £  
Fund brought forward at 1st January 2016 2,498.52 2,498.52 1,521
Excess (expenditure)/ income (345.52) 692.32 346.80 177
Transfer from reserve                                           800
2,153.00 692.32   2,845.32 £2,498
Represented by:-
Guild simulator 1.00 1.00 1
BSC lifting gear 1.00 1.00 1
Stock of badges, certificates 470.50 470.50 914
Peal fees and donations 194.75 194.75 111
Sales of badges and certificates 51
Loan to Social Committee 100
Loan re Central Council visit 500
Prepaid insurance 1,550.62 1,550.62 51
Bank balance 1,333.34 692.32   2,025.66 2,492
3,551.21 692.32 4,243.53 4,221
Subs paid in advance 555.10 555.10 814
Sundry creditors 843.11 843.11 859
Guild Youth Fund                                     50.
1,398.21 0.00   1,398.21 1723
2,153.00 692.32 2,845.32 £2,498.
R Brandwood
Guild Treasurer
15th March 2017


for the year ended 31st DECEMBER 2016
2016     2015
General Fund Training & Development Fund   Total    
  £   p £   p   £   p   £  
District dues 4,306.75 4,306.75 4,244
Sale of badges and membership certificates 273.50 273.50 131
Sale of Guild reports 15.00 15.00 9
Advertisements in Guild report 231.00 231.00 198
Profit on sales of sweatshirts and polo shirts 117.97 117.97
Share of Ringing World calendar sales 44.00 44.00
Donation 12.00 12.00
Peal fees 354.75 354.75 380
Guild Youth Fund b/f 50.00 50.00
Surplus on Central Council meeting 2016 495.32 495.32 990.64
Surplus on Quiz Night              147.00    147.00          
5850.29 692.32 6.542.61 4,962
EXPENDITURE (all general fund)
Guild Report 1,287.00 1,356
Insurances – Public Liability 1,464.00 1,495
                 – All Risks 463.77 449
                 – Hand bells 75.40 83
Central Council affiliation fees 150.00 150
Central Council reps expenses 120.00 80
Master’s expenses 392.59 366
Master to Channel Islands 75.99 148
Treasurer’s expenses 50
Secretary’s expenses 26.91 53
Vice Masters Expenses 34
Public relations officers expenses – MP3 recorder 89.00
Guild Librarians account 437.50
Executive committee meeting expenses 126.00 178
District Officers forum expenses 44
Striking competitions 58.00
Communications committee and website expenses 131.80 110
WW1 project 192.75
Replacement case for master’s chain of office 41.29
ART fees refund to students 180.00
Contribution to I of W expenses to SE Region


Board,easel and pens 17
Ringing World advertisements   37  
Talk at 10-bell Striking Competition       90  
Cost of sales and reduction in value of stock                           443.81     45  
  6,195.81 0.00   6.195.81 4,785.
EXCESS INCOME (EXPENDITURE) (345.52)    692.32   £346.80 177

R Brandwood
Guild Treasurer
15th March 20167


l have pleasure in presenting my report and accounts of the Central Fund and Central Reserve Fund for the year ended 31st December 2016. This being my  first year in the post; I would like to  take this opportunity to thank all those who have patiently answered my questions and given advice.

During the year, it was decided to set up a designated Training and Development Fund, and the Income and

Expenditure Account shows amounts added to this Fund separately from the General Fund. To date, no payments have been made from the Training and Development Fund.

Income from all sources remained steady and income from Districts is shown in the table below. The decision in 2015 to reduce the amount per subscription payable to the Bell Restoration Fund from £4 to £2 has led to an increase in the amounts payable to the General Fund but this increase will not become apparent until the accounts for 2017 are completed.

Total balances at the year-end have increased modestly and are sufficient for foreseeable needs.

District subscriptions were received/as follows:



Alton & Petersfield









Channel Islands



Christchurch & Southampton



Isle of Wight












Total financial assets held by the Guild are as follows.

2016 2015
Central Fund 2,153.00 2,474.98
Training and Development Fund 692.32
Central Reserve Fund 5,012.07 5,009.55
Districts 18,382.54 16,498.78
Sub Committees 1,072.67 901.26
£27,312.60 £ 24,884.57

R Brandwood


15th March 2017


61 Members attended the 2016 AGM which was held in July at Alresford and our thanks go to Winchester District for hosting the event. The meeting saw an almost complete change of Guild Officers. Many thanks goes to the retiring principal officers especially Mike Bubb who served as  Hon. Gen. Treasurer for 30 years. Thanks also to Maureen Routh for continuing as Honorary  General Secretary until the November meeting. Knowledge of process and procedures, however,  has still been retainedwith retiring Master Viv Nobbs taking on the role of PR officer and Tony  Smith remaining as Minute Secretary.

As is traditional the Inter District 8-bell Striking Competition was held prior to the AGM and was  hotly contested by four teams. First position went to Portsmouth who scored 89% for their Grandsire Triples.

  John Croft (Winchester District Chairman), Alan Hoar (Odiham), Maureen Routh (Steep) and Ronald Tipper (Buriton) were conferred with life membership having completed 50 years ringing  membership of the Guild. Mike Bubb (Guernsey) and Tony Smith (Hursley) were also elected to life membership in recognition of their exceptional services to the Guild. Congratulations to all.

It has been a very busy year for the Education Committee who have provided many varied and interesting courses including an extra ‘Ringing Up and Down in Peal’ course due to a large  demand. They always need experienced ringers to support the events so please consider helping if  you can. It is very rewarding helping learners.

As I become more involved with Guild activities I am increasingly aware of all of the work being carried out on the Guild Action Plan and good progress has been made by all of the working parties. Particular interest is the collation of information for the WW1 Commemorative Ringing Record and members are reminded when listing QPs or Peals in Bellboard rung in honour of any ringer/relative/parishioner who was involved in WW1 that the ‘comment sections’ contains the text W&P WW1.  This enables the team to easily find and collate the data.

Our website continues to grow and is a fantastic resource for communication. Nearly all districts now have their own webmaster which adds to the sustainability of the site.

On a personal note I would like to thank Maureen Routh for an excellent handover and her guidance  as I start my journey and build up knowledge as Hon. Gen. Secretary and also to Tony Smith for  his invaluable wisdom and  guidance on Guild matters and processes.

Heather Frazer

Agenda for the AGM June 17th

1          Master’s welcome

2          Inter-District Striking Competition results

3          Apologies for absence

4          Loss of Members from death since the 2016 AGM

Brian Orange               King’s Somborne
Ruth Roberts               Christchurch
Alan Anstey                 formerly of St Michael’s, Basingstoke
D Kenvyn Walters    formerly of Yately
John Smith                   formerly of Ryde and Shanklin
Michael Pointer         formerly of Romsey
Nigel Miller                  formerly of Ryde and Arreton
Phillip Davis                formerly of Godshill and Shanklin

5          Minutes of the 2016 AGM

6          Matters arising

7          Life Membership – for fifty years continuous membership

Graham Cane Buriton
Valerie Williams East Meon
David Cooper Blackmoor
Roy le Marechal Bishopstoke
Rosemary Rogers Christchurch 

8          Officers’ and Committee Reports for 2016 

  1. Hon General Secretary (Annual Report)  P4
  2. Hon General Treasurer                                P5
  3. Education Committee                                  P15
  4. Hon Librarian and Archivist                      P17
  5. Striking Competitions Committee             P18
  6. Belfry Stewardship Committee                  P19
  7. Hon Peal Recorder                                        P20
  8. Communications Committee                      P24
  9. Public Relations Officer                               P25

9          Bell Restoration Fund                                                     

  1. Trustees’ Report and Accounts for 2016 (Annual Report) P9
  2. Grant Proposals

10        Report on 2017 Central Council Meeting

11        Guild Officer Elections

            Confirmation of appointment of Honorary General Secretary

12        Action Plan Update

13        Proposals

14        Future Guild Events      

District Officers Forum 30th September 2017 St Barnabas’ Church Hall
Education Course – Plain Hunt & Trebling to Doubles Methods 14th October Goodworth Clatford
Education Course  – Stedman Triples 4th November Venue TBA
Executive Committee Mtg 18th November St Barnabas’ Church Hall

15        Date and place of 2018 AGM

            16 June 2018 at Basingstoke      

16        Any other business   


Motion (C) To formalise the relationship between the Guild and its committees

Tony Smith proposes and the Master seconds on behalf of the Executive Committee that the relationship between the Guild and its committees be formalised. Specifically, that in rule 4 Administration “Convenors of sub-committees” be amended to “Convenors of committees”, that the following two new rules be added after the existing rule 8, that existing rules 9 to 22 be renumbered 11 to 24, and that cross-references between rules be adjusted accordingly.


a) Members are appointed to the committees enumerated in paragraph b. of this rule at the General Meeting two years after the meeting at which the officers are elected. Members are appointed for three years and are eligible for reappointment. Notwithstanding the note in rule 22 concerning when an alteration to the rules becomes operative, a new committee shall be appointed at the meeting at which the committee is added to those enumerated in paragraph b. of this rule. The Guild may at any time dissolve a committee or alter its membership.

b) The following shall be the committees of the Guild:

i) Belfry Stewardship
ii) Communications
iv Striking Competitions
v) Ringing Schools

c) Each committee shall appoint a convenor and shall report annually to the Guild. Each committee shall have the power to co-opt further members. Reasonable expenses may be paid.


The terms of reference of the committees shall be as follows:

a) Belfry Stewardship Committee. To give advice about bells and their fittings in any Guild tower; to inspect and report on all completed bell restoration works subject to grants from the Guild Bell Restoration Fund, and to continue the work of the Guild’s Bell Stock Survey.

b) Communications Committee. To enhance communication within the Guild by maintaining and developing the Guild website as the hub of news and information, maintain and develop the e-mail lists and social media presence and connect to the wider bell ringing community.

c) Education Committee. To improve members’ ringing abilities and confidence in all practical and theoretical aspects of bell handling and method ringing.

d) Striking Competitions Committee. To encourage improvement in striking across the Guild, through friendly and social competition, both between individual towers and Districts.

e) Ringing Schools Committee. To teach members bell-handling to a good and safe standard.

MOTION (B) To setup a Guild Ringing Schools Committee

Motion (B)

Andy Ingram proposes and Mike Winterbourne seconds that a Guild Ringing Schools Committee should be setup.

Throughout this process the terms Teaching Schools, Hubs, Ringing Schools have been used at various times but all are inter-changeable.

Background to the Project

From the ACTION PLAN REVIEW AGREED AT THE 2015 A.G.M – PERIOD 5TH JULY 2015 – 2ND JULY 2016 (Part):-

In addition, a focus group has been established recently; the initial purpose has been to investigate and introduce if necessary, the possibility of teaching schools within our Guild. The group is financially and administratively separate from other Guild committees. It will act harmoniously with them, of course.  The group will report to the Executive Committee later in 2016 and might require some funding.

In response to this the March 2016 Executive meeting agreed to the “setting up of a working group … to consider the provision of centre(s) for teaching new ringers”.

Further clarification was given by the Past-Master (Viv Nobbs) as to what she had envisaged to be the outcome of this project:

“To encourage … ringing and the cultivation of change ringing by increasing the number of proficient ringers across the Guild”.

Stage 1 – Teaching Schools Model

Although this was a broad remit the initial purpose of the working group was defined to investigate (and introduce, if necessary) the possibility of teaching schools within the Guild.  The working group discussed the projects aims, possible types of model, syllabus and hardware and was generally in agreement with the following aspects of :

  1. Training should focus on teaching safe and consistent bell handling up to rounds standard, and further into elementary change ringing as students progress. The group acknowledged that various factors needed to be considered between where teaching was most needed, versus a supply of good teachers, and the potential availability of good training facilities.
  2. Various types of models to be used were discussed, from intensive term- holiday courses, to weekly evening courses. Saturday mornings (roughly 10-12 o’clock) would probably be the most popular for students and teachers.
  3. A charge per student per session was considered appropriate, which would be used to cover tower donations and course material. Various “rewards” for learners at set stages should also be able to be supported by this charge.
  4. In setting up a teaching centre, various costs will be incurred, and sought from the Guild. There could be initial costs in setting up a venue as a suitable venue and as such, a budget submission will be made to the Guild for its approval to cover certain envisaged costs, and the risk of any shortfall.
  5. Further discussion is needed to be had on the syllabus, but it was considered that the Association of Ringing Teachers (ART) ‘Learning the Ropes’ schemes (levels 1 and 2) provides students and teachers with clear goals and would provide a consistent, graded approach which can be easily adopted in different areas.
  6. The group considered that good teaching venues would have (amongst other things):
  • bells that can be regularly available
  • space for teaching and/or whiteboard area
  • refreshment facilities
  • toilets

The Chairman of this focus group, David Mattingley, presented a paper based on the above to the Executive Committee Meeting, 12 November, 2016.  This concluded the work of this working group other than defining the terms of reference for the Ringing Schools Committee.

Stage 2 – Implementation

It is proposed to create a committee, Ringing Schools Committee, to create and manage the teaching facilities described above.

Although independent it would work with the Education Committee concerning matters of mutual interest (this reflects the Central Council arrangement of separate Education and Ringing Centres Committees whereby the latter provides hardware and trainers, the former provides training material and courses).

Terms of reference: “To teach members’ bell-handling to a good and safe standard”

Initially the work of this committee will be to investigate viable sites for Ringing Schools with budgets for additional equipment and to prioritise those sites which would be relatively easy to set up.  Availability of trainers will also be a consideration.

A progressive implementation of Schools is envisaged subject to budget constraints and  availability of Committee members time.

Once Schools are established the Committee will be responsible for promotion and support (as required) of the Schools so that they can maintain high standards of tuition together with dissemination of good practice throughout the Guild.

Motion (A) To reduce wasteful printing of unwanted annual reports

Motion (A)

Tony Smith proposes and John Palk seconds on behalf of the Executive Committee that the wasteful printing of unwanted copies of the annual report be reduced by asking members to request copies in advance. Specifically that rule 18 Reports be sub-divided and 18.c amended by deleting the words struck through and inserting the words underlined

a) Local secretaries shall forward an annual report on the activities of their tower to their District Secretary not later than 4th January of the following year.

b) Each year the Honorary Report Editor of the Guild will issue a questionnaire to each District Secretary for completion. District Secretaries shall forward the completed questionnaires and an annual report on the activities of their District to the Honorary Report Editor for publication, not later than 28th February.

c) Funds permitting, an annual report shall be published, the contents of which shall be at the discretion of the Executive Committee. A copy will be supplied free to all except probationary and compounding members. A copy will be supplied free to all life, ringing and associate members who have requested a copy. District Secretaries or District Treasurers will ask local secretaries how many of their members would like a copy of the report and shall forward the number required by the District to the Honorary Report Editor not later than 28th February.